horse frightened by a storm


also if someone could help me in figuring out what these two paintings are that would be great? I know L’Etoile, Horse Frightened by a Storm, and the Venus of Urbino but not these two.

Although I did notice that in relation to the first picture, Joey says “You’ve always been a bit creeped out by the monster in the water. It feels like the eye is following you… but only sometimes” and hey wouldya look at that, it just so happens that the monster is an Axolotl! There’s also an axolotl among Dammek’s sketches in his work area, so the guardian axolotl might still come up in the game.


Even though the cruel, harsh winter hadn’t yet arrived, Autumn brought thunderstorms to the town nearest the Collective’s guildhall. Loud heavy rain punctuated by the sound of thunder roaring through the sky sent most people scurrying inside for shelter.


Remy was very not most people, and the power inherent in lightning was something of a fascination for him, given his strange magic. So, while stablehands tried to calm frightened horses, and inns filled with those hoping to wait out the afternoon storm, Remy was out in the middle of a pumpkin patch, wearing a bright red cloak, arms out over his head as if he was hoping to catch the lightning…and then what?