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What the Lightning Sees

Biker!John Winchester x Reader 

Rolling into town on his motorcycle, John invites a pretty girl for a ride.

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Smut, semi public sex, swearing, creative use of engine vibrations, dirty talk. WC: 2911 On AO3 

A/N: I don’t know shit about motorcycles, so I did my best. This was for 2 challenges and I love how they meshed together. For @chelsea072498’s Let’s Go Crazy Challenge. My prompts were the song Raspberry Beret by Prince (story directly inspired by lyrics in italics) and the prompt: “A cold breeze drifted through the splintered door hanging loosely from its frame.“ This is also for @atc74 @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Tre Bellissimi Eventi Challenge. My prompts were: Lip Smackers. Leather jacket. Barn. and “getting caught is half the fun.” 

The first time I met John was at the diner. I was on hour six of a ten hour shift, and the last thing I wanted was to be hit on by a scruffy stranger who rode in on a loud motorcycle in a cloud of dust. But as I walked through the restaurant towards his booth and those chocolate brown eyes met mine, I knew I was screwed.

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A night in White Harbor (Part I)

This is a about Jon and Dany’s ship arriving to White Harbor which is a seat for House Manderly. I’m not sure if it will be  a few parts. It deals with the the first view of Dany of the North and Jon and Dany’s constant love for each other and their evolving relationship. 

They arrived to White Harbor on a cold morning. Dany felt very cold when the wind hit her face and cut her skin like a knife. She was wearing a heavy cloak on her Targaryen figure. Jon on the other hand felt happier to be home since he was going to see his people. People he knew how to deal with instead of the dreadful politics of King’s Landing. They got out of the ship and head to New Castle, the seat of House Manderly. Lord Wyman Manderly had came from Winterfell to greet his king and take the measure of this Targaryen queen. 

They entered the castle with horses and greeted by the members of house Manderly and the Lord himself. They all bowed when Jon got off his horse, which made Dany appreciate him more, she saw how much they respected their king. After they got settled into their guest room, Dany, Jon, house Manderly, Davos, Jorah, and Tyrion were all seated in the great hall. Lord Manderly respected Dany, but he was skeptical of her. He was going to ride with them to Winterfell to join the other Lords. Jon explained to them what happened in Dragonstone, catching of a wight, and King’s Landing’s summit. Lord Manderly didn’t protest against Dany, he wanted to get the opinion of the Northern Lords about her and he was housing the king, he didn’t want to be disrespectful. Dany was feeling uneasy. She was in a territory where her father had done grave things to these people. But, everyone respected her when Jon spoke of her very nicely and told them that she’s their only hope to win this war. 

At dinner time that evening, they had arranged a very nice dinner for the king and his guests. Tyrion was seated next to Dany across the long table from Jon. Jon was seated next to lord Wyman and were talking about war and their faces were grim. There was no singing or entertainment since Jon didn’t want it. Davos was sitting on the other side of Jon and was listening to them. Dany wasn’t feeling very well. Tryion said while sensing his queen’s situation “the North is a dreadful place, I had told you this before.”, Dany said with a cold face “why aren’t they talking to me?I feel left out”, “well, they’re more comfortable with their king, and once we get to Winterfell, it’ll all be better”. Dany eyed Jon while drinking wine, and she saw how much power he has in the north and how comfortable he looks with these people. She got curious to know where would be his room in relation to her room. She noted to Missandei to come over to her. Missandei: “yes your grace?”, Dany leaned into her ear and whispered for Tyrion not to hear, and Jon saw that and wondered.

Dany whispered “Can you find out the King in the North’s bedchamber location?”, Missandei smiled and flushed, and she said “yes your grace” and left to ask the servants. Jon looked at her and she put a smirky smile on her face. After dinner, everyone went to their rooms to relax. Missandei had told Dany about his room. She went to her room and sat on her bed feeling anxious whether or not to go and talk to Jon or do less talking. She got out of her room and walked in the cold hallways, there were guards around, and suddenly in the dark, she saw Jon was walking towards her. Oh, my Norther fool. 

They stopped and looked at each other “My queen” Jon said. “good evening my lord” Dany replied as there were two guards standing. Jon continued “Can we talk in private about matters of tomorrow’s travel plans, your grace?” Dany smiled and said “yes, yes my lord”. They walked together slowly, Their hands were next to each other, Jon slowly caressed Dany’s hand and fingers, until they passed the guards and arrived into a dark corner where no one seemed to be around. 

Jon suddenly grabbed Dany in his arms and pinned her to the stone cold wall. He pushed his lips on hers. Dany moaned in his mouth as she was nervous whether or not he wanted her after arriving to the North. They held each other in the dark and kissed while trying not to make any noise. Jon whispered in her ear “your smell..I missed you tonight..while watching that dinner..”, he went to kiss her neck and Dany said “you look comely in the North..I wanted you next to me all night long, you were too far…too far..from me”, he smiled. Dany felt his manhood pressing against her skirts even from his thick layered tunic. He pushed his pelvic to the front and matched it with hers. He really wants me. Jon whispered “I want to take you right here, right now.”, Dany continued “take me to your room”. Hand in hand, they walked very fast and almost stumble to get to Jon’s room. There was one Stark man guarding his room. Jon didn’t care if he knew or not, he opened the door and let Dany in. 

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anime-hp-trash  asked:

Can you do a ticklish Eren or Levi? (i ask so much, im just needy, sorry)

I apologize that asks are taking so long, I keep getting ridiculously busy //cries

Eren grunted as he was tossed across the courtyard, a bored looking Levi being his sparring partners, which was amazing and awful all at once. Yeah, being able to have one-on-one time was great, being throw around, not so much.

“You call that fighting? You lasted three fucking seconds Jaeger.” Levi sneered, but Eren could hear the amusement in his voice, probably because somehow, no matter how he fell, he wound up with his entire lower half being bent over his head.

“That`s not fair! You keep hitting my nape, you know it`s my weak spot!” Eren whined, which have gotten anyone else a good beating, but Eren was special and happened to be Levi`s favorite. He got a `little shit` pass if you will.

“You always go for the weak spot, it`s common sense.” The Captain shrugged, making Eren pout impossibly hard.

“What`s your weak spot then?” The boy asked, 

“Don`t have one.”

Bullshit, Eren wanted to protest, but he didn’t want to push it too hard. Instead, he hopped back up and got into fighting stance once more. Levi made a big show of rolling his eyes and sighing before mimicking Eren`s stance, even though the brunet knew damn well he enjoyed their scuffles just as much as he did.

For once Eren made the first move and charged toward the man, who of course, side-stepped him easily, Eren only managed to graze his side. The Captain flinched at the contact and Eren thought perhaps he`d landed a bigger hit than he thought, but a roundhouse kick coming his way stopped that train of thought.

Ducking he went for another punch, only to be side-stepped once more, but this time he had tried to hold Levi in place - like he actually could - before the man moved away, causing him to pinch his right side. And this time he didn`t flinch.


The man stopped his, before now, graceful movements to grab his side and cover his mouth. Eren vaguely heard something along the lines of `stay back you fucking brat` as a shit eating grin spread across his face. Even more so when Levi bolted away from him like a deer.

He was ticklish.

Eren gave chase immediately, surprising his superior with his agility and speed, and successfully keeping up with him, despite the large, but rapidly closing, gap between them.

Giggling like mad, Eren didn`t see the odd looks that followed them both, from the upstairs window Eld and Oluo just happened to be cleaning.

