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what do you think about meulin and horruss relationship?

:33 < do not get me wrong i really like meuliin
:33 < she is the only purrson i can talk about my ships with fr33ly really
:33 < but i do not think she is good fur horrus 
:33 < it is kind of supurrising when you consider me and equius but i think she is too controlling
:33 < a moirail is suppawsed to help you deal with your purroblems and f33lings
:33 < not make you bottle them up furever and purrtend to always be happy!
:33 < ://

“Kismesis cuddle and snuggle like Matesprits do, but they often poke each other, smother each other’s limbs and have fierce battle on who’s the big spoon.”

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Characters Open: 

Most Needed: Roxy Lalonde, Gamzee Makara, Horruss Zahhak, Aranea Serket.

Others: Dirk Strider, Equius Zahhak, Eridan Ampora, Feferi Peixes, Damara Megido, Rufioh Nitram, Kankri Vantas, Meulin Leijon, Latula Pyrope, Cronus Ampora, Meenah Peixes, Mom Lalonde, Alpha Mom Lalonde, Bro Strider, Alpha Bro Strider, Nanna Egbert, Dad Egbert, Poppop Crocker, Dad Crocker, Grandpa Harley, Handmaid, Summoner, Psiioniic/Helmsman, Dolorosa, Redglare, Mindfang, Darkleer, Grand Highblood, Dualscar.


Please be aware that we are only opening auditions at this time, not the blog. We would like to gather a sizeable amount of cast before re-opening completely.

Please be aware when auditioning that this is a very highly plot intensive AU that has a predetermined plot. Cosplayers can move within the plot and have various freedoms, but they will be following a plot line.

Please be aware when auditioning that this is a humanstuck/demonstuck AU.

Please be aware when auditioning that you need to have a thorough grasp on your character and the AU. Stories for the characters can be found here. It is recommended that you not only read the story for your character, but also for your character’s family and anyone that you think your character might interact with. For example, if you would want to audition for Karkat, you would read Karkat’s story, Signless and Kankri’s stories, Gamzee’s story and maybe Dave’s and Terezi’s story. The more knowledge of your character and the AU that you show, the better you’ll be. If you have specific questions about the AU or something is unclear in the stories, shoot us an ask and a mod will get back to you as soon as possible.





Character Stories