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Yes, you guys are obsessed.// how do you think he got where he is today? No disrespect but the guy hasn't got a stella resume. It was by people like us stanning for him hard when no one else, so yeah we see a lot and notice things. Riding around on your moral high horse, looking down your nose at people because they dare to question things when they notice something weird is not a good look. And just says to me that we're actually on the right track, because otherwise it wouldn't matter.

I mean! 

And PB nonnie, you gotta go to TWG or ATBT for that, boo. 

I saw the greatest thing today.  So I’m at a stoplight in the passenger seat, right?  And I hear hoofbeats nearby.  I look over and there’s a lady walking her horse. We’re close enough to be in talking distance and this horse is incredibly happy.  Her ears are pricked forward and she’s JUST SO DELIGHTED TO SEE EVERYTHING.

“I like your big dog!” I said.

“Thanks!  She’s an asshole!” she said, and the horse headbutted her so hard she staggered. SHE JUST LOVES THIS HORSE SO MUCH, GUYS, she laughed and patted her nose.

wanted to sketch up some sort of southern pearlcatcher but it just ended up looking a bit too much like that tundra design i did some time ago (◎-◎;)

Yuuri’s English

So in my mind, Yuuri speaks ridiculously good English. And although his accent would probably never fade entirely, it’s likely very faint and neutral. This comes about from Yuuri just being, well, Yuuri. Yuuri hates standing out too much, right, so I firmly believe that he would practice his pronunciation as much as possible, until people could almost mistake him from actually originating from Detroit. 

That boy has probably swallowed a grammar text book too, embarrassed when people giggled his first week when he made a little mistake here and there. Of course over speaking it solidly for four years, in a less natural way, he knows his grammar rules better than some native speakers. International reporters love him because of this (none of the language barrier awkwardness). 

He’s also 100% better at the language than Viktor is. Although we know he’s fluent, there’s clearly going to be a difference between somebody who has lived in an English speaking country for years, and someone who isn’t using it constantly. I can totally see Viktor forgetting really weird words every now and then like ‘elephant’ or something, and trying to describe it with odd terms such as ‘giant horse with long nose’ until Yuuri supplies what he was trying to say.

Although this doesn’t say that much, I will note that Yuuri is dubbed with an American accent whereas pretty much everyone else who doesn’t live abroad carries their native ones, so it kind of confirms my thinking a little? 

So when isn’t Yuuri so great? 

  • When he’s sleepy 

If Viktor ever tries to ask him something when he’s on the verge of sleep/just waking up, Yuuri will respond with either a mumble, or very fast Japanese because he hasn’t registered where exactly he is. Viktor finds this adorable and just tucks him back in.  

  • When he’s nervous 

AKA why not so many people internationally know that Yuuri is so great with the language. When his anxiety peaks before competitions, Yuuri kind of forgets all the pronunciation notes he’s forced himself to remember and such, and on occasion gets mixed up. Sometimes he has to talk very slowly to remember the next words so everyone kind of assumes he’s very serious. 

  • Essentially when he’s emotionally overwhelmed 

I believe this to essentially be canon. Remember this in episode five?

A lot of the time I noticed that Yuuri pronounces Viktor’s name with a hard ‘r’, but in this scene he says it with more of a ‘ru’ sound which is closer to how you’d write it in Japanese (at least, I’m mostly sure about that. I’m not Japanese.). And whilst I’m pretty sure he also says it like this a few other times, I find happy Yuuri not controlling his pronunciation very sweet. 

Also sad and angry Yuuri. Angry Yuuri can hardly even be understood when he’s ranting (he’s also too angry to care about this anyway).

  • When he’s drunk 

This is actually canon! Reports from the museum all say that Yuuri gets very Kyushu accent when he’s intoxicate. Also, may I remind you of “BE MY COACH, VIKTORRRRRRRRRRRR!” 

  • during sex   

On a totally relevant side note, we know that Yuuri can dance hip hop well, so humour me in my headcanon that this boy can rap. Maybe not freestyle, but he can certainly recite some popular verses. It’s probably Phichit’s fault. 

We can fly! Yuuri protested, his traced letters a little sloppy and certainly less than steady on Victor’s palm.

“Can you walk?” Victor chuckled, his fingers scratching gently over the horse’s nose.

Yuuri was swaying on his feet, just a tad. He was standing as far as he could from the horse while still being able to scrawl to Victor. I danced.

“You did, beautifully. Now how about you ride the horse, beautifully?”

The siren regarded the animal with great suspicion.

