horrors of running in the dark

NCT Dream Reaction: Scaring them

Halloween Special

You and the boys were in the middle of watching horror movies when the electricity went out. All of you were sitting in total silence, too scared lazy to get the emergency light so you guys decided to play rock, paper, and scissors under your dying phone’s flashlight to decide who will get the emergency light from the basement and unfortunately, you lost. You weren’t scared of the dark but watching horror movies made your imagination run wild.

“_____ can you at least wait for me by the door?”, you asked your boyfriend.

“uhh, nope. rules are rules.”, he chuckled. You gathered up your courage and went straight to the basement. While searching for the emergency light, you happen to stumble upon a black wig, and suddenly, an idea popped into your head. You decided to scare your boyfriend as a revenge. 


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You’ll scare Mark by screaming for help then jumping out to startle him. He’d let out a string of OHMYGODs and would be screaming like he did when Donghyuck was about to kiss him on the cheek. He’d be really flustered afterwards. Expect him to back hug you to hide his face in shame from the members.


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Renjun was already scared when he let you go to the basement alone and he even got more scared when it already took you a long time to come back to the living room so he decided to come after you. You were in the middle of smearing red paint on your face when he barged in the room. Oh boy he was terrified at the sight and let out a small scream but as soon as he realizes that it was just red paint he’d pull you into a hug pretend that you’re chenle. “Come here.”


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Jeno decided to look for other flashlights too so if he ever found one first, you won’t have to look for the emergency light in the basement. This boy didn’t know what was coming for him when you saw him walk past the basement door. He decided to look for a flashlight in the bedroom so you come up behind him. He was completely unaware of your presence until he looked in the mirror. You got this boy good. He was very startled that he hit his knee under the desk he was searching in and let out a mixture of laughing and screaming


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Oh this boy did come after you as soon as you had gone to the basement. Yes, he was there to wait for you at the door but he was also there to scare you even more. He was making ghost noises. Lucky for you, he didn’t know your plan so while he was making these ghost noises with his eyes closed, you put your red-painted face close to his and as soon as he opened his eyes, you regretted it. Not only he screamed but he also accidentally headbutted you.


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You’d be scaring him like the one in Mark’s reaction but instead, this boy already knows what you’re doing. He’d poke his around the door to let you know that he’s there. He’d be so extra that he even brought an umbrella to protect him from Harm™ when you jump out in front of him. You two would end up teaming to scare the other members.


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The moment you jump out in front of him would be the best time to say goodbye to your ears. It’d be like a sudden surge of dolphins in the dorm. Chenle would be screaming and at the same time jumping and clapping. You two would scare each other and end up hugging while waiting for Jisung to come after you two.


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Like Donghyuck, he’d follow you secretly to wait by the door but he absolutely has no intention of scaring you or whatsoever. You’d come up behind him wearing the long ass wig you found in the basement to scare him. He’ll only flinch a little and would laugh at you because of your wig “What do you think you’re doing?”


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Dregs fave tv shows

kaz: huge peaky blinders fan: literally a tv show about a 20th-century gang leader. also loves crime shows, obvs, esp white collar and the mentalist. into some dark thriller shit. american horror story. hannibal. doesn’t care for bates motel a lot (not enough blood) but watches it anyway. likes game of thrones, for all the political power play. also how could i not mention mr.robot.

inej: prefers physical competition reality shows: so you think you can dance, survivor, american ninja warrior, the amazing race. take the money and run. reruns of the olympic gymnastics. thats it thats literally it kaz will b stayin up late watching murder shows, nina watching baking shows, jes watching alien shows and then there’s inej, glued to the screen playing olympic reruns from 20 years ago.

jesper: can get down w most tv shows. he likes comedies (brooklyn nine nine, arrested development), action (anything with a lot of guns), and reality competitions (survivor, so you think u can dance, wipeout). also, trashy reality shows like real housewives and dance moms. a ho for cryptid hunting. will definitely wake wy up in the middle of the night to tell him all the alien sightings in the last five years. also wylan and jesper don’t argue much but wylan once password-protected the poker network and jesper didn’t come home for a week.

