Night Daemons.

Locked inside my head

are thoughts I dare not share,

thoughts so dark and morbid,

they fill me up with fear.

When I close my eyes they come for me;

the daemons of the deep ,

with burning blades they torture me,

they haunt me while I sleep.

They feed on weakness and on fear,

they drain away my will,

they crawl around inside my head,

and of them I’ve had my fill.

I cannot close my eyes,

I dare not fall asleep,

if I succumb to their lies,

then I am theirs to keep.

So what can I do now,

to keep them all at bay,

I must get through this someway, somehow,

to survive another day.

Ambrose Harte

Scattered Thoughts

Heaven’s Gate members shortly after their mass suicide. In unison, 39 members of the cult decided to kill themselves in order to reach a extraterrestrial spacecraft following Comet Hale–Bopp. The cult died alongside its members.


Founding a museum presents a person with a lot of challenges, but not always the ones you’d expect.

It is our job to preserve the treasures and great accomplishments of our world and species for future generations - but what about the horrors and shameful chapters of our past?

This is an authentic, American, slave receipt, valuing land at $1.30/acre and enslaved men, women and children for $13-$60ea.

Our collection also includes specimens from the genocide of the “American Indian”, Saddam’s Iraq, the Nuclear arms race, the sinking of the Lusitania, Nazi Germany, and the Holocaust.

These specimens symbolize the worst of humanity and chapters in history we may be more comfortable forgetting. But, maybe, there are times in life when we should feel uncomfortable.

These artifacts take a horror story off of a printed page and make them real. These physical symbols force us to face the dark realities of our past and the present and challenge us to learn their harsh lessons and fight for a better future.

When your descendents archaeologically excavate our era, what stories do you want them to find? Every day of your life you are writing that story. What do you want to say?