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“Toprak özgürlüğü, kadın özgürlüğü, sözün özgürlüğü için, aşk nerdeyse o da ordaydı.”

Şêrko Bêkes

Alıntı :  1996 yılında Tahran'a gelen ünlü Kürt şairi Şêrko Bêkes'i karşılamaya giderken trafik kazasında hayatını kaybediyor Kürt Kadın şair Jîla Huseynî… Bunun üzerine Şêrko Bêkes’in Huseynî'nin kitabına  önsöz olarak yazdığı not. 

Görsel : Kurdish Woman on a magnificently decorated Horse.

Corr turns and cries out again; this time it’s like a choked sob. There’s a spiderweb of veins standing out on his shoulder. 

‘Corr,’ Sean says.

He doesn’t shout it. It doesn’t seem loud enough to be heard above the sound of the hoofbeats and the surf or the sound of Prince’s gagging, but the red stallion stills.
—  The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater

Diane Nguyen was born in Boston. There she attended Boston University and majored in Literature and Equine Studies. In preparation for this book, Diane spent three years conducting research and interviews to bring to light the saga of Secretariat. Previous works include The Rise and Fall of Strongheart and the New York Times bestseller, Tracing Zippo Pine Bar.  

Diane currently lives in Los Angeles with a dog. 

Reviews below by The New Yorkie Times, USA Toady, and Newsbeak.


literature aesthetics [2/?]: the night circus by erin morgenstern

The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.

A.D. Revealed: My Thoughts On The PLL Finale

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No more secrets, no more lies, no more creepy texts. Pretty Little Liars is officially over. I thought the finale was for from perfect, but they were a bunch of parts that I did enjoy. Here are my thoughts on the PLL series finale. 

The Beginning

What was this?! Lucas randomly tap dancing and Jenna riding a horse?! It was so weird. I just didn’t get the relavance of it.

The intro

Sad times seeing it for the last time. But I loved that the coffin was open this time and they all did the ‘shh’! 

1 year time-jump

What was the point of this time jump? So when the game ended the girls just went on with their lives not knowing who tortured them? 

Emison babies

Okay so Emily’s the mother of these babies right? Then why are they blond and white? Also, twins. How many twins does this show need? 

Rosewood High

Ali was discussing Ezra’s book in class, omg. I thought that was a bit weird. Also why are we waisting time on this new clique Addison has created. They should be giving us some answers. On a side note, Jenna is a teacher, wow. Do have to give her some points for that remark she gave Addison about smelling a bitch, that was a good one!

The Lost Woods Resort

What’s up with this show making creepy places into nice hotels? Anyway, this was so boring. Just waisted time. Although when ‘A.D.’ turned around and you saw Melissa, I knew that was a mask. No way they would reveal it so early in the episode and in this way. When the mask was taken off and it revealed Mona I just knew something was up. I thought that she might be working with A.D. or something. Why she was exactly doing it is still not very clear to me. Did she just want to know who it was to help the girls? If you know please share it with me. What I did like about this part was seeing everyone together at the table and around the campfire!

Spencer visits Mary

I thought this was fishy. Spencer just mentioned she and her mom were getting along really good, why would she be visiting Mary in jail? Or maybe it wasn’t Spencer that you just saw?! (wink, wink)

Rehearsal Dinner from Ezra & Aria

First, why are the girls STILL treating Mona like crap? Honestly, I felt so bad for her. Secondly, THE MOMS! This was one the best parts of the finale to be honest. They were so drunk. What I really hated was that they didn’t say how they got out of the basement. That was a let down. I did love how drunk they were at the end that Spencer had to drive them home. (also Ella calling shotgun was hillarious)

Mona Knocking Spencer Out

THIS WAS ICONIC! She slapped her so hard. Also how she said: “deja vu, bitch!” I loved that! It was exactly how Mona slapped Spencer when she figured she was A back in season 2. Janel Parrish is one of the best actresses in this show!