wylan: a big fan of the flash. also, the gifted. eyewitness af. loves paranormal/ghost hunting shows. so does jesper, but wylan likes the real ones and jes likes the overdramatic fake ones. claims he hates the shows kaz watches but will find ways to be in the same room as kaz watching them anyway. will end up with his face buried into kaz’s shoulder when someone gets decapitated but won’t leave. 

nina: once upon a time. huge crush on captain hook. loves the holiday baking championship and the voice. also loves reality shows like the bachelor and real housewives. once tried a real housewives drinking game with matthias to take a shot every time someone throws something (shade or a drink), and so settled the debate on which one could hold their alcohol better (matthias passed out halfway through the episode and nina won’t let him forget)

matthias: “hates” watching the bachelor/ette with nina but shows up anyway………also likes boring documentaries abt trees and war. loves wilderness survival shows like man vs. wild. tries to hide his enthusiasm for most tv shows but will cut a bitch if you get in the way of him watching the amazing race with the rest of the dregs. 

kuwei: SCIFI SHIT. his fav is stranger things, but he can get down to x-files and doctor who all the same. will watch anything w aliens (@jesper hmu) also, dexter’s lab and danny phantom. 

talk to me abt soc!

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2p Axis react to s/o who is scared of the dark because, they believe that things are actually lurking around in it so they use nightlights.

God Bless Admin Sarah! She is my coffee making angel! -Admin Jay

2p Germany: “As long as it’s a cool looking nightlight, I won’t say anything.”
Lutz would raise an eyebrow, but he knows how he gets after watching a few horror movies so he would let it slide. He would just tease his s/o about their choice of nightlight before buying a few to put around the house so they felt better. He wouldn’t mind doing it either, Gilen would love having them around so he didn’t run into stuff at night. So it’s a win-win! 

2p Japan: “Really? The only thing scary in the dark is me.”
Kuro would tease his s/o relentlessly about it. Especially, since he would capitalize on their fear at least once by waiting in the dark and grabbing their ankle. He wouldn’t make a big deal out of it constantly, but it would be something he would see as…childish. Why would they be afraid of the dark? Don’t be afraid, be ready to fight if something is there. 

2p Italy: “Fine…but don’t pick an ugly one…”
Luciano would just raise an eyebrow and scoff quietly as he looks at his s/o. Afraid of the dark? Who would be afraid of the dark? He would allow them to place their nightlights wherever they wanted, he just would make sure they look nice and go with the rest of the house. He wouldn’t want them being an eyesore. 

It’s On

Pt. 1 here

It was midnight when Morgana retired to her room. She made sure Gosalyn was tucked safe in bed, and not following her father tonight in his run through St. Canard.

Morgana sighed and waited. At exactly 12:15 am, her shadow lengthened to the end of the room, then as sudden, snapped back.

Out of the darkness emerged a young looking fox person. She cradled a bundle in her arms.

“This has better be important, Morgana”

“Hello, Mistress Ireyon” Morgana eyed the bundle and then hesitantly said “Good evening, Lord Quackett. It’s very important, I assure you. The Grand Coven is back”

Ireyon snorted. “I hardly think ‘El Capitan’ Cortez makes a full cove-”

“Cortez, Circe, Laird, and Merlock. They even were able to get the Djinn back from his new family”

Ireyon stopped. Then sat down with a thud.

“The bastard actually did it…I’m assuming the Wanderer hasn’t been found yet?”

