horse flaps

  • Corrin: [in a crowd and can't find Hoshido siblings] This calls for drastic measures.
  • Corrin: [yells at max volume] CORRIN SUCKS!!
  • Hoshido siblings: [angry footsteps approach from across the room]
  • Corrin: There they are.
  • [Horse steps and wings flapping come from the other side of the room]
  • Corrin:
  • Corrin: Wait.
  • Corrin: sHIT—
  • Hoshido and Nohr siblings: whO THE FUCK—

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I'm Chinese/Cantonese and was constantly made fun of for my eyes and small stature and am a teensy bit insecure about my body

Xi Shi (西施)

“Xi Shi’s beauty was said to be so extreme that while leaning over a balcony to look at the fish in the pond, the fish would be so dazzled that they forgot to swim and sank below the surface.”

Empress Xiao (萧皇后)

“she was so charming and impossible to describe with words. It was said that the she, at her fifty, even swept later emperor Li Shimin off his feet.”

Wang Qiang (王牆)

“A flock of geese flying southward heard the music, saw the beautiful young woman riding the horse, immediately forgot to flap their wings, and fell to the ground”

These are just some of the women that share your features. You’re features, that ignorant assholes who are blinded by a westernized standard of beauty, have inspired poems and art that’ll last centuries. Your features have brought down dynasties. Your features are incredibly beautiful.

I know nothing I’ll say will take away from the harshness of their racist comments but I want this to serve as a reminder that you and people who share your features are beautiful and so worthy of love.💕🌈

The Complete Beginners Guide


This is something that was heavily requested by beginner riders, everything here that I have spoken about was requested by you guys. I am not a professional and everything that is said is what I know and what I have learnt personally and what I teach kids in lessons and every day at work where I’m working with people who have never touched a horse before coming out on trail rides. I do not suggest those who are a beginners reading this to try any of the medical things I’ve talked about, please speak to a professional or your trainer before even attempting it.

I hope you all enjoy this, it has taken me ages to get this all together and type this up. If you wish to have another topic added to this post or you have a question about ANYTHING that I have said here please feel free to ask me any questions you have and I’ll be more than happy to answer it.

This post will go into the FAQ for future reference for everyone so it will be easier to find!


      What to Wear

As a beginner rider, you DONT have to go to the barn, stables whatever looking like a million dollars every day especially if you’re on a budget!

The best things to wear are any old shirts or if you want to look a bit more decent a polo shirt is always good and you can pick them up pretty cheap (I’m talking $4+). When you ride you want to wear something comfortable but enough to protect your legs from being rubbed my the stirrup leathers so wearing a pair of jeans, jodhpurs or breeches OR if you’re really feeling lazy you can of course wear sweat pants/track pants riding since they are EXTREMELY comfortable!

You should always wear boots when riding, or at least something with a heel so your whole foot does not slipping through the stirrups and boots that have a flat sole with a little treading in case you do happen to fall off your foot can slide out and not get stuck. You don’t need to go out and spend HUNDREDS of dollars on fancy tall boots, all you really need is just a pair of paddock boots and half chaps or if you ride western just a pair of western boots!

Helmets! You should ALWAYS ride with a helmet on your head, i don’t give a shit if your ride western and it makes you look dumb just WEAR A HELMET! It’s better than not wearing one and falling off and either killing yourself or ending up with bad head/brain injuries.

Helmets are fairly cheap and again you DONT need to go spend stupid amounts of money on a helmet because of its brand because ALL helmets out on the market right this second are all tested the same, they all have the same safety standards. You’re only paying for the brand.

When getting a helmet you should make sure the helmet fits your head correctly, the helmet should not slip back or slip down to your nose with movement, it should sit firmly on your head but not enough that it will give you a headache while riding (consult a sales assistant in your local tack store to help you out!)

NEVER buy a helmet second hand for one reason, when you fall off you ‘should’ replace your helmet because there could unseen cracks on or inside your helmet which can make the helmet not do its job very well next time you fall off!

Catching a horse & Grooming:

                 How to catch a horse

To catch a horse you will need and halter/headstall and a lead rope! The key thing is, is to be organized with your halter and lead rope (lead rope should be clipped to the halter) before you walk into the paddock or stall. Once you are ready, walk into the paddock or stall and approach your horse slowly, if the horse stands there calmly and doesn’t run off, put the lead rope over the horse’s neck so if the horse dose decide to do a runner you have something to grab hold of the horse with. Next slip the horses nose through the nose band and pull the halter on, then put your right arm over the horses head (ideally just behind the ears and grab the straps that’s going to buckle up and continue to pull the halter on and buckle it up! pull the lead rope off around the horses neck and off you go to the barn or tie up rail, post whatever.

if you horse is the run off as soon as they see you walk towards them with a halter type its best to make there little habit into work! (Only if the paddock they are in isn’t 987795637242894 acres!) Chase the horse around the paddock as if you were lunging the horse, they will soon tire out and give up. Bribing with feed is the WORST thing to do but if it becomes beyond the joke then use feed.

               How to unrug

Unrug is easy but again can be dangerous since you’re playing around the horses back legs with straps. To unrug either tire your horse up to something that will break if the horse pulls back. Next unbuckle the neck and fold in down onto the horses back, then undo the chest straps, once you have done this run you hand down the side of the horse and over his butt so the horse knows you there and unclip the leg straps and then clip them back up to the rug. (Makes it sooooo much easier when you go to rug again!) and then slowly take the rug off the horse and fold it up and put it somewhere, were it won’t be in yours or anyone else’s way.

