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Drachm of Syracuse, the head of Persephone on the obverse, and a chariot drawn by Nike on the reverse. The coin dates to the Hellenistic period, and more specifically to 287-278 BCE. Currently, the coin is located in the MFA Boston.

my spirit & my mind is so valuable to me.
it’s to the point where if we don’t have the same morals & values we can not build anything. i’m being selfish w. myself. you gone have to come through on a gold chariot & white horse for me to let you in.

Let Silence have you.

Surrender to the source.
Surrender to Awareness,
this is the only place of protection.
Surrender your heart and you will know all.
Surrender to Consciousness and Bliss.

Surrender means to surrender your bondage
and to simply be Freedom.
Surrender is the ego bowing down to its Source.
No more demands or commands,
but just putting all in the hands of Source.
Submit to Consciousness and Bliss and you will be happy.

Surrender the addiction to your senses.
You don’t need to stop them,
but you need to have perfect control over them.
Ego is a poor driver of these five horses,
but the Atman charioteer will not make a mistake.
Surrender the reigns of your senses to the Atman.

As the river surrenders to the ocean,
surrender yourself to the Self, the Source.
And if you find you are still swimming
on the surface of the ocean:
stop swimming and you will sink into the depths of Love.

—  Papaji

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

For most of us, the first and most natural things that flood our minds when the alarm goes off do not produce praise or comfort. More often than not, the burdens of the day come rushing in before we can even take a couple breaths — a struggling relationship, some conflict, that meeting, the mistake you made, the task list that’s too long for today, the pain you’re feeling, that sin you can’t seem to shake. And underneath them all, there’s the nagging feeling that we won’t find the strength to make much of a difference about any of it.

It has always seemed ironic and foolish that the first few moments after a full night of total, unaware dependence, we immediately wake up and go into independent, self-trust mode. We often trust quickly in our own “horses” and “chariots” instead of in the sovereign love of our Lord (Psalm 20:7).

Most of us believe, fairly easily, in the sovereign power of God (Ephesians 1:11), but often neglect or forget that it actually applies to us: to our lives personally and to our circumstances specifically. Perhaps part of the self-deceived self-loathing inside of us blinds us and keeps us from believing the truth. Yes, God is sovereign, but I’m too messed up or too insignificant to deserve that kind of power. So, we need to remember that the power of God is now ours through Christ (Ephesians 1:19–20), and that he promises us new mercies each morning.

In Christ, the steadfast love of God for you will never cease. Never. His mercies will never come to an end. Never. They will be new every morning, and he will be faithful to bring them to you. If God is your greatest treasure, if God is the thing you love most, your portion, then you can hope in him with these unbreakable (almost unbelievable) promises.

God is with us through Christ and, by the Spirit, his promises for new mercies are as real and trustworthy today as they were yesterday. So, let’s go to him often, cast our cares honestly, and trust him for the peace that far surpasses our limited understanding and that guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Rest well tonight, and tomorrow morning, in Jesus.



“…a chasm opened in the earth and out of it coal-black horses sprang, drawing a chariot and driven by one who had a look of dark splendor, majestic and beautiful and terrible. He caught her to him and held her close. The next moment she was being borne away from the radiance of earth in springtime to the world of the dead by the king who rules it.” —— Edith Hamilton

Greek Mythology Moodboard Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto, twin brother of Artemis. He was the god of music, and he is often depicted playing a golden lyre. He was also known as the Archer, far shooting with a silver bow; the god of healing, giving the science of medicine to man; the god of light; and the god of truth. One of Apollo’s most important daily tasks was to harness his four-horse chariot, in order to move the Sun across the sky.

Half-size bronze chariot and horses from the tomb of the “first emperor” Qin Shi Huangdi, who died in 210 BCE. The chariot was buried alongside  the more famous “terra-cotta warriors” in the massive burial complex for the emperor. Not all of the tomb has been excavated.

Imagine you and Ivar love to raid and battle together

This proberly is gonna be a new series! I depents if you all like it or not. :-)

Summary: You have to save reckless Ivar again and it makes you agry, like usual. He makes it up to you by giving you one of his “tricks” … what leads to the fact you have to say him you’re pregnant. 
Note: Voilence
Words: 1687

