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the troll-to-lusii scale is so scary esp considering that the further up the hemospectrum you go the more likely it is that your lusii is massive. could you imagine going to your highblood friends house to play troll mario odyssy and theyre like “hey want anything to drink” and youre like “ok” and theyre like “HEY DAD DO WE HAVE ANY SPRITE” and an 18 ft tall horse busts through the hive wall with three packs of sprite stuck between its grotesquely massive fridge-sized teeth as well as your own lusus that it ate for breakfast so now youre parentless, have to floss out your sprite, your friend wont even give you a turn w/ the troll switch, and theres a giant horse there

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Hello. Curious if you know anything about how horses toes merged into one big toe

Something like this:

First of all we need to establish that the toes of horses did not merge into one toe, but one of the toes grew out to be the main anatomical feature for walking. In modern horses, rudimentary smaller toes can still be found inside the cavities of the hoof.

But the real question remains (like always in biology), not as much WHY did it evolve to be like this, but more IN WHAT WAY did horses evolve to look like this. For natural selection, environmental pressures are necessary to change the shape of life; for horses we need to look at the ecosystems they thrived in.

Eohippus is believed to be a forest-thriving small ancestor of the modern horse, feeding on low-growing vegetation, mainly on leaves. But when the climate changed rapidly in the North-American continent, grasslands started to replace the forests, leaving the horses nothing to eat but grass. Eohippus made place for a wide range of other horses, slowly evolving to be a more heavy modern horse. The forest’s wet, muddy floor required hooves with multiple toes to quickly and easily move though low vegetation; the grasslands however did not require these complicated hooves. Horses relied on grass and became heavier; they needed a more efficient way to carry their weight. Horses eventually could move for miles on their less-complicated evolved single-toed hooves; the prime example of an evolution by means of natural selection!


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I just watched VHD Bloodlust because of you, and I have so many questions! First, does his actual name ever get mentioned anywhere? How did he get the parasite? What's up with those horses - how come they eat grass and drink water if they're robots? Why couldn't Meier turn Charlotte there at the end if Borgoff got turned after he died/as he was dying? I assume all of this was explained somewhere, the books probably, but the movie was a mess. Liked it though!

1. As far as I know D’s name hasn’t been revealed and it might not even start with a D. In book 1 Lefty said something along the lines of “I love how they call you D/how you call yourself D”. It’s pretty obvious what it stands for, tho.

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Beautiful horse eating grass on beside river at sunset

Edmund x Reader - Just a bit of Faith

Request:  HI! I LOVE YOUR WORKS! Can I make a request? I would like an Edmund x Reader where Edmund agreed to marry somebody from another country to seal a treaty but he met (Y/n) a few months later and fell in love with her instead. (Y/n) fell in love with him too and was about to leave Narnia forever during Edmund’s wedding but Edmund changed his mind and called off the wedding. Can Edmund’s fiance also be rude to (Y/n)? DRAMA PLEASE! Oh, and sorry if the imagine’s too much. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE 💕

Edmund x Reader - Just a bit of Faith
Setting: Golden Age
Contains: A bit if Religion, like doubting God. Also, doubting Aslan. Mer.
Word Count: 5345


A/N: If your name’s Lilith, so sorry!
Avridell is a made up country that I had used for an OC for Hetalia, lol. 
Also, soooo there was this one scene that I wanted Reepicheep to be in then I realized that there are no talking mice yet in the Golden Age, though who knows maybe they did come in during the Golden Age (then again, Lucy wouldn’t have reacted like she did towards Reepicheep during Prince Caspian) but I really liked Reepicheep as part of it… So for this story, there are talking mice in the Golden Age.

I aplogize for any grammar/spelling mistakes. I copied pasted it from the google doc and I realized that some parts were weird. and whatever lol. Just give me a headsup if there’s something weird. I’ll go back to read it tonight!

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“Yes… A million times, yes!!!” The brunette smiled and tackled Edmund to the ground.

“Oof!” Edmund caught the girl and stumbled backwards. As much as the king of Narnia tried to feign that he was delighted to marry this princess from another country, it was only to seal a treaty between Avridell and his own. The things that the Kings and Queens of Narnia do to keep their country safe…

The old king of Avridell had a loud, hearty, yet somewhat warm laugh from the sight that played out in front of him.