A.D. is revealed

The moment we were all waiting for. I love how they revealed A.D. Once it ‘looked’ like Spencer was looking in a mirror, I just knew that it wasn’t a mirror and she really does have a twin. It was so good! So Spencer has a twin, Alex Drake, and she’s A.D. Although I wasn’t shocked, because I just saw it coming. But it was a very good reveal!

The Backstory of A.D.

Once I heard that British accent, I knew that she had to be connected to Wren somehow. Then we find out that Wren just randomly meets her in a bar? Then Wren makes sure Cece/Charlotte meets Spencer’s twin, Alex Drake. They have a very strong bond together and Charlotte tells Alex that Spencer is a toxic person. So when Charlotte was killed, Alex needed to know who did it. She wanted to avenge Charlotte’s dead which is why she created the game. To figure out who did it (I have no idea what the puzzle pieces and the picture had to do with all of this). But when the game ended Alex wanted Spencer’s life, she wanted everything she had, including her friends and Toby. I honestly thought this was such a cliché. Like they couldn’t have thought of a better reason? 

We also see all the times Alex was pretending to be Spencer, including the infamous airport scene. Alex was also the one who kissed Toby and hooked up with him twice. This is where I start getting confused. Toby has been with Spencer for so many years and he didn’t realise it wasn’t Spencer?! How did the liars who have known each other for so long not realise it wasn’t their bff?! 

What was the point of impregnating Alison with Emily’s eggs? What did Alex gain from that? Also, Wren’s the dad? Was he aware of this? Was he working with Alex? Did he give his sperm to Alex even when he didn’t want to? I have so many questions.

Wren shoots A.D.

We all saw Wren with a gun in the promo. I felt let down by this, I really thought he was going to kill someone. Turns out Alex really wanted to be Spencer so she made Wren shoot her in the same spot Spencer was shot, so they’d look exactly alike. How crazy is that?

Not as crazy as what we found out next. Wren is dead. Alex killed him and turned his ashes into….. A DIAMOND. Wren is now a diamond. I have no words #WrenDeservedBetter

Mary and Spencer have lunch

Mary shares some information with Spencer while eating lunch together. Of course Spencer is still locked up, but that’s not the point. 

So we learn that Mary SOLD Alex when she was born. Alex was adopted by a wealthy British family, but after a few years she was put into a orphanage.

How is it possible that Mary never told Spencer that she has a twin sister. Even if Mary didn’t know where she was or even alive, that’s something you should mention. 

Ezra is missing?!

So the girls were being all dramatic thinking Ezra doesn’t want to marry Aria anymore. Come on y’all. After everything you have been trough, you really don’t think something else happened? Seriously Ezra saying he is not coming to his own wedding trough text is not believable. He has a masters in American Literature. He probably would have written Aria a letter on that typewriter of his.

So then we see Ezra is locked up in, what he called it, a DIY dungeon. So where Alex is keeping Spencer as well. I liked the DIY dungeon line, it was better that the fact that he can handle a dead body in a trunk because he has a Masters degree in American Literature. #OhEzra

The Horse and Jenna

So after an hour of practically no sensation, besides the A.D. reveal, and 5 minutes of actual answers. Alex goes to the stables. Why? No idea. But the horse she is with is the same horse from the beginning of the episode. The horse seemed comfortable around Spencer. So when Alex walks put to it, the horse goes crazy. Toby sees it and looks confused, just like me this entire finale.

Then Jenna walks to what she thinks is Spencer. Suddenly Jenna asks ‘Spencer’ if she is wearing a new perfume, she replies by saying she smells like horses, because of the stables. But Jenna doesn’t buy it and calls Toby to tell him that Spencer isn’t Spencer. 

So…….. Jenna (of all people) and a HORSE figure out that Spencer isn’t Spencer before her long-time (ex) boyfriend, her parents and HER BEST FRIENDS?! What is this ridiculousness?

