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You like Undertale? How about these old horror RPGs that are just as amazing and need a fandom revive. 


About a young girl (Madotsuki) traveling in her nightmares

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About a nine year old girl (Ib) trapped in an art gallery with two strangers

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A man named The Batter sent on a holy mission to purify.

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Amazing Soundtrack

In depth characters

Great writing/ story

Open to theories

It’s finally done! After years of telling myself I’d draw the mcs of rpg horror games it’s finally done. The games are, from left to right:

First row: Ib, The Witch’s House, Yume Nikki. Alice Mare, Bevel’s Painting, Paranormal Syndrome, Akemi-Tan, A, Trauma Traum

Second row: Paranoiac, Mermaid Swamp, Forest of Drizzling Rain, Angels of Death, Re:Kinder, Fantasy Maiden’s Odd Hideout, Cloe’s Requiem, Amayado Bus Stop, Utahonotatari

Third row: Ao Oni, Shoujo Kidan, Mad Father, Misao, Bury, Blank Dream, Shiro no Noroi, Little Red Hood, Insanity Moon

Fourth row: Utopia, Read Material World, Memento, Cradle’s Dream, Black Coffin, End Roll, Farethere City, Wizard of White Box, Kioku Shoujo

Thank you so much to @vgperson @balthasar02 @tosiaki7 for translating most of these games! However, some are untranslated, so I’m not exactly sure what their English titles would be. Thank you very much to everyone who helped tell me about them :)

Also thank you to @misc-rpg for the support!