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  • A- Age: 22
  • B- Biggest fear: horror things/arachnids
  • C- Current time: 21:10
  • D- Drink you last had: Tea
  • E- Every day starts with: Closing window (I always open it a little), breakfast, something to drink and watching TV
  • F- Favourite song: actually- “Universal Daddy”, “Cry Wolf”, “Invisible Touch”, “Weekend”.
  • G- Ghosts, are they real: Nah
  • I- In love with: Morten Harket, Marian Gold, Daryl Hall, Nick Rhodes.
  • K- Killed someone: No, but who knows…
  • L- Last time you cried: It was some time ago but I don’t remember why. Probably Harry Potter movies or pain in my body.
  • M- Middle name: I don’t have. And I think that it’s good.
  • N- Number of siblings: 1
  • O- One wish: Make my dreams come true
  • P- Person you last called/texted: My friend. 
  • Q- Questions you are always asked: “what???”
  • R- Reasons to smile: It must be a reason?
  • S- Song last sang: “Mystery of love”
  • T- Time you woke up: 6:40
  • U- Underwear colour: Purple
  • V- Vacation destination: Always the same :P 
  • W- Worst habit: Big laziness that makes me left things I want to do :(
  • X- X-Rays you’ve had: Heart, just for my surgery
  • Y- Your favourite food: Sushi <3
  • Z- Zodiac sign: Scorpio

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Horror Movies and Mental Illness...

I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but I need to vent… 

I’ve actually had my tv and cable turned on a lot lately, since now I’m going through my ‘i hate silence’ phase. So of course I’m seeing more movie trailers. I was cooking, and then heard “He has multiple personalities” and lost my shit. I don’t even have DID, but I do dissociate. I’m assuming every one here has seen the trailer for the movie ‘Split’.  

First of all, let’s talk about the title. ‘Splitting’ is a REAL THING experienced by many people with mental illness, especially borderline personality disorder. I split on friends all the time, and I hate it. Using a symptom of BPD and other PDs as a horror movie title is a slap in the face. 

Second, Hollywood really needs to stop using mental illness as a plot device. Seriously. This is why people think we are monsters. After my suicide attempt, one of my roommates reported that she was “afraid of me” and scared I was going to “attack her,” even though I have no history of violence towards anyone (unless you count my cutting.) We know wayyyy more about mental illness than we used to, so stop the whole “OMG he’s on anti-psychotics! He’s gonna kill us!” A LOT of people on on anti-psychotics. Get over it.  

Third, Hollywood needs to stop having horror movies take place in psychiatric hospitals. And hospitals in general. This is one of the reasons why I’m terrified of being hospitalized.  

Can I have instead a documentary about personality disorders? Or hospital malpractice in psych wards? or about stigma towards mental illness in general?

So I stole a set of nesting tables from my grandmother’s house - they were filthy and ugly, but I spent all afternoon and evening scrubbing, sanding and painting them, and they are going to be lovely when I’m finished with them. As I was doing this, I watched all three of the Grudge movies, since I’ve been on a weird early-2000s horror kick recently. Anyway I think the Grudges are actually pretty interesting, you know, from a spirit-worker kind of perspective, talking about things that live on as fragments and how these fragments affect people (but in a super overblown Hollywood way, of course). And I just found myself wishing over and over that all of this Bad Evil Hate Energy in the movies was, like, counteracted by incidents of genuine, unprompted kindness. Not because I think every movie should have a Message, just because I think that would make such a fun story. Like, if in the first movie Kayako’s spirit had come to murder Clea Duvall and instead of being like o no! a horrifying ghost! Clea Duvall had greeted her with real sympathy, oh my god, you poor thing, what happened to your mouth, that looks - pretty sore - I think we have some antiseptic around here somewhere, sit down, I’ll make you tea, maybe with some brandy in it? You’re so pale, have you had a shock? Do you want a bobbin to keep your hair out of your face? Here, have mine, let me get you a hot water bottle, you’re freezing.