“Edmund, I am glad that you have decided to come to my kingdom to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage,” even though King Raymond’s smile on his face seemed to be happy, Edmund knew very well that he still had a small hatred for himself. “Lilith, come. We must let King Edmund tell the news of your engagement to his people.” King Raymond walked out of the room.

Lilith let go of Edmund and smiled sweetly at him.

“I hope I’ll see you later, dear,” Lilith kissed his cheek and ran off after her father.

“I hope so too, love!” Edmund called out towards his fiance. He tried not to gag when doing so. Once the Avrineans were out of sight he sighed and tried to wipe the lipstick that was left on his cheek.

“I don’t understand why this was the only way to get our two countries to be at peace,” Edmund scowled as he walked out the towering castle of Avridell. “I also don’t understand why I had to be the one to marry her. Or even come down here in person!” Not too far away was his horse, Phillip, peacefully eating grass.

“Oh, you’re back, your majesty!” Philip was still in the middle of eating and had bits of grass stuck in his teeth. He tried to finish what was left as quickly as possibly. He swallowed his bite. “May I ask what is wrong?”

“Oh, nothing’s wrong at all my dear Philip.” Edmund climbed up on Phillip.

“Then why must you have a scowl etched on your face?” Phillip asked his rider.

“Well, you see. I’m just marrying the most lovely princess in the entire world. She’s not bratty at all! She’s very kind towards her servants.” Edmund spat out sarcastically. “Oh, not to mention that her name of all things means demon. So nothing at all is wrong.”

“My king, if you truly don’t want to marry her, then why, may I ask, are you?” Phillip questioned. Mostly because he knew that Edmund’s doing this for his people and country. A true sacrifice indeed. Yet, Philip asked him these questions to remind him of that. Not only that, he’s telling him that Edmund does need to care about himself every now and then.

“… I don’t know… Well,” Edmund sighed sadly, “I do. It’s just, I’m doing this for Narnia. So that we don’t end up in a war with Avridell.”

“My king, I have lived here in Narnia for many years, I’ve known stories of Avridell and past countries and everything about Narnia. If there’s one thing, a marriage for one generation will not save us from a war,” Philip neighed and stomped his foot. “You are only dragging this on longer than it needs to. Along with that, you are doing something you would never do.”

“I suppose, Phillip, but history never occurs the same way twice. So we can always try.”

“No, but it does rhyme.” Edmund thought about what his horse had said but shook his head.

“I think it’s time that we should get back to Cair Paravel, is it not?” Edmund stroked the mane of the horse and the two set off.

Not too long ago, just after Edmund left to go to Avridell, near Cair Paravel was a young girl who was just discovering this new land she had encountered. This was a first in 5 years that this world of Narnia had gotten a Daughter of Eve from our world.

The (h/c) girl rubbed her head and she sat up from the grassy ground. “Where am I?” She looked at her surroundings and noticed that she was in a forest. (Y/n) quickly stood up, adrenaline started to pump through her. Yet, even with the adrenaline she had fear within her.

“Hello?” (Y/n) called out. She was just on her way home from school in London when she had heard the screech of a car and everything just went to white. Here she was, calling out to nothing. “Is anyone there? Can anyone help me?” (Y/n) was met with silence except for the few birds that had chirped here and there.

(Y/n) put her one hand on her hip and the other scratched her head. She spun around to try to take in as much information as she could.

“Are there any forests in London? I don’t recall any being that close by… I wonder where I am,” (Y/n) muttered to herself. “Nonetheless, I need to walk and find a river while I wait for a search party, that is assuming someone noticed I was missing.” The adrenaline that was in her seconds earlier died down when she confirmed that she was alone. Yet, at the same time it made her uneasy that she was alone.

(Y/n) trudged through the woods. She already got rid of a few of her garments she was wearing earlier. It was really warm out that day and she couldn’t get dehydrated just because she kept on too many layers. All she had was her school bag with a few food and water and her shoes (she had taken them off, the grass was soft beneath her feet). She also just had on her white dress shirt with a loosened tie along with her black skirt. I suppose, perks of going to a school with mandatory uniforms.

“What was that?” (Y/n) asked herself and quickly looked around her. She had heard a stick being stepped on, though it was actually a branch from above that was broken. She stopped where she stood and tried to breath as softly as possible.