                How to groom

Grooming a horse is very straight forward! You will need a body brush, dandy brush, curry comb, hoof pick and a mane and tail brush and maybe a sponge to wipe snot out of noses and gunky shit out of their eyes.

Brush with the fur and not against it as it will feel uncomfortable for the horse!

                 What to look for when grooming you horse?

When grooming it’s also a fantastic time to look over the horse for cuts, scraps, lumps and bumps that could of happened over night in the paddock or stable.

                Cleaning hooves and what to look for in hooves

To clean out your horse’s hooves you need a hoof pick! Once you have that simply stand side on to the horses leg so you butt is facing towards the front of the horse. Once you’re in this position running you left hand down the horses leg to their tendons which are located at the cannon bone above the fetlock and give a little squeeze on the tendon and the horse should pick up its hoof for you which then you quickly run that left hand down on the hoof when the horse shifts its weight to pick up, once you have hold of the hoof get your hoof pick and start picking the dirt, mud and poop out of the hoof. While doing this you should be also checking that the horse does not have any thrush which is commonly around the horse’s frog and will be powdery looking and white and will smell disgusting which you will notice the second you start picking out the horses hoof and is something you should treat as soon as possible. It’s good to treat Thrust with something strong enough to kill the bacterial infection but gentle enough to not irritate and kill off good tissue in the horse’s hooves some good treatments are iodine solutions, cider vinegar, tea tree oil and menthol based creams, but please consult a vet, farrier or a trainer before going in and treating it!

You should also look for cracks and holes in the hoof wall for Seedy Toe with is another bacterial infection from walking in wet paddocks and arenas all the time. It is another quick fix and all you will need is a hoof knife, a pocket knife, a tin of blue stone and a container of sole pack which is basically a putty.

Pick your horses hoof up and find the hole with your hoof knife and dig around, once you find the hole get your pick knife and start digging into it and scrap all the black infection out of it and you will know that it is the infection as soon as you start digging and scrapping into it as it will give off a really bad smell. Once you have dug out as much of it as you can, do not let the horse put its hoof down until your finished treating it. Grab a handful of blue stone and sprinkle a good amount into the hole you have just dug the blue stone is like an anti-bacterial to help kill the infection once you have packed the hole with blue stone, get a small amount of sole pack and smooth it over the top of the blue stone to seal that hole up and keep that blue stone in. Once you have done that your horse is free to go and you should do that every few day or at least once a week until the infection has cleared up! (Again please get a vet or farrier in to check it out first)  

Tack & Tacking up:

                        What tack to use?

There is MANY different varieties of tack out there that can be very confusing to someone who has just started in the equestrian world so i will run through the basics and what those items do!


There is also many varieties of saddles in the world made for different disciplines of riding. The main ones you will see in a tack store will see:

All Purpose Saddle - which is a saddle commonly used because well the name says it all, it can be used for anything English! The seat of an AP saddle is deep enough for dressage and the cantle of the saddle is low enough to jump but still high enough for the dressage use of it. The flaps are in between the sizes of a dressage and jumping saddle.

Jumping/ Close Contact Saddles - A jumping saddle is a saddle used for riders who compete and ride doing Show Jumping, Cross Country or US Hunter Jumpers. The seat is almost flat to give the rider more space to move themselves with the horse over higher jumps to make it easier on the horse compared to a dressage saddle that has a higher cantle to keep the rider in place. The saddle also has shorter flats as a jumping rider will have shortened up stirrup leathers so they can get themselves out of the saddle and into a two point seat.

Dressage Saddle - A dressage saddle is used for dressage (obviously) the saddle has a much deeper seat for the rider to feel the horse under neither them and to keep themselves in the right position to execute the right signal to the horse. The flaps on a dressage saddle are long and normally have big knee rolls to again keep the rider in the right position!

Australian Stock Saddle - A stock saddle is styled like an English saddle X with a Western saddle, it has long flats, a deep western-ish English styled seat with a high cantle, it has knee rolls that sit just in front of your thighs to keep you locked into the saddle and secured and are made to be ridden in for long hours for weather you’re doing cattle work, trail riding, or even for playing Polo Cross or doing camp drafting in. The Stock saddle is also a VERY ideal saddle to break a horse in with for obvious reasons! However the stock saddle has NO horn.

(if you have one with a horn you should probably set fire to the fugly thing ;) )

Australian Swinging Fender/ Half Breed Saddle - The same as the stock saddle they are a mix between a western saddle and the stock saddle. They have the stock saddle tree and seat and the western saddle stirrup leathers and stirrups and the girth is done the same as a western saddle on some of them and have NO horn.

Western Saddle -  Similar to the stock saddle varieties is the Western saddle, It’s something that is more popular in the US and is used for cattle work or doing rodeo activities along with trail riding. Again this is another saddle that is made to be ridden in for long hours and this saddle does have a horn.

(Where a horn should belong!)

                                  Saddle Fitting

Not all saddles will fit your horse! Every horse has a different body shape… just like us. Some horses will have high withers and some with a wither you can’t even see because the horse is so fat or just have a really flat back. Some horses are wider and some are skinner so it’s very important to have a saddle that fits your horses back correctly. If you saddle does not fit correctly your horses will more than definitely let you know about it by either

- Bucking and pig rooting while being ridden.

- Get girth shy and try and turn around and bite you.

- Get a very sore back and you will notice if you ran you hand down there back and they start to flinch and tense up.

