horse back riding is not a sport

Little things that I thought/noticed/love about the UD crew after watching far too many playthroughs:

  • Even while being hunted by a killer and possibly chased by ghosts, stuck on a mountain with no cell or wi-fi reception, Chris will still take time to check his phone.
  • While freaking out about losing her phone, Jess claims it’s “like my fourth phone this year.” Considering the game takes place on February 2, I really hope she means “school year,” because losing or destroying four phones in one month and two days must be some kind of record.
  • It’s canon that Jessica Riley watches animal-related videos online. I bet she likes cute cat gifs.
  • I will never be over Michael Munroe, a video game character, uttering the words “This isn’t the internet. This is real life.”
  • There are a lot of things in the game that stretch believability. The existence of wendigos. The idea that trained law enforcement professionals could search Blackwood Pines for 30+ days and not find the mine shafts that a bunch of kids stumbled on in one evening. The notion that the same police department searched the sanatorium (as stated in the opening credits), without finding all the wendigos chained up in the cages, or without finding the actual decades-old dead bodies lying around. But to me, by far the most incredible, unrealistic, belief-stretching thing that happens is Mike lighting a fire in the cabin fireplace…with nothing but ONE SINGLE MATCH.
  • I mean, I’ve tried to light fires before (in a fire pit; I’m not a pyromaniac). Unless those logs were soaked in gasoline, that is not how it works.
  • In the prologue, Josh and Beth are wearing matching bracelets. Friendship bracelets? Washington family solidarity? I dunno, but it’s cute.
  • Speaking of bracelets, Ashley’s claim that Sam never takes off her bracelet is true–Sam is still wearing it during her bath. Wonder what the personal significance of said bracelet is? Has someone written a fic about this yet?
  • The “remembrance board” that Josh made for the twins includes several locks of their hair. Where he got them, I don’t know. Did he just have clumps of his sisters’ hair lying around in his room?
  • The remembrance board also includes winners’ ribbons from horseback riding competitions. We know Hannah was a competitive tennis player. Did she also ride horses competitively? Or was that Beth’s sport? Is there a sad horse stabled somewhere on the Washingtons’ property in California, waiting for Beth to come home and ride it again?
  • There’s a cute potential exchange between Chris and Ashley, while they’re searching for Sam, that I just saw for the first time recently because everyone always picks the “courageous” option instead of the “reluctant” one. But if “reluctant” is picked and Ashley talks about how scared she is, Chris says, “I’m scared, too. But I got your back, okay? As long as you got mine?” And Ashley smiles a little and says “I do.” I know it’s not the popular pairing but I don’t care, I ship it 4 life.
  • Josh emailed details, or at least an outline, of his revenge plan to his therapist. This would seem to support Sam’s potential line of dialogue claiming that the whole thing was a subconscious cry for help. 
  • Emily has a more freaked-out reaction to finding a bunch of old skeletons than she does to finding the decapitated, decomposed but still recognizable head of her own friend.
  • Emily’s boots are cute. I would buy them…except knowing Emily’s taste in fashion, they probably cost about a thousand dollars minimum. 
  • What the heck do Emily’s parents do for a living, anyway?
  • Everything out of Dr. Hill’s mouth becomes reeeeally interesting once you realize not only that Josh is the person he’s talking to, but that Dr. Hill himself is Josh. Or rather, Dr. Hill is a figment of Josh’s deteriorating grasp on reality. Everything “Dr. Hill” says, Josh is consciously or subconsciously saying to himself. And “Dr. Hill” says some pretty harsh stuff to Josh (some deserved, some not so much): chastising him for putting his friends through “horror” and “torture,” taunting him with his worst fears, and calling him things like “psychopath,” “sick fuck,” and “self-indulgent, spoiled little brat.” Let it not be said that Josh is not aware of his own shortcomings.

jungkook: anime marathons, ballads, roller coasters, ear piercings, timberlands, baggy white shirts, comic books, lifting weights, toothy grins, body heat, adrenaline rushes, race car driving, chocolate glazed doughnuts, fresh sheets, lamb skewers, puma sweatpants, memes, seagulls

taehyung: hide and seek, tickling, wide-legged pants, elephants, cute nicknames, art museums, alien conspiracy theories, record stores, ice hockey, sketchbooks, flower bouquets, strawberry farms, resting his head in your lap, cheeky smiles, billiards, fallen angels

jimin: cuddling, laughing at everything, plump lips, piggy-back rides, cotton candy, eye smiles, kittens, holding hands for the first time, volleyball, cloud-watching, falling asleep to his singing, apple picking, orange hair, carnivals, teddy bears, sun sets, blowing candles on birthday cakes

hoseok: street dancing, coffee shop dates, early morning sun rays, trying a new sport, smiling at strangers, flying kites, tennis, going to disneyland, beach days, horses running on a field, claw machines in arcades, bandanas, canonballs in swimming pools

namjoon: literature, dimples, gushing about a crush, foreign languages, philosophy, discovering new kinks, forehead kisses, grand libraries, black and white movies, re-watching your favourite shows, long hours spent commuting, red converse shoes

yoongi: afternoon naps, late night songwriting sessions, piano melodies, basketball games, photography, recording studios, underground rapping, heated kisses, music festivals, sleeping in, freshly brewed coffee, first snowflakes, cursing, leather jackets

seokjin: mukbangs, the colour pink, lame dad jokes, mario figurines, traffic dance, windscreen laughter, polaroid cameras, suits and ties, crocs, home-cooked meals, snowboarding, clicking with someone you meet for the first time, blowing air kisses, shoulders

got7 ver.

part two of my magical royal bangtan au!!! thanks to everyone who said they wanted to read more of it,,,,,,im blessed!!!!! (here) is part one, id suggest reading it first so you get the jist of the story !!~~~