“Aha!” A feminine voice called out from above and (Y/n) was taken by surprise from seeing a small, yet big, rodent jump onto her. She fell down to the ground and had yet to scream. “Who are you? And what are you doing so close to Cair Paravel? There are no humans here in Narnia except for the Kings and Queens. So if that’s the case, you must be a spy from another country!”  (Y/n) screamed and tried to shove the animal off of herself but her hand was caught by the tail and the sword it had held pointed towards her face.

“You… You’re a mouse! A talking mouse!” The mouse sighed and rolled her small eyes at (Y/n).

“Yes yes, I’m a mouse. But I’m still a knight of Narnia. Proud to say that I’m the only female mouse in the knighthood too!” The mouse seemed to grin and (Y/n) was at a lost of words. “But that’s not the case! Who are you?” The mouse took a step closer and the sword was in between her eyes.

“My name’s (Y/n) (L/n)! I’m from London in the United Kingdom! I go to school and I’m still really young please don’t kill me!” (Y/n) yelled out everything as quickly as possible.

“Squeakileap, what’s going on?” A gentle voice called out from the distance. The vibration of the horses stomping against the earth was felt by (Y/n) who was still laying down on the floor.

“Oh, your majesty. I have found this human in the woods by herself. I believe she could be a spy from a different country. Perhaps, Avridell.” Squeakileap bowed down to the woman who wore a long purple dress with a golden crown that seemed to look like flowers upon her head.

“You can’t just attack everything you see as suspicious,” The brunette lightly scolded the knight.

“My apologies, Queen Susan,” Squeakileap bowed her head in disgrace.

Queen Susan smiled at her, “It’s alright, you were just doing what you thought best for Narnia.” Susan looked over at the young girl who still laying down on the floor. The sight of her clothes, school bag, and the loose tie she had worn reminded her of a dream. A dream of a dream. Then, when the young girl spoke up…

“Um… Q-Queen Susan?” (Y/n) was rather nervous, she never met royalty before. Squeakileap had gotten off of the poor girl and (Y/n) cleaned herself up to the best of her abilities and bowed down to the queen.

“Yes?” Susan asked.

“I’m… Uh… My name’s (Y/n) (L/n) I’m from London. I don’t suppose that you could get me home, could you?” From that one word, Susan was immediately reminded of home. Her other home, Finchley, in the other world.

“How… How could I forget?!” Susan was quite angry at herself but then looked back at the young girl. “Please, rise. (Y/n), right? From London? I suppose Aslan has something for you. Come,” Susan let out her hand towards the girl, “you’ll ride back with me to Cair Paravel and I’ll explain everything there.”

Two weeks after, the Kings and Queens were reminded of home, they knew they still had a duty for Narnia. And from what (Y/n) had said, time was very odd between Narnia and Earth. For, (Y/n) had come to Narnia when she was in school and long after the war had ended. They figured that (Y/n) had come into Narnia for a reason, like the Pevensies had done so. The reason was still unknown.

“Wait, so for the two weeks you’ve known me, you never told me you were getting married?!” (Y/n) scolded Edmund. “You little…!”

“Hey! I didn’t think it would be so important,” Edmund defended himself.

“You’re getting married, I think marriage in itself is pretty important,” (Y/n) deadpanned.

“Well, I don’t even love her which is why it’s insignificant!” (Y/n) flicked his forehead, “Ow, (Y/n)!” However, when he said that he didn’t even love her (Y/n)’s jealousy she felt faded away. “I have a slight chance of…” She shook the thought out of her head. "He wouldn’t like me… God! It’s only been two weeks and here I am already crushing on someone.”

“Come on, Ed! We’re basically like, best friends now. You gotta tell me these things,” (Y/n) crossed her arms. The reason why the two had become so close extremely fast was because they discovered they knew a few of the same people.  And, Edmund kept asking her questions about the future but she never told him because of spoilers. “And besides, you’re like 17 now! You can’t get married this young!”

“I have to, for Narnia,” Edmund stated. (Y/n) sighed. Narnia had meant a lot to them and (Y/n) herself grew to love it herself in these two weeks. She just couldn’t see why he had to marry her for that, there must have been another way. Plus, when she had met Lilith, she couldn’t help but get a bad vibe from her. And she was extremely rude whenever Edmund wasn’t around…

“If that’s really the case-” (Y/n) was interrupted by Lilith barging into the room.

“Eddy! There you are!” Edmund scowled at the nickname she gave him. “Come on, you were going to show me Narnia today!”

“Oh, was that today?” Edmund asked as if he had forgotten. He didn’t forget, he just wanted to spend time with (Y/n).

