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Feline here! So if Doc Scratch is an emissary to the horroterrors, does that mean that my Scientologist Doc Scratch is now off the table? Can he be both human cult leader and emissary at the same time, and his oracular visions are from LE? Does LE kill other horrorterrors? Also, what kind of animals are there on Skaia? What do carnivorous Carapacians eat, and how are these animals farmed?

WELL!!! The story of Doc Scratch and his origins will need to be its own post because that’s a BIG DEAL (and no, your scientologist scratch idea was not thrown out the window, you’ll see!) but to answer the question of what animals are native to Skaia…

Skaian animals run the same gamut of diversity as on Earth but with the caveat of being form another planet that has a different astronomical history. It’s possible there will need to be a very subtle new branch of animal classification that I would personally put in between Kingdom and Phylum tier, determining whether the following animals are Earthling or Skaian. To whit:

The Kingdom is Animalia, because we’re talking about Animals. The Origin is Skaian, because we’re looking specifically at animals native to that planet. The Phylums of Skaian animals are generally the same, because it will include a LOT of the same types of animals. Skaia still has Cnidarian animals, like jellyfish, corals, and anemones. It also still has Molluscan animals, such as gastropods (snails), a SHITLOAD of cephalopods (octopus and squid), etc. There are also the more complex animals, like chordates, which is where we step out of the ocean and onto land animals and amphibians.

Carapaces themselves are in the chordate phylum, subphylum Vertebrata, but they would obviously not be classified as “human” or even CLOSE to human, for that matter, because this is where things get Fucky.

For the purposes of this answer I made a cute little diagram explaining the basic taxonomy of a human being. For any kind of animals to be drawn from this base, we go backwards and make up some kind of imaginary deviation from it. Let’s say for example, instead of a Homo sapiens, a bipedal creature with a big brain and no tail, there was a Felis sapiens, a creature with the same big brain of a human, but with a tail, that stands on four legs, and has all the other trappings of a cat.

You can go backwards from this to make up a bunch of cool animals. How does a carapace square up taxonomically, then?

(For the record, a lot of the naming is just latin gibberish I made up because most/all taxonomic names are in latin)

From this, we can go backwards and determine what other kinds of land animals there are on Skaia that would branch off from the previous taxonomic classifiers. What other kinds of “lucoromutous” animals are there? What about the other animals that might exist on Skaia, like Skaian mammals or Skaian amphibians? I’d basically have to come up with an entire ecosystem, but thanks to this knowledge of taxonomy and my own imagination, I at least don’t have to start from scratch.

TL;DR Carnivorous carapaces eat a lot of deep-sea fish from Derse, or otherwise hunt local fauna to their ecosystems that would take a lot longer than one answer to explain.

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Are there splatoon references?

Splatoon is… Hold on, I’ll google it.

Oh. Well, that explains what did Clown want my advanced paintball rifles for…

So yes, there are Splatoon references. And you want to stay away from the younger Horroterrors. Just saying.

Also there are some paint-related quests on Derse and Prospit which can resemble Splatoon if you want to see it, however it was not out initial intention as these quests were scripted before Splatoon came out.

SN Tech Support (Gear)

~●●● About Rankstuck AU ●●●~


Title: Seer of Light

Ranking index: 0,64 (#9)

Light skills: clairvoyance

(First - casual outfit, second - formal).

As the Light Aspecter, Rose’s main job is to predict the future. Her specialty is to help people make decisions – when presented with several options she can decide which one will be the best for reaching the desired goal. Because of this she lives in the Residence with John and Dave, in order to be easily accessible when the important decisions must be made; she has a position of Royal Advisor. She also sometimes gets visions of a very distant future, but they are harder to decipher. Every Light Aspecter’s best friend is a crystal ball, and Rose uses it too.

She also hears the whispers of the Horrorterrors – louder and more frequently than anyone else – being both a Seer and having the Light Aspect; she often has nightmares because of them. To take her mind of this she learned knitting and writes books, but it doesn’t really helps.

Generally, Light Aspecters are physically inactive because they work through their mind, but Rose decided to learn how to fight Horroterrors – firstly, because she wanted an activity to distract her from constant pressure on her mind, and secondly because hearing their whispers comes in handy when searching for them.

At first people thought that her choice to make needles her weapon is laughable, but she proved that she doesn’t need anything else. She carries the needles and balls of yarn in that small round purple bag.

The Lalondes, like the Striders, are one of the oldest family lines among the humans, her distant relative Roxy from house Alpha has the same surname. Rose’s parents were Aspecters too – her mother is still alive and works as a scientist; her father was a Horrorterror fighter and died in a battle.

This may seem like a random fact, but she is also one of a few people who own a boat.

Rose wears the obligatory Light symbol on her head in a form of hair clips; I forgot to say that humans’ symbols tend to be flat, small or cover the head because the tradition requires them to be never taken off, even when sleeping. The trolls have it easier – when they sleep in sopor slime, their heads stick out, so they can wear whatever form they want.

Rose’s best friends are John, Dave, Jade, Kanaya and Terezi. She found a common ground with Terezi because they both work with their minds actively. She shares an Aspect with Vriska and when they were younger Rose wanted to be friends with her but Vriska wasn’t so eager.

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WouldYaMindDroppingTheSessionCoordinatesOfThoseIdiotsForMe,IHaveAArtifactSetTo"LightsaberChainsawCannon"ModusThatWantsToMeetThem,AlsoIWouldTakeGreatPleasureInTheirDeathAndIAssumeTheHorrorterrorsWouldToo,SoThereIsThat. -TheLordOfLife

We don’t have their coordinates. Apparently they are not in our database. I can ask out and around, but I doubt it would help. Horroterrors don’t know everything and Lords couldn’t care less. And I am not asking the other ones. Too risky.

I personally assume they are somewhere in the Null Phase Sector, as this one tends to be… where disconnected Sessions end.

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... Oh yeah. it's october the halloween month. LORD I AM LAZY. Relax the theme i thinked really fits. and i think it's beautiful(in some way because... horroterrors) and Spooky = D

Thanks I spent all of 2 minutes on it ;)

also I’ve made the playlist not autoplay for the people that asked (even though it totes add to the spoopy atmosphere)