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Iron Age chariot and horses unearthed on Pocklington building site

Two horse skeletons and the remains of a chariot dating back to the Iron Age have been found on a housing development in East Yorkshire.

Archaeologists started working on the Pocklington site in 2014 and have excavated more than 75 burial graves, known as barrows.

They described the latest find as “highly unusual”.

Other finds include human skeletons, including a “young warrior”, swords, spears and shields.

Those working at the excavation site said current investigations were looking into how the chariot and horses might be linked to human burials.

They said further testing and analysis was expected to reveal more information. Read more.


“…a chasm opened in the earth and out of it coal-black horses sprang, drawing a chariot and driven by one who had a look of dark splendor, majestic and beautiful and terrible. He caught her to him and held her close. The next moment she was being borne away from the radiance of earth in springtime to the world of the dead by the king who rules it.”

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Kageyama remained utterly true to his word. When he said he wanted to treat Shouyou well enough to make him want to stay, he had meant it.

The second morning Shouyou woke, again far, far later in the day than he’d ever been allowed at the temple, thanks to his daily duties and the bells that rang just after dawn. But here, at the villa, no one disturbed his rest. Even after he had pulled himself from slumber, he stayed curled under the whisper soft sheets, sinking into the cushioned bed below as the gentlest breeze rippled through the room, tossing his hair on his forehead where it poked out from under the covers.

A fine fragrance eventually caught his attention, sweet and delicate on the air, the freshness of flowers. It was so pleasant that it finally roused him fully and he sat up, wondering what it was, intent on investigating. Immediately, he found he need look no further than his bedside.

“Oh…” he gasped, rubbing his eyes as he took in the sight before him.

The entire floor of his room had been strewn with rose petals, all soft pink and white. 

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The Witchy Lifestyle: Beltane

Once again, the Wheel of the Year turns and we come to another milestone in the holidays that many of us witches celebrate! And here at the peak of spring and the beginning of summer, we have perhaps one of the most beautiful (and fun, if ya know what I mean) of the Celtic seasonal festivals: Beltane, or May Day.

Like Imbolc, Beltane’s history (at least in Ireland) is linked to the cultural livelihood: cattle. It’s at this time that the cattle would be driven out to the summertime pastures, and as such, it was necessary to protect the cattle in some way. Beltane was an opportunity to work rites that would protect the cattle during the summer months as they grazed.

Bonfires were lit, a new flame welcoming the warm months ahead and meant to help encourage growth, fertility, and protection. These bonfires were more than just celebratory, and weren’t really meant for the California tradition of roasting hot dogs and hamburgers. These fires were a representation of passion and the energy of life at its most potent. They were also fires that were built in honor of the Sun. This is one of the Celtic fire festivals, and so the flame has ritual significance. When the fire had burned down enough, couples and individuals would leap the flames and embers - an act of purification and encouraging fertility, and an act of love as it was a way for couples to pledge their loyalty to one another.

Cattle would be driven through the smoke. Again, this was an act of cleansing and protection. By walking the very livelihood of the village through the smoke and ashes of a solar fire, the farmers were petitioning the solar deities for continued health and success of the community. Other customs made use of two bonfires, in which the cattle would be driven between the two flames. Regardless, the cattle were meant to be protected from disease and malevolent spirits through the use of this ritual.

Later on, embers would be gathered from these flames and brought to the home. In a time without electricity, fire was life-giving. A “need-fire” was ever-present in the home, to be kept throughout the year for cooking and warmth. If one’s fire were to go out, it would be considered a bad omen and a sign of bad luck on their doorstep. Traditionally, the need-fire would be put out only once during the year: on Beltane. At this time, a new need-fire would be kindled from the embers of the Beltane fire, a way of bringing the summer sun into the home for the remainder of the year. 

In Celtic Britain, Beltane was a festival with similar themes and motifs, but the deity associated with Beltane was non other than Belenus, a deity of the sun. Like Apollo, Belenus was believed to drive a horse-drawn chariot across the sky, bringing the sun along behind him.