“No. But he’s most likely on his way”

“Then we still have time. Provided they don’t find where we trapped Adam”, Ireyon scratched at the insignia scarred on her right palm. “We made sure of that anyway”

Morgana snorted. “Adam Astronomo isn’t half as brilliant the Sorceress you are, mistress. That dolt is stuck in the Zodiac stone forever”

“No, my replacement isn’t . But he was prepared. He had an apprentice” she rubbed her bundle sadly and then held her scarred hand up. The ugly thing almost glowed in the moonlight. “He did this to Fantomius, and I know my old Coven mates. Blast them all. Adam made sure to groom that apprentice to replace him”

“So we have someone we know nothing of to worry about. Great” Morgana huffed.

The bundle shook and whispered. The two women strained to listen.

Morgana wrinkled her beak. “My lord, are you saying you want someone to take your mantle? Are you sure?”

The whispers started again. Ireyon shook her head in amusement.

“Whatever you say, my love.”

“Mistress, what are we to do next?” Morgana asked.

“We try to stop my brothers and sister, of course!” the vixen grinned all teeth.

“I left them centuries before I met John but they still found us and for leaving the Coven, my husband suffered a fate worse than death”

She unwrapped the bundle and produced the mummified head of Lord John Lamont Quackett. Its grisly visage heightened by two pinpricks of light still glowing in its sockets.

“To what they did to my love, I will pay them in kind”

  • Aries ☉: Scraped knees, band shirts, leather jackets, combat boots, cigarettes and loud laughter
  • Aries ☽: Bright Red
  • Aries ⇑: Somebody told me - the killers
  • Taurus ☉: Blue birds, the smell of freshly baked cookies, white lace, record players, your favorite books
  • Taurus ☽: Pastel purple
  • Taurus ⇑: Art Deco - Lana Del Rey
  • Gemini ☉: Big sunglasses, lemon ice cream, rainbows, bright colored flowers, French braids
  • Gemini ☽: Bright yellow
  • Gemini ⇑: Caught in the middle - Paramore
  • Cancer ☉: The sea, kittens, soft sweaters, childhood scrapbooks, teddy bears, cute candles
  • Cancer ☽: Baby blue
  • Cancer ⇑: Cry baby - the neighborhood
  • Leo ☉: The sun touchig your skin, golden glitters, crazy hair, running till your feet can't take it anymore
  • Leo ☽: Gold
  • Leo ⇑: Super rich kids - Frank Ocean
  • Virgo ☉: Clouds, Small tattoos, Tea with honey, Brownies, Polaroid cameras, self written stories
  • Virgo ☽: Silver
  • Virgo ⇑: Knee socks - Arctic monkeys
  • Libra ☉: Glitter lips, plaid skirts, pretty handwriting, perfume, Heart shaped sunglasses
  • Libra ☽: soft pink
  • Libra ⇑: Bubblegum bitch - Marina and the diamond
  • Scorpio ☉: Black cats, witchcraft, horror movies, taboos, dark chocolate, palm reading
  • Scorpio ☽: Deep purple
  • Scorpio ⇑: I wanna be yours - Arctic monkeys
  • Sagittarius ☉: Notebooks with stories, maps, late night conversations, sunsets, singing from the top of your lungs
  • Sagittarius ☽: Orange
  • Sagittarius ⇑: Perfect places - Lorde
  • Capricorn ☉: Trying to keep a straight face, sarcasm, coffee, riddles, old cars, the forest
  • Capricorn ☽: Dark brown
  • Capricorn ⇑: Money power glory - Lana Del Rey
  • Aquarius ☉: Neon signs, aliens, breaking rules, lightning, sour sweets, reading someone's mind, conspiracy theories
  • Aquarius ☽: Electric blue
  • Aquarius ⇑: UGH! - The 1975
  • Pisces ☉: Fairy lights, sleepy eyes, feeling like you're in a different dimension, soft hair, sparkling water, big eyes
  • Pisces ☽: Pastel yellow
  • Pisces ⇑: Cigarette daydreams - Cage the elephant

10 Horror Films Directed by Women to Watch This Halloween

American Mary (Jen and Sylvia Soska, 2012)

Broke medical student Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) stumbles into the underground world of body modification while looking for a part time job to pay the bills. 

