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(cracks knuckles) Dragon Age: Origins social media au

  • Leliana has a youtube where she does these fucking phenomenal acoustic covers of like. everything. if it exists, she’s got an acoustic cover of it. 
    • also has an inspirational quote blog. not nearly as popular. a little too much Jesus to be mainstream.
  • Alistair is Meme King
  • Zevran is both a famous viner and one of those insta-famous people who’s simultaneously unreal-beautiful and hilarious
    • think chaotic neutral thomas sanders
  • Oghren is vine famous, but he’s not a viner. Zevran just films him doing weird shit a lot.
  • Wynne is the benign older relative who comments “beautiful! tell your mother i said hi. Missing you!” on all your facebook posts but also shares zillions of articles about, like, homeopathic medicine and veganism
  • Morrigan is tumblr famous for her radical feminism, cutting retorts, and killer contour
    • also runs a less popular youtube makeup tutorial channel frequented by wannabe goths
  • the mabari has his own facebook page run by the Warden
  • Sten has an unintentionally iconic twitter
    • horse_ebooks but on accident
    • everyone assumes it’s a comedy/parody twitter but it’s not. that’s just who he is.
  • Shale has a specialized youtube channel a la the hydraulic press guys. it’s just her crushing things in her fist i guess.

release-the-sheep  asked:

is your url a play on heavy dirty soul cause reading it makes me want to sing the song with those lyrics

I’ve never heard of that! 

It’s actually a play on an old horse ebooks tweet: 

originally i went by lebgutt, but for halloween three or four years ago i changed my name to spooky leg, and then eventually it just became spookyleg…

signs as memes
  • aries: rare pepe leak
  • taurus: horse e-books
  • gemini: dril
  • cancer: tfw no gf
  • scorpio: sausage song
  • pisces: sure jan
  • aquarius: Buy my silence. Permanently.
  • capricorn: the american educational system
  • leo: shitpost generator
  • cancer: white people
  • virgo: racists getting fired
  • libra: meninism

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A complete summary of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, as told entirely through tweets from Real Dog Names, wolfpupy, Yahoo Answers.TXT, Apple Support, and horse_ebooks. Also featuring posts from AO3 tags. Under the cut for long post, and spoilers.

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