Up ahead, a loud `fuck` was heard and Eren realized he`d cornered the smaller male in the stables. Levi whipped around as Eren menacingly closed in on him, backing himself closer to the wall until his back met the damp wood.

Just as Levi went to plead for his life, Eren pounced on him, hands buried in his sides and wiggling relentlessly. He would later deny the girlish squeal he`d let out before laughing loudly, kicking and squirming in Eren`s impressive grip.

“D-damn you!” Levi bit out, glare ruined by the large smile on his face, and the fact that Eren only tickled faster because of it.

“What on earth are they doing?” Gunther whispered as he and Petra came to tend to their horses, only to be greeted by a strange pile of laughter and limbs.

“Being in love.” The blonde women sighed, practically floating passed her dumbstruck comrade and enjoying the sounds of harmonizing laughter filling her ears.

I had a dream that I got hired at a new company that made greeting cards for horses, and my job was to think of the messages that would go on the front and/or inside and so I woke up with this rhyme in my head that I’m annoyed about because it’s only purpose is to go on a greeting card for a horse and those don’t exist. But anyway it went like this:

I sent you some hay

To brighten your day

You’ll like it of course

Because you’re a horse

Everyday like the one before [Beauty and the Beast AU]

[ prologue

pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

plot: Beauty and the Beast AU that incorporates elements of both the animated movie and life-action movie.

tags@snowpink39, @aworldwideapart, @saveatruckrideoptimusprime , @i-understand-mon-cher 

key: [Y/N] = your name, [L/N] = last name, [E/C] = eye colour, [H/C] = hair colour, [H/L] = hair length, [F/C] = favourite colour. 

warnings: none at the minute

words: 3,347

a/n: Please see this post to vote on what my next series should be.  

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Despite the curse placed on the castle, life in the village continued on with the villagers having no memory of the prince or his parties. In fact, the village moved along just fine with the prince’s absence, his tax and cruelty forgotten by all who lived there, and every day in the village was like the one before for all but one resident.

[Y/N] [L/N] and her father had moved to the village when [Y/N] was only a baby, her mother having passed in Paris soon after her birth, where her father continued to work as a painter and where [Y/N] was taught to read and write, pursuing inventing as a hobby, much to the dismay and hate of the other people in the village.

You see the village people did not like change, it scared them, and a woman known how to read and write was certainly knew as all the other women and girls in the village were simply housewives that cared for the children while their husband worked, or who helped teach other young women to be the perfect bride for their future husband. But [Y/N] was not like the others, she never had been.

The morning sun greeted [Y/N] has she took her [F/C] ribbon and tied her [H/L], [H/C] hair up in a ponytail as she watched the village begin to awaken with sounds of roosters crowing from her own front and from the distance within the village boundaries. Her father lay asleep on his bed, having been up late during the night painting and working on a music box [Y/N] had since she was a baby, fixing it up so that it was functioning once again.

Smiling at her father’s sleeping figure, [Y/N] lifted a small pouch filled with coins of the kitchen table, as well as another empty pouch that was larger in size, that she tied around her waist, they had as she was going to get their supplies for the day and for her father before he journeyed to the city to sell more of his art.  Leaving the small house that she called a home, [Y/N] let out a sigh, one that was slightly reluctant due to the way the people of the village treated her because she was different than them and she didn’t know if she wanted to face them.

Walking down the small pathway that guarded her vegetable garden, [Y/N] stepped through her gate and into the rest of the village.  It was quiet as she stepped through the archway into the main part of the village, where the markets and shops were, but the chimes of the bell tower awoke the town as windows and doors opened, revealing the village people as they began their day.  

[Y/N]s first stop was the bakery and as the baker emerged from his home, she took some coins from her pouch and placed them on his tray as she lifted a fresh baguette, the heat still radiating from it as she placed it in her empty pouch, “Bonjour.” Her voice was soft and sweet as she spoke, offering the Baker a smile as she walked away.   

A larger smile grew onto her face as she walked towards the carriage horse, lifting her hand to scratch between his eyes and down his nose while her other hand moved slowly down his neck, petting him.  

“Ah, good morning [Y/N]!” Turning away from the horse, [Y/N] greeted the voice with a smile as she spoke, “Good morning Monsieur Bruce.” Walking towards the tall man, who’s shoulders and buff physique made him look intimidating, “Have you lost something again?” [Y/N]’s [E/C] eyes reflected concern as she got closer to the Bruce, who offered her a confused look as he continued to search around him, “I’m afraid I have. The only problem is, I can’t remember what!”

It was the same every day, Monsieur Bruce was always looking for something but could never remember what and [Y/N] genuinely worried that he was going crazy as he could never seem to find what he was missing.  “Oh well, I’m sure it will come to me.” [Y/N] walked forward, pulling an apple from a bucket that was near Bruce and offering it to his mule, who gratefully took the treat as [Y/N] gave him a light scratch. “Where are you off to?”

Turning towards Bruce and walking backwards, [Y/N] offered an answer that she was sure to get judged about, “To a return, a book I borrowed from pére Sebastian, it’s about two lovers in fair Verona.” She continued to walk backwards, only turning when Bruce gave his reply, “Sounds boring.”

Rolling her eyes slightly, [Y/N] let a tiny and almost silent chuckle past her lips because she knew the people of the village would never understand.  Walking through the village, [Y/N] could feel the wandering eyes of the villagers as they stared after her and she could hear their voices as they talked in hushed whispers about her, but of course she took it all in her stride and ignored it but she could pick up on some of their words. Especially as she passed the women of the village doing their washing up and she could pick up words and phrase like ‘funny girl’ and ‘head in the clouds’, the woman of the village were not quiet in their disapproval of [Y/N] and it was not like them to speak in quiet tones or hushed voices.

Walking through the village, an amused smile grew on [Y/N]’s face as she watched the usual exchanges in the village, the man who sold the eggs trying to flirt with the fishmongers wife and someone commenting on how his eggs were too expensive and in her mind her thoughts were of one simple thing, there must be more than this provincial life.

Looking away from the rest of the village, as she had now reached the church building that lay at the edge of the village, she pushed open the wooden door with a smile as pére Sebastian greeted her. “Ah, if it isn’t the only bookworm in town.” He had been up a latter, dusting at the windows and so as he looked to [Y/N] he began to climb down them so he could talk to her. “So, where did you run off to this week?”

Clutching the book to her chest, [Y/N] gave a reply to pére Sebastian. “Two cities in Northern Italy, I didn’t want to come back.”  Sebastian now stood in front of the girl, his duster in front of him as he leant on it for some extra support, a smile on his face as he listened to her talk and watched her move with ease in his domain. “Have you got any new places to go?”

Moving to look at the small collection of books, [Y/N] placed Romeo and Juliet back and turned to Sebastian as he gave his answer, “I’m afraid not. But you can reread any of the old ones if you like.”  Scanning the titles, [Y/N] reached for a favourite of hers ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and stood back up, once again clutching a book to her chest. “Thank you, your library makes out small corner of the world seem big.” As she walked through the door and back into the village, she heard the voice of pére Sebastian call out to her, “Bon Voyage.”

Opening the book as she stepped into the street, she started to read, ignoring the stares and whispers of ‘peculiar’ and ‘strange’ and of course the questions of ‘is she well’. [Y/N] pressed the open book against her chest as she reached the flower and jam stall ran by Ivy and Harley, two women who lived together after the passing of their husbands. Once again she reached into her coin pouch and lifted a jar of jam, handing the coins over to Harley with a smile before placing the jam in the pouch with her bread.

