I get bummed out when I hear about a creative whose work I enjoy passing away, whether that be a writer, actor, director, cartoonist, or whomever.  I spend a lot of my waking hours consuming stories, and when someone who is good at making them leaves this world, I have a tendency to dwell on the stories left untold.  Anyway, to buck me up, I’ll usually sketch out something I liked from that person.  In the case of Ferrer, who is in my favorite Disney movie (Mulan) and one of my favorite action movies (Robocop), it was a poster for one of the few films in which he played the lead: NIGHT FLYER, from a story by Stephen King.

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Lately I've been watching more Japanese horror and noticed that it relies much more on subtly than western horror usually does. Do you prefer subtle horror or more in your face horror?

Depends on my mood. And don’t underestimate Japan, they have some of the most violent and outrageous gore fest films I have ever seen, by far much, much worse than anything the US has put out.

The signs when watching a horror movie...

Aries: Says “OMG” whenever someone gets killed

Taurus: Eats popcorn and hides behind the bowl

Gemini: Is bored so tries to scare everyone every chance they get

Cancer: Peeks up from their blanket every once and awhile

Leo: Yells at the screen telling the victim where to hide (as if they could hear them)

Virgo: Is scared but pretends they’re not

Libra: Falls asleep

Scorpio: Jumps at every sound

Sagittarius: Laughs whenever someone gets killed

Capricorn: Keeps going to the kitchen to get snacks (to avoid getting scared)

Aquarius: Also yells at the screen but suggests different ways that the killer could have killed their victim

Pisces: Blank face (isn’t scared at all)

I love 80s Horror
  • Effects are all practical and usually straight-up magical
  • Everyone has fluffy hair
  • Chock full of social commentary
  • Usually at least half the cast is queercoded to hell and back
  • Soundtracks are kickass synthesizers flipping out in a panic
  • Not afraid to have fun with the premise and crack some jokes
  • Not afraid to get grisly with the kills
  • Everything is neon lights and nothing hurts