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chocobros hc on thoughts of s/o look and act innocent and sweet. except they're into horror,gore,terror,and violent stuff than cute stuff. like movie, playing video games of that, etc.

Hey Anon! c:
Thank you for your request and I’m terribly sorry it took forever. As I’ve mentioned before uni is quite stressful atm. -.-

However, I hope you like this! C:


  • He’d find out during a movie night/date night 
  • He let them chose the movie not thinking much of it
  • He prepared for a Disney & DreamWorks night
  • Even believed he’d fall asleep halfway through so he bought energy drinks
  • Oh my, was he wrong
  • The second the title screen plays he’s in shock
  • Immense shock
  • Out of all the DVD’s they picked Friday the 13th?!
  • He tries to hide how shocked he is but it’s quite difficult
  • Totally stares at his s/o, trying to figure out how someone so innocent can be into stuff like that
  • When they notice and ask what’s wrong he shakes it off
  • But as he spots the other DVD’s his s/o prepared for them, he spits out his drink
  • Halloween, Wrong Turn, Final Destination,…
  • This boi is shook
  • But he owns all these DVD’s - of course he’s into horror
  • Once he’s over the initial shock, he begins to realize how lucky he got
  • A cute af s/o that so happens to like horror related things?!!!
  • However, it takes him a few hours to process this
  • In those few hours, all he does is stare at his s/o and watch how they laugh as another group of people split in the movies and die shortly after
  • His shock turns into fascination
  • Loves. His. S/O. Now. More. Than. Ever.
  • Considers him the luckiest man alive!


  • Prompto would find out by visiting his s/o and catching them playing a game
  • Game date! They chose on a date where they’d chill and play games
  • Well, Prompto expected countless rounds of Mario Kart or Mario Party
  • Nope. He was wrong. 
  • No cute Nintendo colors at all
  • Instead, his s/o only plugs in one controller and introduces him to the world of horror games
  • What starts off with Silent Hill and Fatal Frame soon turns into F. E. A. R. and Alan Wake
  • Prompto is rip. 
  • Jumps all the time
  • Absolutely horrified and in shock
  • Did. Not. Expect. That. 
  • As they pass the controller over, he rapidly shakes his head 
  • His s/o urges him to play a round of Outlast
  • They also told him it’s just an exploring game
  • Well, no. 
  • This boy shrieks and throws the controller away from him within the first 10 minutes 
  • What the fuck 
  • He’s a cute cinnamon bun that might shed a tear or two from fear and bc a jump scare terrified him
  • Loves his s/o but wasn’t prepared
  • Terrified and horrified of his s/o until they quit the gaming and they crawl into bed together, watching a round of cartoons
  • However, his heart belongs to his s/o - of course he’ll accept that side of them 
  • Perhaps he might even learn to love horror stuff.. Or at least get used to it


  • He finds out while he just casually visits them
  • A simple sleep over is planned, nothing special
  • While Ignis prepares food, his beloved reads the new issue of their favorite magazine Scream
  • The moment he heads over to them and tells them food is ready, he spots the magazine 
  • Not shocked, in fact just a tad bit confused 
  • Didn’t expect his little cute angle to wipe out a gore and horror magazine 
  • Doesn’t hesitate to tell them about it
  • I certainly didn’t think you’d be into such.. vile things.
  • Makes him more curious about his s/o and sides he might not have discovered yet
  • Invites them to take the magazine to the table 
  • Wants to know what her favorite movies are and wants to read the magazine with them
  • He’s really interested in the subject because he didn’t really care for it before
  • As he sees the happiness in their face and how glad they are about him being accepting, the happier he gets
  • Doesn’t judge his s/o or think of them badly
  • Just wants to get to know them even better 
  • Urges them to watch horror movies with him
  • Supportive af 
  • Will end up buying them lots of horror DVD’s, magazines, game or books 
  • But he expects them to watch it with him


