Colin and Gnollbard talk about your favorite monsters, spooks, and nasty guys that inhabit your fantasy settings. This week we talk about DRYADS!

- Most Fan Fiction is better than Greek Myth
- If you were a Treent wood you leaf your roots behind?
- Creepy Satanic Bush Goblins
- Castlevania
- Giant Chompy Mouth Plants

Join us next time for TENGU!

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Inspired by the pattern on the carpet in the one of Kubrick’s most famous films, “The Shining Overlook Hotel Carpet” by Jeff Speiser is currently one of the highest scoring submissions in our Tanks design challenge!

Artists, you have just over a week left to submit! And remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…

Episode 17: The Last Fandom on the Left

In which Zee and Da unleash their inner horror hounds to indulge in one of their favorite genres–the scary movie. History is discussed, nostalgia is rampant, and recommendations flow free like blood in a slasher movie. So don your creepy Captain Kirk mask and hop on in!

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In this video, Doug Walker discusses the question that many parents (and even I, not being a parent, but a God Mother) have struggled with when choosing entertainment for young children.

“Should We Scare the Shit Out of Our Children?”

He makes a lot of good points in this video, including the fact that scary moments in children’s movies are a great way to educate, empower and even challenge our children (challenge as in introducing them to emotions or experiences that they may not have encountered yet). 

I’m a huge advocate of horror elements in children’s media because i loved it so much as a kid, myself. I very much agree with Don Bluth’s statement, “You can show a child just about anything, so long as it has a happy ending.”

Check out this video, and considering what’s being said. I think it’s a great argument for a persisting question.

Opinion Time!

Okay…okay…you probably know where this is going so I’m just gonna jump to it.

I am not fond of the paranormal activity movies. Well actually I liked the first one, thought it had a neat idea, played out pretty well and the ending was a creep fest of suspense and fun but the others seem to do the same minus the suspense and fun along with using the same “neat idea”.

Well that is until Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones came out which introduced a different concept, a different style and a kinda satisfying ending…I use the word kinda because the last act was funny instead of creepy.

The trailer for the new addition came out not long ago and actually looks different. Kinda the same concept to the other movies and the trailer had way too many jump scares that it lost all suspense to it but you can see the demon now which could play out well. 

I do consider the paranormal activity movies as the Call of Duty of horror, same thing over and over, has 2 different production teams working on a similar concept just different styles and started strong but regurgitated the same, cheap thrill factor that got really damn boring over time. These movies are not harmful to our beloved horror movies though, there are clones and more found footage style movies now a days like Unfriend but producers are still making new, incredible horror movies like It Follows.

So hopefully this new one will bring something different which would be nice but if it doesn’t then no big deal…another horror franchise will come along like the Five Night At Freddy’s movie or Ash vs The Evil Dead and be our new obsession 


Meeting witches on the streets of NY. What’s your fav Monster TV show?
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Day 5

Day 5 of our 13 Days of Halloween is a mix of comedy and horror. SonicMercury.com and the GessNation talk Tucker and DaleVSEVIL

Day 5 of the 13 Days of Halloween has a less serious tone than our last entry. “Tucker and Dale VS Evil” is equal parts hilarity and brutal dismemberment. The story of two rednecks with hearts of gold “Tucker and Dale VS Evil” flips the script on the old horror movie trope of evil rednecks. In this case Tucker and Dale are just two well meaning guys with poor social skills. After making very poor…

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Retro Monster - Creature from the Black Lagoon - by Michel Verdu

“The Retro Monster is a project based on the illustrated reinterpretation of characters from classic horror stories. Done with the colaboration of all kinds of latin-american illustrators and designers. In this case, the monster I chose was the Creature from the Black Lagoon! I love the movie of 1954, such great shots and the black-and-white 3D. I think it’s one of the most iconic creatures of the pop culture horror films. Hope you like it! Cheers!”

They would become habituated to horror. They would read it, see films of it. They would soak it up. It would deaden the sense of terror they needed to stay alive. They would catch a kind of leprosy of the spirit, an inability to feel. I mean, I’ve seen some of that already. They had a terror they call the Holocaust, and because people are so determined it mustn’t happen again, they keep banging on it and banging on it until people have stopped paying attention. The more you talk about it, the oftener you see it, the more it loses its power to shock, its power to disgust. And in the end, unable to feel terror, mankind will go, we will go down, down, down, to happyland.
—  Sheri S. Tepper