Pop Culture Witchcraft: Using Mainstream Media in Magic

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Pop Culture Witchcraft: Using Mainstream Media in Magic


Pop Culture witchcraft is a sect of witchcraft where the practitioner uses mainstream media, that is to say, popular things in their modern culture, in their craft and magical practice.

You can turn just about anything into a spell. Movies, book, poems, anything can become a spell if you want it to.

Tools of the Trade//

  • Favorite Movies
  • Favorite Books
  • Movie Posters
  • Fan Art
  • Soundtracks
  • Figures
  • Props

Dovahzul: Using Skyrim’s Dragon Shouts as Spells//

  • Written Dovahzul can be used as sigils, while spoken Thu’um/Shouts can be used as spells.

Sailor Moon Spells//

Disney Pop Culture Spells//

  • Flower, Gleam and Glow (Tangled):
    • Get a dandelion or another yellow or hold flower and hold it in your dominant hand. Chant or sing the song from Tangled.
    • Could be used to heal an emotional wound, regain a friendship, aid in the return of a lover or as an anti-aging glamour.
    • “Flower gleam and glow
      Let your power shine
      Make the clock reverse
      Bring back what once was mine
      What once was mine”
  • Poor, Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid)
    • I do this one a lot. This is a spell for helping you to get over the haters and the rude assholes out there so that you can focus on the work that needs to be done. I use it before healing and potion work to cleanse me of negative emotions and give me an extra kick. Sing or chant the song from The Little Mermaid.
    • “Poor unfortunate souls
      So sad, But true
      They come flocking to my cauldron
      Crying, “Spells, Ursula, please!”
      And I help them?
      Yes I do!“
  • Friends on the Other Side (Princess and the Frog)
    • I sing this before spirit work. It’s the Shadow Man’s song from Princess and the Frog. I also use it to charge my tarot cards or before I do a reading.
    • “I’ve got friends on the other side
      The cards, the cards, the cards will tell
      The past, the present, and the future as well!
      The cards, the cards, just take three
      Take a little trip into
      Your future with me!”
  • Sing, Sweet Nightingale (Cinderella)
    • This one can be used when doing Bird magic, working with feathers, working with air magic or when working alongside a familiar.
    • “Oh, sing sweet nightingale
      Sing sweet nightingale
      High above me
      Oh, sing sweet nightingale
      Sing sweet nightingale”
  • Skumps! (Sleeping Beauty)
    • A spell especially good while drinking, though that’s not mandatory for it to work, to toast to the future and bring good luck.
    • “Skumps! Skumps! A toast to this night! The outlook is rosy and the future is bright!”
  • Higitus Figitus! (Sword in the Stone)
    • This one can be used when casting an enchantment or charging/programing an object.
    • “Hockety pockety wockety wack
      Odds and ends and bric a brac
      Higitus Figitus migitus mum,
      Higitus Figitus migitus mum,
      Pres-ti-dig-i-ton-i-um! “
  • Mad Madam Mim (Sword in the Stone)
    • This is one I use to pump myself up before a curse or any kind of chaotic magic.
    • “With only a touch, I have the power
      Zim zaba rim bim, To wither a flower
      I find delight in the gruesome and grim”
  • Be Prepared! (The Lion King)
    • To be used to prepare for a spell, but especially good for justice spells and curses.
    • “So prepare for the coup of the century
      Be prepared for the murkiest scam
      Meticulous planning, Tenacity spanning
      Decades of denial is simply why I’ll
      Be king, undisputed, r, saluted
      And seen, for the wonder I am
      Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
      Be prepared!
      Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared
      Be prepared! “

Horror Movie Curses//

  • The Grudge
    • Kayako’s Curse: Charge the walls of your enemy’s house with hatred.
    • Drag You Down: Bury a potato poppet in a jar of graveyard dirt to make your victim feel despair.
  • The Ring
    • Falling Down the Well: Submerge the name of your victim in a jar of storm water, gutter mud and fingernail clippings to make them feel trapped and panicked.
    • All I Ever Wanted Was You: Wrap a personal item belonging to your victim in a trash bag and shove it in a jar. Submerge it with storm water and fingernail polish remover to slowly eat away at your victim’s self esteem and ability to feel joy. Useful for revenge on an abusive ex.
    • The Things She’d Made You See: Mix fingernail clippings, sulfur powder, chicken bones, storm water, blood/red food coloring, rocks and aspirin in a jar. Submerge a pair of 3D glasses with the name of the victim written on the lenses. This will make them hallucination or have terrible nightmares.
  • One Missed Call
    • Charge your victim’s most used text ringtone with rage and malicious intent. Every time it goes off, your victim will have a string of bad luck.
  • The Babadook
    • Make a very creepy drawing and charge it with an intent to haunt and send it anonymously to your victim. This should creep the heck out of them or invite a spirit to haunt them, depending on your intention.
  • Pulse
    • Make a poppet of your victim and bury it in a jar of ashes to make your victim feel hollow and alone.
  • Sinister
    • A Curse for turning people against your victim. Buy a DVD that you know your victim is wanting. Smear toilet or drain water on the cover of the disc and storm water on the spine of the case and let it dry naturally.
  • Gomenasai
    • A curse to make them panic and hyperventilate. Write a letter in a different language (Japanese or Dovahzul both work really well, but since the curse comes from a Japanese movie, I find that that works best for me) in red ink or blood using frightening and creepy words. Charge each word with the intent to terrify and scare your victim. Send the letter to your victim anonymously.
  • Alien
    • The Face Hugger: To smother your victim.
      • Put a poppet that represents your victim in a jar with the graveyard dirt and slowly add storm water until it drowns the object representing your subject. Finish filling the jar and then sprinkle ashes in the water. Shake the jar really hard after sealing it.
      • ‘From the depths of the dark
        This curse shall leap
        To latch onto your face
        To knock you off your feet
        Nightmares of smothering
        Steal your breath
        Until I say so,
        You’ll get no rest.’
    • The Chest Burster: To break someone’s self esteem or will.
      • Stick pins in the victim’s poppet’s chest and put it in a jar with graveyard dirt and glass. Shake well. Add storm and toilet water and shake again.
      • ‘Sudden and with no warning
        From your chest shall burst
        Self loathing and mourning
        Your insides will hurt
        You will suffer till I decide
        The lesson has been learned
        I bet now you’ll remember
        To repent to those you’ve burned’
    • Xenomorph: To frighten your victim and make them paranoid.
      • Add storm water to a bowl full of storm water, and submerge a paper with your victim’s name written on it. Slowly add blue and black food coloring until it is completely consumed. As the water turns completely black, add ashes.
      • ‘Round and round you’ll spin
        Looking over your shoulder
        The terror and fear will win
        Your paranoid won’t smolder
        The darkness closes in
        The air gets colder
        It’s coming for you
        Soon it will be over’
    • The Queen: To make your victim learn respect.
      • Drop the victim’s poppet in a jar and add storm water and fingernail polish remover. (Be sure to do in a well ventilated area so the fumes don’t get to you). Shake well. Then slowly add purple and black food coloring. The mixture should slowly eat away at the poppet.
      • ‘Disrespectful peasant
        I’ll show you whose boss
        My fangs aren’t pleasant
        My claws are cross
        Puny human
        so cocky and rude
        I’ll show you how The Queen
        Deals with a feud’

