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Bill Moseley in Devil’s Rejects (2005, directed by Rob Zombie). One of my favourite horror actors, in one of my absolute favourite movies. It’s the sequel to House of 1000 Corpses. Though it’s one of my favourite movies, it’s really weird to watch a movie where you start to sympathize with the bad guys (who in this case are a bunch of murderers).

The Lost Memories - Part 3

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I wake up next to Jungkook, the one that I hated wholeheartedly and let’s not forget that he claims that he’s my husband

◇ genre : angst & romance
◇ summary : after visiting the hospital, both of you and jungkook came out with an idea that might help you to regain your memories
◇ words : 3.1k
◇ author’s note : the past 3 weeks hd been a tough week for me and I’m trying my best to update this. sorry for mistake and i’ll edit asap.Thanks for reading, xoxo

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You can’t help yourself from staring at Jungkook who seems too immersed on the paper that he have been listing out list of the things that both of you often doing together as well as the frequent places that you have been visiting with him in the past days. It is already been one hour and half since both of you back from the hospital and from that on, he keeping gluing his face onto the paper leaving you all alone, sitting on a dining chair across from him. You began to feel bored as your fingers started tapping on the dining table while humming to yourself in order to kill your boredom. Instead, it only takes a while before you averted your eyes towards Jungkook.

You don’t know why, you kind of enjoyed viewing this look that Jungkook had now on his face; his doe eyes slightly widen as his brows furrowed together, seriousness splattering all over his face showing that he is thinking deeply so that he would not miss even a single thing that need to be jot down on the list. His aura did a great job as it managed to attract your attention towards him, making you began to doze off while staring at him. You have to admit that your husband do have a good-looking face and no wonder back then there are so many girls like to linger around him.

You are too deep in your thought as well as too busy staring at a masterpiece until you did not noticed that Jungkook is already standing in front of you while waving his hands hoping that it would break your delusion and getting you back to the reality. “Y/n? Y/n?” A soft voice hit your eardrums and that’s when you realized that he is already there, continuously calling for your name to get your attention towards him. Without him knows, your attention is already fully on him.

He continuously flicked his slender fingers right in front of your face, snapping away your mind from delusion back to the reality. You shook your head vigorously; finally realize that you have been staring at him for a while. Blood started to rush up to your cheeks, making it flushed in a shade of pink as you felt slightly embarrassed after he caught you secretly staring at him.

A smile tugged on the corner of his lips as his heart skipped a beat with content when he catches a glimpse of your face with a glint of anxious plastered on it. Your eyes slightly widened when you met him as you tried to look away to lessen the awkwardness. He still not used of seeing that looks even it usually happened in the past times when you are still you, when you are still Y/n who loves him wholeheartedly.

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Some HCs for Michael and his s/o living together in the old Myers house? :)

my sweet sweet boy, i’m 100% here for mike & his s/o having their own domestic style. pls. <3

  • Michael isn’t a very talkative man. He never has been. His communication is more in his body language and gestures. You’ve managed, over time, to pick up on his queues and more or less understand his intent. 
  • You often find yourself settled in the livingroom, sat between his knees and watching an old, beat up television. Old horror movies and Saturday cartoons are his favourites. 
  • Myers is very territorial. It’s erring on the edge of overbearing- but it’s only because he really does care, as much as he’s able to. When people break in to try and experience the spooky, haunted Myers house he rages. It’s his home- it has what’s left of his few earthly comforts and he does not tolerate shenanigans. Weapons are more of a decor now. If you clean, you often find knives, silverware, glass, and the likes tucked away in discreet places. For you, he’s always prepared. 
  • He loves coming home to see you cooking. It could be anything at all, and the liveliness you bring to the air around you warms his heart. Times like this make him stalk up behind you and watch; sometimes wrapping his arms around you and just draping his body over yours. 
  • Game nights and movie nights are a big thing for you two. Overly social activities aren’t really his thing. If Michael could just binge watch some good shows or play some silly games and decompress with you all the time, he probably would. 
  • Your first few nights with him were strange, to say the least. He has a nightly ritual he needs to complete before he can try and sleep. Every room, every corner, crevice, and nook needs to be checked. Windows are locked, doors are locked and barred. There needs to be complete and certain security if he’s going to let himself relax. 
  • When he has relaxed, though, you may see the mask come off. Still, you won’t see much of his face through that long hair, but after a while he’s willing to bear himself to you. It took a while before he could sleep with you, but when he did you could never feel safer or more loved. Cuddling isn’t his thing, though he tends to pull you in and wrap his body around yours when he sleeps. But, you always sleep on the inside of the bed. He’s closest to the door. Michael will never tell you why, and maybe he doesn’t completely understand himself- but if someone were to break in, at least they would see him before they saw you. Your safety means everything to him. 
  • And finally, most importantly, bake this man some angels food cake and he’ll be yours forever. 

