horse in the field


herd of horses pasture in a valley with green field by Olgait
Via Flickr:
herd of horses pasture in a valley with green field


The further they wandered into the land, the more green everything became.

The roads were made of neat grey cobblestones, crisscrossing above creeks and babbling streams. Hillsides were dotted with colorful houses and grazing sheep. The air smelt of honey and greenery, with a splash of horse manure near the wide stretches of farm fields. 


Horses rolling down a hill…

Animals that are different by place

Horses in a wide open field vs horses standing near any human dwelling staring blankly ahead and standing perfectly still

College campus squirrels vs squirrels literally anywhere else

Pigeons on a New York City street vs pigeons nesting in grocery store rafters

Forest raccoons vs street raccoons taking up half the sidewalk and lumbering toward me in the dark

These are all completely different animals

Exception: Canadian geese, their malice is a universal constant

“Autumn Vultures”

I looked out the window to see if the clouds had broke and it was still overcast, but I noticed a few turkey vultures flying around. I grabbed my camera and once I got out the door I saw that there were about 20 of them soaring in the wind, circling above the trees. I’ve seen them around a bunch of times, but never this many at one time.
This is just across the road from my neighbors house. (they own the horses) So there’s a few more reasons why I love this new location. Horses and vultures.

the signs as iconic things from pll
  • aries: wine moms
  • taurus: empanadas and the right sauce
  • gemini: pink drink
  • cancer: alex's british accent
  • leo: who IS this monster?
  • virgo: it's andrew, babe
  • libra: hanna's bang bang dance
  • scorpio: flash mob full of A's
  • sagittarius: pepe, tippi, and bashful, who really deserved better
  • capricorn: detective spanna and the grandma glasses
  • aquarius: jenna can't hear us, she's blind
  • pisces: aria's "ugly cry"

PonyHenge is just what the name implies, a Stonehenge-like monument but made entirely of ponies. It is not really known who started putting the horses in this field, but it began in 2010.  The field that the horses now call home is along Old Sudbury road in Lincoln, Massachusetts. The field might be private property, but the owners don’t mind sharing it with these wayward ponies. One rumor of how it began was from a child’s lemonade stand - the children left after their stand was done, but the horses stuck around. Another theory was that someone just left one horse in the field, and then another popped up. After while, it started growing and the horses began multiplying. Sometimes the herd moves to a new pattern, sometimes horses are exchanged, but it all remains anonymous. The owners of this private field like it that way, it adds to the mystery that is PonyHenge