Misc. Spells//

  • Houses of Healing (Lord of the Rings)
    • To be used when mixing a love potion.
    • “With a sigh, you turn away
      With a deepening heart
      No words to say
      You will find
      That the world has changed
      The trees are now turning
      From green to gold
      The sun is now fading
      I wish I could
      Hold you closer.”
  • All Shall Fade (Lord of the Rings)
    • I use this one to either dissipate negative emotion (make it fade away) or during curses to make my subjects self esteem fade.
    • “Home is behind the world ahead
      And there are many paths to tread
      Through shadow to the edge of night
      Until the stars are all alight.
      Mist and shadow
      Cloud and shade
      All shall fade
      All shall fade”
  • He Had It Coming! (Chicago)
    • For the scorned woman. Charge a pair of high heels with empowering energy and stomp around your room. Sing, scream, shout or chant the cell block tango from Chicago.
    • I like to use this as a curse, but it could also be used to help get over an ex or just release your anger in a healthy way and help you heal.
    • “He had it coming
      He had it coming
      He only had himself to blame
      If you’re of been there
      If you’re a seen it
      I betcha you would
      have done the same!”

One truly sad thing about the Addams Family Values film? Debbie never realized she fit in EXACTLY with the Addams family.

So she was a black widow serial killer who murdered all her ex-husbands for the cash. Um, you think any of them gave a shit about that? Heck, they’d have been impressed. Even Morticia seemed a bit in awe of her at the end. 

It’s heavily implied in the film that all Debbie was ever really looking for was love and acceptance. Well, she’d kind of found it. She just didn’t realize it. 

Man, that family would have loved her, no matter what. If she’d only given them the chance. 

This piece has been making its rounds again so I thought I’d share. ‘Audrii muscipula’ was my first carnivorous plant and sold almost exactly two years ago. I have had a busy month but now that the dust is settling I am starting several articulation projects to finish up the year.


Artist Lara Hawker lives in Auckland, New Zealand where she’s taught herself how to paint faces and bodies with awesome results that range from delightful to outright terrifying. That cute little kitty clearly isn’t a fan of Attack on Titan. Hawker recently participated in the Body Art Rocks Convention in Wellington, NZ where she won the Advanced Face Art category with this amazing animorph piece.

Head over to Lara’s DeviantART page or follow her here on Tumblr larahawker to check out more of her fantastic body painting.

[via Neatorama and Laughing Squid]


Every family has its own holiday traditions. Some families gather for a feast and gift exchange, some go out caroling or throw rocks at passing trains, and some probably take separate vacations. For the Keeling family in Los Angeles, Christmastime means making elaborate gingerbread models.This year the family spent two weeks working together to creating this incredibly detailed Gingerbread Overlook Hotel and Hedge Maze from The Shining.

“We worked on and off for about two weeks. My dad does all of the design from photos. We do one nearly every year - no duplicates.”

The entire diorama is made of gingerbread, icing, fondant, edible paper, Rice Krispies Treats, and different kinds of candy. The Overlook Hotel building measures nearly four feet long. Its exterior walls are covered with fondant and icing, the roof is covered with quinoa and powdered sugar, and the windows are made of melted Jolly Ranchers candies. The gingerbread hotel contains five different rooms, each depicting a scene from the movie, including the hallway in which the terrifying twins appear to little Danny Torrance, the walls of which are covered in wallpaper printed on edible paper:

The movie’s iconic hedge maze is made of green Rice Krispies Treats and includes a gingerbread Jack Torrance, collapsed and frozen at the center:

“And of course no gingerbread Overlook Hotel would be complete without the elevator spilling blood…” The blood was made using melted red Jolly Rancher candies. So clever!

Click here to view the entire photo series for this outstanding project.

[via Reddit]


Me saying bye at the end of a first date: