Yeah so in Lion’s Arch there’s this girl that tells us how she was trampled to death by her mare.
And just now I was getting lost in travelling through GW1 Tyria and came across these things sitting on some fucked up but otherwise quite equine horses.

Tyria definitely had horses at some point? Where the hell else would zombie horses come from?

What happened to the horses, Anet? What tragedy befell them?

Anet, tell us.

Halloween horse adopts incoming!

This is just a preview of what will be up for sale TOMORROW (Oct 23) at 8pm EST.

 I’ve got a batch of a little over 15 adopts to choose from, all ranging from $15 to $20. There’s Vamponies, Witches, Nightmares, Hellsteeds, and some Autumny themed horses to choose from, 3 from each category. Check back so you can nab one before they’re gone!