its been like almost a month since ive posted any digital art (I blame inktober) but since I had some spare time today I took a good hour to whip up this quick paint of Jigsaw from the saw series!

What should I write?

So last night I couldn’t sleep and came up with way too many fic ideas. I have some time on my hands so thought I would see which idea you guys would be interested in reading a one-shot of.

1. Festival of Fools / Jedi Masquerade

Every year the Jedi Temple on Coruscant celebrates the Festival of Fools where Padawans, Knights, and Masters all attempt to disguise themselves while simultaneously discovering the identities of their friends and comrades. Obi-wan’s friends claim that he would easily be the first one out and to prove them wrong he dons a disguise that fools even his master. Or does it?

2. Until Dawn

Mace Windu is a renowned psychologist who is fascinated by the dynamics of fear within groups. In order to study how fear can move from person to person he invites a small group to participate in an Insomnia study. Obi-wan is convinced into going by a friend and arrives at an isolated Irish Manor with a dark history. However, instead of just ghost stories and jump scares, something far more dangerous resides on the abandoned grounds.

3. Once Upon a December

Obi-wan had only been Qui-Gon Jinn’s padawan for a few years when he was captured by the Syndicat and brain-washed, his memory of life as a Jedi erased. Abandoned on a war-torn planet he was hunted for sport. Meanwhile, Qui-Gon searches desperately for his kidnapped padawan to no avail. Years pass, but Qui-Gon never stops looking. Not until he meets a man named Ben who is hauntingly familiar.


When my friend (best bro) start shipping me with poor conductor.
And i draw this.
My friend just said like this “imagine how Cactus Gunman helps him with dating with you. Give him some advice”
Welp i like that ship.


We can never get a break from these horror games, huh?

anonymous asked:

This isn't teen mom related so you don't have to answer but do you watch Netflix? If you do what do you watch?

Im actually needing new shows/movies to watch on Netflix so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I love crime and horror stuff.