The original inspiration for Batman’s Joker, Conrad Veidt. Before Batman had the Joker, a 1928 film titled The Man Who Laughs had Veidt.

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Name: Alexander
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hello everyone! :)

I’m Alexander, but most people just call me Alex, and I’m looking for a penpal to write to. I’m currently a senior in high school (I graduate the 13th of May, and am planning to go to college to pursue an English degree with a minor in Creative Writing). I love lots of things, such as reading (I really enjoy fantasy and paranormal/supernatural, but will read almost anything and have been trying to delve into more of the classics :) Alice in Wonderland is probably my all-time favorite classic), writing, video games, watching Netflix (especially the horror section), recently I have started getting into Welcome to Night Vale, and am enjoying it so far, and I also love to listen to music, a few of my favorite bands/artists include: Avril Lavigne, Krewella, Black Veil Brides, Paramore, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Fall Out Boy, Falling in Reverse, and 5 Seconds of Summer, among others. Also, I’m bisexual, but I lean more towards guys so yea :P. I would prefer to send snail mail, so yea XD

Preferences: Someone who is around my age (can be a few years younger or older), who is open-minded and isn’t homophobic, racist, or spiteful. That is all :)


Uncle Jack remembering the days of his youth

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Name: Luka
Age: 16
Country: Australia

My names Luka, I’m a girl. wanna get to know someone really well. i go to an all girl school so a guy to talk to would be nice but anyone is welcome. i love animals, I’m vegan and love it. i love the classics, art, reading, music but above all i love watching movies. horror is my fave but i could watch anything. i love to paint as well when i can be bothered. i don’t have ANY plans for the future and don’t really care but at the same time stress'n out. i like nature and fantasy, dreams. i LOVE Harry Potter and Merlin and Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. but also like Riverdale, stranger Thing other stuff but I’m beginning to sound boring. My fave bands and artists are The 1975, Sky Ferreira, Stromae (even tho i don’t speak french he’s cool).

Snail mail will be fun haven’t done it yet so might mess it up. email or messaging is cool. and you can talk to me about any problem or sitch thats got you down ill listen. ahahahaha lol I’m lonely

Preferences: Not fo fussy between 16 and 19 is noice and don’t care about the other stuff just make sure you wanna talk. I only speak english so if you speak english that would be good but il open to TRY learn a new language so if you want teach me.


just a reminder: this is the shit
(just the best collab encore what  i have ever seen)