- Pressure marks will come up in the horse’s fur as white patches of hair.

If your horse start doing these things it’s a good idea to stop riding them and get a professional saddle fitter out to fit a new saddle to them.

Ideally when fitting a saddle to a horse you should ALWAYS try the saddle on them WITHOUT a saddle pad first. The saddle should be able to comfortably sit behind the shoulder blade and you should be able to run your hand between the horse and gullet pretty comfortably. Next you need to make sure the pommel of the saddle isn’t in contact with the wither you need at least 2 -3 fingers clearance. Next the saddle should sit balanced on the horses back, so move the saddle side to side and it should stay in place. Lastly the length of the saddle matters too! The saddle should NOT past the last rib on the horse which is more case with Western saddle and Stock saddles!

**disclaimer: I’m not a professional saddle fitter, this is just what I’ve been taught and it’s worked out pretty well for me. I do suggest going to a trained professional (trainer at your barn or an actually saddle fitter) that knows how to saddle fit for advice **

                                    Leg stretching

Now that you have your horse saddled and ready to go, it’s always best to stretch the front legs! By stretching the front legs you pulling the skin out from under the girth which will prevent girth galls/chaffing but not only that it will help make your horse not so stiff in the shoulder if they are worked constantly and your horse will probably love you for it!


                   Mounting your horse

When you mount a horse you should always mount it from the left hand side (near side), put your left foot into the stirrup while holding onto either the front of the saddle, cantle of the saddle or both while you have one hand on the reins so you horse does not move off. It is best and better on a horses back to mount with a mounting block, log, milk crate or someone to give you a leg up! So you’re not putting a lot of strain on the horses back before you’re even on top of them. Not only that but it will be better on your saddle and especially your stirrup leathers in the long run!

Once you are on the horse and you’re happy with the length of your stirrup leathers you then need to make sure that only the ball of your foot is in the stirrups and your heels are down (this applies to you western kids too!) Why you ask? When you only have the ball of your feet in the stirrups you will have more balance and it’s a tone more safer for in case you fall off your feet can slide out easier and quicker than having your whole foot in the stirrup where you have the risk of your foot getting stuck in the stirrup if you were to fall off. With your heels down it will make your legs feel more comfortable in the long run if you’re riding for a few hours and it’s also helps to not accidently nudge the horse to go faster when you don’t want to.


Now that you’re on the horse, you need to control it! It’s very straight forward.

Stop - simply pull back gently on the reins and apply more pressure if the horse is not stopping quickly enough for you. Make sure when your pulling back you keep your hands low and below your belly button! If you pull high and towards you head (like i have seen MANY MANY MANY times) the horse is NOT going to listen.

Left - Shorten up your reins and pull your left rein towards your left hip (keep your hands low)

Right - Shorten up your reins and pull your right rein towards your right hip (keep you hands low)

Go - to make the horse go, simply move your feet back till you can feel the horses belly and squeeze your heel on them. Once they start moving move your feet away and off there belly until you wish to go faster.

Shortening up reins - When someone tells you to “shorten up your reins’ it’s just mean to run your hands further down the rein to shorten them up a bit so you have a bit more control.

- Walk

A walk is a 4 beat pace that is the first thing that will ever happen as soon as you tap that horse to move forward, it’s very easy and smooth and pretty much straight forward.

- Balance

Balance is everything at a walk you should be able to comfortable be able to ride the horse at a walk with no stirrup and no hands and still be able to sit correctly

     - Transition to trot

To move onto a trot, squeeze the horse with your heel and your horse should start to trot, sit TWO or THREE beats of the trot to get the rhythm and then start to rise!


   - What is a trot?

A trot is a TWO beat pace, it is very rough and is one of the hardest paces of a horse and a pace that is known to loose riders balance if they are trying it for the first time

   - Rising/posting

Since the trot had two beats you want to be able to rise to EVERY second beat. The easiest way to explain it is, if you can feel the saddle hitting your ass you’re supposed to be standing for a second and then sitting and then standing etc.

   - Sitting

A sitting trot is something that is used in a lot of dressage work and obviously can be used for anything because it is a very handy thing to learn especially for transitioning into a canter!

What you want to do is to slow the horses trot down or even better bring the horse back to a walk, sit deep, keep your heels down, sit up and straight and then move your horse into a trot, do NOT grip with your legs otherwise you will just bounce off the horse. As you are trotting you want to your legs right down to your heels to take the shock/movement of the trot while your just sitting there taking it.

  - Transition to canter and balance

To transition you want to be sitting the trot for a few stride while squeezing the horse on into a canter, you balance in between that might be off but once you practice that sitting trot you will be able to transition into that canter a lot smoother and more balanced.

- Canter

  - What is a canter?

A canter is a THREE beat pace, it is very smooth and easy to ride. (Depending on the horse!!)

   - seated

Being seated in a canter is a basic that should be learnt the second you start cantering and for some odd reason I find a LOT of people I have no clue. When a horse is cantering you move in a rocking horse kind of motion, you move with the horse not against it. To stay seated you keep your heels down, sit deep, and don’t grip with your legs just like a sitting trot but this will be a thousand times easier and you not getting bounced around the place!

   - Half seat/ two point

A half seat or a two point seat is something used by people who do show jumping or hunter jumpers and you will see them standing and leaning forward like they are galloping but they are just cantering into a jump, they find it easier to half seat it around the course for fuck knows why but it’s also the position to be in when you’re about to take off at a jump to make it easier on the horse to get over that rail.

