horse moments

Ok the other day I was talking about ceramics but today I have to talk about HORSES.

Because if EU has an equestrian program, the horses totally have the Sight. Horses already go through their lives convinced they’re living in a horror film, one jump-scare away from gruesome, gory death at any given moment.

Because horses are the way they are, every rider develops this peculiar state of being while on a horse where you are hyper aware of everything thing going on around you, but also totally oblivious. We get really good at maintaining a very calm energy while we ride, because otherwise our horses freak out.

For example, I ride Hunter/jumper, an english discipline, so I’m only ever riding inside an arena. In an ideal world, I’d only have to pay attention to things inside the arena. Horses, however, are prey animals, bless their terrified little hearts, so my horse is constantly on guard, all the time, about everything.

Which means I have to pay attention to what’s in the arena, what’s outside of the arena, what my horse is paying attention to, what he hasn’t noticed yet, what he hasn’t noticed yet but will, what he hasn’t noticed yet but will and will very shortly freak out about, AND I have to pay attention to how I feel about these things and what those feelings are doing to my body language.

Because if I react to something that my horse is already a little worried about, or even just react to him reacting, he’ll think ‘shit!! My girl’s afraid of it too!!! EVERYONES GONNA DIE’ and react accordingly. By panicking.

And this is all happing while we charge pell-mell around an arena and over jumps.

So I think if Elsewhere U has an equestrian team, equestrians in particular might be really good at assessing what’s out there, what’s dangerous, what will be dangerous, and what can be safely acknowledged on any given day, lol.



history meme (french edition)  →  5 men (4/5) Napoléon Eugène Louis Jean Joseph Bonaparte, “Louis-Napoléon”, Prince Imperial.

“The journalist Paul Deléage, was amazed by the prince’s character. ‘This was not some little princeling, but an impressive and commanding personality gifted with enormous charm, and a complete, accomplished Frenchman.’ All the odds were on the young man coming home safe and sound. On 1 June Harrison sent out six troopers, the prince riding with them. […] Suddenly, over forty Zulus appeared from the long grass a few yards away. As the prince remounted a strap broke and he fell to the ground, his horse bolting. […] In a moment he fell dead beneath a hail of assegais – when found, he had seventeen wounds, all in front. Later the Zulus said, ‘He died like a lion’.” D. Seward, Eugénie and her Empire.

i’ve been laughing for literally an hour over this

Vows [Part 3] (Jaime Lannister x Reader)

a/n: hey! hi! hello! here’s the third part to my jaime story which i am Very Much enjoying writing lmao. im such trash for this character and i just wanT A SOLID REDEMPTION ARC. sigh. anyways. enjoy! 


 WORD COUNT: 1,533 


The Flower in The North’s marriage to the Lion of Lannister was the largest source of gossip in Westeros since Cersei’s marriage to Robert. Two great houses marrying was practically unheard of, much less a Stark and Lannister union. 

Weeks into the new Lady Lannister’s marriage found Y/N rather content, if a bit lonely. She hadn’t had very much time to spend with her sisters or her father, being constantly watched by Lannister guards. Y/N had been invited to several luncheons of tea and walks through the gardens with Cersei and she had come away from every one of them uneasy and feeling threatened. 

Y/N was itching for interactions with her family, feeling as though she had been thrown to the lions with no hope of rescue. Y/N missed the frosty air of the North, she missed Jon’s constant quiet wisdom, and she missed her twin. The distance between Robb and Y/N was excruciating and no amount of letters back and forth could fill that void. 

About a month into Jaime and Y/N’s marriage, word that Jaime had taken a group of Lannister soldiers and was currently seeking ‘negotiations’ with her father reached Y/N and caused her heart to drop to her feet. 

She had saddled a horse immediately after she received word and rode as quick as she could to Littlefinger’s brothel, where Varys had said they’d be. Y/N was furious. Word had spread through the Kingdoms like wildfire that Catelyn Stark had kidnapped Tyrion Lannister and was accusing him of Bran’s attempted murder. Jaime had been furious all morning, hardly looking at Y/N and not listening to her pleas to calm down and to not do anything rash. 

Obviously, he had not listened. 

Y/N stopped her horse in front of the brothel and came upon her Lord husband questioning her father on the whereabouts of Tyrion, his sword in Ned’s face. Y/N didnt wait for her horse to stop before she had jumped off of her saddle, immediately unsheathing her sword as she stumbled. 

“What in the Seven is going on here? Jaime?" 

Jaime regarded his wife with his signature cocky façade, grabbing her upper arm and dragging her in front of her father. There was a reason Jaime hadn’t brought Y/N out in public. He wasn’t a fan of who he had to be in the eyes of Westeros, and he knew Y/N wouldn’t be either. 

"According to your father’s guard here, I was threatening him. And you’ll address me formally.” Jaime looked at the sword in Y/N’s hand and quickly took it from her, tossing it to the side. Y/N’s eyes, ablaze with unabashed fury and shame of her husbands current treatment of her, briefly moved to Jory Cassel, and then back to Jaime. 

“Well did you, my Lord Husband?" 

