horse action figure

It’s Toy Time Tuesday!
On Halloween! With…BraveStarr 3030!
As you know, on Halloween a ‘scary’ horse of some kind usually appears here, and this one is no exception. This one is brought to you by TransformersUniverse, as it’s another not in the personal collection because….eeeh. He sure is fantasy and he sure is costly (a bit of an obscure TV show) but being more about angry scifi than ‘awesome looking horse’ and he’s not quite a fit. (Neither was that pink alien horse where the mouth popped out or whatever so…) So, what’s the deal with this?
This guy was part of a scifi western cartoon. He’s a literal…horse-man, who could walk on his knuckles (see knuckle-hooves) and sort of ‘transform’ to stand up and shoot his gun, then go down to all 4s and be more horse-like to go fast. There’s (I guess) a whole race of these people, but this particular one happens to also be a cyborg. (So, he is atypical) He’s the main character’s best friend or something, but gee his toy sure looks angry. (Supposedly the character in the show was fairly cranky too so maybe it fits)
As a horse, he’s pretty small, but as a guy, he’s fairly tall, taller than the main character. (But, if you think of a horse sized horse standing up, they’re WAY taller than any humans) The gun’s name is SaraJane. As usual, if you see a toy and get curious, I always encourage going looking for more details & reading up at wikis for an interesting time.