Cheesy Bruschetta  

 This photo is of cheesy bruschetta bread about to be popped back in the oven for toasting. I love tomato bread! This is easy, delicious and serves a lot of people for very little money.

Slice French bread and toast in a 325 oven for 7 to 10 minutes until crisped. Mix 2 or 3 chopped tomatoes (or chopped cherry tomatoes), with salt and pepper, chopped fresh basil leaves, (or 1 tblsp dry basil), 1 smashed and chopped garlic clove and a drizzle of olive oil. Place a bit of the tomato mixture on top of each slice of toasted bread and then top with some grated cheddar, provolone and parmesan cheese. Increase the oven to 375 and bake until the cheese melts. This is delicious hot out of the oven or cooled to room temperature, so it’s good party food. Yum!

White Trash Party Meatballs

We made party food yesterday to eat while watching the Oscars. My Dad makes these, so I started with his recipe and added a few things of my own. These were a huge hit. I’d double this recipe for a large crowd. We devoured every one of these. Meat covered with ketchup & sugar is good for your taste buds. I used a little onion soup mix in these to make them even more white trash. Sometimes you just need that salty oniony-ness found in a salty soup base. I don’t use the whole envelope though, just a little bit as I would use salt.

Saute 1 small minced onion, 1 minced shallot, and 3 crushed garlic cloves on low heat with a little olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Let cool.

In a mixing bowl, combine 1 lb grass fed ground beef, 1 cup panko bread crumbs, 1 or 2 tblsp onion soup mix, a big pinch of parsley, a sprinkle of dried basil, a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce, and a grind of pepper, (you don’t need any extra salt if you add the onion soup mix.)

Roll into balls. Bake at 400 for 10 minutes. Once they brown a little, dip them in a mixture of 1 cup ketchup, 1 tblsp light brown sugar, a couple dashes of hot sauce, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and return to the oven for 5-7 more minutes until caramelized. Yum!