  • so you’re the oracle who is going to foretell if there will be a war between your kingdom and it’s rival kingdom 
  • and wizard yoongi drops you off (well,,,,,,,i mean he gets paid for finding you so you could consider it as you being delivered but like,,,,,let’s just not get into that ,,,,,,,) to the three princes: jin, jimin, and jungkook
  • and they’re like you have to marry one of us because the act of marriage will help you see the future and what we should do in order to beat the rival kingdom 
  • and it’s like you have to do it for the sake of your kingdom and country but you turn to yoongi and you’re like “i don’t really wan-” but he’s like “you gotta.” 
  • and so on your first day,,,,,,,,,,in the palace,,,,,,,,you’re surprised when servants are at your bedside when you wake up and people are giving you these garments to wear that look like they could pay for your parents taxes for the next 4 years???? and your breakfast options are literally a whole table of imported coffee, truffles, fruits, you name it??????
  • and it’s all too much to handle and prince jimin is kind enough to try and shoo off some of the staff because all these people and all these questions is visibly making you uncomfortable
  • and the prince is like “i know it’s hard,,,,,,,,but,,,,,,,,,,,please,,,,,,,” and you’re like “i don’t understand whats going on? i don’t even know IF im the oracle!!! why can’t you three just discuss peace options with the other kingdom”
  • and jimin is like “we wish we could, but ever since,,,,,,,,,,,an incident in our past,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like ?????? and jimin sighs and looks around and is like “come with me, you can’t tell prince jin i told you about this or else he’ll nag my ear off!”
  • and so you follow prince jimin into the library and up a spiral staircase until you’re down some dusty aisle of expensive looking leather-bound books
  • and jimin is like “last year, we were drafting up a peace treaty with the other kingdom. the three sons of that kingdom, namjoon, taehyung and hoseok, had always been in competition with us because,,,,,,,well we’re princes it’s our job to try and up-one each other for the sake of our countries glory,,,,,but finally our parents wanted to put that behind us. unfortunately,,,,,,,,,,”
  • jimin trails off but you’re like “unfortunately????” and jimin sighs and he’s like “unfortunately,,,,,the conference was disrupted by some kind of ambush attack. we believe it was a wizard, but we aren’t sure. they flew in on their broom and had went straight for the other kingdom’s king with a sword, but prince taehyung had blocked it and well,,,,,,,,,,,,he managed to protect his father but,,,,,,,,,,got scarred in the struggle. the scar runs across his left eye and well after that,,,,,,,,the brothers blamed up on hiring the wizard even though we didn’t and now we expect that??? they’re going to wage a war-”
  • jimin doesn’t get to finish because you both hear the huge door open and jin’s voice call out from the floor below
  • jimin pulls you alongside him and is like “oh, we were just talking brother!!! i was showing them all the books you and father have collected - we’ll come down!!!!”
  • but the whole time you’re walking with them back to the dining hall you can’t help but think about those other three brothers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,taehyung?,,,,,,,,,,hoseok,,,,,,,,,,and namjoon,,,,,,,,,

–> Namjoon

  • is the only brother who doesn’t actually bare a grudge against the other kingdom. he’s way more interested in putting effort into bettering his own country 
  • enjoys political discussions with older officials and meets up with professors at the local universities and famous writers and always has a notebook to jot notes down
  • wears glasses when he isn’t at formal events and all the servants think he looks really cute in them but no one dares to tell him because his resting face is really serious and they aren’t sure how to read his emotions
  • tripped over a billion dollar ancient statue once
  • you see him at the first ever meeting the two kingdoms hold because even if there might be a war there is things like trading and country barriers that have to be discussed and namjoon, being the most level-headed of the three is always sent to talk to jin
  • and you’re not supposed to be eavesdropping on their conversation but you really REALLY wanna see this brother from the other kingdom to learn more about them
  • but the problem is namjoon gets up halfway through the mediation and ends up walking down the halls to the bathroom and you’re like ok ok hide,,,,,,but you make a bunch of noise and namjoon stops in his tracks and you’re like shIT from where you’re standing behind the plant
  • and you think it’s ok,,,,,he won’t find me
  • but then you hear a deep voice go “hey” and you’re like OH GOD
  • and you get so scared you turn to fast and knock the whole plant over and you’re like scurrying to try and get it back up but there’s dirt everywhere and namjoon is watching you and is like “,,,,,,,um are you? a servant?”
  • but then he sees what you’re wearing and he’s like “wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,are you the oracle?” 
  • and you stand up straight and put your hands up and you’re like nO NO NO 
  • but it’s obvious he doesn’t believe you and he’s like “is it true? you can predict the future?” and you’re like nO I CANT I DONT KNOW UH
  • and namjoon looks so fascinated and he’s like “i need to know more,,,,,”
  • and you’re like “i ????? don’t know?????? isn’t jin - prince jin - waiting for you????”
  • and namjoon is like right right,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you think that’s the last you’ll see of him but you overhear at the dinner table that namjoon is staying in the palace since jin still needs to speak with him for some more time and jungkook makes a face but jin is like bEHAVE
  • and the worse, more curious part of you decides to see if it’s true - if he’s really staying here
  • and it is. you find him exactly where you expect,,,,,,,,,in the astronomy tower that’s barely ever visited and you want to just walk away but you ,,,,, can’t for some reason
  • and you’re like “um - hi we met before-” and namjoon basically runs down the steps to you and he’s like “the oracle!!!!!!! amazing, i knew wizards and magical beings still existed but -”
  • and he touches your wrist and lifts it up to examine it and you’re like erm what are you doing
  • and he’s like sorry, ive never met someone whose blood is laced with magic and you’re like ??????/
  • but you think he’s,,,,,,,,,,interesting and he doesn’t seem at all interested in the war like everyone else and you talk get to talking and you tell namjoon of your dreams and prophecies
  • and he’s like amazed by you
  • and namjoon ends up staying for a week and a half him and jin have to go over so much and every night you met in the tower and talk
  • and when he has to go,,,,,,,,,you ask if you’ll see him again and he’s like i don’t think i can come back here for a while,,,,,,,,,but when the wedding happens -
  • and you look down because,,,,,,,you don’t want the wedding to happen
  • and namjoon can see this clearly on your face
  • which immediately makes his heart turn and suddenly he’s getting marching back inside to where jin and the others are and he’s like “you know, you don’t need the oracle to be married to let them have their vision.” 
  • and jin is like “what? how do you know-” and namjoon puts a hand around you and you’re like !!!!!!! and the other three are like “GUAR-”
  • but namjoon is like “you’re saying the ‘power’ of marriage is enough but there is no power in marriage. maybe,,,,,maybe a kiss will be enough,,,,,”
  • and everyone is shocked and namjoon turns to you and he’s like “it’s science, romantic physically gestures,,,,,,,,,increase endorphin’s,,,,,,,so,,,,,,,”
  • and you, who totally doesn’t wanna get married, reaches up to hold his face and bring your lips to his,,,,,,,,,and it’s like an electricity runs through you
  • and you can see the vision, the vision of peace - the vision of jin and namjoon laughing alongside each other and you excitedly pull back and exclaim there won’t be any war!!!!1
  • while namjoon needs to adjust his glasses and still his heart because WOAH you’re a good kisser

