Monstrous Murder Mystery by mechanicalrobotpower and scottishjen is up for scoring in our Plain White T’s design challenge!

We’ve asked artists to get creative with UV and glow-in-the-dark inks for this challenge, and there are some really exciting submissions up for scoring! Check ‘em out!


cult film, also commonly referred to as a cult classic, is a film that has acquired a cult following. Cult films are known for their dedicated, passionate fanbase, an elaborate subculture that engage in repeated viewings, quoting dialogue, and audience participation

This piece has been making its rounds again so I thought I’d share. ‘Audrii muscipula’ was my first carnivorous plant and sold almost exactly two years ago. I have had a busy month but now that the dust is settling I am starting several articulation projects to finish up the year.


Artist Lara Hawker lives in Auckland, New Zealand where she’s taught herself how to paint faces and bodies with awesome results that range from delightful to outright terrifying. That cute little kitty clearly isn’t a fan of Attack on Titan. Hawker recently participated in the Body Art Rocks Convention in Wellington, NZ where she won the Advanced Face Art category with this amazing animorph piece.

Head over to Lara’s DeviantART page or follow her here on Tumblr larahawker to check out more of her fantastic body painting.

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"In a few hours it’s gonna burst through your ribcage, and you’re gonna die. Any questions?"

That is, unless you can eat it first. These terrifyingly awesome Alien Macarons are the work of Lou Lou P’s Delights, Leeds, England-based creators of bespoke cakes and other forms of edible artistry. They come in equally horrifying yet tantalizing Facehuuger, Chestburster, and fully grown Xenomorph varieties. We’ll take one of each please.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show was not good representation in 1975 when it first came out, though maybe it was the best they had then, and it is neither good nor the best now.
Maybe, in 1975, the queer community had a choice between eating shit and eating mud. Most people would choose mud. But when it’s a choice between mud and chocolate, stop praising the mud for not being shit, and serve the fucking chocolate.
We have better representation than Rocky Horror now, so it’s time to put that antiquated, rapey, transmisogynistic, queerphobic show in the garbage where it belongs. I understand that there are people who grew up with that being their only representation, but they still need to acknowledge the show’s problems, and there is no excuse for anyone not in that situation to like it.
Yes, I know the person who wrote it later came out as trans—more than 30 years after the fact. And internalized transmisogyny is definitely a thing. It doesn’t excuse the work. And add to that, the fandom is by and large cis people using trans bodies as costumes and entertainment. The audience participation culture is particularly rapey.
Stop defending Rocky Horror. It has never been good representation; it has been worse than no representation. Just stop.