horror on his face

Little things about f!Shenko from ME3 that I love:

  • The way Kaidan looks with muted longing and respect each time he sees Shepard. It’s like an advanced version of ME1′s puppy eyes: his adoration and admiration is still there, but it’s tangled up in the darkness that lies between them.
  • The way they chuckle when they banter to each other after they reconcile on the Presidium, and in their lighter conversations thereafter.
  • The way he holds her hand to her face each time she cups his cheek as if he’s making sure she’s really there and he wants to hold a part of her to him.
  • The sure and simple way he says how he loves her “‘til the end of time.” It’s not a declaration or grandstanding, it’s a statement of absolute fact. Shepard is It. Always was, always will be.
  • Him trying to be all suave and impressive in the kitchen but he gets so flustered just to have her nearby that he creates a very likely kitchen emergency
  • Basically just everything about f!Shenko that flips the het romance dynamic of “flustered head-over-heels starry eyed woman falls for a capable, charming, tough man“ into a flustered starry eyed MAN falling for the capable, tough woman because that is EVERY SHIP I LOVE IN EVERYTHING EVER
  • the way he pitches his voice lower into that husky rasp when he’s being sexually suggestive i mean r u kiddin me, u can get it all day every day, alenko
How were you disciplined as a child?
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Viktor:</b> I was grounded.<p/><b>Guang Hong:</b> I'd get slaped by a newspaper.<p/><b>Yuri:</b> i couldn't watch TV.<p/><b>Phichit:</b> grounded too.<p/><b>Leo [voice deepens as he stares into space with a look of horror in his face]:</b> La Chancla.<p/></p><p/></p>

spock’s freckles appear when he’s seven years old and out in the vulcan sun too much and his mother catches him trying to scrub off the faint green dots one night, because he hates them he hates them can’t she see how human they make him look; when he’s twelve he learns, to his horror, that they now shimmer when his face flushes, the boys who spit it at him holding him pressed up against a wall but he just turns away because he’s already learned to not fight back; no one dares to say anything to him about them at the academy, but he can feel their eyes glancing over the light spots on his skin like a brand, just one more thing to alienate him from both of the cultures he tries to claim as his own; but it’s later, much later, when he’s first officer, when he’s laying in jim kirk’s arms and being told “you have a galaxy spread over your cheeks, so beautiful, you’re so beautiful” and soft lips are on his bare shoulder, that he finally thinks that maybe, just maybe, its okay to be different for once


Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out

You broke the Bard

(This is the same Bard from the cultist stabbing and the silence)

Context: in the same crypt, our wizard contracted Mummy Rot. He proceeded to pat the priest of a nearby town, whom the Bard is friendly with, without realising he had used the mummy rot hand. We are going back to the church to stock up before we head to the next dungeon.

DM: You enter the church to see the priest crumpled to the ground, near the altar.

Paladin: I get close and check if he is alive.

DM: He is alive, but you see with horror that a black mark is covering his face! Almost like… Rot.

Bard: *turning on the wizard* YOU GAVE HIM MUMMY ROT!

Wizard: Chill, we can save him.

Ranger: We used our only scroll of cure disease on you and our Paladin doesn’t know it.

Wizard: … We can try to save him?

*several minutes of bartering, technicalities, and praying later, the Wizard and the Cleric have managed to convince the DM to do something about the mummy rot by trading away all their 3rd level spell slots for the day*

DM: You pray to your god and the priest’s god, and there is silence.

Party: … Okay?

DM: Suddenly, the Priest bursts into flame.

*The Bard’s face loses all emotion*

Bard: We killed the priest. Oh god, we killed the priest.

*The Bard proceeds to be catatonic for the rest of the session, every so often muttering “We killed the priest.” The Priest was, in fact, fine, simply shrouded by a kind of holy fire. Considering the Bard died, though, they never found that out.*

i know i talked abt this a few days ago but i still haven’t stopped laughing

the softness with which he just fucking pushes elias out of the frame

the gentle horror on elias’ face when magnus’ fingers makes contact with his face like ‘holy shit he just ended my whole life’

this is such a good shot and i want it projected on my tombstone please and thank you

newsies + birthdays


  • it’s essentially a 12 year olds party
  • theres a bounce house and copious amounts of candy
  • they play so many games like tag and manhunt and they probably have a water ballon fight
  • theres a piñata that spot breaks by roundhouse kicking it
  • jack eats approximately 47 pixie sticks 
  • there’s karaoke


  • this damn kid forgot his own birthday
  • jack woke him up singing happy birthday and davey went “who’s birthday is it”
  • jack takes davey to a museum and davey spends the entire day dragging jack around the different exhibits. 
  • after, they go out for dinner with everyone and then come back and watch movies
  • the night ends with jack and davey cuddling
  • it’s simple but davey loves every second of it


  • the gang goes to a theme park
  • race drags spot on all the rides and spot wins him a giant stuffed giraffe
  • jack throws up in a trash can and it was race’s favorite part
  • race spends a lot of the time in the arcade playing ddr against spot. they both suck
  • race makes spot go on the horror themed rides and spot spends the entire time hiding his face in races neck
  • they go on the ferris wheel and make out
  • jack is The Best at the games and wins like 15 prizes 


  • the gang starts out at a bar 
  • jack sings karaoke there
  • after that they go to see a stand up comedian (idk why but i picture them seeing john mulaney)
  • the comedian is really fun and spot has tears streaming down his face from laughter
  • after that the rest of the group goes home and spot and race go back to their apartment and race cooks spot his favorite dinner (tortellini in alfredo sauce)
  • spot loves it so much because as much as he loves his friends he needs time with race