–> Taehyung

  • is the most apprehensive about your kingdom because of what happened to his eye,,,,,,,,,for a while he covered it up with a patch but recently he’s taken to not wearing it just because hoseok has convinced him it doesn’t make him look bad,,,,,,,,,,it makes him look really strong
  • and everyone in his country respects him for taking care of the king so well
  • and taehyung,,,,,,,,,,,,,,has another reason for his animosity and it’s because magic,,,,,in the modern world has been looked down apart. a wizard is even the one who is said to have been the one attack his father that day,,,,,,,but taehyung,,,,has magic in his blood
  • he isn’t sure what to trace it back to,,,,,but he can speak with animals. he’s been able to do it since he was a child and was first taught to horseback ride,,,,he could literally speak to his horse and everyone thought he just had a gift for the sport, but no,,,,,,he just knew what the horse was thinking and could tell it what he wanted
  • and you meet taehyung through animals because as you’re sitting in room you hear something tapping at the window and once you open it a dove flies in
  • and in its beak is what looks like a letter and when you open it,,,,,,,,,,still shellshocked that you got ,,,,,,,this letter by literal carrier dove
  • you see the words ‘are you the oracle?’ and you’re like ???? w- what is this
  • and you think about showing it to the princes, so they know someone else knows you’re here. but then you think,,,,,what if this is someone seeking help,,,,,,,,,or maybe someone seeking to help you 
  • because you really don’t want to get married, you’re still young!
  • so you take the risk and write back ‘yes. who is asking’ and giving it back to the bird who takes off back to the skies
  • and the next day in the afternoon, she’s back with a new letter and this one says ‘im from the other kingdom. are they using you to see if there will be a war? they don’t have to do that. there will be war for what they did to us.’
  • and you suddenly get a feeling in the pit of your stomach that maybe you shouldn’t have replied to the letter so you just crumple this one up and throw it away
  • but the two days pass and another letter comes and it goes ‘i don’t know if you know the story, oracle. but i was scarred in your countries meek attack on my father. i cannot let my people down and not wage a war, do you understand?’
  • and you remember ,,,,, the scar,,,,,,this must be taehyung and you know you can’t ignore this letter so you write back: ‘i know the story, i know of what happened to you taehyung but the attack on your father was not planned. war won’t be good for either country, it was the work of a wizard.’
  • the letter you get back: ‘and so what, a wizard could be used by your country! they’re using you, an oracle to foretell the future, they could hire another magic being to kill my father!’
  • you can see the handwriting is bigger and more messy, you can see there’s anger in it and you look at the dove as it sits on your balcony waiting for you to reply and you can only write back ‘they’re using my vision to see if there is a war,,,,,and what they will be able to do to stop it. they want nothing to protect our people, they don’t want a war so they wouldn’t have had reason to kill your father. you understand, don’t you - what the consequence on your people will be?’
  • you don’t get a reply for a week and it’s nearing the time of the wedding
  • but suddenly instead of the dove, you get an eagle and the message says ‘come to the outskirts of the stables’ and you’re confused, but you go and you see a hooded figure standing right behind one of the bushes and when the hood comes off you see ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the most handsome boy
  • with beautiful glowing skin, a lean figure and then,,,,,,,,,,the scar,,,,,,
  • and you gasp because taEHYUNG???? prince TAEHYUNG??? and he’s like “shhhhh, ive come here,,,,,,,to ask you something.”
  • and you’re like what???? you know if the princes find you you’ll be arres-
  • and he’s like shaking his head and he’s like “is it true, you’re an oracle. is it true they didn’t plan the attack on my father.”
  • and you swallow and stand up a bit straighter and you’re like 
  • “i,,,,,,,,,would be willing to bet my life. and im sure that the vision i have when im married,,,,,,,,it will proclaim peace. there is no need for this war.”
  • and taehyung looks at you, the stern serious brown in his eyes suddenly turning slightly softer and he reaches out to touch your hand and you’re like ?
  • and he’s like “excuse me, i just never thought the oracle would turn out to be,,,,,,,,,,this ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,beautiful”
  • and you’re like aHH,,,,,,,but he’s suddenly like “i need to go, now. my horse says someone is coming near. ill,,,,,,,write to you”
  • and you wave him off but as you’re going back inside you’re like wait,,,,,his horse??????Spoke to him
  • and you and taehyung exchange letters until finally on the day before the wedding he shows up and prince jungkook nearly dashes at him, saber out
  • but taehyung is like “im here to deliver official news” and jin is like usually namjoon is sent and taehyung is like “on behalf of my country - i want us to sign a peace treaty. there will be no war.”
  • and everyone is shocked because what,,,,,,,,,,,why the sudden change of heart and taehyung flicks his gaze to where you’re standing back near the palace doors and he’s like “i,,,,,have reflected and see no point in war. i want to protect my people.”
  • and the treaty is signed and it’s celebrated by each country but taehyung suddenly asks jin that,,,,,,,,if it’s possible he’d like to see the oracle and jin is like well,,,,,,,we don’t need the prophecy anymore so it should be safe
  • and taehyung walks over to you and asks if you’ll dance with him to celebrate the treaty
  • and you agree and jimin is like leaning over to jin and he’s like “i can’t believe prince taehyung seduced them in that one minute and we couldn’t do it in a whole 30 days,,,,,,,”

