horse and human

isnt it weird that we cant ride any other animals except horses. like if horses weren’t a thing humans would be fucked cause we couldn’t ride any other animals. like riding animals just wouldn’t really be a thing. we should probably be more grateful to horses


Urartian Bronze Belt with Winged & Double-Headed Hybrid Creatures, 8th-6th Century BC

This bronze belt bears the strange images of winged sphinx-like and siren-like creatures with the heads of humans, horses, lions and other creatures. Some have the tail of a fish or bird while others have a ram’s head on the tail.

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I want to talk about the raft. More specifically Wanda on the raft, and the fact that this picture (Wanda with a collar and in a straight jacket) is often captioned by Wanda fans as inhumane treatment. 

This is a woman capable of mind control, she’s not being tortured, killed, or dissected. There is no cruel punishment here. Straight jackets are used on violent prisoners. The collar stops her from using her powers, which is necessary to keep her in the prison cell. It might be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t seem to be causing her physical pain, and it is a necessity to imprison her. 

If this was a picture of Kilgrave would anyone argue that this was unfair treatment? No, he’s a mutant who has committed horrible crimes and there needs to be a way to keep him in prison. The only alternative is killing him. Why is that different for Wanda. She’s committed horrible crimes. (unleashing the Hulk in a populated city) And she has powers that would aide her in escaping prison. There is no other option. 

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Backstory: Our guild is rescuing a farmer from an evil cult. We are all disguised as cultists from said cult, and we are trying to bring our ¾ horse-centaur (human head and little arms), Harold, into the main building. The cultist archer posted up at the watchtower is getting suspicious, as the Boss disallowed horses from entering.

Rogue: Boss told me its okay to let it in for a minute. We’ll take them back outside before they cause a mess.

Cultist Archer: The boss is busy right now.. Just what are you trying to pull?

GM: Roll a bluff check. 

The party’s Dragon Knight steps in and rolls a Nat 20 on his bluff, with a modifier of 3, making it a bluff roll of 23.

Dragon Knight(OOC): Oh my god. Oh my fucking god.

GM: What will you say to the archer?

Dragon Knight: *Thinks for a few seconds* You are now a chicken nugget, floating in the depths of space. Become the void. *Waves his hand*

The archer starts laughing out of the sheer stupidity of the sentence.

Cultist Archer: HAHAHAHA-

(sudden silence)

The archer falls off the watchtower unharmed, with a slight smile on his face and glazed eyes.

We bring Harold into the building.

El Paso Evening Post, Texas, March 3, 1928

..known in southwest Missouri as the “human horse” because of his desire to look and act like a member of the equine family..

As a “human horse,” Asher wore his hair cut to resemble a mane, wore shoes shod with heavy horseshoes, and had special harness with which he pulled a heavy wagon.

It was said that Asher ate hay, grass, bran and oats much in the manner of a horse.

Here’s some Dan and Phil “My Horse Prince” fanart! It’s kinda hard to tell it’s them, but I put Phil in his classic NASA shirt 😂 idk… what do you guys think? @danisnotonfire @amazingphil uwu