horse confessions

Confession:  I keep seeing people hoping Sten will come back in upcoming games. But I’ve read the comics, and I’m not sure any of us want to see that ‘Sten’ (now Arishok). He isn’t who he was, nor do I think his returning would be a good thing. It’s a divine miracle Alistair is even alive after their re-encounter. Old companionship amounted to a nug dropping for Sten. I can only imagine the audience he’d give a newcomer.


I admit that one of my favourite things about Inquisition getting mounts was gloating at the people who used to call me out for lore-breaking because in my stories for DAO, characters would sometimes travel on horseback. It turns out that, despite not being featured in the previous games, horses do exist in Thedas, so I wasn’t breaking the lore after all! :D

Confessions in the Blackwall tag about how they left him for “honorable” Cullen