Anyway obviously this turned into me wishing for a movie series about an old lady ghost hunter who just goes into haunted houses and grandmothers the fuck out of wicked, vengeful spirits. Yes, yes, the walls are bleeding again, I see it. You’re very clever. Now come here to me, would you, I’ve made you some hot chocolate to drink while the apple pie bakes. Of course there are marshmallows in it. Oh, no, pet, you’re just covered in muck, you’re trailing it all over the kitchen. Stand here while I get the mop. Yes, you can have your hot chocolate. You were murdered by your jealous lover, you said? Oh dear, isn’t that dreadful. Here, you just shake out your dress into the bin, get rid of those spiders for me, love. Now. Let’s have ourselves a nice sit-down and you can tell me all about it.

beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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Can I just say I hate the way all of dreamworks advertising goes? It makes all the amazing stories and animation seem stupid and cheesy instead of what the movies are actually about. The same thing that’s happened to Trolls happened to Kung Fu Panda, The Croods etc

Now I love movies more than books so I spend a good portion of my time in a cinema so giving the movies I don’t think much about a chance is the usual unless I really wanna see something.

Trolls isn’t out in my country yet (from Australia) and I honestly didn’t think anything of it because of the shitty advertising it has so I watched it online and shock horror, I really enjoyed it! I will be watching when it eventually comes out here in cinemas as well so dreamworks will have my money for the project.

They just really need a better advertisement company coz the one they have is absolutely terrible.

Gryffindor/Slytherin Siblings

Other pairings

* * *

  • The slytherin constantly rolling their eyes at their gryffindor brother/sister 
  • The slytherin being proud that they have a sibling in gryffindor and defending them against jeering slytherins 
  • The gryffindor also defending their slytherin sibling 
  • “I’m the only one who’s allowed to make fun of them” 
  • Top banter tbh 
  • The gryffindor constantly telling the slytherin what to do 
  • “Stop telling me how to live my life, damn” 
  • Although the two fight a lot, they actually get on better than people think 
  • The two having so many inside jokes that literally no one can keep up when they’re together 
  • tackle rugby in the back yard 
  • the two being inseparable at family gatherings because neither of them feel like talking to their long lost aunt who says things like “i remember when you were *this* tall” 
  •  The gryffindor not hesitating to embarrass their Slytherin siblings 
  • much to the slytherins horror 
  • the two speaking in muggle movie quotes 
  • the gryffindor wrecklessly climbing every tree in sight while the slytherin sits on the swing
  • “don’t die, it wouldn’t be good for my reputation” - the slytherin 

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-nickname: ı don’t have a nickname actually 
-star sign: scales
-height: 1.60… ı know ım a short girl but don’t judge me 
-last thing i googled: Barry Loukaitis… it isn’t weird ok?
-fav music artist: ı listen every song it can be jazz or rock or heavy metal or something
-song stuck in my head: 505 is fuckin stuck in my head 
-last movie i watched: it was a horror movie but ı don’t really remember the name of movie 
-what are you wearing right now: an old sweater, black jeans and socks
-when did you create your blog: a few years ago? ı don’t remember lol 
-what kind of stuff do i post: everything ı want actually 
do you have any other blogs: nope
-do you get asks regularly: nope
-why did you choose your URL: bc you should really bring my pills 
-gender: female
-howgarts house: ı live in suicide room with sylvia 
-pokemon team: no
-fave color: black, grey, dark green and baby blue
-average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours bc ı have to wake up early but ı never sleep early lol 
-lucky number: ı don’t have
-fave characters: did you watch lucifer? ım in love with him ı mean look at him his is the real devil and handsome and clever. ı love sana bc ı think she is a warrior and ı love all the book characters ı’ve ever read
-how many blankets do you sleep with: one 
-dream job: in reality ı want to be a lawyer but my dream job is be a novelist

