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There’s a reason our villain was called the Watcher and not, say, the Melon Baller Eyeball Collector – as befits the majesty of his preferred stalking grounds, he was all about psychological terror. The name of his particular game was threatening letters. And although that could technically put him in a “disgruntled dude who lost the bidding war” or “guy who really hates neighbors” category, he pushed his way into horror movie territory with his … peculiar methods. Here are some choice quotes from his messages:

“The windows and doors allow me to watch you and track you as you move through the house. Who I am? I am the Watcher.”

“Have they found out what is in the walls yet? In time they will.”

Or, in reference to the family’s children:

“I am pleased to know your names now, and the name of the young blood you have brought to me.”

Hahahahaha! That’s awesome … ly, uh, awful for the family, that is. The letters kept coming, and as they included apt “young blood” references and hints that the writer actually did keep uncomfortably close tabs on the house and its renovations, the family was too afraid to make the house their home. In fact, they never dared to properly move in.

What really makes this one for me is that as a horror movie, it’s clearly a sequel. Not only does the family heavily insinuate that the previous owners who sold the house to them were already all too aware of The Watcher, the Watcher himself started his campaign of terror (a mere three days after they bought the house in 2014) with a statement that his grandfather and father had watched the house before him, and it now fell on him to “wait for its second coming.”

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I still think Blair Witch was a perfectly respectable horror movie sequel though.  The hell with the critics.

Lisa going batshit in the tunnel is very powerful to me. Especially when she realizes just what is chasing her. Callie Hernandez puts in a great performance. She goes crazy. Those last 20 minutes with her are good acting.

Then when you realize Lane was likely the one leaving Heather, Mike and Josh all the trinkets in the first film. It’s twisted. And it makes you think about just what you saw in the first one.

IMO, the original three, and the six in the sequel, were wandering around the woods at the same time. 

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