“Yes silly!” Lilith tapped his nose. “Let’s go!” She grabbed Edmund and pushed him out the door. She turned around, glared at (Y/n) and ran off after him.

It had been months since the two incidents happened. Edmund was still engaged to Princess Lilith of Avridell. The marriage was still underway and the ceremony was going to occur in less than a week. Edmund couldn’t help but to feel he was going to do something wrong and would constantly imagine that he was going to marry (Y/n) yet, a month after he felt those feelings get buried deep down. And he didn’t want it to. When Edmund had come back home 2 weeks after he left for Avridell and met (Y/n), he was intrigued with knowing another girl from his home on the other side. (Y/n) was the only girl he’d like to get to know.

Edmund isn’t one for cliche love stories and romance. Much later in the Pevensies’ and (Y/n)’s story in Narnia, one where they lead a Revolution with Prince Caspian X, Edmund himself says, “I’m older and I don’t think I want to understand,” about Susan kissing Caspian. Though, (Y/n) ends up punching him.

Even with that, Edmund still had his heart strings plucked after getting to know the girl.

But I, as the storyteller, is proud to say that this isn’t too much like a cliche love story. Hmm, okay. I lied. It’s sorta like a cliche love story. Just a tad. … Heh.

(Y/n) threw her head back in laughter.

“Are you kidding me? Narnia, this entire world that Narnia is in is so much better than ours,” (Y/n) wiped a tear away from her eye. Squeakileap sat on her shoulder as the two of them walked along the shores of the shining ocean during the sunset.

“Really? It just, Earth sounds fascinating. You say that the world is round and there’s just people everywhere! Though, no talking animals do sound quite boring…” Squeakileap pondered. “I suppose you’re right, Narnia is much better.” (Y/n) stopped mid step and looked out into the ocean. The sound of waves crashing down onto the sand filled her ears.

“It really is, you can do almost anything here. Adventures and whatnot. Earth is just difficult to get by. Always constantly have to work. The depression really hit us hard and with the war that had happened.” (Y/n)’s smile faded from her face as she thought back of home. “With my brothers and father gone from the fight in the frontlines, when the Germans bombed London and I never saw my best friend again… It really led me to appreciate Narnia, humans of Earth have created so many weapons of mass destruction, it’s a wonder how we’re all still alive.”

“… I’m sorry, (Y/n). That does sound horrid. I-I hope you can stay here for your entire life!” Squeakileap nuzzled (Y/n)’s cheek and she smiled.

“It’s quite alright, it’s my fault for bringing up all of that. I suppose it’s time to get back to Cair Paravel though,” (Y/n) took one last look at the ocean and turned to walk back to the castle. Off in the distance, they had quite a long walk on the shore, stood Edmund. (Y/n)’s heart fluttered a bit when she realized it was Edmund. She shook her head. Edmund was getting married, she couldn’t let her little crush get in the way of things.

“Oi!” Squeakileap shouted and held onto her shoulder. “Don’t go shaking your head now.”

(Y/n) laughed and glanced over towards her perched on her shoulder, “Sorry Squeak.” (Y/n) looked back up and saw that Edmund was walking over towards her.

“Hey (Y/n)!” Edmund cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted. (Y/n) waved and started to run a bit, Squeak held onto her shoulder harder.

“I’m coming, hold on!”

The two finally caught up to each other.

“What is it that you need?” (Y/n) asked, panting a bit.

“I was just told you were going to be out here, we’re having dinner soon and we’d all like you to join,” Edmund answered. (Y/n) smiled at him sweetly and the two started to walk towards Cair Paravel.

“Umm, sure. Though, I don’t think Lilith really likes me all that much,” (Y/n) laughed nervously and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. Squeak nodded in agreement, she had noticed Lilith treating (Y/n) badly. In fact, there was a bruise on her shoulder because of her. Edmund never saw any of it, so he never believed anything bad about Lilith.

“What do you mean? She always goes on about how she loves Lucy, Susan, you, and Peter,” Edmund defended her. “And my siblings love her… You know, it looks like you see her as a brat or something of that sort.”

“Your majesty, if I may interrupt. Lilith is that much of a brat,” Squeak was about to pull (Y/n)’s sleeve up to show the bruises she had but (Y/n) smacked her tail away.

“I never said she was a brat! I just don’t think she likes me…” (Y/n) muttered. Edmund went silent for a minute. (Y/n) continued to walk but stopped and turned around when she noticed that Edmund had stopped.