You pulled your axe out of the body from your enemie, turning right to the next one. You felt the blood of them dripping down your face while the adrenalin rushed through your body. The battlefield was complete chaos, everywhere there where vikings fighting, the enemies piling up fast. Horses ran, boots sunk in the mud under you feet. Your eyes covered the surroundings when you saw his white horse and chariot galloping by, without Ivar. “Ubbe!” You yelled out while pointing towards Ivar’s horse and chariot. He wasn’t on it what meant that he was somewhere on the ground. You and Ubbe started to run, your axe in your right hand and sword in left. You threw you sword towards Ubbe while catching a horse that stood nearby ready to take of.
“Find him!” Ubbe said. You gaze felt over the bodies, vikings and soldiers. You pushed your heels in the animal and it took off. There wasn’t time to think over the condition in witch you would find Ivar, the adrenalin kept you busy. Your horse had a hard time getting through the mud on this speed. And then you find him, killing a soldier while he tried to get a distant from the other one. You took your axe in your other hand and chopped his head clear of. You turned your horse around and looked down at Ivar, covered in mud and blood you barely recognized him.
“I had him!” Ivar pointed towards the man that you decapitated.
“I saved your life.” You responded. He gave you an angry glare before you were distracted by an other soldier. You jumped of the horse, standing beside Ivar who just sat there in full rage.
“I could handled it. I don’t need your protection.”
“I hate you when we are in battle, you know that?” You looked down at him, he chuckled. There weren’t many soldiers left, the one who came for you and Ivar didn’t get really far.
“Are we arguing again Y/n?” He asked while trowing his axe in a other soldier. “We’re always fighting during raids or battles.” You replied a little out of breath. You stepped forward, tackeling a soldier to the ground before putting your axe against his throat. You looked sideways to Ivar who gave you a seductive smile before you killed the man.

You found Ivar his horse and chariot a couple miles to the west. You brought the animal back to the camp, held still beside the brothers and jumped of the chariot. “Next time you can crawl after it yourself.” You said to Ivar who sat, already cleaned up, next to Hvitserk. You were still angry, Ivar his recklessness would cost some day everybody their lives.
“Are we still mad?” He smiled. Ubbe gave him a warning glance.
“Yes I’m mad Ivar. You can’t always think that your not a cripple, you have the mind of a genius but in battle you need protection.” 
“I agree with Y/n for once.” Hvitserk nodded.
“Shut up you fool.” Bited Ivar towards his brother.
“Don’t start.” You warned him. Ivar had always a way of work things out against his brothers if he was in a fight with you. He narrowed his eyes while his brothers wisely walked away from this.
“You don’t have a say in what I can do and can’t.” He protested. You took a large breath, closing your eyes while you tried to put some sence in the man. “I’m not going on raids again, not with you. If you want to put yourself in that kind of danger than be my guest, I will stay home praying to the gods that there will be somebody else to protect you.” You turned around and started walking.
“Y/n!” He yelled. You knew he liked it, to have you on raids, in battles, thats the reason he loved you. You weren’t like the other woman, you had no childeren, no skills in making things beautifull. You were born for this and you did it together for as long as you knew each other. So this was as hard a punishment for him as it was for you. You walked over to the creek, splashed some water into your face before drinking some of it. You looked to your own reflexion. You carefully swept the blood of your face, there was a large cut on your forehead.
“Let me take care of you.”
“Don’t start again Ivar.” You wispered while looking to the cut in your reflexion. “I’m sorry.” He said. You turned around and looked at him, his body leaning against a tree.
“You can act all tough and strong with your brothers around, trying to prove yourself and all of that but think for a moment that I’m here to.” You maked your point, less angry than before. He said nothing in return, just stared to the water. “I love raiding with you Ivar, I love this but I can’t do this properly if I’m always looking and worrying for you.” You kept your eyes on his face, trying to look for some connection, something where he agrees with you.
“Your right.” He comfirmed.
“Finally.” You threw your hand short in the air and walked over to him.
“But I still want you with me on raids.” He goes further.
“It is up to the Gods.” You nodded. You squatted down besides him and looked for a moment over his body, searching for wounds.
“I’m fine.” He grinned. Your eyes looked in his and you stared.
“You have a brilliant mind Ivar and I love that about you but,”
“Only my brilliant mind?” He interrupted you and you rolled your eyes.
“No.” You answered.
“What else do you like about me?” He asked cocky. You shook your head and pushed your finger against his shoulder.
“You know what I like about you. By the way, you never say what you like about me.” Your smiled wasn’t that sincere.
“I like to see you in battle, it’s quiet satisfying to see a women kill her enemies.” His eyes glared over your body and you smiled a little. You putted your fingers under his chin, forcing him to look at you again.
“Is that all Ivar?” You asked challenging. His eyes grew more intense while he stared back at you.
“I like our little games, your body,”
“Do you want some?” Now it was your turn to interrupting him.
“Is that even a question?” He asked with that devilish smile of his.
“Come and get it than.” And you stood up, walked away and left hem behind with that desire.