Today, Beltane continues to be celebrated primarily as a fertility festival. Various practices are done on Beltane, including the dance of the maypole (the pole itself is a phallic representation, thrust in to the Earth; the ring of flowers near the top symbolize Mother Nature; the ribbons wound around the pole during the maypole dance represent the spiral of life); the Beltane bonfire, to be leaped for cleansing, protection, and luck; and often handfastings.

The Turning of the Wheel

In the story of the archetypal gods that helps teach the Wheel of the Year, it’s at this time that the Goddess is sexually mature, as well as the Oak King (often depicted at this time of the year as the Green Man). They come together in marriage and consummate that union. The Goddess on this day transitions from the Maiden to the Mother, and the Earth reflects that in its mass floral blooms and productive crops, as well as the arrival of many baby animals at this time of the year.

At this time of the year, it’s sensible for fertility magic as well as cleansing and protection magic to be worked, as well as marriage and handfasting ceremonies to be performed. However, it’s also a great time to honor the spirits of nature, including the Faerie, for whom this festival is also dedicated. Like Samhain, it’s believed that the material world and the spiritual world are particularly close this time of the year, so it’s appropriate to honor ancestors, as well.

So Josh, What Will You Be Doing to Celebrate?

Well, given that this is a fertility festival, my boyfriend and I have… plans (wink wink, nudge nudge). However! My coven is getting together to have a Beltane bonfire at one of the local beaches, complete with a rite to honor all of our gods, as well as the local faerie folk. We’ll be making this a big, fun occasion!

May your Beltane fires be bright, and your year blessed!
Blessed Be! )O(

BTS Greek Gods

Zeus - God of the Sky

Symbol: Eagle

Ruler of the Olympian gods. His weapon is a thunderbolt, which he hurls at those who displeased or defied him. Can create all natural phenomena related to the air and the sky, such as storms and intense darkness. At his command, mighty thunders would flash and lightning would roll, wreaking havoc, or the skies would open to rejuvenate the earth with life-giving water.

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fun sparta fact of today

in case you thought sparta had no flair for the dramatic, keep in mind they were banned from the olympics in 420 for political reasons… but some guy entered his four horse chariot anyway under an assumed name and then made a big show of throwing off his disguise when he won and claimed his prize as a spartan

then the judges disqualified him and also had him whipped which is one exception to the rule that corporal punishment is for slaves only


@icarsus asks ⇥ helios or selene

 Selene was the Titan goddess of the moon. She was depicted as a woman riding sidesaddle on a horse or driving a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds. Her lunar sphere or crescent was either a crown set upon her head or the fold of a raised, shining cloak. She was sometimes said to drive a team of oxen and her lunar crescent was likened to a pair of bull’s horns.


One shot - Ivar and Björn

Imagine: Björn and Ivar coming back from a successful a raid and challenge each other for a race back to camp. Because they know you are there waiting for them and the first to get there is the first to have you.