@99999usedtissues thanks for tagging and if u don’t understand it’s bc of my fault and google translate’s fault 

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SAW sentence starters
  • “Congratulations. You are still alive.”
  • “I’m sick from the disease eating away at me inside.”
  • “What’s your name?”
  • “This is the most fun I’ve had without lubricant!”
  • “How much blood will you shed to stay alive?”
  • “What’s the last thing you remember?” 
  • “I went to bed in my shithole apartment, and I woke up in an actual shithole.”
  • “Will you murder a mother and her child to save yourself?”
  • “Listen carefully, if you will. There are rules.”
  • “You’re too late.”
  • “I wouldn’t lie to you…”
  • “You don’t know me, but I know you.”
  • “I want to play a game.”
  • “Up until now, you’ve simply sat in the shadows watching others live out their lives.”
  • “Maybe you should find yourself a girlfriend.”
  • “I see you as a strange mix of someone angry, yet apathetic. But mostly just pathetic.”
  • “Did you cut yourself because you truly wanted to die or did you just want some attention?”
  • “X marks the spot for the treasure.”
  • “No! Oh, my God! What are you doing?”
  • “I want to live!”
  • “I’d rather you break down and tell me that you hated me.”
  • “Do you see any scars?”
  • “At least we’ll have the cover of darkness.”
  • “Oh shit, I’m probably dead.”
  • “You are not a victim of this game.”
  • “Dont look at me… I can’t help you.”
  • “She told me not to believe you.“
  • “Stop the lies! You’re a liar!”
  • “Live or die, make your choice.”
  • “When there’s that much poison in your blood, the only thing left to do is shoot yourself.”
  • “That’s complete bullshit.”
  • “My last girlfriend was a feminist vegan punk.”
  • “She thought I was too angry.”
  • “How can you go through life pretending that you’re happy?”
  • “Is someone there?”
  • “What I saw was you get into your car, that’s it.”
  • “Oh for fuck’s sake! I give up!”
  • “Goodnight little girl.”
  • “You know who I am.”
  • “Game over.”

anonymous asked:

hey do you know whatever happened with darren's movie "smitten!" that was supposed to come out last year? will it ever come out? because i've been dying to see it and i'm confused as to what happened with the movie.

Hi Anon! Unfortunaly, I don’t have answers for you. I’m not really the right person to be asked about this. I personally have no plans to see the movie, so I don’t follow the news about this.

While I am Darren’s fan, I actually don’t follow everything that he does. I haven’t watched his episode of American Horror Story. And I’m not planning to see Smitten or Royalties. I have limited amount of time to devote to fangirling, so I gathered that I can afford to miss these things.

Actually, I’m in midst of reading TLOS which consumes much of my time and focus right now. (I’m late. I know I’m late reading them, but I’m enjoying them a lot.) This is the problem when you are a fan of two incredibly talented individuals. You just have to make choices, but in this case, the choice was not very difficult.

I may be missing an integral part of this conversation because all I’ve done is poke around a little so please correct me if I sound uninformed.

But I don’t understand the people saying to unfollow/block them if you enjoyed this kill.ing stalki.ng manga? How is that any different than enjoying like… A slasher film or a murder mystery or any gorey horror movie or guro manga? I can understand being uncomfortable if someone is like encouraging shipping the two characters or acting like it’s desirable or whatever but I can’t understand how just liking it as a comic is different than liking any other media containing gore/torture/death/whatever.

Again I havent read it so if specific context is going right over my head let me know but my general opinion is that it’s okay to like gore and things like that without CONDONING actual murder and torture. I have a special interest in disasters and a lot of that gets into disturbing territory but it doesn’t mean I want people to die or want more bad things to happen to anyone.

