So, someone just dropped this in my inbox, and no, I haven’t written about it but I knew about it. This is the sort of thing that happens, unfortunately. I do have a post about the Black Madonna of Chartres, Our Lady of the Pillar.

Here’s the linked article above, and here’s another article from someone who visited for a pilgrimage, with photos, from patheos.com.

 They did this in 2009.*

They “restored” the entire cathedral based on how they have assumed its builders in the Middle Ages (the 1200s) intended it to be. Including, but not limited to, painting a Black Madonna white.

No matter what you think about the Black Madonnas of Europe, or the arguments about their meaning and intent or anything like that, painting her this way is both an academic and a religious sacrilege. There is…a lot to say about the whole debacle, but I’ve already been rubbing my forehead enough over this. I’ll just say that this “restoration” says a lot more about society today than any medieval society.

* The change to the Madonna itself was apparently slightly more recent. The “restoration” to the entire Cathedral began around 2009 and is supposed to be completed in, I believe, 2017.

Because recently I’ve watched Gravity Falls and I really love this show, so I though that my favourite YouTubers would be perfect as characters of it! So, here it iiis~!

  • Markiplier as Dipper Pines
  • PewDiePie(Duck) as Mabel Pines
  • CinnamonToastKen as Gruncle Stan
  • Cryotic as Waddles
  • And (Jack)SepticEye as Bill Cipher! 

You can download it here.

(Also, do not delete the caption.)

Things I want from a New York Glee storyline:

1. The roommates have to deal with extremely thin walls and multiple couples. This makes everything very awkward when Rachel is trying to Skype home to her parents and her dads can hear Kurt and Blaine having enthusiastic sex in the background.

2. The kids go to a real open call. A cattle call. They wake up at 4am. Wait around for 8 hours. Are then told that EVERYONE GETS TO AUDITION (yay!) but you only get 8 bars. They basically get to sing a scale and then leave. No one gets a call back. No one passes Go. Then they do it again the next day. And the next. Kurt finally gets a call back, but not a role and everyone goes out for ice cream sundaes because a call back is a huge success in the real world.

3. Artie discovers how few elevators there are in NYC. (Seriously. It’s bad.)

4. Blaine gets an agent, yaaaay! But the agent doesn’t actually send him out on auditions. And the agent takes Blaine out to dinner a lot for “mentoring.” And insists Blaine get headshots and classes from the agent’s friends. Eventually Santana has to have an intervention because this is a scam.

5. Santana convinces Blaine he’ll get discovered if he does background work. Blaine gets cast as a rent boy on Law and Order: SVU, and tries to give his headshot, resume, and a short written concept of who he could play on the show to the director. He is kicked off set and banned from background work.

6. The kids take the subway and start to sing a peppy pop song! Everyone hates them.

7. Rachel gets food poisoning from a hot dog vender because she thought NYC hotdogs were CLASSIC. She learns the hard way not to trust “street meat.”

8. Their apartment has no a/c in the summer and we get multiple scenes of them sitting around in their underwear regretting their life choices.

9. Every year their landlord raises their rent by $300, but they can’t find a new apartment that will fit all of them and where they don’t get constant noise complaints from their midnight musical theatre parties.

10. The kids wait in line for four hours to get standing room only tickets for a Broadway show. Their feet ache and they didn’t dress warm enough, but they’re totally inspired and are once again committed to pursing their crazy career choice.

Things I DON’T want from a New York Glee storyline:

BEDBUGS. No. No. Nooooo.