  • He’d find out while switching through TV channels and his s/o tells him to stop at some bloody horror movie
  • Confused about why they chose this movie
  • Prepares to comfort them 
  • Thinks it’s boring and unrealistic 
  • Complaints about it to make his s/o feel less scared
  • Except.. They are not scared
  • They tell him to shut up
  • Now that man is shocked 
  • Quietly pouts beside them and watches how they react to every death or bloody scene or even jump scares 
  • Blatantly asks if they’re into horror stuff at some point 
  • Of course, they reply with yes which is quite the surprise for the King’s shield
  • However, it’s not a bad surprise - he likes it
  • Actually thinks it’s pretty badass his s/o likes such cruel things 
  • It gives him the freedom to talk about his real life “slasher” action without pretending like it wasn’t brutal 
  • Now he can share how violent he had to be without fearing his s/o would be scared of him 
  • This guy is ready to watch every horror movie in existence with them, same goes for games 
  • Of course, he lets them know how awesome they are 
  • Didn’t think someone so adorable could bear something so cruel.
  • And then he brags about how he had better killing moves than the killer on TV
'Gotham' Actor Seeks Help On Twitter After His Child Goes Missing
Jade Logue apparently went missing near the Barclays Center/Fort Greene area on Monday.

Folks, Jade is a transgender, only 16, and was recently worried about being ‘assaulted’ which is a fairly bland word for the horror, terror and violence in question. The Twitter is HERE with a photo of Jade. 

Remember, this is a CHILD.


coughs and leaves this here


Alien: Covenant

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To those Americans who haven't heard, or don't understand:

I know tumblr is American centric, I know that when attacks happen across Europe they get commented on, reblogged, information flooding my dash as my friends reblog. But, once again, an attack here in the UK is seeing little notice. So please, don’t ignore this. This attack is one that has taken 22 lives. 59 people have been injured. Children have died. Children.

Don’t ignore this. Please.

The Manchester Arena isn’t the first, or last terrorist attack that the North West, that England has seen. We’ve lived through the IRA bombings from the 1970s to the 2000s and then 7/7 in London in 2005. The IRA Bombers were known as the 10 pence bombers because they would go to a phone box, pay 10 pence and inform police or media that there was a bomb.

At this present moment in time, we’re horrified and in shock from it all. We’ve had bombings in Warrington, in Manchester before (my family had a terrifying time when an IRA bomb detonated in the Arndale Centre and my great-aunt was working there that day) and it’s stuck with us. Our memory of the Arndale Bombing in the 1990s by the IRA is a memory the community has in the North West.

We know the fear, the horror, the mind-numbing terror.

But we also know the feeling of needing to do something, to help. Taxi drivers turning off their metres. Local shops and businesses taking in the displaced. Do-gooders and kind people who just want to help offering to ferry loved ones to and from the city so they can find their missing loved ones.

This is something we do here.

We don’t have the lingering concern of school shootings, or attacks by men or women who own too many guns and have too little stability.

But we know bombers. We know terrorism. Whether it’s made by our government, by policy, or by wars we shouldn’t be fighting. We know this.

I had a friend ask me “why Manchester?” when I told them about the attack. My initial answer was that it’s a big, important city. It’s a good target for bombers to hit. Like London. Like Liverpool. But the truth is… In the UK, we have lots of cities, lots of places that are good targets because we live on top of each other. Our lives intersect on so many levels and our cities reflect this. So it’s not so much “why Manchester?” but more “why now?”, “why a concert?”, “what is gained by this?”

When the IRA bombed Warrington in the North West in 1993, their intention was to sow terror and to put pressure on the British government to withdraw from Northern Ireland. We know that they wanted Ireland to be united. We’ve known that for years.

What does Islamic State want? What does Daesh want? To sow terror, certainly. But what else? What else does bombing an Arena full of young women—girls, mothers, daughters, sisters—gain them?

This is what is so horrid for us here in the North West. We’ve lived with the knowledge of bombings being possible for decades. It’s ingrained in our past. My mother, my aunts and uncles. My brothers. My family. We’ve lived it all. We live it now.

So don’t ask, “why Manchester?” we know why. We know why. Warrington. Arndale. The Manchester Arena. We know why it’s us in the North West.