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Okay, so I had this dream a couple of nights ago that was basically Lord of the Rings, but all of the horses were replaced with motorcycles.  It was pretty great because it was just pretty much exactly like the films, but with everyone riding around like crazy bike gangs. And everyone had bikes that were unique to their characters. 

Well, like it says on the ring,  “One hog to rule the roads.”


Vans Girls’ Catskills Moto Diaries // Babes Ride Out:  Nina Kaplan 

Look up the word “wanderlust” in the dictionary, and we’re pretty sure you’d come across a photo of moto-babe, Nina Kaplan. Her infectious smile, and adventurous spirit make Nina the ultimate road warrior to add to your travel crew, and time-and-time again she has proven to be one of the most adventurous women we’ve ever met. Just like us, Nina traveled from California to attend Babes Ride Out East Coast, and we were excited to catch up with this ball of positive energy in the humid heat of Catskill, New York. Get to know more about Nina, and learn how motorcycles have changed her life, and the advice she has for girls interested in riding. 

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Teen Titans Go! episode, “40%, 40%, 20%”, finally premiered today! Here’s a set of storyboard gifs and images from my boards. I had a lot of fun working on them. In case you’re wondering what happened to that red spaceship, I think it was cut due to tight schedules and budgets. We only had 2 weeks to knock out the 4 minute sequence so some of the drawings are rougher than others. Hope you enjoyed the episode!

cybersinner  asked:

Could I please get some headcanons for McCree taking his S/O on a road trip?

A/N: After a long night of drinking with my friends, it’s time to get back to the 9 requests I have in my inbox. Sorry for not writing any yesterday, I doubt you guys would want to try and make sense of my drunken ramblings. Happy Hangover Day!

  • Can you take a horse on a road trip? McCree’s tried, to varying degrees of success, though his days with the Deadlock Gang have left him rather capable of driving a motorcycle. A motorcycle is just like a big mechanical horse, right? What you give up in space you get back in freedom, the world is your oyster, nothing quite like feeling the wind on your face while you drive wherever you want. Plus if you’re on a motorcycle you can hold on tight to your favorite cowboy, don’t worry, he won’t let anything happen to you.
  • The American Southwest is a must, it’s McCree’s home turf, and he’d be so happy to finally be able to show someone around. The deepest canyons, the highest peaks, the oldest saloons, the largest ranches, McCree’s going to drag you to every landmark he can find. Depending on how much time you both have for the trip, he’d certainly be willing to drive to your ideal trip destination. Being a cowboy, he has a deep fascination with the area, but he understands that it might not be as entertaining for others.
  • If you’re not comfortable riding a motorcycle, he’s more than happy to travel by train, though he rarely gets to stay inside the cabin. If the train isn’t your speed, he’ll grab a car for the two of you, but don’t ask him to fly. The journey is more important than the destination to McCree, and flying is far too fast for his liking, doesn’t give you any time to enjoy the trip. Not to mention how stingy airline staff can be giving alcohol to him. What’s the fun in travelling if you can’t relax on the trip?
  • If you’re comfortable drinking, he’ll try and end every night at a local bar where the two of you can party it up. He won’t drive, obviously, but he might try and ride a horse while drunk, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s attempted it. McCree’s a sloppy drunk, so let’s just say it isn’t a pretty sight when he hops on, unless you like watching him slowly fall off the side of the horse.
  • The most important part of the trip is that the two of you are spending time together, and nothing is going to get between him and you. You’ll be practically attached at the hip during the entire trip. Expect him to drag you out to some scenic vistas to watch the sunrise / sunset, placing his hat on your head as he pulls you in for a long kiss. He’ll flash you a toothy grin every single time, making sure you know just how happy he is with you.

Fern Andra in Ernst ist das Leben

German postcard. Film Sterne, No. 513/5 . Fern Andra Atelier. Still from Ernst ist das Leben/Life is Serious (1916, Fern Andra). The man on the left of Fern Andra could be Fritz Delius. The dying woman in the bed could be Frida Richard, who plays Andra’s mother in the film.

‘Modern’ American actress Fern Andra (1893-1974) became one of the most popular film stars of the German cinema in the 1910’s and early 1920’s. In her films she mastered tightroping, riding horse without a saddle, driving cars and motorcycles, bobsleighing, and even boxing.

