horse head mask art

knappl replied to your post “how………………… embarrassing would it be……………… if i drew a genyatta…”

But it’s a good idea

@knappl you know what

you’re absolutely right

If Seventeen Had Blogs
  • S.Coups: workout blog; in reality, it's a Jeonghan blog
  • Jeonghan: ootd selcas
  • Joshua: guitars; selcas; anime; chocolate
  • Jun: videos the dramas he's acting in; occasional wushu
  • Hosi: dance covers; food blog
  • Wonwoo: bucket hats; occasional Mingyu
  • Woozi: new song updates; edits of him attacking the members
  • DK: horse head mask blog
  • Mingyu: latte art tutorials; occasional puppies
  • The8: break dancing in areas with street art
  • Seungkwan: song covers
  • Vernon: rap lyrics; selcas with his sister
  • Dino: MJ covers

((Some Halloween suggestions from you guys which was really fun to draw! And also Pan as a knight/paladin since I’ve been thinking of hero classes for my characters for aaaaages. I have another batch I drew (including Humming and Swirly as their hero classes) which just needs colouring but I’m falling asleep. I’ll post it tomorrow, hope you guys had a spooky night~!))