Jaime smirked. "Well let’s see, dear wife. I told him that I am going to cut him open, balls to brain, and see what Starks are made of. Does that classify as a threat to you, my darling?" 

Y/N glared coldly up at her husband. Jaime felt his heart drop but kept his smirk firmly in place. 

"Well we’ll just have to see what Lannister’s are made of first, then?" 

Jaime threw one last glare at Ned before again looking to his wife. Even without a sword, she was willing to threaten him. In a way, Jaime was proud. 

"Tread carefully, dear wife. You are a Lannister." 

Ned chose this moment to intervene, worry for his eldest daughter hardening in his chest and showing in his eyes. "If you kill me, you’ll never see your brother again." 

Jaime laughed humorlessly, turning from Y/N. "You’re right,” He turned and nodded to his soldiers, “Take him alive. Kill his men." 

Y/N immediately began struggling against Jaime, watching his men kill her father’s, men she had grown up around. Jaime growled, frustrated, and passed her off to one of his men, his eyes on Lord Stark. "Hold her." 

The second that Y/N was out of Jaime’s grasp, she broke away from the Lannister guard holding her, taking his sword and running him through in the process. 

Catelyn hadn’t wanted her to train, but Ned and Robb made sure Y/N knew how to fight. Y/N had trained with Jory her entire life, against her mother’s wishes.

Jaime rolled his eyes, his glare focused on the body of the guard who had let her get away. Y/N held her own well, fighting off and cutting down three men before Jaime put an end to it. He disarmed her when she was distracted and grabbed her arm roughly, dragging her back to her horse. He brought his face close to hers, his gaze hard as Lannister green met Stark grey. 

"Go back to the keep. We’ll discuss a punishment for this later." 

Y/N didn’t hesitate before slapping Jaime across the face, a small trail of blood leaking from the corner of his mouth when he turned back to her. 

"You do not get to threaten me with punishment! What in the name of the Gods has gotten into you?” Jaime didn’t speak, noticing the lull in battle and his men watching him, waiting for a reaction. Jaime swallowed as he realized that he needed to keep up with the charade he had created for himself over his years at Kings Landing. Cold. Dishonorable. Cruel.

“I don’t do anything in the name of the Gods." 

Inwardly agonized but steeling his expression, Jaime raised his hand to strike her back when Jory Cassel kicked him in the side. Jaime stumbled, eyes blazing when he turned them on Jory. 

"You’d raise a hand to my Lady, Kingslayer?" 

Y/N was immediately grabbed by two Lannister soldiers as Jory continued to fight Jaime, the younger man losing quickly as Jaime shoved his dagger through Jory’s eye. 

Y/N’s eyes widened as she attempted to lunge forward, rage filling her to her core. She had just stood witness S Jaime ruthlessly kill her childhood friend and mentor. Y/N wasn’t quite sure that it was really the kind, witty man she had been married to for a month that she was seeing do these things. 

"You bastard! No! Let me go!" 

Y/N struggled against the soldiers who held her, unable to stop the tears streaming down her face. She could do naught but watch as Jaime approached her father, sword raised in a silent challenge. 

Y/N prayed to the Seven for her father to just submit, to just end this fight and this day, but her prayers fell on deaf ears as her Lord father and husband began to lunge. 

Jaime smirked as he fought Ned and it disgusted Y/N to watch. There was no honor in enjoying battle. 

Y/N cried out when one of the soldiers holding her twisted her arm back too harshly in an attempt to cease her struggling and the sound caused both Jaime and Ned to pause their fighting search for the source of Y/N’s distress. 

Another Lannister soldier took her father’s distraction as an opportunity and shoved a spear through his leg, causing him to scream as he fell. 


Y/N broke away from the soldiers holding her and ran to her father, taking his face in her hands. Her arm was throbbing, most likely broken, but all Y/N could process was her father’s pained expression. 

As Y/N knelt weeping in front of her father, Jaime approached the soldier who incapacitated Lord Stark and hit him across the face with the hilt of his sword. He then turned to the soldier who had broken Y/N’s arm and ran him through, kicking the body off of his sword, sneering. 

Jaime grabbed Y/N’s uninjured arm as he passed her, pulling her with him toward his horse. Her struggling and strings of curses became too much for him to handle on his own. He had a guard tie her hands behind her back as they placed her on the horse. At that moment, if Y/N’s looks could kill men, she would have made sure that Jaime and every single one of his soldiers suffered before dropping dead. 

Jaime addressed Ned as he climbed on the horse behind Y/N, his arms enclosing her so she stayed on the horse. 

"My brother, Lord Stark. I want him back." 


When Jaime and Y/N arrived back at the keep, Jaime immediately set about untying his wife and trying to scan her for more injuries. 

The moment Y/N was free, she scrambled off of the horse and struck Jaime again across his face. Jaime remained passive, watching as tears gathered in his wife’s eyes. 

"How dare you?! How dare you speak to me that way in front of your men? In front of my father! How dare you raise a hand to me?! You swore to me that you wouldn’t treat me this way! You swore to me that this wouldn’t be that type of marriage!" 

