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fuck post-epilogue Harry headcanons

give me pre-sorcerer’s stone headcanons. was 4-year old harry shy and timid? did he go to a day care or a mummy’s day out thing? did he hold hands with a little girl or boy and get kissed on the cheek by said little girl or boy?

what was his life like at school? the only time he got away from the dursleys. did he excel at one subject over another? did he play football? did he have any friends?

did he ask his teachers if it was normal the way the dursleys treated him? was there a wizard or witch teaching at one of his muggle schools? did anyone care about the boy with bruises in too-big clothes?

what were the stories he told himself with those broken knights and horses and action figures in the cupboard under the stairs? did he make himself the hero? did he dream of magic even then?

did he try and rescue little kittens and foxes in the backyard? did he promise to sneak his portion of dinner later in the evening so they would have something to eat? did he secretly love ms figg’s cats because they didn’t flinch away from him?

did he draw pictures of his dreams and keep them tucked under his pillow? did he believe in santa?