shrapnelizingcows  asked:

Not sure if you've been asked this or not but what would you do if roosterteeth offered you a job writing for RWBY? They seem to be familiar with your work and know about your tumblr. Just curious Ps love your stuff

Wow! What a scenario. I’ve honestly never given it serious thought.

Well first I would laugh myself sick and also probably drink a lot and maybe cry from confusion and horrorhappiness

Then I would ask if I could stay in San Antonio and keep my other writing jobs or if I had to go to Austin and pledge my soul to RT


then I’d be an annoying little shit and probably try to change everything and I would make Yang as gay as possible and t r y to make Jaune less fucking annoying (though at this point that might be impossible, even for me).

Cinder would also actually do something earnestly and disquietingly evil instead of vaguely hinting at evil plans.

No new characters, we introduce SSSN and that is IT. NO NEW CHARACTERS. We focus on the ones we HAVE. 

And tighten up that fucking plot, jesus christ, two seasons in and we’re meandering everywhere.