horse facility

Resilient Murphy

Murphy was born on a dairy farm and sold at auction to a horse boarding facility. While Murphy narrowly escaped the miserable fate of a male dairy calf raised in confinement and killed for “veal,” he endured much neglect at the horse boarding facility that bought him. When this facility went in foreclosure, the owners abandoned Murphy and a potbellied pig inside stalls, without telling anyone. Fortunately, a UC Davis veterinarian rescued him and brought him to Animal Place in 2010, where he has since been a dominant personality in our big cattle herd.

Best albums of 2014

1. Oscar and the Wolf - Entity

2. Alcest - Shelter

3. Caribou - Our Love

4. The Raveonettes - Pe'ahi

5. The Horrors - Luminous

6. Hercules & Love Affair - The Feast of the Broken Heart

7. St. Vincent - St. Vincent

8. The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream

9. I Break Horses - Chiaroscuro

10. FKA Twigs - LP 1

11. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

12. Flight Facilities - Down to Earth

13. Broods - Evergreen

14. Lykke Li - I Never Learn

15. Zola Jesus - Taiga


Facility Updates.

It’s mid semester break at uni right now, and I was feeling in a decorating/building mood today. So, I jumped in game and set about redoing the barns and redecorating the thoroughbred/winter barn. I changed the dressage/show jumping/main barns from indoor barns to outdoor barns, in reflection of the very warm weather that we get here in SE QLD. I think I like this look much better :)

the dude who tried to bang me via channeling a ghost

Okay so in my freshman year of college I had the misfortune of taking this western religions course. As I waited for my professor to show up and tell us which classroom we’d been switched to, I would up talking to this guy about computers for a minute in the hall.

We’ll call him “Alex.”

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A little horse needs help

Howdy! So, after fighting my boss about the horse I want to buy he finally admitted it: he won’t sell me Sigyn (High Dollar to him). He “likes her well enough” and won’t give her up.

My boss brought another horse in. Black thoroughbred gelding, about 3 years old. Manager man bought him for “cheap enough to kill”. Pleasant, right? The horse didn’t come with a name, didn’t come with an exact age, seemed like he had never been shoed in his life, and has some basic training. He’s thin and needs love and if he “doesn’t work out” boss will send him to slaughter. Or “donate” him to a “medical facility”. Last horse he donated ended up in pieces for people to dissect.

Here’s where I need help:

I put a donation button up on my blog and anything would help to get Odin (I did name him!) to a safe place where he won’t be killed. I have a ranch picked out with a paddock I’m going to work my butt off with barn chores to afford. I need help getting Odin, especially before he “doesn’t work out” or is “useless” to boss. This horse doesn’t deserve to die, he’s got potential and a wonderful personality to match. I want to save him, give him the life he deserves.

If you’ve got anything extra or maybe can just signal boost anything would help. Lets bring Odin home, please, I’ve seen this site do amazing things. I need $700 to pay for Odin, his new shoes, and worm him.

(That really short tail isn’t because he’s young… boss thought he just needed a “haircut” and chopped most of it off.)

Thank you <3