“Edmund?” (Y/n) called out to her. She tilted her head and walked back.

“Stop, don’t come any closer,” Edmund demanded. A sort of dark aura came out from him.

“Edmund, are you okay?” (Y/n) didn’t listen to him. But Squeakileap knew better and jumped on the ground then tried to pull her back.

“You know, if I knew any better, I’d think you’d be jealous of her,” Edmund sneered. (Y/n) scoffed and rolled her eyes. She noticed the sudden mood change but paid it no attention. “I’d think you’d be jealous she’s marrying me! You’re probably so in love with me that you’d try to get me to call off the wedding and have me fall in love with you. Just know this, I don’t believe that you’re from London and whatnot. You’re probably somehow related to the White Witch and trying to seduce me. It’s true, I’ll admit. Deep down I felt like I had some sort of feelings for you but now I realize that it really is Lilith that I love. It was a mistake to become friends with you.”

“Edmund, what’s wrong with you?!” (Y/n) stopped walking.

“(Y/n), we should run, now,” Squeakileap advised her.

“You should listen to her. Strange how a rodent would be the smart one here,” Squeak glared at him but didn’t pull out her sword. (Y/n) knew something was up but didn’t have time to do anything, she was nearly in tears from his words.

“I’ll have you know, I truly do like you. Love even,” She grabbed Squeak and ran off.

Somewhere in the distance, on the balcony of Cair Paravel stood Lilith. She had on a long black dress and had a purple gem, an amethyst perhaps, on a necklace around her neck. Lilith was holding onto the necklace and the same sort of aura came from it like it had done so with Edmund.

(Y/n) was lying down on the ground while looking up at the stars. There was a fire nearby to keep her and Squeak warm. Other talking animals have been coming by to give them food and some of the birds informed them of what was going on in the castle.

“What do you think was wrong with Edmund?” (Y/n) asked Squeak. Squeak was laying on her stomach and shifted to look at (Y/n).

“I think there was a sort of magic controlling him,” Squeak said in reply.  “The same magic controlling his siblings, they have been showing cruelty towards us Narnians. Haven’t you noticed?”  (Y/n) didn’t respond and continued to look at the sky. She was a bit disheartened, the Pevensies had been kind to her at first. She thought that they were like this but had shown kindness to let her warm up to them. In fact, that’s how she grew to like Edmund. But after they had started to be more cruel, (Y/n) had befriended Squeak.

Squeak sighed and muttered to herself, “I’m surprised you haven’t been affected by it, but not as surprised as you not noticing. Though, I suppose you haven’t been in Narnia long enough to notice magic… About Edmund, before he got controlled, I could tell he was in love with you. So he wasn’t lying the entire time…”

The two of them heard a horse in the distance and (Y/n) sat up quickly, accidentally shoving Squeak off of herself but she landed perfectly.

“Quick, we have to run,” Squeak tugged (Y/n)’s shirt and ran off, (Y/n) followed close behind.

“Wait, wait! It’s me, Philip!” The horse cried out. “I don’t have a rider, I come on my own accord!” (Y/n) stopped running and looked back. Squeak was far ahead but also stopped and ran back.

“Phillip? What are you doing here?” (Y/n) asked. She walked up to him and stroked the horse’s face and he nuzzled into her hands. It had been a while since anyone had shown him affection.

“I’ve heard from the birds that you are all out here. And what Edmund had done. That isn’t like him, you must believe me that it is magic. I have seen Lilith with her magic,” Phillip informed them. “Please, (Y/n). You have come to Narnia for a reason, Aslan asked you to come here-”

“I don’t recall a lion coming to me in London and asking me to come here, I was in the middle of crossing a street before almost getting hit by a car! How do you suppose you prove Aslan or magic to be real?” (Y/n) huffed. “I barely know this place…”

“But, you know us,” Squeak jumped onto the horse and sat on his head to face (Y/n). “My dear (Y/n), we are enough proof for Aslan and for magic. You coming here has been enough. When I had met you I had seen an aura around you. The same aura I saw around the Kings and Queens. I’ve seen other humans before but they never had that aura, so I knew you had something. I was born with some sort of thing to see these sort of auras. Aslan himself had told me about it. But even if we weren’t here, you need faith. Faith in Aslan.”