The Liars Figure It Out

So while the liars are still trying to figure out what happend to Ezra (really?), Toby comes in. He hands Aria the book that Spencer gave him before he left Rosewood with Yvonne and he says: “Look, there are no notes in this book. Spencer always made notes in this.” Everyone looks confused, including me. He then adds that it was weird that Spencer kissed him when he left as well. Toby then immediately comes to the conclusion that Spencer must have a twin. The liars come to the same conclusion and they go to save Spencer.

So you’re telling me that they figured out that Spencer has a twin and that she is A.D. in like 1 minute. They didn’t even know their dead friend was alive for like 2/3 years. What is this mess?

Toby To The Rescue

So then the Liars, Caleb, Toby and Mona find Spencer, Alex and Ezra. So of course, the classic who is who? For Toby to figure out who really is Spencer he asked a question about her favorite poem in the book she gave him. Although the real Spencer didn’t even know that he had that book, because it was Alex who gave it to Toby, Spencer knew the answer. 

Then Mona called the cops (obviously) and Alex was arrested. 

I just felt it was so rushed, everything was so last-minute.

Ezria Wedding

When that phone went off, I was like, no please not a text message from B please. Turns out it was just I. Marlene King, the creator of the show. I did like that cameo.

Final Scene with the Liars

I loved this. It was perfect. Hanna is happily married to Caleb and they are expecting a baby! Spencer and Toby are FINALLY together again #bless. Emily and Ali are getting married. And Aria well, she is happy I guess. #NoEzriaForMe. 

Ali’s line was so emotional. I was feeling all the feels.

Queen Mona is the winner of the game, this episode and the entire show

So we see Mona in Paris selling dolls?! Genius! Then her boyfriend (I assumed after that kiss) walks in and I realized that he looked a lot like the cop that arrested Alex and Mary. She then walks in a corridor which gave me major Dollhouse vibes and I wasn’t far off. Because Mona is keeping Mary and Alex as her own dolls! She beat A.D. in the most Mona way possible and I’m so here for it! 

The Last Scene

As soon as I heard that thunder I was like: “Oh no, Addison is probably missing.” And yes, she was. It was exactly like the pilot and I was not here for this. They should not have done that.

That was it, y’all. That was the PLL series finale. It was far from perfect, but there were still parts I enjoyed.

In my opinion the whole A.D. reveal would have been better if Alex had been around from the beginning. If they (the writers) made her a part of the night that Ali disappeared and was the one that was controlling Mona and CeCe as A, that she was the mastermind behind everything, I would have loved that and considered that the perfect ending. They had the time to it to be honest. It was a 2 hour finale after all. They just wasted a lot of time on stuff that I wasn’t truly interested in. I wanted to see more of the mystery, because that is what made me love PLL so much. But you can’t please everybody. 

A special shout-out to Troian Bellisario, Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse who have been the best actresses in this show. Especially Troian in this finale, she deserves all the awards! 

Last but least I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been involved in this show for an amazing 7 year journey! I will consider this show one of my favorites forever. 

Goodbye Rosewood, it’s been one hell of a ride.



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Your place in my heart is the whole of my heart,
For your place cannot be taken by anyone else.
My soul has lodged You between my skin and my bones,
So what would I do were I ever to lose You?

Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj, from “Diwan,” Night and Horses and the Desert: An Anthology of Classical Arabic Literature (Anchor, 2002)

If you want to fall in love, you can’t hold everything in. You have to open up, take that risk. You’ll be hurt sometimes, but if you don’t, you’ll never be happy. The one you find may not be the kind…you expected to fall in love with, but it won’t matter, you’ll love…
—  Jean M. Auel, The Valley of Horses

I continued to float on the sea of love,
One surging wave lifting me up, another
pulling me down;
And so I went on, now rising, now falling,
Till I found myself in the middle of the deep sea,
Brought by love to a point where there was no

Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj, from “Diwan,” Night and Horses and the Desert: An Anthology of Classical Arabic Literature (Anchor, 2002)