American Psycho (Mary Harron, 2000)

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) a wealthy, vain twenty-something investment banker, indulges in his increasingly violent and erratic fantasies.     

Black Rock (Katie Aselton, 2012)

A camping trip turns dark when three friends on vacation (Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth, and Katie Aselton) run into a male trio of campers vacationing on the same isolated island as them. 

Carrie (Kimberly Peirce, 2013)

Social outcast Carrie White (Chloe Grace Moretz) learns to harness her telekinesis to avenge herself against her abusers and tormentors. 

Jennifer’s Body (Karyn Kusama, 2009)

Best friends Needy (Amanda Seyfried) and Jennifer (Megan Fox) hit a roadblock in their friendship when Jennifer is possessed by a demon and begins eating local boys.

The Moth Diaries (Mary Harron, 2011)

At an all-girls boarding school Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) and Lucy (Sarah Gadon) grow apart after a new girl (Lily Cole), who Rebecca suspects is a vampire, begins to come between them. 

Near Dark (Kathryn Bigelow, 1987)

A small town boy, Caleb Colton, falls for a beautiful young woman who, to his surprise, is a vampire. 

Ravenous (Antonia Bird, 1999) 

Captain John Boyd (Guy Pearce) organizes a search party to save the survivors of a group of travellers who have turned to cannibalism only to find himself unwittingly lured into a trap.

Pet Sematary (Mary Lambert, 1989)

A family learns that the pet cemetery behind their home has the power to raise the dead. 

Silent House (Laura Lau and Chris Kentis, 2011)

Filmed to look as though the entire movie were taken in a single shot, Silent House features Elizabeth Olsen as Sarah, a young woman on vacation with her father and uncle, who becomes trapped in a haunted house and loses contact with the outside world. 

For 10 more women directed horror films check HERE

Making Horror Games is Hard!

Horror in games has had a huge increase in popularity thanks to social media and services such as twitch and Youtube, unfortunately, many of them are horrible! 

Don’t fear, there’s a reason to it; Making Good Horror Games is Hard!

Now before delving too deep into it all, let’s take a brief look at some Horror tropes and examples.

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Okay, so here I am, an innocent lurker, having just found this blog, when I see: "what if the skywalkers were cthulu-type monsters." excuse me??? please elaborate you just wrote that and nothing else im dying ex p la i n y o ur s el f

