Have you never wondered why do we never see alternate Gamzees we know had to exist? We don’t see any of them thorough the story. There’s no alternate Gamzees in Tavros’ army, there’s no alternate Gamzee’s in Caliborn: Enter (where LE kills a ton of ghosts), there’s even no Prospit Gamzee’s dreamself that should exist by default - and yet, we don’t see it. Gamzee shows in the dreambubbles only once and it’s during the Ministrife!! flash, to honk at Tavros when he is pushing through people and searching for the ring.

Which makes it more than obvious it’s Gamzee we’ve known from “our” timeline, as he is honking either as mindcontrolled by Aranea self or muffled by others on the meteor self.

What do we see in the bubbles that isn’t ghosts tho? Or, rather - what else is around there, surrounding bubbles in the Furthest Ring?

These guys.

Very purple, very horroterrory

purple eldritch tentamonsters who has the exact same color of blood like Gamzee

the creatures that can borrow you the Rage aspect if you don’t have Rage aspect in yourself to let you flip out into Grimdarkness (Gamzee’s aspect)

shadowy beings, beings of the night, beings of the darkness

who can feel pain and are asking for help 

like a certain clown (albeit, for different reasons)

and their whisper can be resisted to through eyewear Dave has, which has made him resistant to Lil Cal as well

and the fact that Time and Space continuum in the Furthest Ring is the most complicated and flabbergasting thing ever only makes me ask: how long was Gamzee suffering there - how long does it take to make a four-limbed troll turn into such a monstrosity as a horrorterror.

And no, I don’t believe that because they’re “eldritch gods” that they has “always been there”, because nothing self-creates in Homestuck. You need a Void player to create something out of nothing (like Equius creates robots) - and we’ve actually seen a Void player create a monstrosity out of nowhere and putting it in the place it didn’t belong.

That’s right, Gl’bgolyb.

More, I’d say that since all lusi (lususes?) are some sort of reborn/redone/??? versions of ancestors, I’d say that Gl’bgolyb was done in the same way as Gamzee - Gl’bgolyb probably is Condesce thrown into Furthest Ring to reshape  by no one else but Lord English (partially a Void player). Why?

Cause Lord of Time is a cruel, cruel cherub. 

Now, either I’m right and we will see what’s the reasoning behind it, or I am not and there’s something entirely different going on. We will see.

I don’t make shit up.