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what i know about homeshit part 2

part 1 

so many fuckin characters tumblr couldn’t fit it all in one post



my favorite troll vriska,eridan,aradia,feferi

dancestor damara,kankri,aranea,cronus

I love vriska

Wow,the reaction exceeded 1000!!!

Thank you,everyone!!

Look, there she is!!!!! There’s Damara!!!!! And tbh this means so much to me let me explain.

There’s a Damara out there, one that was cheated on and bullied and recruited by a cult and all of that, but this Damara got out. This Damara joined an army of her dead friends and other ghosts, she looked past her anger and bitterness and all the things she’s done and decided to work with them for the greater good. She’s gonna go kick some ass in her pretty little witch skirt. And look, she’s smiling! She’s happy! Maybe she got the closure she really needed, maybe she found love or friends or a hobby she likes, but it doesn’t matter because she’s finally with her friends and *happy*.

Somewhere in Paradox Space, in the terrifying infinite timelines where so many horrible things happen, there’s a Damara that ended up sort of okay, and that makes me so damn happy.


Hey everyone! I participated in the Beforus fan album that streamed yesterday and here are the two pieces I made!

 The first image was made for “Caligomancy” by BlackHole. It was a really fun one to draw and a great chance to experiment with color. 

The second piece was made for “Look into the Future” by rest✩taurus and I really love how the piece came out. I hope you all like the artwork! Make sure to check out the album and see all the great art and music!!

August 13th through August 19th!! ANY QUADRANT!

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Latula spot ==> open!

The spot for Latula is now open! regarding other Dancestor spots… The spot for Horrus is still open, and the Cronus spot may or may not be opening soon! stay tuned!
We could also really use a Jake English!!
contact me at @aggressiveflyingpizza or  AggressiveFlyingPizza#7651
1. you must be 13+
2. you must be active
3. you must own discord (if you don’t have it, download it and figure out how it works, before contacting us)
here is the application:
1. what character do you want to be answering for:
2. what would you like your mod name to be? (keep it short and simple):
3. are you 13+?(if not please do not apply.) I am:
4. what is your favorite color?:
**examples of your best art here**
Updated list of open characters below the readmore

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DCstuck now change to comicstuck, but call whatever you like O w O

Done with all trolls. Now I’ll continue with the ancestors!

Suggestions and ideas are welcome! O w O

❤Female Beta Trolls❤

❤Male Beta Trolls❤

❤Beta kids❤

❤Alpha kids❤

❤Female Alpha Trolls❤

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