“Faith, ah yes. Like the faith we’re supposed to have in God, He’s the one we believe in back on Earth. Yet, here we were with another war in our hands. I’ve heard stories of Jews being in concentration camps in the mainland of Europe, where was God then? It wasn’t until long after the war that we discovered the horrors of the Nazis. Even with the most of faith, He couldn’t save the Jews, millions died. He didn’t save Sara when the Germans bombed London,” (Y/n) scoffed. “I suppose that’s why He asks us to save people, because He can’t do so Himself.” But then something in her clicked. It clicked but didn’t realize it until much later. While Lilith controlled the Kings and Queens, she discovered she couldn’t control (Y/n), there was just a small thing Lilith could affect her with. Her faith.

A thunder cracked through the sky and (Y/n) jumped. Squeak looked at (Y/n) sadly, much like when your friend stops believing in fairy tales and tells you to grow up. But you and your friend had grown up with fairy tales, so her telling you to grow up was a stab in the heart.

The sky was filled with clouds, it wasn’t there earlier. And soon, the sky started to cry.

“I think, I’ll mention this now… Edmund’s marrying Lilith tomorrow,” Phillip said and started to walk away, leaving (Y/n) alone in the rain with the broken pieces of her heart that shattered from those words. Who knew it would be soon? Squeak didn’t bother to jump off to stay with her.

“So what? You’re just going to leave me here? Squeak? Phillip…?” (Y/n) knew she screwed up. Squeak didn’t want to leave her, she knew how much (Y/n) was hurting after she had started to like Edmund but knew he was going to marry Lilith. But, what (Y/n) had said had hurt her. (Y/n) sighed and looked up at the sky. “Oh, Aslan. Please. If you could hear me and truly loved me, please give me some strength. I… I’m sorry.”

Although, nothing had happened the sky let up and she once again saw the moon and stars.

(Y/n) had been walking towards the Lantern Waste, the sun had already risen. She heard about it being the portal back home, so she thought she could go home there.

“I suppose, this world isn’t that much different from mine… It still holds the same of the smaller problems within people… I don’t understand why I had to fall for him,” (Y/n) muttered. She kicked a rock in front of her but then saw a sort of paw print on the floor. She looked at it curiously. (Y/n) bent down and examined it. Just around the paw print was golden fur. She looked up ahead and saw plenty of more paw prints. “I suppose I do need more faith.” (Y/n) ran after the trail of paw prints.

Squeakileap rode upon Philip’s head as they rode off together with a few of their other friends to the wedding of Edmund and Lilith.

“Do you, Edmund Pevensie, take Lilith of Avridell as your wife?” Edmund smiled at Lilith who had the most offensive sneer across her face, yet Edmund paid it no mind. He was too far under the spell.


“For Narnia!!! And for Aslan!!” Squeakileap squeaked/shouted at the same time. A series of shouts and yelling was heard from herself, Philip, and the others. Philip continued to gallop towards Lilith and from the right moment, Squeak leaped off from Philip (she was known for her jumping and leaping after all), did a flip and pulled out her sword. She landed right on Lilith and cut off the necklace. She tossed it towards Philip who stomped down on it at once, breaking the stone.

“No!” Lilith shouted. She threw Squeak to the side and walked down towards Philip. Susan quickly caught Squeak and set her down.

“Thank you Queen Susan, I suggest you run off now, you too Lucy. A battle is brewing,” Squeakileap bowed down and looked at Lilith. Lilith still had some magic with her so she summoned a few creatures here and there. Her father was sitting on one of the chairs earlier and had stood up to fight alongside Lilith.

“Thanks Squeakileap,” Queen Susan the Gentle saw one of her horses run by and she jumped on it then pulled Lucy up on the horse with her.

“Be safe, Squeak!” Lucy called out.

“Squeak what’s going on?” Edmund asked her. Squeak looked up at Edmund.

“Edmund! You have to get to (Y/n) right now! She’s at the Lantern Waste! She’s going to go back home!” Squeak jumped onto Edmund and squeaked into his ear. Although she forgot her formalities, Edmund didn’t care. He had to go get (Y/n). To apologize and to make sure she didn’t go home. He had a feeling that Lilith was the reason (Y/n) had come into Narnia.

“You should go, I think I can handle them,” Peter said to him. Edmund nodded but before they realized, in a flash (literally a flash), Lilith and her father disappeared.

“They had run away,” Squeakileap murmured but just loud enough for the two Kings to hear.

“How are you so sure?” Peter asked.

