horse galloping in snow


They used real horses, and Kit Harington really wants everyone to know about it

That shot where we see several dozen horses galloping towards Jon Snow? Completely real. In HBO’s behind-the-scenes explainer about the Battle for Winterfell, showrunner David Benioff, stunt coordinator Rowley Irlam and, perhaps most of all, Kit Harington – who plays the former Commander of the Night’s Watch – spend a lot of time explaining that Harington really could have been squashed by a horse.

“When we had horses charging past me, those are all real horses. Until the last minute I was stood facing off against this cavalry charge, which is really scary,” Harington said. “I’m a bit annoyed because I think everyone will think it’s CGI, and it wasn’t.” [x]


Little Man in Snow by Anna Smolens


Kim: uses nerf guns and her hat
Advantage: Her hat is like a living thing, she can use it to attack using its strings like whips
Disadvantages: Shes the smallest and can be easily picked up and thrown.
Final Smash: “OHHHHHH NO YOU DIDN’T!" 
She tosses her hat into the air and it forms into a giant yarn Totoro that she then uses to attack with like a giant body armor

Hannah: Uses Mr.Owl and gadgets that she pulls out to fight.
Advantages: strongest of them all
Disadvantage: once some of her gadgets are all used up she only has a couple minutes to toss them off before they explode.
Final Smash: "My I take your luggage?" 
A bunch of Owls swoop down and drop suitcases on the other players. Then a giant owl drops a gigantic suitcase that is a intaKO

Sips: Uses his fist and throws chocolate milk cartons 
Advantages: he can heal himself by drinking his milk.
disadvantage: hes open for hits when healing and when hit at this point losses more then half health. 
He takes out a phone and says “Do it” And then a giant thrown falls from the sky made out of dirt.

Sjin: Uses his farmer tools and beard.
Advantages: he can sing and put everyone in a daze
Disadvantage: if you can throw something at him at the right time then his song wont happen. 
Final Smash: “MAHOGANY DOORS!”
he magical girl transforms and is now wearing Elsa’s dress, then he makes a giant snow horse that gallops across the screen.

Martyn: Uses wines and what ever is in his backpack. 
Advantages: He can store items like health items in his backpack.
Disadvantages: bombs and fire items go off or light him on fire after time.
Final Smash: “HOW DO I CRAFT THIS AGAIN!?!" 
A giant tree will grow around him and depending on the tree type the following will happen

WillowTree: Whips everyone
Sakura: Heals him
CobblestoneTree(RARE):Will drain all his health and he will say "SCREW THE NEITHER…”
SilverWood(rare):Will KO everyone with a sparkling beam of light that shoots down into the tree.

[Part 1]

tiny wee bit – spoilers for Snow Drifts (3x21)

They both hide behind a tree, only their head peeking out from being the trunk, his slightly above hers – Emma feels like she’s in one of those children’s mystery novels she used to read as a kid, full of problems to solve and courageous characters. Only the mystery here is a little more serious, verging more on Back to the Future than Nancy Drew at this point.

She feels they’ve been waiting for hours when she suddenly hears a feminine scream in the distance, and she stands a bit straighter against Killian’s chest, almost hopping up and down with excitation. The pirate’s chuckle, low and deep, is his only reply to her antics.

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