If I sound like an ass it’s because I’m uninformed so please don’t take this as “asking people to unfollow you over this is wrong” because it’s not at all. I’m just confused.

chana-ninja  asked:

Can I get a ship with Seventeen please?? I’m honest person and always keep my word. Others may see me as either a sweet or a quiet one but actually I’m kind of a dork, fun to talk with 😬unconscious humming song when in a good mood, bad at lying and pretty clumsy tho. I’m not really girly but love sweets (let’s say all kind of food😆)flowers and animals. I'm adventurous, love nature, prefer walking to driving, like drawing and enjoy listening to music. Horror movies are my fav! Thank you❤️

I ship you with… Seungkwan!

Originally posted by seungkwa

Boo Seungkwan would be the best boyfriend for you! Your existence would actually be the cutest thing ever in his eyes, everything from your clumsiness to your humming to your dorky conversations. You two would ave the funnest dates where you walk around and squeal over cute animals at the zoo or go on a food tour around the city, trying out all the cool dessert shops you guys can fit into one day AND ITS JUST PERFECT!!!! Honestly, your relationship would be one unplanned outing after the other that oddly end up becoming somewhat structured? Like, you didn’t plan on going out, but we can take this path and hit up 3 cafes? He’s not a horror movie person though, but he’d watch it for you bc he can’t have you watching them with anyone else….. Just bribe him with food and kisses XD

Thanks for requesting! -admin sea

militarypenguin replied to your post: @cloversion OH i’m sorry, i didn’t see your reply…

oooohhh you pinpointed my exact favorite kind of horror!! I’ve never been able to put it into words but yes, that, exactly. I’m trying to think of other examples that use that kind of horror (the first thing that came to mind was Utena actually, haha, but that’s not horror), it’d be great if there was a term for it…

yessss i’m so glad you like it too!! actually i just thought of the movie It Follows when it comes to that weird/off feeling because a lot of things about the environments in it are unnatural? there was a post about it somewhere, like how it pointed out that the characters use technology that’s outdated or doesn’t exist, there’s no real tell for what year this takes place in, how the characters wear the wrong type of clothes for the season or something. it was really interesting and i really love that kind of stuff in horror!

Okay so

SOME MOTHERFUCKER ( @molarspew ) thought it would be a good idea to ask me the whole fucking list, so here we go

  • ‼ - real name? Maddie Tucker, the whitegirlest name possible
  • ✺ - eye color? Some blueishgreenish hazel bs
  • ✁ - hair? Long, dark brown, like a big greasy ocean
  • ☿ - zodiac sign? Aquarius my dudes
  • ☃ - tall/short? Not that tall, but definitely not short
  • ❅ - any sports? no thanks
  • ✈ - hobbies? drawing, viddy gayms, and exploring things
  • ❤ - single/taken? taken, surprisingly!
  • ツ - any pets? A LOT. 6 cats, 2 dogs, a fish and a rabbit
  • ☂ - favorite season? Spring and Fall, I can’t choose between them
  • ✐ - fave types of movies? Surreal horror. Like those old animated ones.
  • ❣ - how would it be your ideal date? Dicking around in a town or a forest, not actually doing anything in particular, just hanging out
  • ☣ - phobias? None that I can think of?
  • ☠ - fears? Being kidnapped, being stranded at sea, and probably other stuff that I can’t remember
  • ✘ - hates? I try not to hate much, but I fucking hate mosquitoes. And assholes, but I’m pretty sure that’s a universal thing.
  • ° - ever were close to death? I had my head set on fire by a firework once does that count
  • ♧ -….. on drugs? Just my prescribed meds, nothing you could get high off of.
  • ♠ -…..smoked? Nah fam, my lungs are already shitty
  • ♦ -…..had alcohol? A few times, but they were all just sips, and none of them ever really tastes good.
  • ❥ - sexual orientation Yes
  • ♚ - favorite eye color? All of them
  • ♛ - favorite hair color? ALL OF THEM
  • ♪ - music you like? I try to keep an open mind with music, I’m not too picky
  • ✌ - favorite bands/ singers? Death Grips, Machine Girl, Caravan Palace, Arca, and Bjork are some faves,
  • ♒ - fave animes? Ajin, Berserk, Tokyo Ghoul, Serial Experiments Lain
  • ❦-.fave characters?  t o o  m a n y
  • ✿ - fave kind of clothing? I really like either very sleek/militaristic fashion, or overly intricate/flamboyant clothing there is no imbetween
  • ღ - mottos? The world is a really shitty place, so do your best to not make it worse. Also, treat yoself.
  • ✬ - photo of me? Maybe later
Top 10 of 2016