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Daaad... you may kill me, put I already crave the next part for Yoonji and Tae ㅠ.ㅠ And the smut that you promised. Or just a full, long - ass story. Cause it's the best au ever

In her head, Yoonji had planned out their first time together, right down to the very last detail. Taehyung was a fucking princess, a real life breathing goddess, Yoonji had wanted to make sure the lavender haired girl knew it. She’d wanted to treat Taehyung to her favorite restaurant and then take her baby girl out to the beach to star gaze on the hood of Yoonji’s old mustang. Hell, Yoonji had even planned on writing a song for Taehyung before slowly taking her time breaking apart the beautiful girl slowly with one kiss at a time. 

She never counted on Taehyung being such a fucking tease.

She never counted on Taehyung batting those fucking doll like eyelashes and teasing with that perfect mouth until she snapped.  Sure they’ve done some heavy make outs, you can’t be in a relationship with someone as gorgeous as Kim Taehyung and not want to kiss those pretty pink bubblegum flavored lips, but never like this before. They’d never found themselves on Taehyung’s couch with their lips pressed firmly together as Taehyung grinded down her oh so fucking wet pussy on Yoonji’s thigh like this before. 

Yoonji had only came over to the younger’s apartment for their usual horror movie Saturday date night. She never counted on their casual cuddling turning into Taehyung sucking and biting on her neck until dark purple and red marks bloomed on her pale skin.  

Of course Yoonji was not going to tell her girlfriend to stop.  No, instead Yoonji had wrapped her hands around that lithe ballerina waist she loved to hold on to and pulled until Taehyung had landed on top of her with her legs spread over her, smaller but still nice, thighs. 

A full body shiver rakes Yoonji’s body the next time Taehyung rubs herself down onto her thigh. The elder could feel the slight slimy wet slick Taehyung had been dripping all over her and the thought of Taehyung marking her, even with just her pussy juices, left Yoonji soaking her own shorts. 

“Yoonie please, unnie, eat my pretty cunt out please.” 

Yoonji swears she’s died and gone to heaven. Really how could any one say no to something like that?

“Is that really what you want, Doll?”  Another whimper is torn from Taehyung’s mouth as Yoonji slips her fingers into the pale purple panties the younger had been wearing and Taehyung almost screams when two fingers rub at her swollen clit. “You want me to taste you? Or do you want me to fuck you with my fingers until you’re cumming all over them?” 

The older girl doesn’t even wait for Taehyung to respond before she’s slipping her hand out of the purple panties to flip them. 

For a moment Yoonji thanks the heavens that her girlfriend usually only wore her underwear and a too big tee shit during their movies nights. Really the sight of a panting, out of breath, Taehyung laid out on the couch in nothing but pastel purple boy shorts and a white shirt that showed off her dark nipples through the thin fabric was a sight that was never going to be forgotten; never. if she could, Yoonji would have taken a picture. Taehyung was just such a eye widening sight it was almost impossible to think the younger was all hers. 

“Please i don’t care what you do just touch me.” 

Taehyung whines as her own fingers slip under her shirt to pinch and rub at her own nipples. Yoonji finds herself sucking in a breath before she leans down to grab the thin cotton between her hands. The sounds of Taehyung’s shirt ripping can’t barely even be heard under the sounds of Taehyung moaning. 

“You have pretty tits.” Yoonji finds herself smiling  as Taehyung giggles and it’s nice that they can still be silly even when Yoonji can feel her own pussy pulsing for her girlfriend. 

“Thank you i grew them myself.” 

Yoonji leans down and bites, hard, at Taehyung’s stomach until the younger is screaming out and pushing the elders head down for more. It pulls a smirk from Yoonji before she licks up any blood that may have dripped out from the wound. She didn’t think Taehyung could get any more perfect but the of course she’d been blessed to find out her cute princess of a girlfriend had the biggest pain kink she’d ever seen. Something wicked courses through Yoonji as she moves down to bite just as hard at Taehyung’s thigh. 

Taehyung moans and lets her fingers curl into Yoonji’s black hair. 

“Yoonji please stop teasing me and make me cum.” 

