horror movies: megan is missing

The Zodiac Signs as Horror Films
  • Aries: V/H/S, The Hills Have Eyes
  • Taurus: The Descent, The Strangers
  • Gemini: Halloween, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser
  • Cancer: Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist
  • Leo: Child's Play, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Virgo: Stephen King's IT, Silent Hill
  • Libra: Alien, Jeepers Creepers, Megan Is Missing
  • Scorpio: Every horror movie! But specifically Hostel, Saw, and The Ring
  • Sagittarius: The Human Centipede, Predator
  • Capricorn: Scream, Cabin In The Woods
  • Aquarius: The Shining, The Blair Witch Project, Stephen King's Carrie
  • Pisces: Final Destination, Children of the Corn