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Hi! Me and my husband started watching naruto when we were around 18. We heard the series was ending and decided to pick up where we left off which was NOT easy. Every night we've been watching 5-10 episode to catch up while our toddler sleeps :P. Back in the day we cosplayed naruto and sasuke and are utterly heartbroken that they didn't end up together. I want something to cling to. So I've been spending a lot of time on tumblr. Can you recommend some role players or fics to follow? Thank you!!

Your story is so sweet, haha. It’s always fun to watch Naruto with someone you love. Unfortunately, I do not follow any role-play blogs so I will recommend you some fanfictions. The following stories are not limited to one pairing and genre.

❃ Title: Altschmerz
Author: inkreservoir
Genre: Angst | Romance
Characters: Sasuke Uchiha | Naruto Uzumaki
Rated: Fiction K
Summary: Sometimes, when Sasuke can’t sleep, he wonders if things could’ve been different between him and Naruto. 

❃ Title: Introverted 
Author: Shadenight123
Genre: Angst | Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Naruto Uzumaki | Sakura Haruno | Sai
Rated: Fiction M
Summary: Being ignored and gazed at with hatred can lead someone to become a boisterous and loud orange-wearing shinobi, but it can also drive him to become a silent and invisible introvert. Of the two, Naruto takes the logical choice for a future in the ninja world. [Team Sai-Naruto-Sakura. No pairings. Future of bloodshed and grittiness assured.]

Title: The Boy in the Team 
Author: Shadenight123
Genre: Drama | Angst
Characters: Sasuke Uchiha | Naruko Namikaze | Shinku Haruno
Rated: Fiction M
Summary: Sasuke Uchiha is Rookie of the Year and son of the police chief. Naruko Namikaze is prime kunoichi and heroine of Konoha, daughter of the Yondaime Hokage. Hence, the dead last assigned to their team is Shinku Haruno, son of civilians. There is no rising from the lower levels when you’re surrounded by prodigies. Just live through the nightmare… and hope to wake up to a better day.

Title: The World
Author: Aruk
Genre: Angst
Characters: Sasuke Uchiha | Itachi Uchiha
Rated: Fiction K+
Summary:  The bond between two brothers cannot easily be cut, and only Sasuke and Itachi have ever succeeded. Sasuke doesn’t love Itachi—he hates him, and Itachi knows this. [No Incest]

Title: Lucky Bachelorette Number Two 
Author: Quillslinger
Genre: Suspense | Humour
Characters: Sasuke Uchiha | Naruto Uzumaki 
Rated: Fiction T
Summary: “Maybe he’s angry that you made him the other woman,” Sakura whispered frantically.

Title: Disarm 
Author: Lady Storm
Genre: Supernatural | Suspense
Characters: Naruto Uzumaki | Sasuke Uchiha
Rated: Fiction T
Summary: Something brought Naruto through the blizzard, against the monstrous abominations and into the arms of Konoha. Now he must fight the horrors of his past to survive the horrors of the future. 

Title: Find You 
Author: RosaLui
Genre: Adventure | Romance
Characters: Sasuke Uchiha | Naruto Uzumaki
Rated: Fiction M
Summary: The ninja world is bleeding into modern-day Japan. Hope is fading, the resistance is failing, and, as always, fate draws two boys together like gravity. [Post-Apocalyptic Zombie AU]

❃ Title: Gunmetal 
Author: CerealK
Genre: Romance | Adventure
Characters: Sasuke Uchiha | Naruto Uzumaki
Rated: Fiction M
Summary: Uchiha Sasuke met the other half of his soul on a battlefield that neither of them was going to walk away from. Or so they thought. Love, it seems, can survive centuries, impossibilities—even death. 