As she walked through the area where Ivy kept her flower, she kept her eyes on the book and skillfully avoided the various people looking over Ivy’s gorgeous bouquets, closing the book when she left the area in order to navigate the more difficult portion of the village where many people were walking. Of course, the three girls her age that were vying for husbands looked on and stared after her as she was said to be the more beautiful girl in the village and they were jealous of the fact that many believed that, including the man they all wanted as a husband, and so they whispered of how different she was to them.

As Belle wandered through the village, Lex Luthor looked on from the distance through a telescope and watched her as he spoke to his loyal and faithful companion, Oswald Cobblebot. “Look at her Oswald, my future wife.” Taking the telescope down from his eyes and handing it to his companion, he spoke in order to emphasise his point, “[Y/N] is the most beautiful girl in the village, that makes her the best.”

Oswald handed the telescope back to Lex with a questioning glance and his hand extended outward, moving over Lex’s body as he spoke, “But she’s so well-read and you’re so athletically inclined.”

Looking out toward the village, Gaston through over [Y/N] and why he wanted her as a bride before he voiced his thoughts. “I know. [Y/N] can be as argumentative as she is beautiful.” Before he could continue, Oswald managed to get a word in, “Exactly. Who needs her when you’ve got us?” He wasn’t going to admit it to anyone, but Oswald knew he would be lonely if Lex was to ever get married and left him alone, after all, Lex was the only friend he had.

Lex slouched in his saddle slightly before continuing, “But since the war, I’ve felt like I’ve been missing something. She’s the only girl that gives me that sense of…” trailing off, Lex raised his hand towards his face and rubbed his fingers together in an attempt to find the right word before Oswald offered a suggestion, “Je ne suis qu'à?”  Bringing his hand back down to the reign and kicking his horse into motion, Lex admitted, “I don’t know what that means.” As they descended onto the village, Lex described the moment he fell for [Y/N] to Oswald.

“Right from the moment that I meet her, saw her, I said ‘she’s gorgeous’ and I fell. In town, there is only she, as beautiful as me, so I’m making plans to woo and marry [Y/N]”. But of course, [Y/N] had no intention to marry anyone and she certainly had no intention of marrying Lex.

As she went about the village, [Y/N] made her way back to the back of Ivy and Harley’s stall, where she was spotted by Gaston who had dismounted his horse and started his search for her, and smiled thankfully as she was offered various goods from the people around her in a kind decline of their goods. As she got to the fountain, she leant her arms against and it gazed into the water for a moment, not noticing Lex standing only a few meters away from her with a bouquet of flowers for her.

Standing up from the fountain, [Y/N] stepped back and started making her way through the village square once again and once again, she ignored the stares of the people around her only to be called to attention by the voice of a man she would say she hated, if she had not been taught that hate is a word that should only be reserved for the most evil of people in the world.

“Good morning [Y/N]!” As he jogged up to her side, [Y/N] turned to look at Lex with a raised eyebrow. “Wonderful book you have there.” [Y/N] doubted he had read it, in fact, she doubted he had read anything! And her doubts were confirmed as she looked to her book and then back to Lex, “Have you read it?” Lex’s answer almost made her roll her eyes, but she simply stared at him with mundane disbelief.

“Well, not that one. But, you know, books…” As he trailed off, [Y/N] forced back a sign and jumped back slightly as Lex offered up the bouquet he had in his hands, “For your dinner table.” Pushing his luck, Lex asked a question [Y/N] thought he would know the answer too after trying to win her affections for so long, “Shall I join you this evening?”

Struggling to find words, [Y/N] almost let out a sound of exacerbation but she held back and decided to answer him, “Sorry, not this evening.”  

“Busy?” As he asked his question, Lex rose an eyebrow hoping for the answer to be yes but known that it would be

“No…” Lex looked at her in disbelief as she turned away from him and even walked away from him before he was joined once again by Oswald asking, “So, moving on?”  But of course, he wasn’t.

“No Oswald. It is the ones who play hard to get who are always the sweetest prey. That’s what makes [Y/N] so appealing, she hasn’t made a fool of herself just to gain my favour. What would you call that?”

Oswald watched as [Y/N] walked away from the two of them, his eyes half amused with Lex’s pursuit of the, clearly, disinterested girl and replied to his friends question quite honestly. “Dignity?”

Turning towards his friend, a large grin was on Lex’s face as he spoke. “It’s outrageously attractive, isn’t it?” At the sound of his name being called by three women, he left his friend and joined them.

As she arrived back at her home, [Y/N] turned to see if Lex had followed her and at the appearance that he hadn’t she let out a relieved sigh before continuing to her door. It was here that the familiar sound of a music box filled her ears and brought a feeling of warmth to her, causing a smile to break out on her previously worried face.  

As she entered her small home, the sight of her father working on a music box styled sculpture of her parents and her as a baby greeted her, as did the sound of her father singing the lullaby that accompanied the music box.

How does a moment last forever

How can a story never die

It is love we must hold on to

Never easy but we try

Sometimes out happiness is captured

Somehow a time and place stand still

Love lives on inside out hearts

And always will

The sound of her father singing made [Y/N] happy as she made him some jam and bread from what she had just bought, with the sound of stopping as she approached him with it, startling the man as he finally noticed her presence for he wasn’t really one to sing with her around.

“Oh, [Y/N].” Setting the plate of food down beside her father, she lifted a small work tool  as her father lifted out the clockwork of the music box and asked her, “Could you hand me a…” Upon noticing she already had it, the two exchanged smiles as he let out an ‘ohh’ sound. While he was working with that tool, [Y/N] lifted another and extended her hand out toward him just as he turned to her once again, “I also need…”  He looked over the tool before claiming, “No. No.No.” As [Y/N] raised an eyebrow and gave him a questioning glance, he looked back to the clockwork before deciding, “Yes, that’s exactly what I need. Thank you.”

Sharing a smile with his daughter, he turned back to his work only to be pulled out be a question from [Y/N]. “Papa, do you think I’m odd?” [Y/N] lifted a trinket of the table and moved around the room a little, setting it down on a stool as she listened to her father talk, “Odd? My daughter odd? Wherever would you get an idea like that?”


With a gentle sigh, [Y/N] looked over the trinket she had set down before she continued, “Oh I don’t know. People talk.” Her father watched her, his eyes kind and filled with love, “This is a small village, you know. Small minded as well.”

Looking up to her father momentarily she listened to him, “But small also means safe.” She could understand what he meant, they had previously lived in the large and beautiful city of Paris but the death of her mother meant they had to leave and so, to a small and safe village they moved. Lifting a box from the ground, [Y/N] moved to put it where it belonged as her father continued to talk, “Even back in Paris, I knew a girl like you, who was so…” [Y/N] knew he was talking about her mother, he often commented that they were alike in many ways, “ahead of her time.So different.”

As she sat by the fire, [Y/N] continued to watch her father as he spoke of her mother,”People mocked her. Until the day they all found themselves imitating her.” With a gentle smile, [Y/N] rose from her position once again and walked towards her father, words that had been burning in her brain only coming out when she reached him, “Please, just tell me one more thing about her.”

Her father contemplated the idea, sitting back in the chair he was in and knitting his eyebrows together, “Your mother was…” He trailed off slightly and leant forward once again, looking over his music box once again, “Fearless.” This made [Y/N] smile and her eyes sparkled as her father nodded and looked at her, repeating “Fearless” once again before looking back and closing the music box.   

“I have to leave now.” Nodding, [Y/N] helped her father pack up the music box of the old windmill they lived in that depicted their family so he could show it and helped him out to the carriage, where their horse Phillipe was and she gave Philippe a treat while scratching his head and giving him a kiss between his two eyes. Walking back to her father, who was climbing onto the carriage, she had a melancholy smile on her face as she knew he had to leave but he was sad that he had to leave.  