For the longest time I’ve been compiling my TOP 10 list of 2016, and it has been something of a struggle. Not because there aren’t many great films this year, actually it has turned into a monumental year in cinema, but exactly because of that. From horror breaching the mainstream even further to genre pieces being highlighted throughout the year (‘Green Room’, ‘The Wailing’ etc etc), 2016 has seen the rise of independent cinema even further. Suffice to say it, while 2016 has taken a many things from us, it has provided a score of incredible films that will last an eternity.

 So without trying your patience any further, here is my

#10 The Invitation

Director Karyn Kusama, having taken 6 years in between ‘Jennifer’s Body’ (yes, that ‘Jennifer’s Body’), disposes of the angsty melodrama of high school and gives us one of the year’s most tension induced dinner parties. What begins as a heartbreaking and delirious ode to loss and pain quickly spirals into a who-done-it of psychological mysteries, asking us whether we believe what we see or how we feel. As our guest (Logan Marshall Green) begins his descent into hallucinatory sorrow, we start questioning the reality of things, until Kusama kicks over the party tray to unravel a Hitchcockian ending for the books.

#9 Hell or High Water

When the bank forecloses the farm of two brothers (Ben Foster and Chris Pine), they decide to take measures into their own hands by robbing the very branch that deems ownership of land that dates back generations. It’s with this simple premise that Scottish director David Mackenzie (‘Starred Up’) delivers one of the most rousing and representative films of the year. At once both subdued and thunderous in its voice and action, this neo-western features some of the grandest cinematography and action set pieces of 2016, bolstered by a commanding performance by Ben Foster. In a time when big banks sit atop the shoulders of America’s working class, Mackenzie has delivered a pertinent film strewn with bullet holes and crushed souls, with a message that rings loudest when it isn’t firing a gun.   

#8 10 Cloverfield Lane

When ‘Cloverfield’ hit theaters almost a decade ago, the consensus was indecisive over the found-footage monster flick-some were lost in its style while the remainders were absorbed in the destructive path it set forth. From the rubble rose one of the surprise hits of the year, offering up a tensely woven extended cut of what surmounts to a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode. Shot primarily within the confines of what might as well be the blueprint of a paranoid architect’s mind, director Dan Trachtenberg (Harriet the Spies brother) infuses two of cinemas most undervalued genres-horror and sci-fi. Acting as equal parts slasher, survival horror and creature feature, ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ quickly became a nerve twisting breath of fresh air in the early months of 2016, showing audiences that you don’t need to look to the stars to discover something both illuminating and terrifying.   

#7 Indignation

Based on the book by Philip Roth, Indignation tells the story of two college students (Logan Lerman and Sarah Gordon) who fall in love within a Catholic college during the Korean War. Backed by a commanding performance by its two leads, director/writer/producer James Schamus takes a tried formula and down-casts its themes with heavy narrative elements and grounded romantic archetypes. From its deeply affecting story to its use of deep saturation framing its characters and the war that rages on the outside, ‘Indignation’ stands out like a heart on a sleeve, leaving its blood stains exposed as a reminder of life’s love and loss.   

#6 The VVitch

One of the earlier films of 2016 came in the form of a thickly spun tale of witchcraft set in 17th century New England, showing a puritan families encounter with the evil that lurks within the woods. First time director Robert Eggers layers his film with enough historical details and panache that it feels like a time warp, fading into a manner of life that once was. Like the music that trickles into every frame, the horrors in ‘The VVitch’ lurches towards you on broken legs, taking its time to get close enough for you to feel it’s breath against your neck. In an era where the horror genre exposes its monstrosities, Robert Egger's meticulous tale of religious fear slow burns your senses with what you think you see, not on the screen but within the recesses of your imagination.    