  • The Force is everything that ever was and ever will be, every storm and every silence, the hunting krayk dragon and cowering bantha calf: it is huge, all-consuming, completely inhuman. How, then, could its children be anything short of monstrous? (Wonders, yes. But monsters all the same.)
  • Anakin Skywalker is boy-shaped, but Obi Wan cannot bear to look at him. 
  • A clarification: he can look at him with his human eyes; but he must clamp down the extra eyes his Force-sensitivity gives him, because when he doesn’t – well. The first time he met the boy he hadn’t closed those eyes; he’d open them, wide and curious and seen –
    • teeth and claws and roiling shadows, a slipslide of features and starfire, the white blur of warpspeed and it hurts –
  • Anakin Skywalker is the son of the Force, half human and half something extraordinary. There’s a reason the Jedi don’t like him, why Yoda mistrusts him; they all have to close their extra eyes around him; and even when they’re white-knuckled with effort, clamping down so the Force can’t so much as whisper to them (and that hurts Jedi, of course it does, it runs counter to all their training about opening up and trusting in the Force) and even then they still feel the velvet quiver of unseen limbs over their skin. 
  • And more. And worse. When he is angry – which is often – his shadow warps into something awful, and even the least Force-sensitive being quails at the profound wrongness of the sight. His features warp and melt, teeth spiralling out from his pupils, his mouth cracks open wide, his tongue growing scales and feathers and catching fire and he smiles, oh how he smiles and –
    • nothing like him should exist and
    • and you blink, lose the moment, he’s just a young man glowering at you, and his shadow is the same, but the memory of that horror is seared into the back of your brain.
  • It is no surprise that Padme dies in childbed. 
  • The first child’s cry makes Obi Wan’s bones rattle. It – you could not call it anything but an it – is a twisting, squirming mess of light and dark. There’s a wing, a thorned branch: you cannot focus on it. You cannot pin a shape to it. Obi Wan wants to run away, run and never look back. But the Med Droid is offering it to him; and it is a child, of a sort; and Obi Wan takes it, and it coalesces into a soft pink baby girl. He places it – her – against Padme’s white breast. Padme cradles it. “She’s beautiful.”
  • The second is just the same: pushed out like any human baby, but a roling mess of lightening and thick syrupy cloud, one moment tentacled and the next furred, pure power condensed. Obi Wan takes it in his arms and it solidifies into another fat baby, small and squalling. 
  • He’s not like the other babies, Luke Skywalker. He’s a funny one. When he smiles, you have the sudden absurd impulse that he’s got too many teeth for his face. His hair is corn-gold, but when you see it out of the corner of your eye you swear that it isn’t hair at all, but fire and teeth. Looking at him too long is like staring into the sun. 
  • The other children are scared of him, Behu says to Owen, once. And Owen says: children always know. And Behu says: he isn’t a bad kid. Owen says: he’s a wonder. And that’s the problem. 
  • Jabba’s goons go to the Lars farm to collect water once. Only once. They return to Jabba’s palace gibbering nonsense, with their eyes burned out. Both mumble something about there’s something wrong with the boy and then jump into the ragnar pit. 
  • Don’t do that again, says Owen, but he hugs his nephew all the same, pulls him close, kisses his temple. He feels something hot-cold run over his spine, like something far larger than the child is trying to embrace him back. That night, Behu runs her fingers over the new white scartissue on her husband’s back, and says, he’s a good kid. Owen says, I know.
  • If I was there I could have saved them, Luke says to Ben Kenobi, years later, and in that moment he has a thousand thousand eyes and all of them are burning, and he has no limbs but a dozen wings bearing him aloft, and each feather is molten gold and each feather drips blood. Ben thinks of Anakin, screws his Force-sensitivity closed. Luke is a monster. A wonder. But first and foremost he is a boy, and he is grieving. 
    • Ben Kenobi holds him while he weeps. 
  • When Leia comes, she turns into a celestial horror with more teeth than Han cares to count. “Huh,” he says, after their first time. She’s so little in his arms, but so vast. He feels something gentle his back. He says, “Next time, I’ll wear a blindfold, princess. Don’t want to blind me, do you? Then I won’t be able to see when you’re doing stupid shit.” She titters, presses her face into the curve of his neck. 
    • Love comes to everyone, including monsters. 
13 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, gruesome torture, death, blood, wound details and grief

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Station to Station is now casting!

Update: Auditions for Station to Station have now closed! Thanks for your interest. Callbacks will run March 4 to March 14.

Station to Station is an upcoming podcast from the Procyon Podcast Network. It was created by Alex Yun (@stardust-rain), co-written and co-produced with Andrea Klassen (@thischarmingand).

This is a sci-fi mystery/horror about a science project with dark secrets, a biochemist with melancholic tendencies, and the mysterious notes of a lost scientist, set on research cruise many miles away from land. Also featuring: corporate espionage, loss, morality, and close encounters of the eldritch kind. 


1) You must be over 18 by the time auditions close (March 1st). No if, no buts. No “but I’m almost 18!!”. This is a Procyon-wide policy that we will not budge on. 

2) Upload your audition file. We prefer Dropbox or Google Drive, but any hosting site is fine. Please name your file Character Name [Your Name]. Please also state your name before reading. 