[Y/N] handed her father the reigns that would allow him to control the carriage and Philippe her smile turning genuine.  Placing her hands on his knee, she looked to her father as he spoke, “So, what can I bring you from the market?”  She knew what she wanted, it was what she always wanted when he went to market.

“A rose. Like the one in the painting.” Her father chuckled and shook his head slightly, “You ask for that every year!” His voice was slightly disbelieving but he knew that she loved her roses.

“And every year you bring it.” She was always so happy getting the rose and her father certainly loved seeing the light in her eyes brighten when he gave it to her. “Then I shall bring you another.” Removing her hand from her knee as her father reached out and lightly gripped her chin, “You have my word.”

[Y/N] smiled at her father and stepped back away from the carriage, “Goodbye, Papa.” Moving towards the path that lead to her home, [Y/N]’s father lifted the reins, “Goodby, [Y/N].”  Watching from her door as her father lead Philippe away she shouted out to him, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Right, tomorrow. With the rose.”

Summary: After days and weeks the heartbreak over knowing the truth about Hvitserk doesn’t fade. You left Kattegat, lived among Lagertha her people know, hoping it would bring you new live. But he keeps turning up, in your dreams, your work and even in your body.
Words: 1874

Update Tag: @filippazm

Your world had crumbled down, your first instinct of insecurity kicked in with an even stronger handle over your heart. You were scared, scared from the people who smiled at you, scared from the people who didn’t. Since you heared Hvitserk say you were all a bet to him you didn’t saw clear again. All those years you protected your heart so well, you locked it tight up so it wouldn’t be harmed. Your whole insecurity was build as a defensive wall for your own feelings and precious heart. You knew from yourself you weren’t that stable, you didn’t talk much to others, weren’t that social and you kept yourself at a distant. But Hvitserk, he walked right pass all that protection, unlocked your heart and for the first time in years you felt free, you felt a small hint of happiness and you started to love a boy who maybe wasn’t yours to love. But you couldn’t resist, you felt weak with every look he gave at you, you felt warm with every stroke his fingers maked and after that night … you thought you wouldn’t never be happier again. But it was like a piece of glass, shattering on the ground into thousand pieces, that was what you felt. It left you crying in the darkest corners of Kattegat, not wanting to go back to that cabin the woods. Because your safe haven was no longer your safe spot, you shared it with him and you knew he would be there waiting for you. So you traveled out of Kattegat, leaving your house, leaving your work, trying to leave the sadness he caused.

You lived in Hedeby, Lagertha’s grounds. She offered you a job as a farmgirl and didn’t asked you why you looked like that, so saddened, so broken down. You just did your job, always looking over your shoulder for any sign of Hvitserk, or his brothers but it didn’t came for days and weeks. Every night, when you layed curled up around your sheets again you thought of him, his reassuring smile, his warm touch, his soft words. He treated you with so much care and respect that you never thought he would do you any harm, but he did. And every time again you cried yourself to sleep knowing you where just a bet. You looked over your shoulder from the hay to Björn who leaned in on Torvi, saying something that maked her giggle. Your stomach turned over by the thought that Hvitserk had done the same, that you laughed on the same soft way. You turned your eyes back to your work, pulling in the hay for the winter that had to come. You didn’t know how long you were working on that, the sweat transparent on your forehead and you hardly had the strenght in your arms anymore. But it was better than working in the smith, better than getting hit by your boss. Lagertha was good to you, she was friedly but kept you at a distance and that was exacly what you needed. You walked out of the shed, straight for some water.
‘Y/n?’ You turned around out of reflex and frooze when you looked right up to him … Hvitserk, together with his eldest brother on horses. He said something against his brother while jumping from his horse. You  turned around and started running, already feeling the tears leaving your eyes. Maybe you needed to be angry on him, kick him in the face or something but it was something you never used before and wouldn’t use in the future. 'Y/n!’ He grabbed you with your elbow.
'Please let me go.’ You didn’t snapped, you were more begging him to let you go, a sight he hardly could look at. His fingers softened around your elbow, not wanting to harm you but neither wanting you to go. You kept your eyes to the ground, looking at his feet rather than his face.
'What are you doing here? You just left without letting me explain myself.’ He wanted to touch you, badly, he moved his hand up but lowered it when your pulled back.
'Please let me go.’ You whispered again, slowly showing him your misarble wet face.
'Y/n, please, can we just talk.’
'Hvitserk.’ You murmured. His fingers slipped away from your elbow and as soon as you were free you walked away, not looking back, not even doubting the choose you just maked. He never could repair what he had broke, you weren’t even sure if you could repair yourself. Stupid girl, that was what you were.

The four days after his visit you stayed in bed, sick, heartbroken and not being able to move. The month had ticked away so slowly, the days even worse. The small knock on your door lifted your head from the pillow. Lagertha walked in with one of her servants. 'You are not working.’ She stated the obvious. You looked down, getting out of the bed with a pale face, not trying to grab to the bucket to trow over again. 'Are you feeling well?’ She asked, a little concerned maybe.
'No, not really. I’m sick I think.’ You tried to force a smile on your lips, looking up to her.
'What do you feel? Tired? Nauseous?’ She asked. You nodded and Lagertha looked to the servant cleaning up your mess. It wasn’t that bad, you just didn’t take much care of yourself like you used to. 'Pregnant maybe?’ She guessed, with a tilted head. You felt you breakfeast coming up, running for the bucket to trow up in. This couldn’t be true, this was impossible. How could you be pregnant after one time? Everything before your eyes started to dance, imagining yourself as a lonely mother, working for her child. Or giving birth … you felt scared. But what even scared you more was that it was Hvitserk his child … at least, if you where pregnant. 'Who is the father y/n?’ Lagertha asked almost polite. You turned away from the bucket were you sat before and pulled your slim body back up on the wall.
'Nobody.’ You simply answered. Nobody needed to know that Hvitserk was the father, or that he maked you pregnant over a bet.
'Being a single mother isn’t easy, if the father is around you may need him.’
'Isn’t their task to just raid and provide.’
'Yes exacly, if nobody is providing for you when your child need you the most, how long will you live. I will help you, ofcourse but …’ She felt silent and you looked at the beautifull braids through her hair.
'It’s Hvitserk.’ You whispered.
'Ragnar’s son?’ She asked confused. You nodded and looked down to the ground, scared of the opinion she was planning on giving. You saw her feet closing in on you before you felt her light touch uner your chin. You looked up to her and steadied your look in her eyes. 'They all have something from their father, Ragnar never was a bad husband or a bad father, he loved his childeren with all his heart. I believe those sons can to. It’s up to you.’ She encouraged you. You nodded and Lagertha looked to the bed. 'Take the time you need, being pregnant isn’t easy.’ She smiled before walking out. Leaving you with the hardest descission, telling Hvitserk our not.

