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I Know What You Did Last Summer | Book 1973 | Lois Duncan

This is a copy of the novel I’ve had since I was kid, a few years before the movie even came out. I still talk to people to this day that aren’t aware of the book. This copy was printed in 1973 and is one of the earliest editions. It’s totally one of my most prized horror possessions. 

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Your own ignorance will result in more death than your conscience will be able to handle. Will you open your mind or submit to insanity, captain? Lives rely on your answer.

And how the hell do you know about what my conscience can ha

I’ve already lead officers to d

There’s nothing to open my mind t

My ignorance? I’m not about to solve murders or bring missing people home by finding my answers in the pages of a goddamn horror novel. I’m not about to make fantastical excuses for the real threats that are plaguing this town. If that makes me insane, then fine. This is very real and people are dying. My answer to this isn’t going to save lives, but my actions will.

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…GET BIT!!! 


The Mephisto Waltz, by Fred Mustard Stewart (Corgi, 1975).

From Oxfam in Nottingham.

There was something odd, something menacing about Duncan Ely and his raven-haired daughter, Roxanne. He’d been one of the greatest pianists the world had ever known - a maestro, an unnaturally talented genius - and now he was about to die. So the time had come to make preparations…

Myles Clarkson was the perfect choice. His hands were almost identical to Ely’s, his wife, Paula, was more than satisfactory; and as the time grew nearer he suspected absolutely nothing. It wasn’t until after Ely’s death that Paula began to notice the terrifying changes in the man who called himself her husband…