#5 La La Land

After the reverb kicked up from ‘Whiplash’, the second feature from writer/director Damien Chazelle, scores of scripts were offered to the young Harvard grad. However, keeping in tempo with his adoration for music, having studied jazz in high school Chazelle went into the vault of CinemaScope to bring audiences a sendup to Hollywood. Highlighted by its audacious dance numbers and dizzying one-takes, ‘La La Land’ tells the story of a young jazz enthusiast and actress, both trying to make it somewhere by the beat of each other’s drum. Delivering a toe-tapping and eye-opening intro, Chazelle's third film, an ode to the musicals of yesteryear, shines through in waves of longing and love, not just for each other but for their calling. 

What allows its two romantic leads (Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone) to keep dancing in line with each other is a musically propelled chemistry that keeps the heart of its cast and audiences grounded, even when the stars are illuminating our eyes. Working with composer Justin Hurwitz (‘Whiplash’), Chazelle appears to have found his stride, taking heartfelt leaps that force you to remember the purity of cinema, even if musicals aren’t your thing. When the credits finally roll and the lights go up, you’ll find yourself pinned to your seat in awe with a heart that dances atop your own stage, the floorboards telling you that anything is possible.

#4 Green Room

In 2013, director Jeremy Saulnier introduced the world to his off-brand style of cinematic reality with ‘Blue Ruin’, a festival darling about a downtrodden and newly paroled man out for revenge. Rather than choreograph and romanticize brutality, Saulnier showed the fallacies of one’s actions, a trait he would highlight even further in his latest film, ‘Green Room’. Featuring one of the last performances by the criminally underrated Anton Yelchin,Saulnier's latest introduces us to the Ain’t Rights, a down on their luck punk band who encounters a murder and must fight a gang of neo-Nazi’s in order to make it out alive. 

 Underneath the ragged band tees and socio-political vitriol lies a stark and quiet film that utilizes the uncomfortable silence like a 3-chord progression; pumping you up for what ultimately never comes. Cutting from one room to the exterior with an understood patience, Saulnier builds and builds on an undisturbed tension that stretches across the screen, only to ignore it and severe the hand holding it in place. When the violence in ‘Green Room’ does come, it hits you like a blistering punk number, cutting itself short before you even know how it happened. With bouts of sustained silence interspersed with unbridled chaos, ‘Green Room’ stands as one of the year’s most brutally honest and powerfully brutal films, showing you that it doesn’t matter who’s listening, just how loudly you play.

#3 Manchester by the Sea

When a listless Boston custodian (Casey Affleck) is summoned back to his hometown after his brother (Kyle Chandler) passes away, he must confront the skeletons in his closet while looking after his nephew (Lucas Hedges). It’s a basic premise that writer/director Kenneth Lonergan fleshes out through the use of timely flashbacks and orchestral pieces that wash over our central characters like high tide, eventually receding back into its core themes of family. Resonating at the center of ‘Manchester by the Sea’ is a borderline placid yet brilliantly subdued performance by Casey Affleck as Lee Chandler, who has attempted to run from his demons; ones who have stripped him of his children and wife, played by Michelle Williams

 While our film focuses on Lee, it's Williams and Hedges who stand out as the emotional catalysts for Lee, shifting seamlessly into their characters. As the biting cold surrounds our New England town, seeped in gray tones that mirror the destructive power of sorrow, Lesley Barber's orchestral score, interspersed with desolate pieces by Handel, carry our characters and themes to a point, demonstrating the capacity of collaboration. While the subject matter of Lonergan's film weighs heavy, ‘Manchester by the Sea’ elevates itself above the surface, demonstrating the gravity of forgiveness and perseverance while showing you the beauty in misery.   

