horse police

I find it interesting that so many people were critical of the Black Lives Matter protests when a few of them got out of hand. On several occasions it was due to the police instigating conflict in otherwise peaceful crowds. Even so, many conservatives lost their shit and made a gigantic stink.  

Today I’m reading news about people in Philadelphia wreaking absolute havoc on the city because a sports team won a game. Things have been set on fire. People are climbing on top of awnings and jumping off. They actually had to put grease on light poles so people would not try to climb them. Someone got run over by a 4-wheeler. And I’m pretty sure a police horse was taken for a joy ride. 

The majority of the reaction I’m seeing is not that of outrage. It’s just sports fans having a little fun. They’re just excited! Boys will be boys, amirite? No big deal.  

The Foxhole Court as Headlines

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