Jaime watched as her chest heaved in his fury, his hand coming to try and rest on her cheek. Y/N slapped it away harshly. Her next words, whispered brokenly, broke Jaime’s heart. 

"Am I just another vow to be broken, Jaime?" 

Tears were streaming down Y/N’s pale cheeks. Jaime wanted her to be angry, to yell, to lash out as she had been. Jaime had no words for his wife. He just stood before her, watching passively and feeling his gut clench. Guilt replaced his previous anger and Y/N’s words played unyieldingly in his thoughts. 

Am I just another vow to be broken? 

Jaime was unable to find his voice, watching with his eyes and throat burning as Y/N waited for an answer. 

When Jaime was unable to provide one, another sob tore from Y/N’s throat. She brought her hand up to her mouth, trying to stifle her cries. 

Y/N turned and began walking with as much grace as she could manage back to their chambers, her ragged breaths echoing in the halls and back to Jaime as she did.

“Where are you going, Y/N? We share chambers, you’ll only see me later.” Jaime’s voice shook as he spoke.

Y/N didn’t answer as she turned a corner, out of Jaime’s sight.


Chiron is an asteroid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents earthly structure and limitation. Saturn in the chart is where we are limited, where we perceive difficulty. Beyond Saturn is the realm of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These transpersonal planets represent divine knowledge, oneness, and rebirth. How does one jump from fear and limitation to divine grace? The answer lies in Chiron, whose symbol resembles a key.

Chiron was a centaur, born after Rhea, Cronus/Saturn’s wife, found him making love to a nymph. In order to escape, he transformed into a horse at the moment of climax, leaving Philyra, the nymph, pregnant with the half-horse, half-human Chiron. While the other centaurs were uninhibited, violent sensualists, Chiron was a monk of sorts. He lived a solitary life up in the mountains. He was learned in all sorts of subjects and would only leave his ascetic lifestyle to teach. One day, he was wounded by Hercules’s poison arrow. Although Chiron was a great healer, he could not save himself from the pain of this magic wound. He decided to trade his immortality and end his suffering. Prometheus, who was chained to a mountain after giving fire to the mortals, was released in exchange for Chiron’s descent into hell.

So how does this story play out in the birth chart? Chiron is the healer and the teacher. He represents that wound that seems to never go away - deep psychic pain, usually incurred during childhood, that follows us through life. Chiron, too, was wounded. He could only release himself from the pain by descending into the underworld. Symbolically, in order to heal our wounds, we must die unto ourselves. We must shed our old skin in order to leave the past behind. But we cannot forget our wounds - they are our saving grace, in many ways. There is something divinely fateful about our suffering. When we face our wounds, we are given access to the realm of divine inspiration. The archetype of Prometheus is similar to Uranus - he brought divine knowledge to the human realm. When we trade in our suffering and allow ourselves to be reborn, we reach higher levels of understanding. Delving into our wounds is the key to true understanding of our soul.

As Rumi the poet said, “The cure for the pain is in the pain.” We all contain within us an innate ability to heal ourselves. Those with Chiron prominent in their charts may be drawn to healing professions, especially those of holistic health or hands-on healing such as massage therapy. When Chiron was discovered in 1977, holistic health care was becoming a larger phenomenon in the West. When we heal ourselves, we become available to teach others and heal others. All the energy we have been investing in sorrowing over our old wounds is released, and we can begin to tap into the creative potential of Uranus.

Wherever Chiron is in your chart, you may have been wounded.
Chiron in Aries/1st House: wound around identity, action, drive, passion

Chiron in Taurus/2nd House: wound around material world, sensuality, money

Chiron in Gemini/3rd House: wound around communication, mind

Chiron in Cancer/4th House: wound around nurturing, family, father

Chiron in Leo/5th House: wound around creativity, self-love, children

Chiron in Virgo/6th House: wound around the body, health, work

Chiron in Libra/7th House: wound around relationships, beauty

Chiron in Scorpio/8th House: wound around sex, power, intimacy

Chiron in Sagittarius/9th House: wound around religion, expansion, morality

Chiron in Capricorn/10th House: wound around career, reputation, mother

Chiron in Aquarius/11th House: wound around group-involvement, friendship

Chiron in Pisces/12th House: wound around spirituality, oneness, unconscious

I’d also like to note that Chiron in the earth houses (2nd, 6th, 10th) means you might be drawn to healing as a source of income, job, or career.

Facing our childhood wounds is never easy. But if you take Chiron’s placement in your chart and keep it in mind, you may start noticing how these themes have played out in your life. Much like Saturn in the chart, once you face this area of life, you will come out stronger than before. Your adulthood needn’t be marked by past pains - liberate yourself from your past by reveling in these wounds and activating your own healing potential. Explore the sign and house placement of your Chiron and ask yourself - when did you incur these wounds? How has it affected you up to the present? How and why is it difficult for you to express the energy of its sign? I think a possible antidote is getting in touch with the sign placement and healing through it. For example, my Chiron is in Leo and practicing self-love and creative expression is helping me, now, to heal old wounds.