- Gallop

   - What is a gallop?

A gallop is a FOUR beat pace, it is the fastest pace a horse can go.

   - How to gallop

To gallop squeeze your horse again while in a canter and the horse will start to take off striding out longer and pick the pace up and you will soon find its too hard to sit so the best thing to do it stand up into a half seat/two point seat.

-  Artificial Aids (crop, spurs, martingales etc.)

Artificial Aids on a horse are your spurs, your crop, the martingales anything else that is attached to the horse to aid it.

   - How to use them correctly

An artificial aid is basically and extension of something so the spurs are an extension of your leg, your crop is an extension of your arm. However to use an artificial aid you NEED to know how to use them correctly, spurs should be used for last resort and you should start with soft spurs and work your way up if the horse isn’t responding to your how you would like it to, you should never be at the point where you are booting the living shit out of a horse with spurs, you should only have to lightly tap or nudge them. With a crop you should only have to tap them with it and not flog the fuck out of it. With martingale and tie downs they should be just right and not tight that the horse is having its head forced to its chest. If you horse is not responding to anything of these you’re doing something wrong and you should probably go back to basics and use your NATURAL AIDS that are your LEGS, SEAT, HANDS and VOICE or talk to a trainer.

                Spooking, Bolting, Pig Rooting, Bucking and Tripping

    - Why it happens

Spooking, bolting, pig rooting, bucking and tripping can happen for a number of reasons.

If your horse is spooking or bolting, chances are they took fright at something. Pig root and bucking can be course by tack not fitting right, the horse is uncomfortable and sore or just being a lil shit! As for tripping it could be a sign that your horse needs he’s hooves done or could be just simply be bored of whatever they are doing and aren’t playing attention to the job orrrr could be just that gravity is a bitch!

    - What to do if they happen

If they spook, right your horse past or lead your horse near the object that its spooking at and get them use to it, if they take off bolting on you simply turn your horse into a very sharp circle to make them stop or run them into the closest fence or gate and pray they don’t decide to jump it, for pig rooting and bucking either ride through it if they are not sore or you have tack not fitting correctly but if that is the case them seek some professional help to sort out the problem. For tripping get a farrier to check out your horses feet if they need doing or if you think they are bored switch your training and some something different every now and then!


Untacking is doing reverse of everything we have talked about above!

To dismount, take both feet out of the stirrups, lean forward, swing your right leg behind you and jump down.

Next tie your horse up, and run your stirrups up (run the stirrup up the inside leather).

Next, undo your girth and then walk around the other side you can either take the girth completely off the saddle or you can flip the girth over the top of the saddle or you can tuck in over your stirrup. After that pick your saddle up off the horses back and place it where ever you wish to leave your saddle for a few moments, Then take off your saddle pad, if its soaked in sweat leave your saddle pad out somewhere to dry over night or for the rest of the day before putting it away otherwise it will go very smelly if you put it away wet. Next you take your bridle off and put your horses halter back on!

   - Hosing down

To hose your horse down after you ride take your horse to the wash bay or somewhere that appropriate to wash your horse down. Tie your horse to something that will break if your horse insists on pulling back (bailing twine is great for this!) Next turn your hose on and start wetting your horses legs first to get them use to the temperature of the water because im use you wouldn’t like someone spraying in the back suddenly with freezing cold water! After a few minutes go ahead and start washing the sweat out of your horse.

          - How to dry off your horse off properly

To dry your horse off get a sweat scraper and run that all over your horses neck and body and get as much water as you can, then with your hands run them down your horses legs right down to the fetlock to get the water off there. Next get a towel and dry your horses legs again with that really well and then dry the horses face off and rest of the body. If you don’t dry your horse off properly over time you will start to see scabby sores appear on your horse’s legs (horses with white socks are prone to it) and a potential of rain scald can appear on your horses back from water being trapped in your horses coat.

   - Rugging

Again rugging your horse back up is the same as above but in reverse!

Place the rug on your horse, unclip your legs straps, get the left side clip and clip its straight around the the left clip, get the right clip and hook it through the left leg strap and clip it to the right clip so the legs straps cross over. Next do up your chest straps, then the belly straps if your rug has those and then your neck straps!

  - cleaning tack

Tack cleaning is pretty straight forward and you don’t need much instruction to do it but you can use saddle oil, saddle soap or saddle conditioner to clean all your leather tack. You should ideally clean you tack at least once a week!

If you tack is synthetic then all you need is a damp cloth or sponge and wipe all your tack over to get the dust, dirt or mud off!


    Feeding is a hard topic to talk about because in all honesty it all depends on your horse and how much work it gets each day or week etc.

Horse Heath

        - Basic horse first aid

Basic first aid is stuff you can treat yourself. Every horse owner should have a first aid kit for their horse/s in that kit you should have….

- Vet wrap or wraps that sticks to itself

- A digital thermometer (don’t get mercury as it doesn’t give an accurate temperature)

- An antiseptic wound spray or wash

- Absorbent padding, gauze, cotton wool

- Scissors

- Scalpel

- Spare wormers

        - When to call a vet

As you know vets cost a LOT to call out to visit your horse. If your horse is bleeding out, has a very deep cut, is colicing or something that you are VERY worried about, call a vet. If your horse has a scratch or a tiny cut or something that you can fix up yourself with what is in your ‘first aid’ kit for your horse which we just went through then do it yourself and save some money and don’t call the vet out.

