horse addiction

Heroin made me king
made me Christ
I sold this pussy 4 love
I chased tha safety
tha long white hall of a

Heroin made me king
made me Christ
Kept me alive
when I wanted ta die
gimme’d a warm some
thing to
crawl inside

Heroin took my baby
took my heart an
cooked it in a spoon
Shot up tha clot
& nodded off in my

Heroin held me like God
like I was his princess
Like all the bad guys
could never get in
Like summertime & its
kills, perfumed & pleasant

lover, abuser, black eyed
drifter, honey of my heart,
cirrhosis of my soul,
tha best fuckin kisser &
killer I’ve ever known

Heroin, always patient
Eternally mine & begotten
We robbed banks, played
hooky, lied down in tha street
n tried to die, hung round
tha wrong side of south side

We hid from mouths & ran
towards gunshots
We fell asleep in cars in
gas station parking lots
We made our own fun,
cocktails, bombs

Heroin was my government
Heroin was my law

Heroin made me king
Heroin made me Christ
in his arms I loved & I died

We laughed at tha devil’s eyes
Shopped for lingerie & key lime pie
Wasted away by tha underpass
where tha junkies always shaked n
cried & we laughed at em
We were too high to come down
for anythin else around

We cut away the fat
n slaughtered all tha doves

We got inta trouble
we talked our way out of

We were dumb kids in love
In tha middle of a forever summer
Where everything was good
& nothin else mattered

Just One More Time

The thing they don’t mention about recovery is that relapse is inevitable. You can have two years of sobriety and all it takes is one damned instant, a single falter in your step, and you’re back at the beginning, if you survive. Heroin is a fallen angel with pitch black wings and cold gold eyes. We call her boy on the streets, but lord knows she’s a woman, with the manner in which she tempts men and brings even the strongest to their knees. You don’t think it’ll happen to you. All you have to do is decline her advances, right? You don’t realize that ‘just one time’ turns into a thousand more. You start off snorting because that’s not so bad. That ends up not being good enough. You need more, you crave that high, so when he offers to help you hit your vein, you’re practically begging for it. You don’t just want it anymore; you need it just to function, just to be remotely human. When you don’t have it, you’re dope sick and, trust me, that is living hell. Your insides feel like they’re rotting away and you’re shaking because you’re filled with fire and ice at the same time and just the sight of food makes you vomit and here’s the catch: the one remedy to make all the suffering stop is the same vixen that caused it. Heroin. It’s always just one more time. 

- J.K. 💉


Celty Sturluson, The Dullahan, 

Come Back, Bitches

Durarara x2 Ketsu - Episode 8


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