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Top Five Urban Legends GO

1. The Homeless Children’s Mythology of Miami

An apparently intricate mythos detailed in the 1997 article Myths Over Miami. God is missing, Heaven is ransacked by Bloody Mary, demons manifest through used refrigerators and unmarked vans, and the Blue Lady is the only salvation the children can hope for in this world.

2. Sewer Gators

Sewer gators have gone from being urban legends to an accepted entry in the postmodern bestiary. It’s just assumed now that there are alligators living in sewers, the same way ocean have sea serpents and forest have sasquatch.

3. David Lynch and the Eraserhead Baby

More a rumor than an urban legend. It is said, though, that David Lynch, for the sake of authenticity, went around to slaughterhouses during the filming of Eraserhead to find a genuine animal fetus to use for the deformed baby. Legend states that it is either a horse or cow fetus, and that after filming, Lynch unceremoniously dumped the fetus into a garbage bin behind the studio lot in the dead of night.

4. Kuchisake-onna

Shinto is fading in Japan in the advent of the secular age, but the yokai apparently didn’t get the memo. ‘Slit-mouth woman’ is actually a true blue original yokai from the Edo period, but has seen a revival in the wake of a series of attacks and sightings during the mid-2000s. Kuchisake-onna is a female yokai who hides her mouth until she encounters a man on the road. She then asks him if she is beautiful; if he says yes, she reveals her scars and asks him again. If he says yes again, she immediately kills him; if he says no, she does nothing but follow him home and kill him and his entire family in their sleep. The solution is to answer ambiguously or throw a distraction at her.

5. The Poe Toaster

For over seven decades, a mysterious individual dressed all in black with a white scarf appeared at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe on January 19th, to the day, and left a bottle of cognac and three roses. No one knows who this man is or what his connection to Poe was. Evidently, he passed on his duty to his son when he was too old to carry out the tradition. After a failed attempt to capture the Poe Toaster, 2010 marked the first year where there was no memorial on Poe’s grave. In light of this, volunteers now carry out the tradition, still wearing the traditional black with a white scarf, and do it anonymously. Still, the original Poe toaster remains a mystery.

Centaur Anatomy

Me and my 12-year-old niece were discussing this the other day. There are a few different ways we thought this could go.

1) Double organs
The centaur has a human heart and a horse heart, human lungs and horse lungs, human digestive tract that feeds into a horse digestive tract… would still be omnivorous (horse stomach helps digest all the grassy stuff better). Would have both horse boobs and human boobs… guess the baby could nurse off both??. Would… maybe develop first stages of pregnancy in human womb and transfer to horse womb as fetus grew bigger??/ ID K seems redundant

2) Mix and match organs
The centaur has some human organs and some horse organs. Maybe, for example, the entire human torso holds a horse-sized heart, and some of the other small vital organs, like kidneys or something, while the horse torso holds lungs and stomach?? But in this case, the windpipe and esophagus are really long. Still not sure where the baby would suckle. Maybe lactating centaurs have enormous human style boobs. Maybe they have no human boobs and they lie down to let the bby nurse on horse teats while also lying down?? either way, awkward.

3) No human organs from head down
The human torso is just basically a long horse neck that LOOKS like a human torso. ANd has arms. It’s a long human-shaped casing for windpipe and esophagus and anything else you’d find in a throat. All the vital organs are horse organs. The centaur is herbivorous and chews a heckin amount of grass in its little human mouth so it can slide down its long torso-like neck into its horsey stomach. 

Basically centaurs are a frickin mess who thought this was a good idea

Starters based off of quotes from my freshman year
  • "Hey, wanna join our peanut butter cult?"
  • "Don't fight it. Just read the fanfics."
  • "I swear to god if you weren't so kinky i would choke you right now."
  • "You're such a potato."
  • "Your handwriting is so bad it looks like its own language."
  • "I'm gonna kick your ass into next Tuesday."
  • "Did you just sass my girlfriend for having cheap taste in wine?"
  • "Now is not the time to complain about high school!"
  • "Behold. The all-knowing horse fetus."
  • "I'm not the only one here whose made an imaginary boy/girlfriend in their lifetime, right?"
  • "If i looked like what I ate I'd just be a pile of sugar."
  • "Carry me please. Not because I'm tired, but i just want a reason to hug you."
  • "Why am I the only mature one here?"
  • "Love ya, you sack of meat."
  • "Did you just pull a chicken nugget out of your boobs?"
  • "Lets give each other stripper names. Do I sound like a Sugarplum to you?"
  • "We're trying to summon a demon with our shoes!"
  • "Is it normal for nipples to just start randomly bleeding?"
  • "You really need to stop showing your underwear to people all the time."
  • "Just take it. Take the celery."
  • "Does my hair smell like alcohol to you?"
  • "Just put your hand in it."
  • "Embrace your inner frat boy."
  • "My dad wrote me a script for this exact situation."
  • "Let's steal a cow."

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I love these tiny fucking abominations so goddamn much.

Are they nocturnal? why are their eyes so big? (other than MLP reasons)

in short it’s because they’re a prey animal and also VERY FAST

the two largest pairs of eyeballs on land belong to diurnal prey animals, the ostrich and the horse. having the largest possible eyes gives them better resolution images of their environment. this way they are more likely to be alerted to approaching predators, and less likely to crash into stuff while flying along at 40mph. The drawback of this is that their vision is so detailed they tend to get false positives of danger, which is why horses are notorious for “seeing ghosts” and getting very skittish and jumpy.

I doubt earth ponies and unicorns can reach speeds of 40mph, but they’re still very fast, and pegasi can break the sound barrier in canon, so, uh… not even 2 inch wide eyes will help you there lmao. Another factor in this is probably that neoteny is considered attractive (why the hell else would they be fetus horses really. its the reason humans have fetus ape faces)

The fossil of a tiny horse dating to 47 million years ago has been discovered to have a foetus still inside it.

The ancient horse, Eurohippus messelensis, was discovered in Germany in the oil shales at Grube Messel – an area long known for its wealth of fossils.

Announced at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Berlin, researchers from the Senckenberg Research Institute said the horse had four toes on each forefoot and three on each hind foot. It was about the size of a small dog.

The horse fossil was first discovered almost 15 years ago but the presence of the foetus was only uncovered when scientists studied the specimen with a micro x-ray.

Analysis of the fossil revealed a structure that connects the uterus to the backbone, helping to support the developing foal. After the specimen was prepared, the remains of the outer uterine wall became visible.

Full article here.