–> Hoseok

  • looks like he follows the rules and listens to the rules of his country and to his other brothers, but in reality there’s something a little,,,,,,mischievous about him
  • is the most social of the brothers when it comes to the people of his country and he enjoys going around without guards in the town and buying from local farmers and talking to school teachers and playing with the kids in the street
  • and is not really sure where he stands on the whole war thing,,,,,,,,,but what he does know is that he’s incredibly interested in the people of other kingdoms,,,,,how do they live? what does their food taste like? what kind of holidays do they have?
  • which is why he travels over to your kingdom one time,,,,,,,,,and he isn’t even sure of all of this oracle business or the war he just wants to see your country for himself
  • and you,,,,,,well you’re a rebellious oracle. you don’t wanna sit in that palace all day with the princes you don’t much want to marry
  • you want to go back, you want to see your family at least see how they’re doing and if they’re worried for you
  • and that’s why one morning you pack yourself some bread and slip out of the garden unnoticed by the maids who you’d distracted with something
  • and you run down the forest path that leads to the town and you’re so happy
  • to be on the streets you are familiar with, see people you know
  • even though you have to hide under a veil you’ve prepared so no one knows who you are and doesn’t report you back to the princes
  • and you’re navigating your way to your parents produce shop when you bump into someone and all the things in their basket go flying
  • and you’re like “oh my gosh im so ,,,, sorry”
  • and you try to pick up a mango that’s rolling away and the person lets out this sunny, melodic chuckle
  • and you look up and ,,,,,,,,,,,, wow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there is sunbeams and everything soft embodied in a person and you almost drop that damn mango
  • and he’s like “no problem!! by the way, do you know where i can find this street?”
  • and he shows you a map and you’re like oh,,,,of course-
  • and you give him directions and he gives you another smile that almost makes you tip over because WOW how can someone look like that
  • and you have to part ways but you’re like,,,,,he’s the most wonderful,,,,,,traveler you’ve ever seen
  • and you get back to the palace and are in for an earful from everyone until they’re distracted with incoming news and you see jin open up the paper and 
  • the front page,,,,,,,,,it’s a picture of the traveler you saw???? the super handsome but jin frowns and he’s like “prince hoseok,,,,,,was last seen in our town? they might have sent him as a spy we should do something.”
  • and you’re like wait what and you look at the photo and you’re 100% sure that that’s who you saw,,,,,,,
  • and that night as you’re sleeping you wake up from another dream but,,,,it’s a bad one,,,,,,,,,,,,,really bad and it involves prince hoseok being hurt by one of the villagers,,,,,literally you see him get bludgeoned
  • and you get up and run down the halls to jin’s room and ask his servants to wake him up
  • and when you explain your vision jin kind of goes “that’s,,,,,i can’t allow that to happen. even if he is our rival, send out a search team.”
  • and the entire night is lighted up with the lights from the search team as they look through the town to find the prince
  • and they do,,,,but it’s too late, he’s already been hurt but he’s rushed to the palace to get medical treatment by the in-house doctor
  • and when you hear whats happened you run to go see if prince hoseok is ok
  • and somehow,,,,,,something pulls you toward him and you don’t leave his side the entire night
  • and when he wakes up, still groggy you fill him in and he’s like “you—-you saw a vision? are you the oracle?” and you nod slowly and he’s like “but,,,,,,i saw you in town?” and you’re like “i escaped for a bit, i do that. but seriously, are you ok?”
  • and hoseok smiles and you’re like ???? and he’s like “you’re like me, you can’t sit still.”
  • and you don’t know what to say,,blushing a bit and looking down and you’re like “um,,,,,,,,,” because like ,,,,,,, wow he’s so beautiful even with a bruised lip and a huge bandaged on his head,,,,,,,you can’t help but get embarrassed in front of him
  • and jin comes by and asks if hoseok is spying on their kingdom and hoseok just laughs and is like “no, i was just here to sample the culture” and jin doesn’t believe him but you’re like trying to convince him that hoseok is innocent and jin is like “why are you so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nice to him?” and you’re like “im an oracle, i have magic in me and my magic is telling me he wasn’t spying.”
  • and jin doesn’t know what to do but he calls for the other two princes to come and pick up their brother
  • and when they do, taehyung and namjoon thank jin for returning their brother safely
  • but you’re sad to see hoseok go,,,,,and you know you have to be married in a couple of days,,,,,,,,but,,,,,,,,,,,
  • until suddenly something begins to hurt in your head and you drop to your knees and jimin rushes to you
  • and you can see it before your eyes,,,,,,,,,that the two kingdoms are at peace,,,,,,,,and you go “the vision,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the prophecy,,,,,,it came to me”
  • and jin is like “without the power of marriage??????” and you look up and hoseok, whose pushed back his brothers to come and lean in front of you and touch your cheek to see if you’re ok
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,yes without marriage,,,,,,,it’s just the power of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” and you’re looking at hoseok
  • whose looking back at you and you’re like, under your breath “love,,,,,,at first sight?”
  • and jin is like what did you see and you’re like “peace. i saw peace.”
  • and the two set of brothers look at each other and back at you and jimin wants to help you up, but hoseok is already supporting you and when he gets you up you see how you’re pressed into his arms
  • and suddenly you’re getting something else, a vision of a wedding off in the future,,,,,,,,,
  • but the groom waiting at the alter,,,,,,,,,he turns around and,,,,,,
  • it’s that smile. hoseok’s warm, radiating smile and you look back at him as he’s holding you and he’s like “did you see something?”
  • and you’re like “how did you know?”
  • and hoseok, taking your hand to put it over his heart goes “im no oracle, but you’re making me feel something,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe the same thing you saw in your vision?”
The Rest of the Gang

The rest of the Z-35B gang

(from left to right)

Summer: She’s a strawberry blonde badass. Summer takes after her grandmother for the most part. Her interests are exactly like her grandmother for the most part. It ranges from horse back riding, sports, fighting, swordplay, basically everything she isn’t supposed to do. Summer is a Alpha.

Mordecai: This blonde babe is perfect. He’s an omega. Next in line for the throne. He’s in a relationship with the royal scientist that his family is completely unaware of. He would do anything for Rick and Rick would do anything for him. 

Jerry: Jerry is still an asshole everyone. He’s chubby and angry at the world. Although he is extremely proud of his wife and her achievements along side his daughter. He is harsh on Morty because he doesn’t want to give up his throne. Jerry is a zeta, he’s below his own son, daughter and wife.

Beth: Rick isn’t related to her in anyway. She also doesn’t like to drink. Beth is a rather athletic queen as she and her children are big on archery, hunting, swordplay and anything to do with animals. Beth is a Alpha.

Rick: Rick isn’t related to the smiths in anyway shape or form. He’s just their royal scientist who happens to be in a relationship with their son. But they aren’t aware of that yet. Rick is a true blood alpha, meaning he’s technically above the queen and the daughter.

markiplier alter ego ‘sports’

here were go idk man

Darkiplier: fencing. It’s dignified, and he gets extreme satisfaction everytime he wins. everyones too scared to let him lose in the first place though…

Google: doesnt play. he is the referee. he is the most cold hearted, sassy ref out there.

Ed edgar: fightin’ kids. as in juveniles. who cant fight back. its a crime honestly.

Bim: Ice skating/roller skating. wouldn’t that just be awesome though??

Silver Shepard: tennis. he says it gets the girls. it doesnt

Dr. Iplier: horse riding. can you imagine it? i can. its beautiful. 10/10

The Host: archery. imagine him getting a bullseye first try despite no eyes. its not beginners luck. he doesnt stop getting bullseyes.

