horse gang

Just… What about actual cowboy Jesse McCree?
What about 17-year old Jesse who lost everyone in his family exept a 6yo mare he spent his teen years training, and when deadlock recruited him his only condition was that his baby girl would have a warm place to sleep and good food.
How about Jessse, maybe with a pretty buckskin american quarter, or a beautiful chestnut appaloosa with a gorgeous leopard complex, or just a black arabian with white boots.
Jesse, beyond exited when Blackwatch lets him ride his girl on some mission, and Reyes even gives him a special Blackwatch Stealth Gear.
Jesse staying on the outskirts of a base Blackwatch is raiding and he’s in charge of lacing up anyone that triea to escape.
After the Swiss Base explosion, Jesse does go rogue and does vigilante work, because he can’t just sit by when he hears someones doing shit, but he spends the major part of the years before the Recall in a farm where his girl can rest. (He’s also on fucking heaven when she gets preg and has a beautiful foal because now he has two beautiful girls.)
Imagine after the Recall, he wakes up bright and early everyday so he can take his girls on a daily walk that, when he has no missions, usially lasts until midday because he just loves seeing them on the field.
Imagine Jesse racing Lucio on his skates, giving Mercy an average heart attack a day because “Jesse don’t jump from there you’ll hurt yourself oH MY GOD”
Imagine his mare being skittish of omnics because they don’t move like she’s uses to, don’t smell like humans and aren’t warm, so Genji is extremely pleased and surprised when she acts normally around him - at least after Jesse told him to stop being all sneaky and walk up to her like a normal person. (Eventually she gets used the the team’s omnics, and it’s not unusual to see Bastion’s bird and Bastion himself near her or Zenyatta meditating while she noses at his robes looking for treats)
Just picture Jesse teaching D.Va to ride and she is helplessly in love with that big softy. Hanzo somewhat awnkward when asking Jesse if he could try to ride her, because he always wanted to shoot atop of a horse, like in the movies that encouraged his young self to perfect archery. Jack helping in D.Va’s teaching because he doesn’t want her to get hurt and he missed that damn horse which remenbered him so much of his time in the stable of his family’s farm in Indiana.
Just… Imagine Reaper finally coming back to overwatch and she comes trotting to him, nosing at his coat, searchs the sugar cubs he used to spoil her with and he almost tears up right then because she recognizes him even after everything.
Just give me Jesse with a goodman horse.