Words: 1375

Both of their faces were covered in blood, not to talk about their clothes. The smell of death was all over them, but the smiles on their faces had never been so bright. In the background Vikings were shouting and singing. The raid had ended in their favour, they had found a lot of gold and silver and by that they had lost almost none of their friends. “You did a good job, Ivar, I have to tell you that.” Björn guided his horse closer towards Ivar’s chariot and looked at his half-brother with a big smile on his face. It was Ivar who thought about the strategy they used, and although Björn had his doubts about it in advance, it had turned out very well. “I knew it would work.” Ivar told Björn with an evil smirk on his face. He was resting his arms on the knob on his chariot. “The brains and the muscles.” Björn said with a little nod and stroke over his long braid. “There is one thing I want right now more than all the gold and silver we won today.” Ivar said and Björn looked at him with a frown on his face. It only took a few second to realize what he meant. “A woman.” Björn whispered and grunted softly. He grabbed his saddle and displaced himself in his saddle from eagerness. “More than just a woman. I want y/n.” Ivar’s words made Björn frown his face. “Keep on dreaming, brother.”
“Why?” Ivar said with an evil smile and raised his eyebrows. “If I want her, I can have her.” Björn turned his horse closer towards the chariot. Ivar tried to dodge his hand, but he didn’t had much space to move. Björn had locked his hand around Ivar’s collar and pulled him against him. “No you cannot. She is mine. I laid with her before.” He whispered with an angry undertone in his voice. Ivar looked straight into the eyes of Björn and started to laugh. With his hands he pushed Björn away and again leaned forward relaxed. “That does not mean anything, Björn. You are not married to her.” Ivar had fun seeing Björn getting angry about the situation. “What are you even saying Ivar? Look at me, and then look at you.” Björn straightened his back and pulled the reins to contain his horse. It was still full of energy from the battle. “Then we will battle.” Ivar said and licked his lower lip. Björn started to laugh, he leaned his head forward and looked at the sky. “I’ll cut you to pieces.” Björn said with an enormous smile. “I am not talking about a fight. I am talking about a race.”
“A race?” Björn asked in confusion. “A race.” Ivar repeated. He pointed with one hand to the white horse in front of his chariot and after that to the dappled grey one that Björn was riding. “The first back in the camp can have y/n.” Ivar pointed out the rules and looked at Björn in a questioning way, waiting for him to accept or decline. “You have lost already.” Björn smirked and pulled up an eyebrow. He shook his head with a smile on his face, already thinking about his price. “You know my horse has more stamina and more muscles, Björn.” Ivar warned him and looked away, acting like he didn’t care. “And I got more stamina and muscles then you, Ivar. So stop talking empty words and show me something.” Björn started to wake his horse, which made him scamper on spot. “Are you sure you don’t want any head start?” Ivar asked and bit his lip to prevent himself from laughing. “Shut up and turn the reins.” Björn commanded him and nodded at him, making clear he was about to set off. “What are you waiting for?” He asked one last time and finally saw Ivar picking up his reins. Björn pressed his heels against his horse and felt it jump forward. Ivar smacked his reins on the hind of his white horse and with a soft yell to encourage him he felt the chariot starting to go forward.
Björn was a long way ahead of Ivar. His horse was able to pull of more speed than Ivar’s horse. The wheels of the chariot sunk half away in the moist grass and made it very hard for his horse to pull it at high speed. But Ivar didn’t allow him to give up, and eventually the ground started to became firmer which gave him more grip. “I’m gaining on you.” Ivar yelled behind Björn and smacked his reins harder on the hind of his horse. Björn looked over his shoulder and indeed saw Ivar come closer. He felt his own horse starting to get tired, his breath was hasty and here and there he started to stumble over his own feet. “By Odin.” He cursed in silence and drilled his heels in the ribs of his horse. Ivar’s laughter became louder and louder, and eventually the both of them were racing next to each other. “I warned you. Y/n is mine.” Ivar spotted and laughed Björn in the face. Björn felt his horse was on the point of collapsing, and as much as he wanted to win you for himself, he wouldn’t want his horse to die for it. “She’s mine.” Ivar sang, and at the same moment his chariot flew from the ground. Ivar wasn’t paying attention to the road and didn’t saw the rock coming. So his horse jumped right over it, but the chariot wasn’t able to follow. A big crack sounded, and one of the weels came off. The chariot lost control and brought his horse to stumble. “Ivar!” Björn yelled and pulled his reins to stop his own horse. He saw both the chariot and the horse slide over the gravel. Björn jumped from his horse while it was still running and ran towards the wreck. “Ivar.” He yelled again and jumped over the chariot to go to his brother who was catapulted away a little further. “Don’t touch me.” Ivar yelled furious and pressed his jaws firmly on each other. There was a fresh wound on his head, but further he was okay. “The horse!” Ivar snorted with rage and started to crawl towards his white horse that was on the ground. It was trying to get up, but the wrecked chariot and gravity worked against him. Immediately Björn lifted up the cracked wood and helped the horse to find his legs. Apart from two bleeding knees he looked fine. “It’s all right Ivar. Floki can fix your chariot and time will heal your horse.” Björn petted the white horse over his shoulder and tried to calm it down.
His brother was harder to calm down. Ivar needed a few more minutes. He had screamed the lungs outside of his body, thrown away some broken pieces of wood and most of all being stubborn about accepting Björn’s help. In the meantime Björn had released Ivar’s horse from the broken chariot and had caught his own horse. “Last time Ivar, let me bring you back to camp? If you want to crawl, fine by me but by the time you arrive we’ll be back in Kattegat.” Ivar grunted and dragged himself towards Björn. “Fine.” He said against his enthusiasm and looked at Björn with a glance that was able to kill. But it only made Björn laugh softly. He bowed forward and picked his brother from the ground as if he was a feather. He laid him down behind the saddle which he took place in after Ivar had found some balance. “Here.” He handed him the reins of his own horse and made the dappled grey go forward. “I guess we already know who has won.” Björn said in a teasing way and looked behind him at Ivar who laid sideways over the back of the horse. “Shut your mouth and get on.” Ivar murmured and turned away his face. “I’ll think of you when..” - “Didn’t you hear me? Shut your mouth.” Ivar’s temper had sunk below zero. Björn’s only response was to laugh and shake his head from left to right.

Love in the Time of the Gods: Chapter 13/17

SummaryKillian Jones is the lonely God of the Underworld in search of a companion. He is watching the goddess Emma, and suddenly has hope that his loneliness can be cured. She agrees to spend two weeks with him in the Underworld. Will that be enough to convince her to stay and rule by his side? (rating for later chaps; mention of sexual assault in one chap and not between Emma and Killian).

Rating: E (for future chapters)

Word Count: ~2K

Catch Up: / AO3

Author’s Note: FINALLY THE MUSE HAS SAW FIT TO ALLOW ME TO UPDATE MY BABY! Not only that, but Brenda (my muse…yes I named her) has saw fit to give me a final chapter count. So three more full chapters and an epilogue are left in my baby. If wanted, I can still revisit this universe. Thanks, as always, to @shipsxahoy, my beloved beta, banner maker, and Mulan to my Ruby. And to the official artist of LITTOTG and co-head cheerleader (other than Bianca, of course) @cocohook38. I’m telling you, Bianca and Julie are the brains of the operation; I just write the words. 

Now, without further ado…

“I have never seen him so angry…” Pestilence acknowledged, leading the horses towards the cavern entrance.

“I’m just glad it’s not directed at us for a change,” Panic quipped, Pain nodding heavily in agreement. The three of them, while being his closest confidants for many a century, also took the brunt of his anger when he saw fit to lash out.

“How can you think like that when Emma has been taken? Need I remind you what happens when a soul-bonded goddess is away from her mate?!”

Both of their smiles disappeared. Pestilence filled them in on the information she had read in that book Killian had left lying around on his bed that day. She was so worried for her friend; she was taking this news as well as Killian was.

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check | ivar ragnarsson

third part in a series

first part: see the whole board

second part: middlegame

The ground was sodden underfoot. The mud had been churned up by boots and wheels and hordes of men battling. Bright pools of blood lay in the hollows, growing as they progressed deeper into the field. More men lay here too, and you slid about them, grasping your dampening skirt hems up about you as you pushed on through the scatter of bodies.

The corpses made for a morbid forest, trunks laying where they fell, mottled and twisted from the storm. Some lay with their eyes open, leaking their death breaths from their lungs, which were often pierced with snapped off arrows, pointing high to the sky.

You tried not to look at their faces but in your haste to move across the field you found yourself having to pay attention to the footing you took. Limbs lay like brambles, tangling up the ground, making your progress slower than you would have liked. Your breath heaved from the effort and the worry and you buckled over, hands braced at your knees, eyes to the earth.

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