After a couple of days you felt good enough to do some light work outside. You were handing the horses some hay when heared riders approace. 'Brothers!’ Björn greeted them. You tensed, looking how the horse came in eyesight, three of them, three brothers, all except for Ivar. You kept standing against the stable watching how Hvitserk came from his horse and greeting his brother. But as soon as he did that his eyes traveled around, looking for you. You didn’t hide yourself, you felt a shivering down your spine when his eyes finally locked with yours. His eyes asked you if he could come and you softly nodded. He gave the reins to his brother and walked into the stables. You looked back to the ground, in an instinct while he closed in on you.
'Y/n, you look terrible.’ He noticed softly. You grabbed all of your courage and looked up again.
'We maybe need to talk.’ You whispered unsteady, already walking to somewhere where it was a little quiet.
'Can I explain?’ He asked as soon as you turned back to him again. You leaned against the wall of the shed and nodded slowly. He came closer to you, wanted to touch something of you but held back on your wish. 'At first it was a game, Ivar and Sigurd challenged me and I just couldn’t resist. But when I really met you, after that kiss, after the day next and the day after that I fell for you. Y/n, this never was a bet for me after meeting you.’ He explained. You felt your knees getting weak under his words, holding on to the wall so he wouldn’t notice it. 'I looked days for you.’ He whispered, pulling out his hand and softly wiped away the tear that runned down your cheek. You closed your eyes under his touch. 'I would never harm you, not even in that way. You have to believe me.’ The fact that you didn’t pulled back encouraged him. He stepped closer, standing right in front of you while his hand cupped your cheek. You leaned in on it, missing him was maybe the most of your heartbreak.
'I need to tell you something.’ You began, opening your eyes to look back to him. He laid his other hand in your neck, his touch warming you on the inside. 'I think I’m pregnant.’ You whispered scared. His studied the fear in your eyes for a moment before he pulled you in an embrace. You folded your fingers to fists against his chest, embracing the feeling over how much you missed him.
'Please come home again, let me take care of you. I will make whatever pain you got right again.’ He whispered into your ear, pressing a kiss against your hair. 'Let me be the father of this child.’ He placed his lips against your temple and you shivered under his touch. But the feeling you got over the days, weeks, it stucked inside your body, thinking that this maybe was also a lie from him, that it was another bet. You doudthed everything he said, how sencere  they may looked. But being in his embrace, you never felt more safe than you did now.
'Hvitserk I,’
'Y/n,’ he intterupted you gently, pulling your chin up so you had to look at him again. 'I love you, please believe me.’ He said so softly, broken down under the pain you showed. But everything in his eyes was honest, true and you slowly nodded.
'You can be the father.’ You whispered, hardly loud enough. He smiled, the smiled you missed over the days and weeks. He lowered his head, placing his lips on yours. You embraced both his hands that laid against your face and closed your eyes, imagining that everything would be just alright, that you would get better again, that he could fix your heart.

So as you may know, my work involves a lot of dogs. 

I also love Unsounded, which is a webcomic in which there aren’t any horses and people ride giant dogs around instead. 

And now that I’m rereading Unsounded, I realise: oh my god, a staffy or a young labrador big enough to ride? People would die. Not on purpose or because the dogs would behave aggressively. People would just flat out get bones broken and seriously injured because their beloved steed wanted to say hi to them. Some staffies, although lovely friendly animals, are just about impossible for me to do anything at all with, and that’s when they weigh 20kg. If they weighed 500kg? Jesus. 

I mean, not that I’m saying horses are safe animals or anything, but at least horses don’t usually greet or show affection by throwing themselves bodily at you. 


Even though Isabella and Ferdinand disagreed with the Moors on the matter of religion, as well as their culture, and fought against them, both monarchs liked Moorish elements in fashion and architecture, which they implemented into their lives, as we can read in „Isabel the Queen” by Peggy K. Liss:

The queen wore a scarlet cloak of Moorish design, a velvet outer skirt, velvet and brocade underskirts, and, under a broad-brimmed black hat, thickly embroidered, her hair was caught in a silk net. She sat on a brown mule, its blanket made of gold-embroidered satin and its silver saddle richly gilded. She was accompanied by ten ladies and some thirty male retainers; and she was met with an unprecedented display blending respect and enthusiasm. Fernando, equally on display and astride a fine horse, greeted her with warmth and ceremony. The king wore for the occasion a loose brocade robe over short yellow satin skirts, a crimson vest, a plumed hat, and a scimitar. Los reyes once again demonstrated that other sorts of acceptance do not necessarily accompany taking up the material aspects of another culture. Immediately behind Fernando was Lord Scales, and while to the Castilian eye Fernando’s skirts, hat, and scimitar were not novel, Scales “looked very pompous and strange.”

“Unexpected Romance” Ahkmenrah fanfic Part 3/?

AN: Hello there guys! I am so thankful for your lovely messages and likes. As promised some Ahkmenrah/Reader interaction here.

Word count: 1183

- - - - - -

After some good night sleep you have woken up at the early hour of six. You made your way towards the kitchen and having your standard breakfast of oats boiled in chocolate milk. Of course you had a pretty big day ahead of you and you had to allow yourself to keep your energy at its best! At eight o clock you’ve found yourself at the museum and went to the comforting back room to check your schedule. As you sat down on the blanket covered couch you went through your planner and noticed something interesting on the floor. It was a golden bracelet. From the texture you could tell that it was from ancient Egypt, most probably dating from the second intermediate period, maybe around 1600 BC. And what do you think what else is dating from that period… better who. You could recall Ahkmenrah wearing similar when you met him last night. You thought to yourself and slid the decorative object on your wrist. It reminded you of him very well and since you seemed to like the guy you could not remove the smile of your face.

Several hours of working and translating the hieroglyphics written on the back of the tablet had passed, it was time for a well earned time break.  You’ve reached to grab the black bag of the sofa corner, taking your sandwich out. As you began to eat Amy had entered the room with a bright smile on her lovely face. “Hello there___! How are you doing today?”

“I am doing perfectly fine dear fellah and yourself?” you smiled softly giving a playful wink to a lady that has now peacefully seated next to you. “I am doing excellent, thank you for wondering. How was yesterday? Your first day working here?” As she questioned you felt the familiar feeling of those clouds spreading and playing with your inner organs. But hey what were you thinking! It has barely passed 48 and you are thinking of the pharaoh like that. __ needs to give time to resolve her feelings well.

“The day was pretty nice, as I still am now, I was enjoying researching the tablet and Ahkmenrah’s family tree. You know the process of mummification and digging out big tombs for important personas of Egypt did not started like all of us know. For example did you know, that for the burial of the first recorded pharaoh, around fifty people were sacrificed including the most important people from his life. Including his concubines, good chefs, parents, family members and more.”  You were rambling on and on causing Amy to let out a silent giggle. “I understand sweetheart. Now I understand why you got this job. You enjoying talking about this so much. But excuse me it is four pm which means my shift has ended. I must leave now” She gave you a soft smile before standing up to take her bag. “It was lovely having this conversation with you.”

Despite the fact that your shift needs to end at five, you had found yourself buried in work until seven pm. You glances at the clock on your phone. Since you are here at this time, you could wait for a bit longer, you knew what was coming.. You watched the other employees leave their work places, the cleaning ladies doing their last bits and of course the famous night gourd Larry arriving. And minute after minute, the moment clock struck 7:33, the tablet above the sarcophagus lighted up the room for  several seconds and the objects around you began moving. Since you knew what is it about, you might as well meet the other plastic people. You noticed a man hopping of his brown furred horse and greeting Larry. That must be the president Roosevelt, so you approached to greet the man with a polite bow of your head. “I apologise for my manners, I didn’t introduced myself last night. My name is ___ and I am new here, it is an honor to meet you.” You’ve said and offered him a hand shake.

“Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States of America. It is a pleasure to meet you young lady, I’ve heard so much about”

“You hear about me, you say? From who…?” You wondered even though you sort of already knew the answer… For the other exhibits and living people here that knew about the tabled, could notice Ahkmenrah having a little crush on your. Speaking of him; the brown haired man had entered the main hall and placed his golden crown on.