You didn’t knew where he gets it from, but every time he had something else that took your breath away. And even if you wanted to resist, you couldn’t, he didn’t let you. The craving, the longing for salvation builded up in your body until you couldn’t take in any longer. “Ivar.” You collapsed around him and leaned your head on his shoulder while you tried to steady your breath again.
“I’m a pretty good fighter in here, isn’t it y/n.” He laughed. He pulled your lips towards his and kissed you. He always wanted to prove something and every time you had to give in on the pleasure of his little games.
“Yes you are.” You barely had the breath to answer him. You rolled over to your back and he rolled over to his stomach, pressing soft kisses on your colarbone.
“I think half the camp heared you.” He smiled satisfied.
“Well, now they know you can please a woman.” You looked at him, brushing your fingers throught his hear while you enjoyed his lips roaming your skin.
“It was a good day.”
“Every day is a good day if it is with you Y/n.” He wispered.
“Don’t go all soft Ivar.” You grinned. He chuckled and puts a new hungry kiss on your lips. “Still not satisfied?” You asked slowly. You didn’t knew if you body could handle another one of his tricks.
“Never staisfied when it comes to you.” He grinned. The sensation of the battle brought you both to a whole other level with each other and you knew when you got back to Kattegat it would be different.

You stood against the mast of the boat, looking towards Kattegat when the boats sailed in. Your eyes travelled towards Ivar who sat in front, lurking over the edge. He knew you were starring because he turned his head. “Your quiet.” He observed. You nodded and looked back at Kattegat. You body felt different, not heavy from battle of traveling but just different. You knew what that meant and had processed that fact since you were on the boat. “Y/n.” Ivar clapped in his hands to get your attention.
“What?” You asked right away. He rolled his eyes and crawled towards you. You looked to his movements while thinking of the worsed.
“What is it with you? Are you so sad we are home again?” He joked. You grinned a little and shook your head.
“Don’t know what it is.”
“You sick?” He looked concerned and that was not something he showed often with others around.
“No, maybe.” You shook your head and looked how the boat laid dock. You jumped out of it and waited until the rest of the men were out. Ivar hadn’t moved, he was still watching you. “Oke.” You nodded, jumping back in the boat. “I’m pregnant. At least I think I am.” You announced. Ivar looked at you as if you just said his mother died … again. “That bad news?” You asked. He opended his month but shutted it right after again.
“Ivar, you now how, if two people love each other they make love and have childeren. Not necessarily in that order.” You explained as if you were talking to a child. He gave you an angry glance. “You asked for it.” You said defensly. He stared at the water, still shokked by the news you gave him. It was that bad news … obvious.


Archaeological Museum of Thebes:

Wall paintings from the palatial building of Orchomenos.

The formal space of the building was adorned with wall-paintings in much smaller scale than life-size. From the host of surviving fragments parts of friezes have been restored depicting subjects common in the art of the Late Bronze Age. 

On one side of the panel the ship with the oarsmen and the standing helmsman, the buildings and the groups of warriors, are possibly parts of a larger composition of a coastal city. On the other side of the panel there is a scene of hunting boar and deer, with the participants reaching the chase in a horse-drawn chariot. In all probability the group of warriors advancing on foot, spear in hand and wearing boar-tusk helmets, belong to the same composition. (13th century B.C)


This is a crossover with the scene of Fantasia, during the 6th symphony of Beethoven. As Elsa is the goddess of moon, Anna is the sun one, crossing the sky with her chariot and horses of fire. They see each other briefly during sunsets and dawns, fall in love, and Anna goes to meet Elsa every night, while she sails the ocean on her golden boat (like Helios in the greek myth) to return to east

Passover Vocabulary

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מָרוֹר-bitter herbs
עַם ישׂרַאֵל-the nation of Israel, the Jewish people

מַכַּה-plague; hit
(note: I didn’t forget any; I left some out on purpose because I was trying to do words that exist in Modern Hebrew)

יַם סוּף-the Red Sea
קריעַת ים סוף-the splitting of the Red Sea
לִתבּוֹעַ-to drown; to sue
לְברוֹחַ-to escape; to run away
לְרדוֹף אַחַרֵי…-to chase after…

שׁוּלחַן עַרוּך-a set table
ניסַן-Nissan (the month in which Passover happens)
בֵּית הַמִקדַשׁ-the Temple
לִסעוֹד-to feast
סְעוּדַה-a feast; holiday meal
לַשׁיר-to sing
לִשׂמוֹחַ-to be happy

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At first, I was just going to point out the mistake of the palm tree unintentionally floating.

…but then, I realized there was also a guy riding a pink and blue chariot propelled by a hobby horse, and suddenly the palm tree error didn’t look so bad.