       - When to worm a horse

You should worm your horse every 6 – 8 weeks. If you have no idea you can notice by looking at your horses poop and if you see worms in it, then that’s a BIG sign that you need to worm your horse ASAP!

You can also get your vet or our send in a fecal sample to your local vet for them to do a worm count and they can tell you exactly when to worm and what worming product will work best at that time!

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oh hey another off-handed queen reference in Arya's narrative: "I’ll dress you all in yellow silk, and on your head a crown." interesting. this song is clearly in reference to Arya x Gendry, as you so explained. And, the 'yellow silk', is yellow not a color of house baratheon? aka the house of the current royal family aka the house of which Gendry is technically a part of? haha I know its a long shot, I don't think/want Arya to be a queen, but its fun to speculate.

I love speculating about this stuff- the kind that no one talks about. It’s fun like you say!

I’m actually very surprised that there are as many queen references in Arya’s narrative considering that she’s that she’s pretty removed from Westerosi nobility’s politics. I say “pretty” because she does spend much of the first book living in KL’s court and meets some nobles in her journeys (Lady Smallwood, Roose Bolton, Lord Beric, Ned Dayne, ect.) In fact, she spends a fair amount of time witnessing political interactions and battle plans when she serves as Lord Bolton’s cupbearer. 

She brought Lord Bolton a damp washcloth to wipe down his soft hairless body. “I will send a letter of my own,” he told the onetime maester.

“To the Lady Walda?”
“To Ser Helman Tallhart.”
A rider from Ser Helman had come two days past. Tallhart men had taken the castle of the 
Darrys, accepting the surrender of its Lannister garrison after a brief siege.

“Tell him to put the captives to the sword and the castle to the torch, by command of the king.

Then he is to join forces with Robett Glover and strike east toward Duskendale. Those are rich lands, and hardly touched by the fighting. It is time they had a taste. Glover has lost a castle, and Tallhart a son. Let them take their vengeance on Duskendale.” Arya, ACoK

Arya ends up being aware of Robb’s forces (and the Red Wedding, though she doesn’t recognize that.) She even thinks to herself about the Lannister surrender. She does get insight into what’s going on there at least. 

She also interestingly enough learns a little of Braavosi politics, which could be useful considering Braavos and Westeros have a shown, interwoven relationship (Iron Bank of Braavos):

The Sealord is still sick.”

“This is no new thing. The Sealord was sick yesterday, and he will still be sick upon the morrow.”

“Or dead.”

“When he is dead, that will be a new thing.”

When he is dead, there will be a choosing, and the knives will come out. That was the way of it in Braavos. In Westeros, a dead king was followed by his eldest son, but the Braavosi had no kings. “Tormo Fregar will be the new sealord.”

“Is that what they are saying at the Inn of the Green Eel?”


The kindly man took a bite of his egg. The girl heard him chewing. He never spoke with his mouth full. He swallowed, and said, “Some men say there is wisdom in wine. Such men are fools. At other inns other names are being bruited about, never doubt.” He took another bite of egg, chewed, swallowed. “What three new things do you know, that you did not know before?”

“I know that some men are saying that Tormo Fregar will surely be the new sealord,” she answered. “Some drunken men." Arya, ADWD

She even manages to hear about Dany when she listens to tales from sailors. 

Anyway, the point is that Arya is not that closely connected to politics and yet there are some queen references specific to her narrative. Let’s see, I’m trying to remember the ones I found (this is an old ask.)

Well, first there’s Nymeria.

The direwolves are heavily established as being a representative of the Stark.

“He is part of you, Robb. To fear him is to fear you.”Catelyn to Robb about Grey Wind, ASoS

Ghost did not count. Ghost was closer than a friend. Ghost was part of him.Jon, ADWD

And Arya named her direwolf after a famous woman queen:

Arya had named her after the warrior queen of the Rhoyne, who had led her people across the narrow sea. That had been a great scandal too. Arya, AGoT

Interestingly enough, it’s important to note what Nymeria was famous for here. Queen Nymeria saved her people, brought ten thousand ships. and conquered Dorne to be a home for her people. 

Why does that matter? Well, she saved her people and gave them a home, but really it’s because she led them. And Nymeria the direwolf is racking up quite an impressive following right now:

They say the pack is led by a monstrous she-wolf, a stalking shadow grim and grey and huge. They will tell you that she has been known to bring aurochs down all by herself, that no trap nor snare can hold her, that she fears neither steel nor fire, slays any wolf that tries to mount her, and devours no other flesh but man.”  Brienne, AFFC

"Wolves. Hundreds of the bloody beggars.” He’d lost two sentries to them. The wolves had come out of the dark to savage them. “Armed men in mail and boiled leather, and yet the beasts had no fear of them. Before he died, Jate said the pack was led by a she-wolf of monstrous size. A direwolf, to hear him tell it.”Jaime, AFFC

Nymeria is leading a pack of hundreds of wolves. Hundreds. Nymeria and Arya are interconnected, it’s heavily established that the direwolves are a part of their specific Stark, and Nymeria is named after a famous, conquering queen while the wolf more or less takes over the Riverlands. Also, Nymeria the direwolf is a leader. Our insight through Arya’s dreams tell us that Nymeria controls and commands her pack:

As she dragged it up the muddy bank, one of her little brothers came prowling, his tongue lolling from his mouth. She had to snarl to drive him off, or else he would have fed….

