sophiroth asked:

I am so tempted to buy that pink playsuit (even if it's not on sale on their site ;n;) !! I've never bought anything from them before, so what material is it made of? It looks like some weird nylon/synthetic stuff. What're their sizes like? I don't know whether to go XS or S.. Thanks !!

The upper part is made of some kind of nylon/polyester blend I think, the pants part I’m not sure, but it’s kind of thin but not see through from what I’ve noticed.
Their sizes have been a bit bothersome for me. I’m normally euro 34, xs,  us4, uk8. But I seem to have some kind of size between cyberdog’s xs and s sadly, they didn’t have a xs to try on but I’m sure it would have been too small TwT (looked at the pencil playsuit and you can’t fit an ass in that thing?)
I’m thinking of taking the waist in at mine because that’s the only place it’s actually too big, otherwise it’s good.

I’m gonna make this an public post for other’s that also need sizing help at cyberdog! 

horrorriz replied to your post:school starts back tomorrow and i’m really…

School starts always felt like a new exciting start for me. Try and putting on something you feel extra confident and pretty in, like dressing up in a armor going to a epic battle. Put on headphones with a album you really get excited from and fight!

aHHH that was so sweet and awesome thank you, i just need to figure out what i’ll feel confident and comfy in now! 



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Omg I started the episode like two seconds ago and was just gonna check tumblr one last time before watching. What are you, a time lord who travelled back in time to make that post to make me watch it?


lolol yey! were watching it together….sort of (x 

horrorriz replied to your post: You seem really nice and stuff you like and reblog are pretty similar to my taste…! It would be real fun to have you as a friend one day or something haha… *silly ask* Have a nice day/night

W-what (TOT)Oh dear I had no idea you would react like that..! No worries <3 If you ever wanna talk or whatever just do it, I’m very social at times haha… . (〃▽〃)

heheh, it’s a good thing! ;A; heheh <3 Thank you for the message, dear, and thank you again for your friendliness. ; u ; <3