/I am not aware of this questionable feelings this young lady has been giving me over the past sun downs. That hair… shines like silk that I could easily compare it to Konsu’s light. And considering her knowledge and education she must be incredibly blessed by Toth.  A woman like that is one of those females respected my Hathor. Oh dear Ra and the other various wonderful Gods, how I wish to hold her close to me and call her mine. Oh how I wish to see her more than just several moments before she has to go. Is this love? Might she be the chosen one from me from the Gods? /

After meeting several more of wonderful exhibitions here at the museum, you had came to a realisations that everyone is absolutely lovely. Every single one, had this sort of soul, but how? It was a mystery. So you decided to stay there.. the entire night, exploring this miracle and wondering how does rationalism and common sense approve all of these happenings. And eventually you had found yourself playing chess with Larry’s son Nick at the main desk.

“So you’re the new geek around here” He asked giving you a playful smirk. “I am not just a geek… I prefer the statement ‘I will not work at McDonalds with you’, besides this is something I really enjoy doing. It is, really close to my heart.” Your response made him understand so he nodded. “So it’s like me and working as  a DJ” , “Sort of like that yes” You chuckled softly.

The night has passed really quickly since you were having fun, and it was almost sunrise… So you have decided to take a one last turn in the Egyptian area and wish Ahkmenrah goodnight. You saw the man struggling with the linen sheets on the edge of the sarcophagus which made you giggle. A step by step you approached him with a soft smile. “Come on, lay down …” You’ve mumbled a little, might as well help him.

You helped him settle down on the bottom gently and slowly threading fingers through his hair. It is over 5000 years old but yet soft… you began wrapping the shets up from his torso and chest. Then as gently as you could you began to gently wrap his fingers up in the linen, slowly saying good night.

Side notes:  

Konsu – Egyptian God of the moon.

Thoth – Egytian God of literacy

Hathor – Egyptian Goddess of motherhood and females

Dad!Ahkmenrah x Daughter!Reader:  I Promise

I don’t own the picture, and I don’t own Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!   Reader is a little girl in this one.

When you first woke you were scared.  Not knowing where you were, all you could do was cry.

“I’m coming sweetheart, don’t worry!”  You could hear your father’s muffled voice.  You suddenly heard a scraping noise, as light flooded your senses.  You looked up just as your daddy picked you up.  “Shh, it’s okay baby girl, you’re safe now.  Nothing’s going to happen to you.” You sniffled into his shoulder.

“I don’t like it here,” You whimpered.  “It’s scary.”

“You don’t have anything to be afraid of, flower.  Everyone’s really friendly, I promise.  Do you want to meet them?”  He asked you.  You rubbed one of your eyes and nodded.  Ahkmenrah smiled, and put you down.  He held his hand out to you, and you grabbed it.   He walked slowly so your little legs could keep up with his long strides.  When he noticed that you were starting to tire, he lifted you up again and rested you on his hip. 

“Ahkmenrah, who is this?”  You heard a woman ask.  You snuck a sneak peek at the stranger, and immediately hid your face in your dad’s shoulder.

“Sacagawea, this is Y/N, my daughter.  Can you say hi to Sacagawea, Y/N?”  He set you down on your feet and gently pushed you towards Sacagawea.  She kneeled down and smiled softly at you.  You shyly smiled and waved, before running back to your father and burying your face in his robe.

“She’s beautiful, Ahkmenrah,” She told him.

“Thank you,” He replied.  “She’s normally not this shy.  Once she meets everyone, I’m sure she’ll open up.”

“She will,” She assured him.  “I think I saw Teddy and Attila in the foyer,” She suggested.

“I’ll take Y/N to meet them next.  Thanks, Sac.”  He picked you up again and turned you to face Sacagawea.  “Can you say bye, Y/N?”

“B-Bye,” You mumbled quietly. “Bye, Y/N,” She waved, and walked off to another part of the museum.

“See, that wasn’t so scary, was it?”  You shook your head, smiling widely as you toddled along next to Ahkmenrah.  “Do you want to meet some more people?”  When he noticed the nervous look on your face, he quickly added, “Everyone’s really friendly, like Sacagawea, I promise.”  You thought for a second.  Just as you nodded, a man on a horse and a man in armor came around a corner.

“Ahkmenrah!”  The man on the horse greeted.   You immediately hid behind Ahkmenrah’s legs.  You cautiously peeked out from behind him.                   

“Hello, Teddy,” He nodded to the other man.  “Attila.  I want you both to meet my daughter, Y/N,” He looked down to where you were just standing.  “Y/N?”  He asked worriedly, looking around.  You giggled. He turned around and spotted you, his shoulders sagging in relief.  “Y/N, you must stop hiding, you’re going to give daddy a heart attack,” He gently scolded.  He motioned for Teddy and Attila to come forward.  Teddy dismounted his horse, and kneeled down to your height. 

“And what’s your name, my dear?”  Teddy asked you as Attila awkwardly stood behind him.  You didn’t say a word. 

“Can you tell Teddy your name?”  Ahkmenrah prompted.

“Y-Y/N,” You said after a while.  Teddy smiled.

“That’s a lovely name.” He told you.  “My name is Theodore, and this is Attila,” He motioned to the man behind him.  You waved shyly, and Attila waved back enthusiastically.  You giggled.  Suddenly, you felt the ground begin to rumble.  You looked up at Ahkmenrah.  He quickly kneeled down and picked you up.  He quickly pressed your face into his shoulder.  You heard the rumbling get louder, and suddenly an ear-shattering roar split through the air.  Tears immediately began to flow, and you sobbed into your dad’s collar.  You could hear someone yelling something you couldn’t understand, and the roars faded along with the rumbling. 

“Sweetheart, you can look now, Rexy’s sorry.”  You slowly looked up to see a giant skeleton wagging its tail.  You let out a small shriek and hid in your dad’s arm again.  “No, it’s okay, I promise.  See?  Look,” He held out his free hand, and you watched as Rexy immediately nuzzled his massive nose into his palm.  “Do you want to try?”  You looked unsure.  “Here,” He gently grabbed your wrist and held your arm out.  Rexy gently bumped his nose against your tiny hand.  You giggled again.

“Who’s the little missy, Ahk?”  You heard a voice from below.  Ahkmenrah kneeled down, still holding you, and you saw a little plastic car with two little people inside. 

  “This is my daughter, Y/N,” The two men looked at each other gaping. 

“You have a kid?  No way, that’s amazing!”  The little man turned to you.  “I’m Jedediah, and this is Octavius.” He pointed to his friend.

“It’s an honor to meet you.”  The little gladiator bowed.  You waved cheerfully as you swung your legs back and forth.

  “She’s a quiet one, ain’t she?”

“She’s normally much more talkative, I can assure you.” He laughed, bouncing you on his knee.  You shrieked with laughter as you held Ahkmenrah’s forearm to keep from falling.

“Has she met Dexter yet?”

“No, not yet.”  He stood up again.  “Do you know where he is?”

“He’s probably bothering Larry and Nicky in the staff room.”

“I’ll go check there next.  Say bye, Y/N,” You quietly echoed your father as he led you along.  As you walked, you felt yourself getting sleepy.  You rubbed your hand with a tired fist and yawned.  Ahkmenrah chuckled and picked you up.  You leaned your head on his shoulder as you fought to stay awake.  “Just one more stop, and then you can go to sleep, I promise.”  You nodded and lifted your head as your father carried you into a dimly lit room.


“What’s up Ah—Why do you have a little girl with you?”  Nicky came around the corner with Dexter on his shoulder.

