horse humor

I kind of hit that brick wall early on, which I think a lot of young horsemen and women do. You kind of can’t get them [horses] to do anything, and they get to you and they know it. And they think, ‘Right, I WILL eat grass on a vertical slope of about 90% until you slide off my neck into a bramble bush’, which is pretty much my abiding memory of my 12 year old self trying [to make a horse do what he wanted it to do]….

Benedict Cumberbatch about working with real horses during War Horse.

As a horse owner, I am dying laughing because it is so true. 

  • How normal people feel about fall:The air is cooler, and there are beautiful leaves blowing everywhere, and if it rains, I can stay inside and cozy and read a book!
  • How equestrians feel about fall:At least the air is cooler, but aw man I wish the wind wouldn't blow today because my horse is going to FREAK out about the leaves blowing everywhere, and I really hope it doesn't rain because I just finally got my horse clean of mud from the last time and I'm out of thrushbuster again...