#2 Moonlight

There’s a scene in the 3rd act of ‘Moonlight’, director Barry Jenkin's coming of age story divided into 3 specific character arches, that features a grown-up Chiron (Trevante Rhodes) driving down the road after having met-up with Kevin (Andre Holland), an old high school acquaintance. There isn’t much said between the two, though that isn’t what makes it so remarkably tender and powerful. It’s what’s conveyed through subtle gestures; a sheepish grin, shy yet playful eyes, tense demeanor that makes it standout. The innocence and heartache within Jenkin's film, based loosely on both his and playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney's upbringing is both startling and pure, allowing the audience to become so close with Chiron we can almost feel the outpour of love and confusion that radiates from his heart. 

 What we’re witnessing is something that teeters on the edge of universality, yet keeps itself from stepping past that because ‘Moonlight’ (based partly on McCraney's piece In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue) isn’t a film for everyone, which isn’t to say it doesn’t have themes that will resonate and connect with many. However, it’s an incredibly specified tale of a child’s upbringing, played out in various stages re: i. Little (Alex Hibbert), ii. Chiron (Ashton Sanders) and previously mentioned iii. Black (Trevante Rhodes). What makes this a specific coming of age story is that Chiron is both black and gay, placing our film outside of arms reach for white America, and that’s exactly where it should remain. ‘Moonlight’ is a film that shouldn’t be seen, but needs to be felt by white America; one that’s as necessary for us to see, feel, understand, accept and praise, just as it is told. Barry Jenkin's hasn’t just created a gorgeously framed and fleshed out film, but one whose echoes will be heard through generations, marking ‘Moonlight’ as a masterpiece in both cinema and humanity.   

#1 Arrival

If you’ve seen Denis Villeneuve's previous films, then you know of his masterful storytelling representing greater and very relevant themes. His film ‘Enemy’ (2013) deals with identity, ‘Prisoners’ (2013) with desperation, loss and family and ‘Sicario’ (2015) with masquerading masculinity and rape culture set amidst the raging drug “war”. If his repertoire were the human body, Enemy would be the calloused hands identifying oneself, Prisoners the grieving legs in search of answers and ‘Sicario’ the contorted face mouthing “no” against a devious grin. The idea of Denis Villeneuve's body of work being likened to well, a body, isn’t farfetched, as communication is a vital motif in each film.

With ‘Arrival’, his latest film about the appearance of alien vessels and our struggle as a planet to understand their motives represent the eyes-a symbol of communication distinguishable in every culture. Powered by a deeply rich score by Johann Johannsson and cinematography by Bradford Young that shifts seamlessly from wide exterior shots to cramped close-ups, ‘Arrival’ unfolds as a vastly important and vital science fiction tale wrapped around a humanly story of survival. In an age where our own communication has shapeshifted into suggestively symbolic photos stored online and 140 character quips, Villeneuve has crafted an engaging and deeply felt film that stands out as one of the most important allegories, not just for the 21st century, but of all time. Where cinema acts as an escape for humankind, ‘Arrival’ stands atop the notion of both art (films) and pop (movies), showing us that our own interaction with the very people we coexist with is something worth saving, even if it means putting down our phones and looking each other in the eyes.

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Who's that in your icon?

That’s a me!

It’s my personal character Riley, and my pet rat, Bentley. Bentley passed away a while back and as a consolation, this huge fuckin’ nerd @exor-schism doodled me up as an alternative to the horror movie character, Willard. I thought it was really touching and funny, and since then it became kind of a “thing” that Riley raises big fuckin’ rats to do their bidding. Sometimes innocent, sometimes not - usually not.

As you can imagine, I am actually a big sap and I get super attached to the drawings and avatars people make for my goofy ass. I end up using a lot of these things as social media profile images because I just love them so much. My collection of “doodles of Riley with giant rats” is slowly growing and I love every minute of it. :]