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I have some new conversions today, there are 9 meshes and some recolours, as shown in the pictures. 

Here we go:

Scandinavian loveseat and sofa by Milla. Both need Ikea SP and be careful; they are high poly (12850P for sofa, 6292P for loveseat)

Square living chair by Milla

Sergio Martinez Ignacia Dining chair by VivianSims4

That’s the spirit Coffeetable by Simcredible

Soul Dining Table, Horse Deco Sculpture and Brazil Ceiling Light by Pilar

Neodymium Plant by Wondymoon - needs Celebrations SP

Credit goes completely to each creator for their meshes and textures.

As usual, there is a ReadMe .txt in the .rar with prices, energy/comfort numbers and polys for everything.

Everything was compressed and tested, but if you find any problems, let me know.

Edit: I forgot to take photo of the coffeetable recolors, it is now posted.

DOWNLOAD (SimFileShare)

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Baby Boy Nursery

Starwall paper- Linthara’s wall for kids, Simple crib- dri4na, Changingtable @enuresims, Bear Chair and Rug - Alelore Sims Blog, Nusery Cupboard, Horse Deco, Baby Letters, Photoframe and Hanging Toy Butterfly - Severinka -TSR, Bookcase, Toybox and Babyfood - ATS4, Pouf - Ung999 - TSR, Highchair @enuresims, Pilllows on floor @mysimlifefou

Toys and Clutter: Teddies and toys @mio-sims and @jennisims, Owl Pillow @lina-cherie, Lullabies Sculpture wall @enuresims, Soap @budgie2budgie, Baby care soap @dreamteamsims, Babymonitor @enuresims, Nuserybooks @daer0n, Simsma paino, Cornpopper. Xylophane and Activity gym @dreamteamsims.

Thank you to all the cc creators


squidmatsus! im definitely not the first one to do a splatoon and osomatsu crossover thing but i still wanted to get this out here
i just
really like both things lemme live

i started on these like 6 months ago and then ditched it but i got around to finishing it tonight. this isnt the best work i can do, but im glad to finally get this out and posted. i think i stopped working on it for so long because i was frustrated with the drawing method i had to stick with 

i know the gear doesnt really work out with some of their weapons and god knows how oso got to level 50…i kinda just went with whatever Looked Good

i have LOTS of headcanons and ideas but i doubt i can get it all drawn gggggh

also here are my old Concepts™  

Baby Nursery Part 1:

Those are maternity pictures >.< I had Ari take them while Layna was preggers! It was their first baby, but tbh I’ll probably do it again! Layna was doing the cutest poses! 

Downloadable Items:

  • Chalkboard Walls(4 pkg. files) can be found HERE
  • Bedroom Furniture(Includes hanging deco birdhouses, deco pillows & rug) can be found HERE
  • Ceramic Deco Birds can be found HERE
  • Shabby Deco Birdhouses(on top of dresser) can be found HERE
  • Shabby Deco Toy Horse(my FAVE!) is HERE
  • HERE you will find the Shabby Deco Bird Cage
  • Not photographed, but are in this room are really cute deco & playable toys. You’ll see them HERE from inabadromance 
  • You’ll find the paper garland in the window HERE
  • Deco Kite is HERE by inabadromance
  • Paper Bags by PureSims and you can find the page HERE
  • Bathroom Charms- Cotton Balls(on dresser) are HERE
  • Love Sign above the door can be found HERE and is apart of a really cute set!
  • Loitering Luggage & Traveler’s Box can be found HERE