Things You Might Have Forgot About Rick’s PJO and HoO Series

- Grover was 28 in Satyr years in The Lightning Thief but still looked and was growing like a middle schooler. 

- Annabeth had ‘princess curls’

- Someone in NY has a statue of Gabe on their lawn

- Travis and Connor are NOT twins

- Technically, Nico was never officially claimed

- A bunch of Target stores across the US have arrows stuck in their signs from when Zoë shot them in The Titan’s Curse

- Percy knows how to ride/drive a motorcycle

- Chiron wears horse-curlers in his tail

- Pollux is currently Dionysus’ only (claimed) child

- Blackbeard is still running around the world

- Kampe is still buried under a ton of rocks at Camp Half Blood

- Hazel is only thirteen despite her badass magic and fighting in wars and dating Frank

- Frank sleeps as a bulldog

- Thalia is IMMORTAL

- Reyna named her pegasus after peanut butter ‘Skippy’ 

- Reyna was 13 when she joined camp

- Hazel has a tattoo of the  Pluto symbol on her arm

- the Neptune cabin is covered in dust and mould as far as we know

8 Things not to do to trans folks

Written from a trans woman’s perspective. Can apply to trans men and non-binary trans people too. If any information is incorrect, please let me know.

1. Kill us, directly (homicide) or indirectly (suicide). Nor should you rape, assault, or harass us. The rates for trans murders are through the roof, especially for us trans people of color. If the hot girl at the bar you’ve been flirting with turns out to be trans and you’re not into that, respectfully let her know and move on. If a trans man messages you on Tinder and you ain’t feeling him, politely turn him down and keep it moving. Discovering a person is trans does not give you the right to kill them, no matter when or where you find out.

2. Misgender us. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. I don’t care if you’ve known them since they were born. It is not “preferred name”, it’s new name. It is not “preferred pronouns”, it’s just pronouns. My identity is not a suggestion. It is a command. ‘Tranny’, ‘Shemale’, ‘He-She’, ‘It’ (debatable, most in the community find it offensive), ‘Ladyboy’, ‘Thing’, ‘Drag Queen’, ‘Hermaphrodite’ are slurs and will not be tolerated. Slip-ups happen. Making a habit out of it will get you throatpunched.

3. Debate our trans identity. If a person says they’re trans, accept it. Do not throw science or religion at us. Do not say ‘But you can’t be trans because ______’. If a person has gone as far as to reveal their trans identity to you, chances are they are pretty sure of it.

4. Treat us like freakshows or science experiments. We understand you are naive and probably met very few out trans people. Let us control the conversation. We answer whatever questions we feel comfortable with. If we don’t want to talk about anything trans, respect that. Don’t be invasive or inappropriate with your topics, even if you are a loved one. Asking about our genitals and why we keep/change them should only be brought up by the trans person. And please, no “sneaky” photos or yelling ‘Is that a man?’ while I pass you in public. We do not exist for your curiosity or your consumption. .

5. Compare our beauty to being trans. We are not “pretty for a trans person”. We’re simply pretty. Don’t point out features that clock us as our birth gender, unless the trans person asks. ‘I can’t even tell you’re trans!’ is a microaggression and should not be said even if it’s coming from a good place. Never say ‘You looked a lot better as a guy/girl’ or ‘You’re too ______ to be a guy/girl’. Many trans people’s self-esteem are fragile as is. And it’s just a mean thing to say.

6. Throw gender expectations on us. Tips are okay (use sparingly). Demands are not. Not every trans girl wears makeup or dresses. Not every trans guy wants a beard. Not every trans person wants surgery. Not every trans person wants hormones. Not every trans person wants to change their appearance. Not every trans person is a man or a woman. Not every trans person is straight. No two trans people are the same.

7. Use us as sex toys or dirty secrets. We are not blowup dolls or tools for you to experiment with. Trans folks should not “just take what we can get”. We deserve and will have love, respect, relationships, marriages, and great sex! If we are aromantic or asexual, that’s okay too. If you do pursue a trans person, do not fetishize them. Listen to their wants and needs and respect them. Just like with every other human being you get jiggy with.

8. See us only by our gender. Being trans is only a small part of our lives. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, military personnel, cat lovers, coffee addicts, ride motorcycles, play video games, eat like a horse, sing off-key but do it anyway, can quote any Tim Burton movie, speak four languages, see football as a religion, want children, can’t cook worth a damn, love to shop but hate to check our bank account. We are complex and kooky and human, just like you.