❃ Title: Keep an Eye on Me 
Author: shrimpette
Genre: Sci-Fi | Drama
Characters: Naruto Uzumaki | Sasuke Uchiha | Sakura Haruno
Rated: Fiction M
Summary: Eyes were known to have a high resistance to psychological traumas. They had to brush everything off to remain sane. Eyes were also supposed to be physically fit, have a talent for solving crimes that couldn’t be dealt with immediately, and, what was most important, they had to be empathetic to other people’s suffering. [Dystopian Future]

Title: Beyond the Parahypogean 
Author: opens up 4 nobody
Genre: Mystery | Horror
Characters: Sasuke Uchiha | Naruto Uzumaki
Rated: Fiction T
Summary: Bright-eyed geologist Naruto Uzumaki has landed his dream job of studying the Konoha cave system. It becomes quickly apparent that things are a little different just a short drive down the road. In this strange place he has come to, troglofauna may not be the only things lurking in the darkness. 

Title: Sector Five 
Author: FlairForTheVeil
Genre: Adventure | Romance
Characters: Naruto Uzumaki | Sasuke Uchiha
Rated: Fiction M
Summary: In a war-torn world of the five sectors, Naruto finds himself deserted with no recollection of his former survivors. Taken by a new group, he struggles to become reaccustomed to a world where bandits run wild, government drones are at his heels, and only the selfish survive. But in a place like this, a dark-haired boy can remind him of the better side of humanity. 

Title: The Prince and the Pirate 
Author: catthegreat
Genre: Romance | Fantasy
Characters: Naruto Uzumaki | Sasuke Uchiha
Rated: Fiction T
Summary: Naruto, like most princes who just turned 18, has embarked on an adventure to find his future princess. But he keeps showing up too late, running into a raven-haired rogue instead. Who is this mysterious man? And why can’t Naruto ever seem to be the one to save the damsel in distress? [Fairy Tale AU]

If you want more, you can find another recommendation list of mine over here. Having said that, I hope I could be of help. Happy reading to you! 😁

Hey guys so money is really tight at the moment, and I’m kind of in a crisis if you haven’t already seen my gofundme or wishlist posts floating around. So I decided to start taking commissions in hopes I can boost my funds a little. It’d really help me out if you could commission me as I’m in desperate need and even though I keep applying for jobs, I haven’t heard anything back yet. 

What I’ll Do:

  • Original short stories (aka with characters and plotlines you made up)
  • Fanfiction (especially DC comics, DCTV, DCEU, etc., Marvel/MCU, Sense8, The Walking Dead)
  • Fanfiction with OC characters or self-insert fanfiction
  • Pairings (specify which pairing you would like as I will not write for pairings I dislike or believe are morally wrong)
  • Fluff, Angst, PDA,  AUs
  • Mildly NSFW stuff (e.g. heavy make out sessions/touching, etc.) 
  • Gore/blood/horror
  • Character studies/backstory
  • Dark themes (drug addiction, alcohol addiction, child abuse, etc.)
  • Complete the story within 30 days (if I need an extension I’ll let you know)

What I Won’t Do:

  • Pairings I believe to be morally wrong e.g. abusive or pedophilic pairings
  • Explicit/pornographic writing
  • NSFW between characters who are under the age of 16
  • Any explicit depiction of rape
  • Sexual/romantic relationships between an adult and a minor

If you are unsure about any of these rules, please feel free to message me!


  • Under 1,000 words: £3.50
  • Between 1,000-3,000 words: £5
  • Between 3,000-6,000 words: £8
  • (Whatever your countries equivalent is to these prices is fine)

*Rates are non-negotiable. I will not be writing over 6,000 words unless I do so unconsciously, in which case you will not be charged any more than £8.

Payment method: 

  • Paypal

I will not insist on payment until the story is completed to the buyer’s satisfaction.

What You’ll Need To Do:

  • Have a paypal. 
  • Have some way for me to message you (this can be on tumblr or via email) especially if you are commissioning an original piece of writing. I will be working closely with you to give you the best story I can throughout the commission. 
  • Be as quick as you can in response to my messages, I will try to do the same. 
  • Be willing to read through drafts of the story. 
  • Not steal/copy my work or claim as your own. 
  • Not use my work for commercial purposes. 

How You’ll Receive The Story:

  • I will send you a PDF copy of the completed story. Please do not edit my work without my consent.
  • If it’s fanfiction, I will also post the story on my tumblr or AO3 with your consent. 

Useful links: 

My AO3: [X]

Feel free to message me if you have any questions!!