“You rode her here, and it was fine. Are you going to let her intimidate a siren like yourself? Or are you gonna master the hellbeast?”

That had Yuuri squaring his shoulders and marching up to the horse. She paid him no mind, waiting.

Yuuri’s first try at mounting was nothing more than a short hop that barely got him off the ground. Victor had to stifle a laugh. His second attempt went a bit better, the third worse than the first. By the sixth he was simply leaning against the horse, hands flat against her side, his eyes closed. Victor was not sure if it was in concentration or exhaustion.

“Shall I help you, lovebird?”

“No! I can master this hellbeast myself!” With an immense show of his strength, Yuuri lifted himself up and over. Almost all the way over, Victor having to grab his arm to keep the siren from tumbling off the other side.

Yuuri sat up tall, back straight, and pointed off into the distance. “Onward, hellbeast!”

Victor laughed so hard he had to clutch at his side, where his stitching stretched and ached. Because Yuuri was seated facing in the direction of the horse’s tail. 

The feathers on the hat which remained on his head shivered in the wind.

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Honestly if pyro turns out to be anything other than a sentient giant balloonicorn I'm gonna be low key disappointed

Now that is a truly magical headcanon I could believe in.

nothin softer than a horse nose 

have you touched a horse nose? touch a horse nose now. get in your car and drive to the nearest horse nose. and touch it. 

Gotta be quiet // Shawn Blurb

Shawn knows he shouldn’t hold your waist like he is. He shouldn’t touch your sides and tilt your chin up like he is. But he is. Shawn was the stable master’s son and you were the princess to the four kingdoms. He had no right to touch you the way he did, but you’d be a liar if you said you didn’t like it.

“Down you go,” Shawn says and puts his hands on your waist to help you down off of your new black horse your father got you for your birthday last month. It was only the fourth time you’d ridden him and you hadn’t even picked out a name for him yet. You just couldn’t decide. “Did you have a good ride?”

You nod, a blush tinting your cheeks. Shawn had ridden behind you, his hands on your hips the entire time, occasionally he would tilt your head up when you started looking down to see where his hands were. He insisted that the new horse was too unpredictable and he wanted to make sure you didn’t get bucked off. The ride had been smooth and it was just another day of you taking the horse around the corral to get him used to the way you rode. However, Shawn being behind you with his hands on you was very distracting from your usually relaxing ride. “It was great. I think he likes me.”

“Oh, he does,” Shawn smirks and you aren’t sure if he means the horse or himself because the way he’s smiling insinuates himself. “You should come by and see him everyday.”

“Should I?” you ask with a little smile and he nods. “Do you want to see me everyday boy?” you ask your horse, petting his nose and he just remains still. “Is that so?” you ask, acting as if the horse was telling you something. “Shawn likes me? He talks about me all the time?”

“P-Princess!” Shawn’s cheeks go pink and he pulls the horse’s reins to lead him away.

“I was only teasing you Shawn! No need to get so embarrassed! I think you’re cute too!” you call after him but he doesn’t turn around. “Shawn, come back!” He stops and leads the horse into his stall. He turns to look at you and you smirk at him, “That’s an order, Shawn.”

Shawn locks the horse’s stall and comes back to you. He walks you back against the side of an empty stall next to the corral doors and pins you in. “You think I’m cute?” he asks and your heart races. This wasn’t like the usual quiet Shawn you knew. “You think it’s easy for me to see you everyday and be around you but know I can never have you?”

“Sh-shawn…” you mutter and he licks his lower lip. This was just how you dreamed of Shawn finally making a move on you.

“I see how you look at me. I’ve seen the way you ogle my ass when I’m washing the horses, the way you think I don’t see you watching me when I change into my riding clothes in an empty stall. I know you’ve seen it all. I know you want me.”

You’re bright red. You thought you had been clever, sneaking glances of him changing and hiding behind the trees around the corral when he washed the horses out in the field. You were so sure you had been discreet. Apparently not. “So what if I want you? You know it’s forbidden for the staff to have relations with the royal family.”

“I know. I just don’t fucking care,” he grins and presses his lips to yours. Your hands go to his back and he grabs your hips, pulling you against him, You open your mouth and he licks in hungrily. Your nails dig into his back and he bites your lip, causing you to yelp. His hand flies to your mouth and covers it. “Gotta be quiet, princess. Don’t want anyone to find out about us.” You nod and he moves his hand away. “It’s going to be hard, but I promise if you stay quiet I’ll give you everything you dream about at night.”