“Don’t politicize this” people can shove it up their collective chambers, I got desensitized to this stuff after Virginia Tech, everything after Pulse has just been me saying “So are we actually going to do something NOW?” because honestly I’m sick and tired of this. 

The second amendment is broken.

The Founding Fathers didn’t think that we’d be stupid enough to A. Make weapons powerful enough for one man to murder twenty people and injure a hundred others and B. Not pass laws limiting these things. They wanted every man to have his own musket, his own pistol, his own weapons of self-defense that he can brandish at an oncoming mob and say “Which one of you wants it?” while being fully aware that he’s only going to take down one of them, and hope that the mob thinks the same and says “Well I don’t want it to be me or my buddy, so let’s just go home”. That’s what they wanted. Not this. Never this.

The Bill of Rights was established so that people didn’t have to be afraid of assembly. It was established so that they could trust their fellow man. People needed to be sure that what they read in the paper was correct and honest, and that they should not be afraid of soldiers or policemen intimidating them. That’s what the Bill of Rights is supposed to do.

And constantly, time and time again, people have used it to justify the terror and horror that is perpetuated by American citizens. 

I’m sick of it. And don’t come at me for “politicizing” this, because this is already a political issue. It’s been a political issue. Every massacre that follows these debates is simply another reminder that we still haven’t fixed the problem.

The sad thing is that the next failure, statistically speaking, will probably be within the next two weeks. Someone else is going to die…and we know our leaders aren’t going to do anything about it.


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'Gotham' Actor Seeks Help On Twitter After His Child Goes Missing
Jade Logue apparently went missing near the Barclays Center/Fort Greene area on Monday.

Folks, Jade is a transgender, child only 16, and was recently worried about being ‘assaulted’ which is a fairly bland word for the horror, terror and violence in question. The Twitter is HERE with a photo of Jade. 

Remember, this is a CHILD.

And my deep apologies for a serious error. I originally wrote ‘a transgender’ which is the word as a noun, not an adjective. I was only focusing on the aspect of a missing child, and not paying attention to or being sensitive to anything else.