“Nicky, this is Y/N, my daughter.”   He brought you closer, ignoring Nicky’s shocked look.

“Wow, you…You have a kid.”     

“Yes…”  Ahkmenrah replied suspiciously.  “Is that a problem?”

“No!  No, of course not!”  Nicky quickly replied.  “I just never would’ve guessed, that’s all.”

“Hey, what’s going on in—Why do you have a little girl with you?”

“That’s what I said,” Nicky told his dad.  “That’s Y/N, Ahk’s daughter.”  Larry looked at you, and then to Ahkmenrah.  He let out a sigh.

“Wow, congratulations Ahk!”

“Thank you,” He paused.  “Do you want to hold her?”  Larry thought for a moment, and nodded.  Ahkmenrah gently deposited you in Larry’s arms.  You looked nervously at your dad, but he just smiled at you.  You cautiously looked at Larry, and Dexter hopped from Nicky’s shoulder onto his.  Seeing the monkey, you slowly held out your hand like you had with Rexy.  Dexter took your hand in both of his tiny ones and shook it.  You laughed, but it quickly turned into a second yawn. 

“You’d better take her, she’s about to pass out.  He gently passed you back to Ahkmenrah.  He said goodbye to the others, and carried you back to your exhibit.  When you saw the sarcophagi, you began to cry again. 

“I don’t want to go back in there, Daddy.”  You sniffled, “It’s scary.”  He smiled sadly at you. 

“I know, sweetheart, I know.  But it’ll get easier, I promise,” He told you.  “And I’ll always be here, okay?  I’m not going anywhere,” You nodded and rubbed your eye for the hundredth time. 

“Okay,” You answered.  “Promise you’ll be there?”  You asked as he helped you get comfy in your sarcophagus.  He grabbed the doll you were buried with and made sure it was nestled in your arms. 

“I promise,” He told you.  “Now, you need to sleep; you’re still growing.”

“Okay,” You giggled.  “Goodnight, Daddy.”  He smiled down at you.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

Thanks to the anon for requesting this one!

Imagine you being the one to safe Ivar his horse (part 4)

Summary: You have to find Ivar a new horse while treating Alsvinn. But as things go easy with the replacement you and Ivar keep struggling with each other. Shifting emotions fort and back. With every day that passes his new horse grew stronger, starts to know his job and you know … when that horse is fully ready Ivar would take off. And he does.
Warning: Emotions and a lot of horseconnection
Words: 4335 

Update tag: @sereniti9 @whenimaunicorn @burningsunshin3 @lumpyqueen97 @belle-scarre @raekenimages @itharley @miss-brightly-red @rockyrascal

Gyllir was so swift underneath you, his passes light as a feather, totally focus on you and where you leaded him. It was more than only freedom, Gyllir was your life. The grey stallion moved fast over the landscape, hooves gripping into the grass before he slowed down, looking over to the herd. ‘Normally you only take the horses that are injured, why do you need a healthy one now?’ The farmer asked, riding a whole part behind you. You turned in the saddle towards his tired body and his all equally tired sounded breath. His horse did just fine.
‘My friend his horse is injured, he needs replacement.’ You explained. Not that Ivar was really a friend, you didn’t knew what he was. After that kiss you didn’t spoke with him again, you left the farm with Gyllir just before sunrise. Ivar was sleeping, aside his horse who was eating, a good sign.  Alsvinn would pull through, but it would need some time for him to heal completely. You walked with the farmer over to the herd, a few horses, curious approaching the both of you.
‘Cosam,’ he pointed to the black one in the herd. ‘he knows the saddle, the rest is up to you.’
‘It isn’t for riding, for pulling a chariot.’ You explained. Gyllir pushed his ears forward, stretching his nose to all the horses that came to greet him.
‘So it is true?’ The farmer asked. You looked aside to him, confused. ‘That you harbor Vikings in the village, that cripple and his brother.’ He went further. They knew? And they spread word about it? You looked towards the black horse approaching you. Gyllir pushed through, reared softly as a reaction on all the attention.
‘Gyllir.’ You asked for his attention, he snorted, scraping his hoof over the grass before stretching his nose again. ‘His horse needed help, he needs replacement now.’
‘What do you think, I will sell you one of my horses so you can give it to a cripple?’
‘I will pay you for is.’ You said a little angry because of his judgement. The farmer shrugged, pointing to the black one he had.
‘You can buy Cosam, he is a little tricky but you know your way around tricky horses, you broke him to,’ he pointed towards Gyllir. Gyllir came a long way, known as one of the fastest horses in the realm they thought he wouldn’t run like that again, and here he stood.
‘I don’t break them.’
‘Yes yes, you talk.’ He chuckled, getting from his horse to catch Cosam. You stroke your hand over Gyllir his neck, frustrated about the conversation you just had. He didn’t only judge Ivar, he judged you work to and if there was something you hated more was people who prejudge something. When he caught Cosam he gave you the rope. ‘Good luck.’ He smiled with a promising look to the black one. He was stunning, long wild manes, intelligent eyes, firm build. He wouldn’t be so fast but he surly would be much stronger.

Gyllir knew he way home well, you cantered into the village, Cosam following calm. Sjolvir jumped up from his place aside Alsvinn, where he was watching Ivar all of the time, to greet you. Ivar still sat there, curious looking to the black horse you leaded aside Gyllir. You stopped them and Sjolvir jump up, two paws resting on Gyllir his shoulder so he could greet you. You smiled, petting his head before getting from your horse. ‘Is that Alsvinn his replacement?’ Ivar asked. You were a little happy he called his horse by his name, at least he made progress on some level.
‘Cosam, yes.’
‘Is that a Cristian name?’
‘You can give him another name.’ You immediately reacted, not looking at him but pointing your attention to the black horse. Cosam didn’t have any interest, he was looking around, curious. You leaded him to the paddock Gyllir most of the time stood and gave him some space to start investigating his temporary home. Cosam immediately started to canter around, calling out to his old herd. Ivar pulled himself to the fence, the both of you looking at that horse.
‘Looks like a handful.’ Ivar noticed. You took a deep breath before looking down to him.
‘Then he will suit you well.’ You reacted, forcing a smile on your lips before turning to Gyllir, dismounting him before you placed him on the pasture with some old horses from the villagers. You turned back to Alsvinn, he greeted you softly and it made you instant happy. ‘How are we doing?’ You asked, stroking his untouched pearl white neck before walking to his other side, the damaged one. Every time you saw the burn marks you asked yourself why Ivar could let this happen. Every time again you got a little angry, hating him for it. He rested his head in your arms and you rested your head against his, closing your eyes. Only when you felt like being watched you opened them and looked aside to Ivar who was watching you. ‘People start talking over you being here Ivar.’ You started after looking at him for a second.
‘And?’ Ivar shrugged, not understanding the meaning of it. You signed, sitting down to make a new ointment for Alsvinn.
‘He almost didn’t want me to give Cosam, because he knew I was planning on giving him to you. What if they don’t want our food anymore? What if they don’t want to trade anymore?’ You asked, looking aside to him. Sjolvir gave Ivar more space than usual, he sat down before you, looking how Ivar approached you without showing his teeth.
‘Let them try, let them come, I will fight every single person that challenges this village.’ He meant it good but you couldn’t do anything else than looking despaired.
‘Ivar don’t. I will train you Cosam but you need to go. I can’t,’ Your words flew away in open space, remembering the kiss he gave you the night before.
‘You can’t what?’ His mood shifted and you swallowed your courage right in. ‘You can’t get involved with a Pagan?’ He asked for you, frustrated.
‘Please don’t,’
‘No!’ He hissed. Sjolvir pulled his lips up, not growling, just warning him. ‘You are as clear as always. Train him as fast as you can. The sooner I’m out of here the better.’ His words were like a poison to your body. You looked how he crawled away before you looked down to the herbs, feeling that emptiness brewing on the inside. You couldn’t, he needed to leave before this village would have nothing left other than misery. Word was already spreading over there staying, at that all for that one horse. You looked back at Alsvinn, signing before you attended his wounds again.