Men on horses, with flapping black and yellow and pink wings and long shiny claws in hand. Some of her younger brothers bared their teeth to defend the food they’d found, but she snapped at them until they scattered. Arya, ASoS

So Nymeria’s often mentioned pack of hundreds of wolves in the Riverlands that she controls could be an instance of foreshadowing of a future role of Arya’s. Symbolically a part of Arya is leading hundreds of wolves could actually equate to Arya leading a large number of “wolves” (Northmen or Stark men.) After all, Arya even calls Northmen and her father/Robb’s forces her “pack”. On seeing the Northmen in cages with the Brotherhood Without Banners:

Wolves, she thought again. Like me. Was this her pack?  

Then there’s the seemingly illogical conversation Arya had with her father about her future marriage, especially when you juxtapose it with Sansa’s similar talk.

“You,” Ned said, kissing her lightly on the brow, “will marry a king and rule his castle, and your sons will be knights and princes and lords and, yes, perhaps even a High Septon.” Arya, AGoT

Ned, for no fathomable reason, tells Arya that she will marry a king, only a king, no other candidates. And that’s especially weird because he gives four potential professions for her future sons (knights, princes, lords, maybe a High Septon,) but only one for her future husband: a king. Compare it with Sansa’s same talk:

“Sweet one,” her father said gently, “listen to me. When you’re old enough, I will make you a match with a high lord who’s worthy of you, someone brave and gentle and strong. This match with Joffrey was a terrible mistake.” Sansa, AGoT

So Arya is told she’ll marry a king with no other options while Sansa is still engaged to the future king, the assumably only king of the next generation in Westeros- making this comment even stranger. But Sansa, as soon as her betrothal is called off by Ned, is told that he will make her a match with a “high lord”, not a king or any other option.  

I actually failed to connect the yellow to House Baratheon, but you’re definitely right. That could also be another nod to Gendry’s parentage- as if we don’t have them everywhere. And another queen reference since as you point out, it says the Maiden in the Tree (who represents Arya) is given a crown for her head and Baratheon, current rulers on the Iron Throne, colored silk.

I’ll dress you all in yellow silk, and on your head a crown 
Arya, ASoS

And some people speculate that the reason why we keep being reminded of the connection between Arya and Lyanna (in AGoT with Ned, then in ASoS with Harwin, and then again in ADWD with Bran) may be because of the whole Robert/Lyanna/Rhaegar thing be referenced in Arya’s plot with Gendry/Aegon. I don’t believe that, but it is worth mentioning because the Lyanna comparison is definitely going to mean something later if you ask me- I mean all the connections between Sansa and Catelyn ended up being hugely important for Sansa’s storyline and flee from KL. Rhaegar was the heir to the Iron Throne and Robert eventually became the King. If Aegon is truly who he says, it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility that he will end up as some sort of king (I believe the Seven Kingdoms will become seven kingdoms with their own rulers at the end.) But, like I said, I don’t really believe that speculation.

So there are quite a bit of Arya/queen references.

Note: these don’t include all the actual queen references in Arya’s narrative. Arya thinks of Queen Cersei a lot, met someone named after a pirate queen and learned of that queen (the Black Pearl,) talks of the “Merling Queen” a fair amount, ect. These are just references that directly tie Arya to being a queen of some sort. And I think there are others, I didn’t really look too deeply for them.

But I would like to say that this is why I don’t really go on all the instances of “foreshadowing” picked up by the fans. The books are so long and complex that I think you can find fake instances of “foreshadowing” for a lot of what you look for. Like here, Ned’s lines alone do seem to indicate foreshadowing, especially considering Sansa does end up marrying a high lord (Tyrion,) but that isn’t necessarily true. And I still really doubt that Arya will become a queen for a variety of reasons and also because her endgame will almost certainly be in Winterfell where Bran or Jon will undoubtably rule. 

Venial Sin

A/N: Plotless short angsty widowtracer, not explicit smut but not safe for work, either.

For my original enablers, @gmvc @satsukisboot and @downcastknight & my possum @sailorscooby

Most of the women she’d been with were RAF, women who were up for a roll in the hay and then a jog in the morning and a kiss farewell, dodging rules about fraternization in government buildings and training barracks. Lena didn’t sleep with women indiscriminately; there was an element of covertness she required, mutual understanding that there wouldn’t be a repeat performance. Nobody who couldn’t keep a secret. And usually, not civilians.

Amélie was nothing like those women.

“Skin’s cold,” Lena noted, bluntly, but not with any aggression or cruelty. “Bit like what I imagine fuckin’ a corpse would be like.”

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Through flocks of mountains, myriad valleys,

I arrive in Jingmen,

where Ming-fei was born and bred–*

the village is still there.

Once she left the crimson terraces,

there was nothing but endless desert;

only her evergreen grave is left

to face the twilight.

Portraits have recorded 

her spring-fresh face;

the tinkle of girdle pendants heralds

her soul’s vain return by moonlight.

For a thousand years the pipa

has wailed in its alien tongue,

as if its strings bemoan in song

her tragic tale of grief

Du Fu - Thoughts on an Ancient Site:  Birthplace of Wang Qiang (tr. David Lunde)

From Wiki: “Wang Qiang (Wang Chiang; 王牆, also 王檣 and 王嬙), more commonly known by her stylistic name Wang Zhaojun (Wang Chao-chun; 王昭君) was known as one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. Born in Baoping Village, Zigui County (in current Hubei Province) in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC–8 AD), she was sent by Emperor Yuan to marry the Xiongnu Chanyu (呼韓邪) in order to establish friendly relations with the Han 

Dynasty through marriage.