  • cructhie doesn’t want to celebrate because he doesn’t want people to go out of their way for him
  • obviously the gang doesn’t listen and they throw him a huge surprise party
  • they decorate jack and davey’s apartment with an excessive amount of decorations 
  • jack got him a bear with a crutch and crutchie cried for approximately 15 minutes because he’s never got such a great gift
  • everyone gives crutchie a 5 minute hug because what would they do with out him

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noctis: this is fine

  • let’s be real his whole life is just this meme in a nutshell
  • he’s been known to mutter “this is fine” at inopportune moments and while sleeping???
  • once they were in the middle of a battle ignis asked if he was okay and all his got in response was “this is fin e
  • noctis is suffering
  • “oh my gods - noct, are you okay? did you get stabbed?
  • “this is fine.”
  • it’s not fine 
  • he passes out 0.2 seconds later

ignis: bone app the teeth

  • prompto showed this to him one day and let me tell you the poor child has never regretted something more
  • their meals have turned into a time of memes and horror 
  • noctis is too tired to wake up to food shoved in his face and ignis being a cheeky bastard, give the poor boy a break
  • “hey noct. wake up.”
  • “ignis n o”
  • two seconds later there is food being placed next to him and noctis groans because he knows what’s about to befall him
  • “bone app the teeth.
  • “ignis n o”

prompto:here come dat boi!

  • there is not a single day where prom doesn’t announce his presence by yelling “HERE COME DAT BOI !!”
  • not o n e 
  • he’s convinced there’s no issue with it because the frog is cute and he’s cute so it makes sense 
  • it???? doesn’t make sense 
  • at one point he actually terrifies noct by just suddenly clinging to him in the middle of the night and just whispering “oh shit waddup
  • noctis has never been awake so fast in his l i f e
  • after a minute of staring straight ahead in terror he realizes prompto has been asleep the whole time 
  • noctis has never forgotten about the sleep memeing and is still nervous about falling asleep next to prompto

gladio: i’ve come up with a new recipeh

  • gladio is a little shit
  • every time they eat gladio gets this terrifying mischievous grin on his face and noctis just freezes in horror because he may meme often but everyone at this stupid place memes more than he does and he k n o w s what that grin means
  • it happens e v e r y  t i m e and e v e r y  t i m e prompto falls for it
  • “that’s it!” 
  • “prom no-”
  • “that’s what, gladio?”
  • i’ve come up with a new recipeh!”
funny story

Once when I was in elementary school I went to a friend’s house, and during dinner time my friend’s dad never showed up to eat. After dinner we were playing in my friend’s room and I was like ‘hey, where’s your dad?’ and he just kind of stared out the window at the sky and he said very sadly ‘he’s not here right now, but he’s always watching over me’. And I was like 'OH. Oh my god. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know he passed away’, and my friend turned to me with a look of horror on his face and whispered “he’s an astronaut.”

You know I have this theory that Bucky doesn’t remember killing Tony’s parents like at all. Which Sebastian Stan confirms funny enough.

So that makes me think back to the moment of horror on Bucky’s face and the tears in his eyes and it hits me.

Bucky is hearing himself murder them. Hes hearing himself murder Tony’s parents, his victims for what to him seems like the first time. The denial that Steve so effortlessly provided (”You didn’t have a choice.”)  seems suddenly moot with the sounds of his victims echoing his ears.

Finally here’s the proof his vague jumbled memories failed to provide him. What Steve so readily dismissed; that hes a monster. One who can’t be trusted, because he doesn’t even remember them. He doesn’t remember doing this, but now he’ll never be able to forget the sounds of them dying at his hands.

So he’s freaking out and horrified.  And then Tony says “Rogers did you know?”

When Steve says “Yes.” in that regretful tone of voice that doesn’t really sound regretful, Bucky realizes that Steve knew. He sat on that plane with him knowing Bucky murdered Tony’s parents.

Steve knew all along, all that time and even denied and pushed away the fact that Bucky STILL did it.

Bucky looks like he is fucking reeling and in shock. That face he makes is one of betrayal and confusion and horror. Steve knew how he felt. Steve knew what kind of shit Bucky was responsible for, he KNEW Bucky killed Tony’s parents and when he had the moment to tell Bucky he didn’t.

He had a perfect moment on that plane and didn’t tell him. (and someone somewhere is going, yeah but he did it to protect Bucky. and all I can say as see how well that excuse worked out with Tony. Bucky had the right to know.)

Bucky could put up with be hunted down, because he knew that was coming. He could put up with the his privacy and personal journal being violated, because part of him believes he deserves it. He put up with being dragged back into a fight he didn’t want unwillingly at of necessity and atonement, because the Winter Soldiers are bad news.

But not this. Before he’s forced yet again by both of them this time to defend himself and Steve, he feels a sense of loss, of betrayal and confusion.  Because he can’t understand Steve keeping this from him. Either he is stable enough to fight this battle and therefore be trusted with his own past or he’s not.

Steve didn’t consider it important enough maybe, but Bucky’s not sure how something so earth shattering could be deemed trivial to Captain America and definitely not the little Punk from Brooklyn. He doesn’t see how it didn’t occurs to Steve and hes not sure he really wants to hear the excuses.

He vaguely remembers the Steve who put newspapers in his shoes and Bucky feels in his gut (something he hasn’t felt in a long time) that his Steve wouldn’t have kept this from him. Steve wouldn’t have done this.

And I think that’s a major reason Bucky decides to go back into cryo, with that fake strained smile.

He doesn’t trust his own mind, no, but he doesn’t think he can trust Steve with it either.

He betrayed them both.