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I present you the huge crossover between most of Tim Burton’s movies. 

Can you guess which movies are represented? :D


Yes, I am aware Coraline is not a Tim Burton movie, but rather Henry Selick’s.

These are the reasons why I included Coraline:

In the mist of all these horro/terror/comedy movies, I wanted to preserve Frisk’s explorative personality, and having it be the Underfell AU, highlight their inocence/childhood against the terror of Underfell and Tim Burton’s works. 
please have that in mind.

and yes, I forgot Flowey.

ID #58945

Name: Jocelyn
Age: 19
Country: Singapore


I have always like writing letters and cards for my friends because of the sincerity it holds. So i am looking forward to finding someone who loves writing and waiting for snail mail.

I love reading and a book that i feel strongly about would be “Memoirs of a geisha”. All genres interest me, but mostly i lean towards the romance and thriller novels.

That being said, I love watching horror films BUT HAVE A BIG FEAR OF GHOSTS (and the dark in general).

As for music, i usually listen to Troye Sivan, pop music, and i have been into kpop again recently (Seventeen)

My MBTI is ENFJ, but i occasionally enjoy some alone time where i just go somewhere alone and just people watch. I love doing that.

Preferences: Everyone is fine, as long as we can talk about everything under the sun. (I believe in the beauty of knowing a stranger)

The Signs Watching A Horror Movie Together

Aries: Is about to leave because everyone’s being so loud but is the one who screams the loudest.

Taurus: Is having no reaction to the movie and leaves with Leo to go get food and drinks.

Gemini: “More blood, more blood!”

Cancer: Is shaking with fear and holding onto Pisces for dear life.

Leo: Likes the movie but wants food badly so they leave with Taurus.

Virgo: Is laughing at Scorpio’s comments but is still a bit scared.

Libra: Glaring at Sagittarius for being mean but not really taking the movie seriously.

Scorpio: Is cuddled up in the middle of Virgo and Aquarius and making sarcastic comments about how stupid the people in the movie are.

Sagittarius: Scaring Pisces and Cancer when it gets quiet while getting glares from Libra and Virgo.

Capricorn: Laughs when someone dies and at Cancer and Pisces getting scared.

Aquarius: Is enjoying the movie and secretly enjoying the closeness with Scorpio.

Pisces: About to jump out of their skin while cuddling up to Cancer 

To Write Top 5:

I was tagged by @brookebond. I don’t have 5 wip so i will list some ideas i have!

1. Untitled vigilants fic. This is currently being written (almost finished!) Where Arthur is a masked vigilante and Eames works at a newspaper. Baiscally this all comes down to a 15k excuse for kinky smut.

2. Plan of Care. My unfinished Tommy/Adam mental health fic. Tommy is a patient and adam is a mental health aid. This one kinda got lost and I don’t know if i will ever finish it.

3. Who would have know. Arthur/Eames fic that is finished but I have struggled with findinf a beta bc of dark themes. Involves Arthur struggling with drug addiction and prostitution. And Eames is a bit of a bastard. It was written when when I was very depressed but it was a great outlit!

4. Inception/horro movie fic. Kinda got a vague idea to write an inception fic along the lines of candyman/hellraiser… just seems fun.

5. Time travel/limbo mindfuck AU. This one is a very solid idea but I fear that it wouldn’t go over well bc of some of the themes in this one. It’s pretty dark.

Anyone who may want to do this challenge feel free!!

chanitnim  asked:

Can I have a ship with Seventeen, please? I’m very carefree, open and happy in general. I’m the type to say ok to anything with no regrets 😂 I tend to be easy to read and be able to get over lost/sadness faster than others. Friend say I’m bubbly, funny and reliable. Observing people is one of my favorite thing. Arts, languages and a long nice walk are LOVE ❤️Just no bugs. I’m very forgetful and pretty laid-back myself. I get scare easily but horror movies are my fav! Thank you!

Hi!  You’re welcome and thank you for requesting! <3

I ship you with our precious maknae, Dino!
He’d more than happy to just fool around with you, sometimes remind you things - but his favorite thing would be watching horro movies with you, so even if you get scared he can protect you.