Yes/no, maybe?

Marriages: no
Divorces: no
Proposals: no
Children: no
Pets right now: yes, 2
Surgeries: no
Tattoos: no
Piercings: no
Shot a gun: yes
Quit a job: no
Ever been on TV: yes
Been to an island: yes
Flown on a plane: yes
Furthest destination traveled: Tanzania
100 mph in a car: yes
120 mph in a car…: no
140 mph in a car: no
Hit a deer: no
Someone cried over you: yes
Fallen in love: yes
Watched someone give birth: no
Watched someone die: Maybe, not 100% sure he was dead.
Been to Canada: yes
Ridden in an ambulance: no
Visited Las Vegas: no
Sang karaoke: yes
Been downhill skiing: no
Been water skiing: yes
Ice skating: yes
Surfing: yes 
Ridden on a motorcycle: yes
Ridden on a horse: yes 
Almost died: yes
Been punched: yes
Ridden in the back of a police car: no
Broken someone’s, heart: yes
Hit rock bottom: yes
Joined a traveling puppeteering club: no?!
Performed in front of a huge crowd: yes
Broken a bone: probably
Made a dream come true: yes

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When we first saw this bike from @heroesmotorcycles of Los Angeles, we thought it was a modern build given a deliberately vintage flavor.
But it’s actually an 80-year-old Moto-Ball machine, built for one of the weirdest sports the world has ever seen.
Moto-Ball is like polo, but with motorcycles instead of horses. It was popular in France in the 1930s, with players riding machines like this stunning 1936 Koehler-Escoffier.
Serge Bueno of Heroes has done an amazing job on the restoration—hit the link in our bio for more images in hi-res.
#vintage #motoball #motorcycle #heroesmotorcycles #losangeles #forsale #bikeexif

Doing it wrong

@sugaredbutnotsweet​ tagged me for this latest 41 question meme thing (thanks!) but I just cannot with the formatting of that post, so I grouped them into lists that share the same answer and I changed a couple of the things I didn’t find particularly interesting and I put it all under a cut because it’s kinda long as Tumblr posts go and some people are probably tired of scrolling (you’re welcome).

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AU where Nohrfam are a motorcycle gang bc they’re all mounts in canon but anyway

Imagine Ryoma hanging on to dear life on Xander’s waist bc Xander speeds like fuck doing 120mph on highways 

Imagine the bridge is broken, idk somebody blew it up? anyway there’s some gap in the road and Ryoma’s like “oh no Xander you don’t” and Xander just, revvs it up to 200mph and NYOOMS the shit over and Ryoma screams all the way through

because you can’t tell me that Xander, man who jumped his horse down a cliff, would not speed a motorcycle

Tagging myself

Marriages- 2
Proposals- 1.5
Pets right now-6.25 (that .25 is an itty bitty fish)
Shot a gun- yes, at camp
Quit a job- several
Been on tv- no
Been on an island- of course
Flown on a place- yes
Furthest destination traveled- Japan
100mph in a car- yes
120mph in a car- yes
140mph in a car- no
Hit a deer- no
Someone cried over you- yes
Fallen in love- yes
Watched someone give birth- no
Watched someone die- no except pets
Been to Canada- yes
Ridden in an ambulance- no
Been to Las Vegas- just the airport
Sung karaoke- no
Been downhill skiing- yes
Been water skiing- no
Been ice shading- no
Been surfing- no
Ridden on a motorcycle- yes
Ridden on a horse- yes
Been punched- yes
Ridden in the back of a police car- yes
Broken someone’s heart- yes
Performed in front of a large crowd- no
Broken a bone- yes
Made a dream come true- yes

Andi Mack + Disney Princesses 1

Andi: Rapunzel because she had to stay in her tower all day being a creative cinnamon bun, and she had a pet chameleon. She’s always wanted a reptile pet but Celia had a traumatic experience where a huge lizard fell out of a tree and landed on her head, and she thought it attacked her so she won’t let Andi have a lizard.

Bex: Merida because screw the rules, let me rebel. Also, great hair, don’t care. Secretly named her motorcycle after Merida’s horse and even calls it her “trusty steed in time of need”.

Bowie: Pocahontas because he found it really inspiring how insightful she was, and even went as far as trying to grow his hair out as long as hers. He also had a month-long phase where he only quoted lines from the movie and that was the same month people stopped talking to him.