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Could you make more Amnesiac!Percy?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

  • Percy looked over the map, at the library, of Agea. He was looking for the name of the town he grew up in, Mare. He knew it was by the ocean and it was decent size. 
  • “Did you find it?” Annabeth asked, coming over with some books. She was working at the library and was re-shelving books. “Your town I mean.”
  • “No.” Percy replied. “I can’t find Mare anywhere.” 
  • Annabeth put the books down on Percy’s table and took a peek over his shoulder. Her hand ran over the map, as if she knew where to look. As she looked over the map, her hand brushed Percy’s. A small shock went through her hand.
  • Static electricity. She thought. The paper is old and I’ve been moving my hand around.
  • Her feelings for Percy have been pushed down for the past couple of days. She knew it was bound to happen, get feelings for Percy. He’s been living with her and she started to see Percy as a great guy before she found out the truth about him. 
  • So yes, she had feelings for him now. But he was going to go back home and be the hero he was suppose to be. He would forget about her once she helped him get home.
  • “Found it.” Annabeth said, pointing to a dot about a centimeter in diameter. “It’s on the east side of the kingdom. So it’ll be a couple days to get there.”
  • Percy looked at the map then back at Annabeth. “I think I know how to get there less than a couple of days.”
  • “How?” Annabeth asked. 
  • Percy smiled a bit. “I got some friends in the sea that could help us out. Ever heard of hippocampi?”
  • “Yes. But they aren’t real.” She replied. 
  • Percy just grinned. His green eyes sparkling.


  • Percy led Annabeth to the ocean in the middle of the night. He was holding her hand so she couldn’t get lost. 
  • They got to the ocean and Percy let go of Annabeth’s hand. He turned to smile at her.
  • “Watch this.” He told her before bringing his his two pointer fingers to mouth and whistling. The whistle ran through the town, possibly scaring some people who couldn’t sleep.
  • Percy stared at the ocean before a creature slowly emerged from the water. 
  • Annabeth stared in shock as a black hippocampi appeared before them. It was gorgeous. She walked over and gently touched the creature. The hippocampi nuzzled her hand.
  • “Annabeth, this is Blackjack. He’s my trusty stead.” Percy walked over and greeted his horse by petting the black horse’s nose. “We’re going to visit my mom boy. We’re going home.”
  • He helped Annabeth get on Blackjack before getting on himself. He gently patted the neck before Blackjack took off.
  • “He’s not going to go underwater, is he?” Annabeth asked.
  • “No. He’s going to stay above water for you.” Percy grinned. 
  • He loved the feeling of ocean mist on his face. It just reminded him of home. His home in Mare where he use to play by the beach when he was little. It brought back so many good memories.
  • But he was headed back home. Home to his mother. And where he knew someone evil was waiting for him to arrive.


Full Metal Eclipse (part II): “Black Hole Sun”

In part two of this solar eclipse special, The Doomed & Stoned Show continues with listener suggestions and a few special finds, including:

1. Black Sabbath - Hole In The Sky
2. The Judge - Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)
3. KISS - Goin’ Blind
4. Horse - To Greet The Sun
5. Occult Wisdom - Look At The Sun
6. Brimstone Coven - Children Of The Sun
7. Kaballah - The Darkness of Time
8. Mothership - Priestess Of The Moon
9. Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon
10. Naevus - Black Sun
11. Alunah - Song Of The Sun
12. Moonbow - Towards The Sun
13. Shadow Witch - Sun Killer
14. Valley of the Sun- As Earth And Moon
15. Alice in Chains - Sunshine
16. Isole - Age Of Darkness
17. DAWN - The Sun
18. Cirith Ungol - Death Of The Sun
19. Cave of Swimmers - The Sun
20. Demonauta - Tierra Del Fuego
21. Acid King - Sunshine And Sorrow
22. Monolord - Empress Rising
23. End of Green - Dark Side Of The Sun
24. Black Capricorn - Perpetual Eclipse
25. Diesto - High As The Sun
26. High on Fire - Sons of Thunder
27. ((( Silence For The Great Eclipse )))
28. The Funeral Orchestra - Black Orbit
29. Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (live)

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Illustration by Vitaly S Alexius

Made with SoundCloud

pairing: finn balor | original character

summary: “The horseman comes, and tonight he comes for you.”

author’s note: based off of the film Sleepy Hollow. the characters are the same, but i’ve changed the story around just a bit. the horseman is not headless in this one, as this takes place after the events of the film.

trigger warning: there is a bit to do with cutting someone’s own arm in here, so please be warned.

“There in the Western Woods the horseman rides. Never go in there, young girl, for he will have your pretty little head.”

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anonymous asked:

So, when your leg hurts, what's the sort of, I dunno, scale, I guess? Like, mine goes from small ache to feeling like I was just stabbed in the leg.

Well, usually I get asked like… A one to ten scale. Usually it’s at ‘bout a three. Other times it’s at a twenty - six. So… I guess on your scale like a dull throb to it feels like my leg is being trampled by horses…

Edmund x Reader - C’est une Mascarade!

Hey, I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do one where you are Lucy’s best friend and she asks you to teach Edmund how to dance for an upcoming ball/dance. You don’t want to do it at first because you have a massive crush on him but you do it for your best friend. It is really awkward to start as Edmund has a crush on you too but he ends up confessing his love for you. Fluff it up please! Thanks!!!

Edmund x Reader - C’est une Mascarade! (Okay, was that right? I don’t even know.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
Setting: Narnia
Contains: lowkey, kinda suck at fluff. I’m super sorry.
Word Count: 1714

Enjoy! Also, I’m gonna change it up and write in first person if you guys are fine with that? lol. Also, I dunno… I made it a masquerade ball because I had like a mini flashback of homecoming (it was terrible) and it wasn’t too bad because the masks that people wore was pretty cool.

“(Y/n)!” A voice that had belonged to my best friend, Lucy, called out from across the practice field. I looked over, after setting my bow to point down, and saw Lucy getting off her horse. 

“Hey,” I greeted her then went back to archery practice. I raised my bow up, aimed, and pulled back on the bowstring. Everything was silent for a bit and it was as if I was holding my breath. I let go of the bow strong just as I exhaled. Unfortunately, I missed the middle of the target just by a couple of centimeters. I scowled and nocked another arrow. 

“Oh, sorry (Y/n), better luck next time! But I needed to ask you a question,” Lucy trailed off a bit. I hummed a reply telling her to continue as I took aim once more. 

“Well,” I took a deep inhale and exhaled once more. I let go of the bow string. This time, the arrow that was already dead center in the target, got pierced by the one I just shot and I smirked triumphantly. “You see, you know how the masquerade ball is coming up, right?” I set my bow and arrow down on the table that lied next to me and nodded in reply. I grabbed a cup of water that I had brought with me since it was a rather warm day out today.  “Well, I was wondering if you could maybe teach Edmund how to dance…?”

I immediately doubled over to the side and did a spit take. Didn’t want to get it all over Queen Lucy! I started to cough and Lucy patted my back. I wiped the water on the sides of my mouth and looked back at Lucy. 

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