In the most prevalent version of the "Four Beauties” legend, it is said that Wang Zhaojun left her hometown on horseback on a bright autumn morning and began a journey northward. Along the way, the horse neighed, making Zhaojun extremely sad and unable to control her emotions. As she sat on the saddle, she began to play sorrowful melodies on a stringed instrument. A flock of geese flying southward heard the music, saw the beautiful young woman riding the horse, immediately forgot to flap their wings, and fell to the ground. From then on, Zhaojun acquired the nickname “fells geese” or “drops birds.”

Entering the harem

Wang Zhaojun was born to a prominent family of Baopin village, Zigui country (now Zhaojun village, Xingshan county, Hubei) in the south of the Western Han empire. As she was born when her father was very old, he regarded her as “a pearl in the palm”. Wang Zhaojun was endowed with dazzling beauty with an extremely intelligent mind. She was also adept in pipa and master of all the Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar – Guqin, Weiqi, Calligraphy and Chinese painting. In 36 BC, Emperor Yuan chose his concubines from the whole state. Because of Wang’s fame in the county, she was his first choice for the concubine from Nan county. Emperor Yuan issued the edict that Wang should enter the harem soon. Wang’s father said that his daughter was too young to enter the harem, but could not violate the decree. Wang left her hometown and entered the harem of Emperor Yuan in early summer. According to the custom in the palace, when choosing a new wife, the Emperor was first presented with portraits of all the possible women. It is said that because of Wang’s confidence of beauty and temperament, she refused to bribe the artist Mao Yanshou as the other maids did. As a reprisal, Mao Yanshou painted a mole of widowed tears on Wang’s portrait.  As a result, during her time in the Lateral Courts, Wang Zhaojun was never visited by the emperor and remained as a palace lady-in-waiting. Wang Zhaojun’s portrait was either never viewed by the Emperor, or was not in its true form, and therefore the Emperor overlooked her.

Departing for the frontier

In 33 BC, Huhanye Chanyu visited Chang'an as part of the tributary system that existed between the Han and Xiongnu governments. He took the opportunity to request to become an imperial son-in-law, which is recorded by Lou Jingde under Emperor Gaozu of Han. As Queen Mother Lü had only one daughter she did not have the heart to send her too far away. Typically the daughter of a concubine would then be offered, but, unwilling to honour Huhanye with a real princess, Emperor Yuan ordered that the plainest girl in the harem be selected. He asked for volunteers and promised to present her as his own daughter. The idea of leaving their homeland and comfortable life at the court for the grasslands of the far and unknown north was abhorrent to most of the young women, but Wang Zhaojun accepted. When the matron of the harem sent the unflattering portrait of Wang Zhaojun to the emperor he merely glanced at it and nodded his approval. Only when summoned to court was Wang Zhaojun’s beauty revealed and the emperor considered retracting his decision to give her to the Xiongnu. However, it was too late by then and Emperor Gaozu regretfully presented Wang Zhaojun to Huhanye, who was delighted. Relations with the Xiongnu subsequently improved and the court artist, Mao Yanshou, was subsequently executed for deceiving the  e Emperor.  (via: wiki) 

Artemis: Wang Qiang is also known as Mingfei

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acesiren  asked:

TOP THREE FAVORITE PARTS OF Kenneth Branagh's 1993 adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing" (feel free to be as specific as you like. For example mine are: 1. The men riding in to town on horses with their shirts flapping in the breeze for NO GODDAMN REASON, 2. Everything that happens while Benedick is eavesdropping on the men talking about him, 3. Keanu getting a hot oil massage while wearing leather pants and BROODING)

OH GOD this is so??? HARD????

1) fucking PARALLELS btwn beatrice and benedick’s eavesdropping scenes. they’re both GIANT NERDS and i love them. tho i wish beatrice was allowed to frolic around in a giant pond and be just STUPID and GOOFY like benedick, bc YES. anyways yes, parallels are my fave. their facial reactions are just SO GOOD, SO SO SO GOOD. i especially love when benedick is so surprised that he literally FALLS DOWN ON THE GROUND. ALSO the fact that both he and beatrice are literally incapable of sneaking around and being subtle, they’re so OBVIOUS about their eavesdropping oh my god.

BONUS: “’AGAINST MY WILL I AM BID TO TELL YOU COME IN TO DINNER’…. there’s a double meaning in that ;) “ benedick pls. 

2) everything about the masquerade ball but ESPECIALLY
a) how Denzel plays the prince as just CAPTIVATED by beatrice and how gently he asks her to marry him?? and how disappointed but understanding he looks when she turns him down?? HE IMMEDIATELY RECOGNIZES “HOW WORTHY A LADY” she is and i fucking CRY
b) “Come, lady, come; you have lost the heart of / Signior Benedick.”
“Indeed, my lord, he lent it me awhile; and I gave / him use for it, a double heart for his single one: / marry, once before he won it of me with false dice, / therefore your grace may well say I have lost it.”
“You have put him down, lady, you have put him down.”
“So I would not he should do me, my lord, lest I / should prove the mother of fools.”

