horror movie sequels

I still think Blair Witch was a perfectly respectable horror movie sequel though.  The hell with the critics.

Lisa going batshit in the tunnel is very powerful to me. Especially when she realizes just what is chasing her. Callie Hernandez puts in a great performance. She goes crazy. Those last 20 minutes with her are good acting.

Then when you realize Lane was likely the one leaving Heather, Mike and Josh all the trinkets in the first film. It’s twisted. And it makes you think about just what you saw in the first one.

IMO, the original three, and the six in the sequel, were wandering around the woods at the same time. 

Pulse meets A Nightmare on Elm Street: the vengeful, raven-haired, VHS revenant is back, and she’s tired of being stuck in the white noise…seven days.

If you like the original two movies, enjoy supernatural J-horror done Hollywood style, or appreciate atmosphere over plot then this might be right up your alley.

If you dislike convoluted endings, horror movie cliches, or glitchy spectral ghosts then you probably should pass.

Robert Englund and Rodney Eastman in a Behind the Scenes photo from  A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.             

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