King of the squirrels: rock climbing/ tree climbing. i mean obviously.

Wilford: does tickling someone with a knife count as a sport??

FosterWatch AU

So as I approach 100 followers, which is super cool btw, I am finally getting my own big AU out the door. This is my first time trying any cohesive multi shipping AU, but I think it is super fun. The initial ship here will be reaper76, though it is accompanied by AnaHardt and leads into all the rest of them. Many of the characters ages have been changed, mostly to make some of them younger.

The setup here follows canon for a little while. The Omnic Crisis does happen and Jack and Gabe join an experimental program to help save the world. Afterwards we have some promotion drama, but before too long Jack resigns his position and retires to Indiana. Gabriel follows him and they work out their issues while they get the farm up and running again.

The main part of the AU starts here. Jack happened to make friends with a woman who works in foster care and in an emergency they agree to be foster parents for a short while because some paperwork fell through the cracks. Angelica Gomez is a four year old war orphan and they foster her for a little over three weeks, until the paperwork situation is fixed and her adoptive parents take her to her new home.

The experience is life changing for them and before they know it they are bringing in more foster children, one at a time for a bit and then quickly more and more of them. They care for them and help to find them permanent homes. They cycle dozens of kids, many of them orphans from the crisis, out of the foster system this way. They take great joy in what they do for these children, they even keep photo albums full of pictures of every child they foster to remember them all.

They’ve spent a few years successfully finding homes for every child that they bring under their roof. Everything changes one day when Gabriel insists they accept a young Jesse McCree into their home. Jesse is older than anyone else they have fostered, 11 years old, and he had already been in and out of several homes. Unlike their other charges Jesse was an abandonment case and an angry kid who was missing an arm.

He fought them about almost everything at first. But Gabriel was understanding and Jack was patient and together they showed him what it meant to have caring parents, no matter how much he resisted. Jack and Jesse bonded over a shared love for old westerns. They bought some horses, Jack’s family had raised them for sport when he was younger, but the crisis changed many things and they hadn’t had any in ages. Jesse’s eyes light up like the forth of July when Jack shows him how to care for the new animals on the farm.

Fareeha arrives as Jack teaches Jesse how to ride. Ana has asked them to look after her because she wants her daughter to have a more stable and peaceful childhood. She visits occasionally and takes Fareeha back whenever she can, but trusts Jack and Gabe to look after her daughter. Fareeha and Jesse get along famously, much to Jack and Gabe’s chagrin, they’re little troublemakers after all.

It takes quite a while, but Jesse makes a lot of progress, but he is still forced to watch as the other children, mostly much younger children come and go while he stays here. Jack and Gabe see how much it hurts him to watch everyone else find families and it breaks their hearts. The answer is surprisingly simple, they don’t even really need to discuss it. They loved Jesse and if no one else was going to adopt him, they would simply do it themselves.

They begin taking in more difficult cases like Jesse after that. Children from all over find their way into their household over the years and when the find someone that nobody else will take for one reason or another, they don’t hesitate to.

Their strange little family grows over the years. Two Japanese brothers running from their families, a young ballerina, a precocious girl who dreams of being a doctor, a sassy young computer whiz, a kid from Australia and the slightly older kid who refuses to leave his side, and so many more find their way into the Reyes-Morrison household for one reason or another throughout the years. They all find a place with two loving but a bit cranky super soldier dads on a farm in Indiana

I am slowly working on this AU and its many stories, starting probably with McHanzo and the R76 background because I have never actually written a McHanzo story and R76 is super important in this AU. I was just wondering if anybody was interested in my big overarching Jack and Gabe are foster parents AU.

When it comes down to it, it’s not a matter of if a horse will break down, but a matter of when. The age of the horse when you start them may only extend the time it will take for that horse to start developing lameness and degenerative bone disorders, it does not prevent it. This is due to the inherent intensive nature of most riding, but in particular performance riding, which is inherently destructive to their musculoskeletal system. As a quick example, just look at the over-extension of their joints when show jumping and imagine the effect of doing that regularly:

It’s the same even with groundwork-based riding such as reining, dressage, racing, or any other moderate to high intensity horse sports. The horses legs and joints are repeatedly subject to suspensory and torsional forces with the addition of extra weight on their back. It’s no wonder lameness is one of the most common issues (inapparent and apparent) in ridden horses worldwide. Riding is a major catalyst and cause for the disease.

Svt as dads: soonyoung

seungcheol | jeonghan | joshua | jun | soonyoung | wonwoo | jihoon | seokmin | mingyu | minghao | seungkwan | vernon | chan

-a big giant Mess.

-spends an entire paycheck on baby stuff.

-”yes they really needed this same onesie in the four different colors it came in don’t argue with me.”

-literally cries more than the baby does when they’re born.

-in the process of telling the boys that they’re here, he also announces it to the whole hospital bc he’s so loud.

-and proud.

-worships the baby.

-not as bad as joshua, but he never puts the baby down.

-takes them to dance practice and sits them in their car seat and the baby is asleep half the time but soonyoung still teaches them every move he does.

-his kids start dancing the minute they start walking.

-that dad that throws his kids in the air and catches them and everyone is like “SOONYOUNG NO” and he’s like “SOONYOUNG YES”

-they stand on his feet and they dance around the living room together to old songs and soonyoung smiles so big his face hurts bc he’s so in love with his kids.

-they wrestle all the time.

-he’s always pretending to be a horse they ride on his back everywhere.

-they pretend they’re superheroes and wear underwear on their heads and tie sheets around their necks.

-coaches all of their teams when they start playing sports.

-they don’t do just dance and it kind of bums him out but he’s still supportive as ever.

-he goes hardcore with coaching turns out he’s really good at it and finds a love for /baseball/ of all things.

-really intense he sometimes gets thrown out of games.

-the clipboard thrower.

-but isn’t really dramatic he gets mad over stuff you should get mad over.

-gives the best pep talks and post-game talks.

-he’s a carefree dad okay he lets his kids get away with so much shit.


-they drew on the wall? well damn let’s turn it into a flower.

-they wrote all over his face with markers when he was asleep? he’ll take a picture and send it to everyone bc his kids are “talented in the arts”.

-they don’t do that great on a test or in a class? it’s okay there’s more to life than school.

-when they get older he’s a little more strict.

-but not really.

-they’re little clones of him so naturally they’re gonna get in trouble.

-and he just coaches them through life bc everyone makes mistakes.