OK IM JUST!!!! SO EMOTIONAL???? ABOUT BEATRICE!!! this LADY. and like, this has so many rich possible backstories???? GIVE ME THE ANGSTY BACKSTORY PLS. (preferably 50k+, slow burn and then FALL TO RUIN pre-play. i need it) A DOUBLE HEART FOR HIS SINGLE ONE (leave me here to DIE)

(i used two in one bc part B is technically me flailing over shakespeare, NOT just the movie adaptation)

3) literally every scene with keanu reeves angsting in a corner, brooding in his black leather pants (color coded so we know he’s a Bastard not just in status but in attitude!!) BUT ESPECIALLY, as you have said, the hot oil massage. 

anonymous asked:

Leo's horse (pony) is one of those horses that makes ridiculous faces for no reason. So he'll be in battle casting this terrifying spell that has his enemies trembling, but then his horse will start flapping its lips and smiling. (No one takes the tiny lion seriously with this horse.) Still when the horse is to old to ride he makes sure to visit it and that it dosen't get sent to the slaughter house.

But that is such an excellent distraction method to use in battle! Have Leo’s pony do some crazy stuff, watch the enemy get baffled, and hit them with Nosferatu when they least expect it. 

Day 4: Time Shift

PROMPT:  Princess!Caroline and Prince!Klaus who are forced to marry for the benefit of their countries (and their fathers pressuring them) - Caroline hates him a lot. Until she doesn’t. Please?:) (@captnklaroline​ You probably forgot, but you sent me this for 25 days of Klaroline haha.)

A/N: I tweaked this one a little for Day 4. There’s no arranged marriage/engagement, but they are forced into each other’s company for the benefit of their countries. It’s fluffy and set in a more fantasy-like realm in a different-ish time period. Enjoy! :)

Also here: (

xx Ashlee Bree


How the morning starts: A big yawn precedes a tug at a heavy bedchamber door which opens to reveal puffs of fire—bursting, blazing, singeing puffs of fire—which results in a startled scream, ducking for cover, a scuttling, crab-like retreat, a kicked-shut door locked tight with a key, and shaking. From head to hands, from hands to feet, there’s shaking all over. And cursing. Lots and lots and lots of cursing.

Yes—the morning begins with Caroline cursing about nearly becoming a fried-chicken princess with no eyebrows. Forget coffee or tea—the best way to pop-open sleepy eyes in the morning is to swing open the door…and almost DIE. You know, as if aristocratic life wasn’t tough enough already. Seriously.

Hyperventilating on the floor, her face contorting with a mixture of shock and irritation, Caroline reaches into her seashell satchel and removes her mobile talking glass. She taps on it twice with her index finger. Purple smoke thunders and tornadoes as she lowers her lips close to the edge of the glass,“Give me the prince, Mirror Man,” she requests.

A low voice, not a face, responds from behind the billowing purple, “Your wish is my command, Princess Forbes.”

A crack of lightning, the sound of pelting hail…and voilá! An attractive blond man rubbing the remnants of sleep from his eyes reflects back at her. He boasts rugged, though well-groomed stubble, pillow-disheveled curls, and a confident, high-born air.

“Are you insane!” Caroline exclaims, glaring into the glass.

“Good morning to you, too, love,” he taunts cheekily. “How can I be of service this fine day?”

His blue eyes twinkle amid a deep, dark storm he hides in his iris, and he simpers. Some secret delight lifts the corners of his mouth. It carves moon-crescent dimples into his cheeks—an unnerving, ab-so-lutely provoking expression he reserves just for her.

“Do you want to try explaining that thing that’s currently chained to my doorknob in a giant yellow bow? Or maybe you’d rather hear how I narrowly escaped my fate as this morning’s charred toast? Do you, Klaus?” she rattles off accusingly.

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  • people of color: -train horses using traditional techniques involving whips, ropes, flapping plastic bags-
  • white people: that's barbaric, those poor horses, those people should get trampled to death!
  • white natural horsemanship practitioners: -train horses using whips, ropes, flapping plastic bags-
  • white people: the whip is just an extension of the arm! it's about speaking the horse's language! the horse has to learn to respect you!
  • people of color: -use harsh bits, side reins to train-
  • white people: that's fucking horrible, I hope they get kicked in the face, the horses don't deserve this
  • white equestrians competing at international levels: -use harsh bits, draw reins, side reins, whips, chains over the nose or in the horses' mouths, photographed with horses with blue tongues and bloody mouths-
  • white people: any bit is harsh in the wrong hands! these are high-spirited, hot-blooded animals, how else do you expect to control them??
  • white equestrians using questionable training methods in order to win competitions: -get gold medals-
  • people of color using questionable training methods in order to further cultural traditions or make a living: -get death threats on the internet-
that hoechlin-derek bodyswap fic nobody asked for

I will be on semi-hiatus for a few days, but I thought I’d leave this here. (you can still reach me via messaging.)

This is for all the poor souls out there who are feeling victimized by DOTW Tyler Hoechlin and/or affected by Poseygate, or just needed a laugh.

dedicated to luce. I miss you on here already, man. ;-;

warning for utter crack and sort-of rpf???

my sincere apologies to tyler hoechlin.



Stiles eyes Derek warily. They have been going through some of the allegedly outdated—according to Mr. Argent anyway—sections in the bestiary all this evening in Derek’s newly furnished library and Derek just twitched and made the strangest wheezing noise.

“You okay there buddy?” Stiles says tentatively.

“Huh. Uh, yeah, I’m great! Thanks man!” Derek says. His voice sounds oddly—soft. Softer than usual. And kind of…weirdly chipper. Derek wrinkles his nose for a brief second as if he’s just thought of something puzzling, and then he turns to flash a bright smile at Stiles. A smile. A bright smile.

Stiles is immediately certain that something has gone terribly, horribly wrong.

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