horror pouch

I just had a split-second moment of sheer terror

Alright, so in my room I have a small cabinet with see-through doors where I keep the majority of my figurines. It has maybe 4-5" of space between the bottom of it and the floor. I realized that I hadn’t checked under it for my keys yet so I dropped down onto my hands and knees to look under it.

I was met with this.

My thoughts were a mix of “Shit I’ve read too many horror stories and now a monster is coming to get me” (I’m looking mainly at you, @unsettlingstories), “what is the library owl from ATLA doing back there”, and “no face is going to eat meeee” because all I could see at first were three pairs of eyes.

After the shock wore off I could tell what it really was haha Just an owl pencil pouch.

Still no keys though :/