-but lowkey he’s worried about when they go off to college.

-like he’s not even sad or excited at the graduation party he’s literally thinking “my child is going to get arrested”.

-they don’t but they almost do and soonyoung is an Understanding Dad so he helps them out.

-he’s always nervous when they call him bc he thinks something’s happened but that’s never really the case.

-still tho.

-basically he’s just that really fun, carefree dad who’s so good at coaching his kids through life and helping them out with everything.

-and all of his kid’s friends love him and sometimes they talk to him more than they do with their own parents.

Auston Matthews #2 - Horses

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A/N - omg I miss horse back riding so muchh. I miss my horse and the barn and the feeling of jumping a course perfectly. Ugh anyways, here’s yet another long auston matthews one that is kinda really nostalgic for me. I just reread the request now and realized that I read it wrong the first time so this is a bit different from the prompt but still has the same kind of elements?? idk I’m really sorry anon if this isn’t what you wanted but I think it turned out really good. feel free to ask again if you don’t like it tho..

for the anon request (again sorry I really strayed from the prompt):   Hi! Can I have an imagine about the reader being an American and they are competing at the Olympics as an Equestrian and they are the youngest on their team. With either Auston Matthews or Matt Martin. Thank you 😊


You let out a huge smile as soon as you cleared the final rail and brought your horse to a loping, relaxed canter around the arena. He tossed his head and started fighting the bit because he wanted to be lazy now that he knew you weren’t going to do anymore jumping. You were used to your horse being a little shit after practice was over so you calmly sat deep in the saddle to prevent from him bucking in protest. You did two laps around the outside of the ring before bringing him back down to a working walk and letting him fully cool down. You smiled when you saw Auston leaning against the fencing of the ring with a look of awe on his face. You gave your horse, Jiggy, a big pat on the neck and he snorted at you because he was cheeky like that. You gave him more rein as you walked over to where your boyfriend was and dismounted.

“That was so cool.” he said, eyes wide and beaming at you.

“It wasn’t, really, but you have never seen me jumping in person so it probably looked cool.” you replied as you passed the reins over Jiggy’s head and loosened his girth a bit. After tucking the stirrups up and out of the way, you motioned for Matts to jump over the fence before passing him the reins. “Here you go. Bond with my favourite man, Jiggy, while I go pick up my water bottle.” You gave Jiggy a kiss on his neck and him a treat from your pocket. Auston took the leather reins from you nervously and looked at your horse like it was a three-headed monster as Jiggy was rubbing his big head against your body because, as mentioned earlier, he’s a little shit.

By the time you turned back, Jiggy was now nosing at Auston’s hair and your boyfriend looked absolutely terrified. You took the reins back from him and laughed, “Sorry, Jiggy is a nosy ass sometimes.”

“He’s… so… big.” Auston stuttered making you laugh hard as you lead the way out of the arena and back towards the stable.

“I mean he is one of the best show jumpers in the sport right now so yes, he is big. He has to be in order to clear those jumps and make quick times. What were you expecting?” you explained as you stroked the sleek black fur on the neck of your beloved horse.

“I don’t know! It’s just- well..” Matts blushed and looked down at the dirt path you were walking on

“Spit it out Aus.”

“Well, you are so small… and you are riding this huge animal that has a mind of its own…. Is that not, in the slightest bit, terrifying??” he admitted.

“Auston. Do you mean to tell your girlfriend, the youngest member of the US Equestrian team I should add, that you are scared of horses.” you stopped in your place and turned to Auston trying to hide the laughter behind your eyes.

“Maybe?” he admittedly sheepishly while the blush on his face went a deep shade of red.

“Wow, my big, tough, chill-about-everything, hockey player boyfriend is afraid of horses.” you couldn’t resist laughing at that.

“They’re huge okay? And they have hard feet that can trample you! And they can bite you!” he protested while eyeing Jiggy who was getting bored and starting to dig at the ground impatiently.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” you conceded and start walking towards the stable again so that Jiggy wouldn’t get fussy and start acting up, scaring Auston even more, “Well, today is the perfect day to get over your fear! This is the first time you’ve been at the barn with me so you can get comfortable with Jigs.” you smiled.

Auston looked at you apprehensively and you rolled your eyes, “Look, Jiggy is probably the most important boy in my life besides my dad and I would really appreciate it if my boyfriend, who is a very close tie with said boy, could be relaxed in the one area of my life I love the most.”

“Fine.” he muttered and gave Jigs another look. You beamed at him and Jiggy just returned his own uneasy glare. “Why’d you name him Jiggy anyways?”

“Well, when I first met him he was being a cheeky little shit and was stealing the treats out of his breeder’s pocket. Then when I saw him jump he got so excited after landing each one that he would do this little thing with his back legs that looked like he was dancing. So his show name is ‘Getting Jiggy With It’ and his barn name is Jiggy.”

You walked into the near empty barn and smiled when the one horse that wasn’t out in the pasture stuck her head out into the hall. You turned the corner to where Jiggy’s box stall was and walked him in. You took off your helmet and ran a hand through your sweaty helmet hair. You quickly took off Jiggy’s bridle and replaced it with his halter before passing the bridle to Auston to hold while you took off the saddle. You heaved the saddle off of Jiggy’s back who gave a big shake, happy to be free once again. You giggled at your horse’s personality before motioning over for Auston to follow you again. You made sure that the stall was closed correctly because Jiggy was known around the barn for being an escape artist before taking the bridle from Auston and hooking it over your shoulder. You lead the way towards the tack room, pointing out the stalls of your favourite horses, and some of the evil little ponies that you were definitely not the biggest fans of.

“Hold on,” Auston said as you put Jiggy’s tack back on their rack, “why do you not like ponies? Aren’t they supposed to be small and cute?”

“Sure,” you agreed, “Except I have only ridden one pony in my life that didn’t make me think that they were all filled with rage for being small. The very first horse I rode when I was seven years old was a paint pony that was the calmest, sweetest horse in the world. Then I graduated from him and got put on this tiny white pony that the first time I tried to put his saddle on bit me, and then while waiting for my instructor before the lesson, tried to kick me even though I was standing perfectly still right by his shoulder. I have never ridden ponies since.”

“Jeez” Auston sighed, “I always thought that the bigger horses were more dangerous.”

