Uncle Jack remembering the days of his youth

If the Marauders were in a horror movie
  • *noise coming from outside the door*
  • Remus: What was that?
  • James: I'm too young to die...
  • Peter: What if the person takes all the food?
  • Sirius: I think we should check it out.
  • James: Absolutely fucking not.
  • Remus: Padfoot, are you insane?!
  • Peter: What about the food?
  • *another noise, closer to the door*
  • Sirius: Really, we should check it out
  • James: You go ahead, if you die, we'll know that we should get the fuck outta here
  • Remus: Yeah, who the bloody hell do you think you are? Scooby fucking Doo?

Set The Thames On Fire, Part 1