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tl;dr Michael Langdon deserved better

Six episodes in and now that we have some backstory is it really surprising that Michael believes (and I agree with them) that humans are evil motherfuckers?

Spoilers below. Ye be warned.

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AHS: Apocalypse Spoilers “Return to Murder House” — Tate Langdon’s Failed Redemption

That’s what I’m calling it because that’s what it felt like to me. 

NOTE: I’m not here to make this some Tate vs. Michael debate. I am not here to excuse Michael of his wrong doings while crucifying Tate. My mentions of Michael here are purely being used as a comparison and why the direction things went with Tate’s storyline purely do not make sense to me. 

I am still trying to put my head around that last scene between Madison and Violet in Return to Murder House. Why was Ryan Murphy trying to just dust (literally!) away Tate’s crimes by blaming it on the evil of the house and throwing everything Tate did onto Michael’s shoulders? Let’s just blow some dust in Violet’s direction so she’ll forget and love that tortured soul again? Come on -_-

He’s a murderer, arsonist and a rapist. Saving Vivian from Michael’s attempt to kill her soul does not negate from the fact that he raped that very same woman, set his step-father on fire and killed 12 kids when he shot up his school. 

I was dying for for Tate/Michael scenes. I really, really was! I was looking forward to it since the season started. However, something about the entire scene when Tate rejected Michael seemed off. Evan is amazing, but those lines don’t feel genuine coming out of Tate’s mouth. It just seemed like a way to cater to Violate fans in a very dismissive and dangerous way; by acting as if what Tate did was easy to forget and easy to brush away since he rejected his monster son – let’s put it all on that same son. It’s his fault what his father did before he was even conceived! I mean, am I the only one that felt like cringing when Tate acted as if he’d never be in the company of such a terrible person when in fact, he’s terrible too? 

The only time Tate ever showed any semblance of remorse was when Violet cut him out. I am not even going to act like Tate not remembering he killed his classmates was any sort of sign that he wasn’t himself when he did it. No. He only raped Vivian because Michael had to be conceived? No. I can’t buy that shit. I refuse. You can’t blame someone else for that stuff, even if that person is Satan. 

Or is he? Is Michael actually Satan? I’ve got some ideas on that too, but this is already too long. Let’s chat about it. 



I wanted to cry with him, I felt so sorry for him. Childhood taught him that he’s a Monster… Very beautiful Monster.  Love him!


Just finished watching “The Void” (2016) on Netflix, and it was excellent, definitely one of my newest favorite horror movies.

Mix together the Thing, Hellraiser, Dead Space, and add some strong influences of H. P. Lovecraft… And you get this movie. I highly recommend it to any horror fan.