“I mean, it’s not like all ponies are evil and all big horses are angels. I just prefer big horses because: one, they jump higher, and two, I feel so powerful when sitting on top of a thousand pound animal of pure muscle that is so in tune with me and follows my commands. It is the coolest feeling in the world. And I got Jiggy when he was just 3 years old. He was trained, but very green and I immediately fell in love with his sassy personality. Yes, he gives me headaches on multiple occasions, but I’ve ridden other people’s horses that are just so well-trained that they have no personality whatsoever. And I can’t imagine how that would ever be fun.” by the time you finished your explanation you were already back at Jiggy’s stall. He was circling around his stall, obviously impatient that you were taking much longer than normal to brush him and give him his lunch. When Jiggy saw that Auston was still with you, he snorted and put his ears back ever-so-slightly.

“Alright boys, let’s get you two on the same page.” you chuckled and grabbed your bag of brushes before opening the gate. You passed Auston a curry comb and demonstrated how to brush Jiggy. You saw Auston take a shaky breath before doing what he was told and you smiled brightly. “Ok, so just keep doing that in all the sweaty areas, just make sure you avoid any sensitive areas like spine, face, and legs. I’m going to go grab his feed and water, I will be right back.” Auston looked at you with wide eyes but you just gave him a thumbs up and left.

You knew that Jiggy was a sweetie at heart and you would trust him with almost anyone. You also knew that Auston just needed to see how Jiggy was just like an overgrown puppy before he warmed up to him just like you wanted him to so desperately. You had this dream in your head of winning Gold at the Olympics in four years and being able to have Auston waiting for you when you finished. That picture would not be as dream-like if your boyfriend was terrified to be surrounded by all of those high-strung horses. You thought about this as you gathered up the flakes of hay and quickly made the bucket of grain before lugging all of it back to the stall.

As you approached you could hear Auston murmuring to Jiggy, “I know, dude. I love her so much too. I know you probably don’t like some other guy coming around here and stealing her away from you sometimes, but I promise that I love her just as much as you do, and I just love seeing her happy. So if that means that I have to suck it up and talk to a horse like an idiot, then I’m going to do it.”

When you peeked around the corner, trying to hold in the tears that were prickling your eyes and not disrupt this moment, you saw that Auston was standing in front of Jiggy, with Jiggy’s forehead pressed right up against his chest in a display of affection that you rarely see Jiggy give to anyone other than you. You immediately felt your heart swell up in your chest and fumbled for your phone to snap a picture. You captured the moment right when Auston pressed a tiny kiss right to the top of Jiggy’s head and you thought that right then, you could never love something more than you did in that moment.

You watched for a moment longer before hesitantly breaking the bubble, “So I see you guys have bonded…”

Auston jumped slightly but still kept his hands on the side of Jiggy’s neck, petting the soft fur there. “H-How much of that did you hear?”

“Just enough to know that I have never loved someone more in my life.” you beamed at him and set the food down. Auston pulled you to him and wrapped you into a loving kiss. Before it could go anywhere you felt a firm nudge and separated due to a big horse nose being wedged between you.

“Aww someone’s jealous.” you laughed and pressed a kiss to Jiggy’s nose before going back to Auston and letting him sweep you up off your feet.


again… sorry that this is different then the prompt but I was really happy with this. up next: Patrik Laine!

Happy Birthday kdlovehg

We are so sorry @kdlovehg for the delay with your gift! We hope you had a lovely birthday on the 8th of August! In order to celebrate your special day, @historywriter2007 has written a Everlark story just for you! We hope you like it:)

Happy Belated Birthday @kdlovehg, here is your Prince Peeta/employee Katniss story.

Wild Horses

Rated T

Summary: Prince Peeta was not a fan of horses, until he met the new stable hand.

Prince Peeta of Panem begrudgingly headed to the stables. He didn’t particularly enjoy riding horses, but there was no way he was going to be able to get out of this year’s charity polo game. After four years away at university and three more in military service, as was the tradition for Royals, he was back at the castle with his family. This meant he no longer had an excuse to avoid the polo match, although he was horrible at the sport and feared his clumsiness would cause him to fall from his horse. The game also gave his mother the chance to try to set up her youngest son with an eligible lady from a noble family, even though he wanted to find love on his own. It’s not like he was going to lead the country anyway, that was his oldest brother’s role, so he felt he should be able to wait until he was ready to wed.

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Headcanon for Zarya, Genji and junkrat raising a child? Please? <3

~I answered one of these already so here’s Genji


  • Their first word is ‘да’ which means yes. She had been asking them if they wanted to go see Mei after she got back from overseas research. She immediately brought them over to Mei’s place and asked them if they were happy to see her. When they said ‘да’ again, Mei hugged them so tight. 
  • Zarya cried when the kid was born. Their little fingers tightened around hers and the tears just started flowing. She fell in love with them the moment she laid eyes on them and they became her entire world in an instant. 
  • The kid’s room is filled to the brim with teddy bears. Everything is soft and fluffy from the blankets to the little chairs. That level of comfort is something to aspire for.
  • She’s a morning walks kind of mom. She likes to exercise and whether they’re in a stroller or in a papoose, she’s constantly walking around town with them. Everyone loves the kid. They always wave to the people passing.
  • Mei’s taken a lot of pictures of the kid riding on Zarya’s back like she’s a horse. There’s also a lot of her doing exercise with them. 
  • The baby actually helps Zarya get over her hate for omnics even if it’s only a little bit. Zenyatta likes the child a lot and they like him. She finds that at least he’s a good person even if he’s an omnic.
  • To the kid, Zarya is basically Wonder Woman. She’s the strongest person they’ve ever met and they try to embody her everyday. They take up sports and win medals to be more like her. She’s so proud of them and goes to every tournament, match, or event to cheer them on. 


  • Oddly enough, the kid doesn’t talk much if at all. Whether they can or not, Junkrat isn’t concerned with. He and Roadhog quickly learn sign language and teach it to the little bugger. Their first word signed is ‘Daddy’
  • Is Junkrat a responsible dad? Hell No. Is he the Best Dad Ever? Hell Yes. He’s constantly ecstatic about the things that the kid likes and willing to put 100% into anything they like to do. Can that lead to them both getting into trouble? Yeah, but they’ll have fun doing it. 
  • Despite that, he’s super overprotective. He comes from a horrible place and he knows just how cruel the world can be. When the kid was born, he promised never to let anything bad happen to them and he’ll keep that promise or die trying.
  • He stopped robbing banks after they were born and keeps his face off the media pages. He doesn’t want the authorities after him and leaving this kid all alone. He’ll stick to crimes he won’t get caught doing.
  • This kid could get away with murder if they tried hard enough. All they have to do is flash the puppy eyes and he’ll melt. He learns to say ‘Go ask Roadhog’ very quickly.
  • The kid becomes a menace from the moment they learn how to crawl. They love to cause fires and prank everyone in sight. They quickly inherit Junkrat’s crazy grin and Roadhog’s laugh. The kid is constantly a danger to themselves and the community. Roadhog is stressed af. It’s like having two Junkrats. 
  • He may not be the best parent but he’s a loving and forgiving one and that’s a lot compared to what he had growing up. The kid may not learn anything about truth and justice from him like the rest of the kids in Overwatch but you better believe they’ll know what it means to be loved and that’s what really matters, right?
In the equitation arena like:

Heels down, toes straight, relax your upper leg, strengthen your lower leg, soft hands but closed fingers, soft neck but chin up, shoulders back and down, no… wait, don’t stick your tits out like that, yes.. okay better, and no chicken wings, relaxed elbows, but keep them pulled in, and for the love of George Morris put your God Damn HEELS DOWNS.


I think a lot of people underestimate how much exposure racehorses have and how trained they actually are coming off the track. Mind you, some are really reactive and/or get fried on the track and can totally need to get taken back to square one but even our “spookier” ones handle a lot more than most people’s show horses can… they all also have lead changes, some better than others and can w/t/c. They’d all also be much easier to handle in an arena in comparison to a racetrack. They’re amazing sport horse prospects and most tend to have a fairly decent start to get you where you want to go without having to actually completely start a horse from the ground up. I love Thoroughbreds, they are the best horses and even with riding the racehorses, I don’t see why some people stereotype them so much and make them out to be these crazy, air headed horses. I think the people who say that must just not know how to effectively handle hot blooded horses if they’ve really handled enough like that to make a blanket claim.

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Hey there, I've recently signed up for archery and equestrian club at uni, is it safe to bind during these sessions or would a compression sports bra be better? I'm also assuming cycling to the clubs while binding is a no, so would a sports bra be okie there too?

Kai says:

I don’t know for archery, but considering you use your back muscles for it, I personally wouldn’t bind while doing it. Horse riding may get you breathing harder, so I also would not bind during it. Cycling is also not really something you should be binding during. I think a sports bra would be just fine, so long as it isn’t too tight. Take care!

Lee says:

What are the general safety rules of binding?

  • Don’t sleeping with your binder on at night
  • Don’t do any vigorous exercising in a binder- no things that get your heartrate up and make you breathe heavily and sweat
  • Don’t bind for more than 12 hours maximum, 8 hours to be safer
  • Take breaks if possible
  • Break in a binder - don’t go straight to 8 hours of use
  • Never bind too small, use the right size (if between sizes, go up)
  • Never use ACE bandages or tape
  • Take it off if you’re experiencing pain
  • Don’t bind when you’re sick with a cough
  • Do not double bind! Don’t wear a binder and another binder on top, or a binder and a compression sports bra. Two sports bras are okay though.
  • Binding with two sports bras is still binding, and the same rules about wearing a binder apply to sports bra binding!
Will growing up bring us down.

Understand that in this sport we live in a world of make believe, separate from reality. While other girls played with toy horses, we got the real thing. While other girls rode carpool, we rode thoroughbreds. This is not normal.

I didn’t grow up with personal grooms and imported warmbloods, but I had a pony, which is basically all the same to a 12 year old. A horse was a horse in my eyes, even if he technically was a pony. Then I got my thoroughbred. My parents had always told me that they weren’t going to buy me a horse. Haha, suckers.

I think high school is one of the first places that reality starts setting in. Fresh out of middle school, you’re suddenly surrounded by new peers and new hormones. Horses are no longer “cool”. You know what’s cool? Boys. And drinking half of a beer. That’s super cool. You have the choice to be the weird horse girl, or to be accepted by your peers. Sadly, too many girls choose incorrectly.

But it doesn’t get easier. Let’s say you choose to be the girl who wears jeans and muddy boots to third period… First off, congratulations. Now what? Well you’re a smart girl, obviously you’re going to go to college. This is where we loose some more of our fellow equestrians to that bitch called reality. Going away to school, its pretty hard to take a horse with you. So many equestrians pack up their boots, and call it a day. It was a good one, wasn’t it?

My heart goes out to anyone who had to trade their Stubben for student loans. There’s a lucky few, of which I consider myself to be, who don’t have to give up privilege of smelling like a barn to get a bachelor’s degree. I was truly lucky, the university that I chose has a barn on campus. So some of us ride throughout college, living in our fantasy world a little longer. But the fantasy starts to wear off. Paying for tuition and Tailored Sportsmans can put a strain on your credit card. We compromise, putting our horses needs before our own. Those new Parlantis are gonna have to wait, because I’ve got to buy textbooks and beet pulp.

I graduate from university this spring, and I can feel reality waiting for me, like hungry predator, waiting for its dinner. It’s just around the corner, and I’m not ready.  One of my friends told me how she plans to give up riding once college is over, focusing on a career, now that her parents won’t be there to pay for everything. Another friend is off to vet school, Davis, one of the best. She is taking her warmblood with her, because what is a few more thousand dollars in board when she will already be swimming in debt from those student loans. Then there is me. I don’t know what I am going to do.

There is that point in everyone’s life where they have to leave the nest, and make it on their own. It’s scary. And its even scarier to have to do that when you have a 1500lb animal to feed and take care of.

I feel like a lot of older women get back into the sport after they have made a comfortable life for themselves. But I don’t want to grow up, I don’t want to leave this fantasy.

So it’s do or die. Its the pivotal moment in my life. This is the part of the movie where the main character makes a choice that will affect them for the rest of their life, it will define who the end up becoming.

And I just want to go to the barn, ride off into the sunset and run away from it all.



Let me start by saying that neither horse or rider was injured in this sequence and that the rider has given me permission to post these photos, or I would never be showing them to you.

This is a dangerous sport! When you watch show jumping its very exciting. Powerful strides carrying horse and rider over each daunting jump after another and they make it look so easy. But the sport of show jumping also comes with a lot of risk.

It takes years of training and practice just to begin to be good at it. A love and passion for horses that cannot be compared to other sports and as you and your horse get better, you keep going for higher and higher jumps, knowing that a split second of indecision can change a graceful leap into a disaster, usually with the rider taking the brunt of the consequences.

Is it worth it? Ask any rider and with a giant smile the answer is always ‘yes’.

So the next time you’re watching a jumping event, remember “do not try this at home, these people are professionals.”