horse driver

Large Daemons (Golden Compass)

I wonder how people with larger Daemons get around in everyday life. Anyone want to consider the possibilities with me? I’m talking things horse sized and above. I imagine some aspects of life (walking through a university with many rooms, for example,) might be hard. What /is/ the distance limit a daemon can be from it’s owner? 

I imagine some people could become drivers for horse carts and such if their daemons were horses. Or could they? would a horse daemon pull a cart? would the crush of people make it too risky for an accidental brush against someone?

Νύκτα θεῶν γενέτειραν ἀείσομαι ἠδὲ καὶ ἀνδρῶν.
Νὺξ γένεσις πάντων, ἣν καὶ Κύπριν καλέσωμεν
κλῦθι, μάκαιρα θεά, κυαναυγής, ἀστεροφεγγής,
ἡσυχίῃι χαίρουσα καὶ ἠρεμίῃι πολυύπνωι,
εὐφροσύνη, τερπνή, φιλοπάννυχε, μῆτερ ὀνείρων,
ληθομέριμν’ ἀγαθή τε πόνων ἀνάπαυσιν ἔχουσα,
ὑπνοδότειρα, φίλη πάντων, ἐλάσιππε, νυχαυγής,
ἡμιτελής, χθονία ἠδ’ οὐρανία πάλιν αὐτή,
ἐγκυκλία, παίκτειρα διώγμασιν ἠεροφοίτοις,
ἣ φάος ἐκπέμπεις ὑπὸ νέρτερα καὶ πάλι φεύγεις
εἰς Ἀίδην δεινὴ γὰρ ἀνάγκη πάντα κρατύνει.
νῦν δε, μάκαιρα, (καλ)ῶ, πολυόλβιε, πᾶσι ποθεινή,
εὐάντητε, κλύουσα ἱκετηρίδα φωνὴν
ἔλθοις εὐμενέουσα, φόβους δ’ ἀπόπεμπε νυχαυγεῖς.
Of Night, mother of gods and men, I sing;
o Night, originator of all, whom we also call Cypris,*
hear me, blessed goddess, dark-gleaming, blazing with stars,
rejoicing in stillness and slumberous repose,
merry and delightful, friend of night-long fests, mother of dreams,
gentle bringer of forgetfulness from cares and surcease from suffering,
o sleep-giver, friend of all, driver of horses, glittering in darkness,
half complete, chthonic and sublime in turn,
circling, playful in sky-wandering chases,
you who send the light beneath infernal realms and flee back
to Hades, for mighty Necessity rules over all;
but now, o blessed one, I call you; greatly fortunate, longed for by all,
gracious, hearing the suppliant’s voice,
may you come, kindly, and banish fears which gleam in the dark.

Orphic Hymn to Nyx (3)

*Philopannyx (she who loves the whole night) was a cult title of Aphrodite.

{ cassidy-slingby }

It had been a long day in the office for Lau. A shipment had gone awry and he had to be called in to fix it all. Ten whole hours of his day wasted. He left Ran-Mao in charge of the den as always.

He entered his carriage, too eager to return home and partake in a long, leisurely smoke.

Up ahead, he thought he saw some peculiar flashing in the sky by an alleyway. As he rode by it, he glimpsed a small, rumpled form laying motionless on the cobblestones.

“Stop!” he ordered the driver. The horses had barely taken their last step before he threw open the door and made his way hastily to the form in the alley.

It was a woman. She had a large gash in her side that was bleeding profusely. He touched her shoulder carefully.

“Hello, miss? Are you alright? Can you hear me?”