3) Fill in this Google Form. (Now closed) Note that we don’t require you to have professional setup to do this - that’s what our Kickstarter is for! Once recording starts, we’ll provide professional mics if you don’t have your own. 

If Google is not accessible where you live, you’re also welcome to email us at station2station@procyonpodcasts.com (but only if Google isn’t accessible, please use the Google Form otherwise). 

Auditions will run from Feb 15th to March 1st. Callbacks will be from March 4nd to March 10th.

You can audition for more than one role. 

This is a paid gig. You’ll be paid $15/hr (or the equivalent in whichever currency you use) for each hour of recording. For now, the rehearsal time will not be paid. 

Please signal boost, and follow this tumblr for more updates!


On Writing Dark Fiction

Anonymous asked: “I was looking through writing tips and saw something about writing dark stories. It says how “dark” does not mean twisted, brutal, or gory. Then I wondered, what is it exactly?”

Hmmm… That was probably not one of my writing tips, but whoever said it is kind of right. Dark when applied to fiction kind of has its own connotations and it’s not really synonymous with horror at all. 

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Mark the dates on your calendars folks! Soukoku Week will run again this year, from June 26-July 2, 2017!

The Prompts

  • Day 1 – Sartorialism / 「Ah, heart, that believes in others more than itself」 – Sheep Song
  • Day 2 – Spring / 「That’s what being a partner means, right?」 – Dazai Osamu, Chapter 11
  • Day 3 – Historical AU / 「Your goody two-shoes act also puts me off.」 – Nakahara Chuuya, Chapter 31
  • Day 4 – Memento Mori / 「Once again, I chase my wish that slips through」 – Eien Misui Ni Good Bye
  • Day 5 – Horror AU / 「I’ll push myself to the limit and dye everything jet-black」 – DARKNESS MY SORROW
  • Day 6 – Inspirations from Real Life Authors / 「In my case, such an expression as ‘to be fallen for’ or even ‘to be loved’ is not in the least appropriate; perhaps it describes the situation more accurately to say that I was 'looked after’.」 – No Longer Human
  • Day 7 – Free Day

We would like to thank @malchikelf and @txintedsorrow for giving suggestions for Days 1 and 3.

General Rules & Guidelines

  • All submissions must be tagged with #soukokuweek. Please include what day and theme(s) your work is about within the post.
  • Other characters/pairings may be included, but soukoku must be the focus.
  • Any form of media is acceptable as long as it’s your own creation. This includes but is not limited to: fanart, fanfiction, graphics, metas, cosplay, AMVs, etc. Any reposted or edited work that is not yours (sourced or unsourced) will not be published.
  • Triggering and/or suggestive material is acceptable. However, please be aware that: 1.) NSFW art/graphics will need appropriate tags and warnings; and 2.) In addition to tags and warnings about the nature of the post, fanfictions/metas must also be put under a READ MORE.
  • Feel free to be as liberal with the given prompts as you wish; there are no wrong interpretations!
  • We will reblog all works tagged in #soukokuweek until one week after the conclusion of the event. You can also tag us with your posts or submit through the blog!

Still feeling lost? Don’t be shy to shoot an ask for any questions you may have! In the meantime, you can help spread the word by liking and/or reblogging this post and following this blog if you haven’t yet.

See you soon!

I’m shaking, hands on my knees, panting. Let the monster come. Let them come forever. Let them climb the piled bodies of their dead. I don’t care. That’s the thing I do better than anyone. Not care. Let them come in their hundreds and every one will die at my feet. I don’t care about their homing rockets, their exotic matter slugs, their blades from another dimension.

I don’t care because I cannot be moved. I am the wall against which the Darkness breaks.

Malphur can turn his gun to fire and Shinobu can dance with lightning, but when the horrors run out of the dark, I am the one who does not move.

I am a wall. And walls don’t move. Because walls don’t care.

—  Sentinel Titan lore