“Peter, trust me on this. I know.” Squeakileap looked up at him with a sort of confidence in her. “Oh! I’m sorry. Your majesty. Oh Aslan, I don't’ deserve to be a Knight. I just. Oh please.”

Peter laughed, “It’s alright Squeak, honestly we don’t really like being called that.”

“King Edmund!” Philip ran up to Edmund.

“Oh right! We have to go,” Edmund jumped onto Philip and they rode off as fast as they could towards the Lantern Waste.

(Y/n) ran until she could no longer find the paw prints. She found herself standing in front of the Lantern, she saw to her left that there was a crowd of trees and she immediately knew it was a way home. But something called her to keep moving forward, even if there were no more paw prints.

She took a step towards the portal but at that same moment, Lilith’s stone had broken. (Y/n) shook her head, her faith being renewed and looked at where the paw prints had seemed to go. She sprinted ahead.

In front of her stood Aslan. All her worries were pushed to the side, she was only filled with happiness. The sight of Aslan had been a life changing moment for her. Seeing Aslan is a life changer for all who sees him.

“Aslan…” (Y/n) whispered out. She bent down to her knees.

“Dear one, you must have more faith in me,” Aslan walked up to her. “Rise.” (Y/n) stood up and looked at Aslan. He breathed on her and immediately courage ran through her. Courage to always be brave in knowing her beliefs and faith.

“I haven’t abandoned you in this world; and I will not in yours,” Aslan spoke. What had clicked in (Y/n) earlier in the story, she realized now. Especially without the effect of Lilith’s magic. “When Lilith had affected you, your worst fears came out. I am proud that you still had a little bit of faith. Although, your world is becoming a lot like the White Witch’s old world. I only hope more people of your world have faith in me or else all is lost. But that is not the matter right now, Narnia is in danger and you need to save it. It is why I have brought you here. You will lead alongside the Pevensies’ to war against Avridell. The war is unavoidable and if Edmund were to marry Lilith, all would be lost.

“What… Why me?” (Y/n) questioned. “Can’t you do it, Aslan?”

Aslan chuckled, “I can, but it is not my role to do so. Go, dear one. Edmund approaches. I will see you soon.”

(Y/n) looked towards the distance and noticed Edmund riding Phillip towards her. She looked back to where Aslan stood and he was no longer there.

“(Y/n)…” Edmund jumped off and hugged (Y/n). “I’m sorry about everything, that was-”

“Yes, I know. Lilith was controlling you. I forgive you. Also I’m sorry Phillip.” Phillip neighed in response. “But, where’s she now? What happened?”

“Squeak ended up breaking the spell, but Lilith had one more trick up her sleeve and she disappeared. She’s probably going to come back but with an army,” Edmund replied. “But that’s not important right now.” (Y/n) broke apart from the hug and looked at him

“That’s not…” She punched him on his shoulder, “That’s not important right now?! Lilith just tried to take over Narnia for the White Witch and that’s not important~Mmpf!”

Edmund shut her up by kissing her. When they broke apart, Edmund told her, “Shut up. We’ll deal with her soon enough. Right now I just want to say I love you. Cliche as it is, I think I’ve fallen for you the moment I laid eyes on you. I fell for you even more when we had gotten to know each other and the connections we realized we had with each-” (Y/n) grabbed his collar and pulled him down to her height and kissed him.

“Now it’s your turn to shut up.” (Y/n) murmured against his lips when they broke apart.

The Ghost Trees of Boneyard Beach Sunrise 01 – Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve and Wildlife Management Area, Edisto Island, SC, January 28, 2015

Get your life under you!

If we were riding horses, we couldn’t go anywhere until we got our horse under us.

Here’s one for you: We are riding horses.

We have to get in the saddle.

And commune with our horse.

Remember the book/movie “The Horse Whisperer”?

We all have to become horse whisperers where our life is concerned.

Our life is our horse.

Try telling a horse what to do.

Try bossin’ a horse.

Try willing a horse to do your will.

Milton Erickson tells a story about taking a lost horse home.

A horse showed up at his family’s farm one day, and Milton’s father told him to take the horse home.

The horse was a strange one. Milton had no idea where the horse belonged.

Milton got his horse under him, and kept the horse from eating grass.

The horse took himself home.

Your life is your horse, and you have no idea where home is, what the goal is, even where the path is.

Your horse knows.

Get your horse under you,

And start listening to your horse.