Agents of SHIELD season 3, no context

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Kid, Ace, Law S/O being hurt


-from O to 100 in one fucking second

-Will take all his time to kill this fucking bastard

-And after will play the lovely doctor for his S/O

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-If the S/O hurt herself because she is a little bit clumsy

-Will stay ll day long with her to take care of her

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-Mad Kid in 3, 2, 1…

-Will kill the stupid quy that dared to touch his precious S/O

-Lots of innocent victims in the fight…

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Monster (pt.15)

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Characters: Werewolf Negan x Melissa (oc)

Warnings: Fluff, Negan being Negan ;)

Notes: if anyone’s got any questions or any suggestions regarding this fic, please don’t be afraid to send em my way. I absolutely love hearing from you guys ♡

Please Let me know if you’d like to be tagged :)


Negan was staring up at the ceiling, the steady sound of Melissa’s breathing fighting to sooth his chaotic mind as he shifted against the thin mattress. His eyes were glowing dimly in the darkness, he knew someone was awake in the lobby but he couldn’t pick up who exactly.

This particular scent foreign to him.

After Rick had walked in on them Melissa had suggested they keep it PG while they were here. Negan of course thought that was ridiculous, but he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable.

It was frustrating.

He felt… needy.

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Pennywise x Anna

An RP with @inforapennyinforaclown

Anna had emerged from the sewers a completely different person.

Entering the maze of pipes, following the gruesome debris floating in the grey water, she had eventually found the monster of local legend, of whose fabled character she’d developed a unique fondness.

And she had managed to intrigue him, and he’d taken her-brutally, as she’d expected, but that was what she’d wanted. The Anna who limped back out into the Barrens was enthralled by a monster, whose fearsome, unearthly power held more attraction for her than any human ever could.

Since then, she’d done nothing but think of him; even though she assumed he’d want nothing more to do with her after their encounter, she couldn’t help but think of herself as his pet, his property, his slave if he wanted. She’d kept that thought bobbing on the surface of her mind…just in case he could hear.

She was walking along Neibolt St, some days later, when the storm came out of nowhere. It was the first day of her period and she was walking off the abdominal cramps, daydreaming, fingers playing with the collar she always wore now, with the little orange pompom on it (she’d seen it in the store and felt fated to own it, it was too perfect). The rain suddenly came bucketing down; one minute the sky was blue, and then it was almost charcoal grey. Hearing thunder overhead, and already soaking through, she charged through the gate of the Neibolt house and in through the front door (the place was practically sagging under the impact of the rain, but any port in a storm-ha de ha ha).

She took off her coat and shook the water off. She was freezing cold, her teeth chattering, her nipples so hard they hurt. She ran her hands through her long hair and then wrapped her arms around herself to warm up her chest, make her aching nipples soften. It wasn’t working. She moved deeper into the house to get some warmth, sitting on the stairs. She wrapped her coat back over her, and sat there waiting to get warm.

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