Never needing to be told twice Yoonji slips off Taehyung’s panties and tosses them somewhere unseen.  The younger has no time to catch her breath before Yoonji is diving down and licking across her clit with wide wet licks. Taehyung cries out as her back arches away from the couch. She can almost feel Yoonji’s smirk against her pussy before the elder is flicking the tip of her tongue  against her over and over again. 

It’s maddening really. 

Yoonji sucks at Taehyung’s swollen nub hard enough to make the younger scream with tears in her eyes. The pleasure in her is making her so hot she just wants so much more of it and Yoonji delivers it in the form of her fingers circling her entrance before sinking inside. 


Taehyung wraps a leg around Yoonji’s shoulder as she tries to pull her girlfriend closer to her most intimate parts. 

“Just like that baby god you feel so good on me Yoonji fuck!” 

Yoonji finger fucks Taehyung, her mouth never leaving Taehyung’s clit, until the younger is practically shaking in her arm with the need to cum. It shoulder probably be a bit embarrassing how fast Taehyung gets to finishing but she doesn’t care. Not when Yoonji was taking her to Hong Kong with her mouth and fingers. 

“I-I’m cumming Yoonji im f-uck!” 

When Taehyung cums it’s just as much a sight as Yoonji thought it would be. The elder feels the way Taehyung’s pussy clenches around her fingers and it only makes the elder speed up her fingers rather than slow down. She pulls her face back to watch the way Taehyung sobs and grips the couch between her fingers until they’re white when Yoonji taps at that bundle of nerves inside of her and the elder quickly pulls her fingers out in time to watch the small squirt of release leave Taehyung. 

“Holy shit i didn’t know i could do that.”  Taehyung pants out when she sees the clear droplets all over Yoonji. “I’ve never you know… squirted… before.” 

The younger giggles at the smug look Yoonji has on her face and the elder makes a move to get up from the couch to clean up but before she can the younger flips them so she can sit on Yoonji’s lap.  A surprised moan escapes Yoonji’s mouth when Taehyung grinds down on her with a mischievous face. 

“It’s your turn!” 

(dad still can’t smut oops) 

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Team Vtron (Paladins+Allura, Coran, whoever you feel like adding) HCs for comforting a s/o who got really freaked out by a horror movie?


Sleepover Headcanons



➤ They would try their best to tell you how it made no sense that you were scared because ?? What the heck it’s fiction

➤ Would point out every single little thing that made it obviously fake and tell you that it was dumb to be scared of something that’s not even possible in the real world

➤ Also would probably a little lowkey spooked as well but would never admit it

➤ Makes sure to cuddle close to you when you sleep and probably keeps the light on for the both of you


➤ The whole time you’d watch the horror movie with him he’d be a bit confused as to why people would subject themselves to this stuff willingly

➤ He’d hold you close and tell you it was just fake and not to let it get to your head 

➤ If you just started dating, he wouldn’t normally sleep next to you/in your room but he’d offer to sleep on the floor of your room if you really needed it

➤ Tries to talk you out of being scared because you’re in the middle of a spaceship in space and the spaceship is highly advanced security-wise so nothing is going to get you


➤ Lowkey finds it sort of cute but of course doesn’t tell you that because it would be rude and he doesn’t want to invalidate your fears

➤ Tells you that it’s fake and not to be afraid, but even if it was real, he’d protect you no matter what

➤ Also would offer to sleep on the floor of your bedroom or even right next to you if you begged him enough and seemed really scared

➤ Would help you calm down using the same techniques that he uses with his PTSD and urges you to put it out of your mind


➤ So at first, this asshole would find it a bit funny and hide in your dark room and scare the shit out of you, but once he saw it was really serious, he’d stop the fooling around

➤ Then, he’d be 100% willing and ready to sleep right beside you and hold you all night because that’s probably what he’d want if he was scared

➤ He’s honestly a little scared, too, but doesn’t let you know until there’s a weird noise in the other room and you both jump like, “ShIIT WHAT WAS THAT” and you ask Lance to go look and he’s like, “Hell no are you kidding???!”

➤ Would stay up all night with you talking about it and holding your hand while you guys freaked each other out but in the morning you can’t stop talking about how much fun it was 


➤ Would feel bad that you were feeling scared and walk with you to your room holding your hand so you were less anxious

➤ He’d make a nice snack for you before going to bed and would make sure that it was nice and warm to help you sleep

➤ Gives you as many bear hugs as you need from him until you’re feeling less afraid and invites you to stay with him in his room for the night so he can bear hug you all night tbh

➤ Before you go to bed for the night, he makes sure to talk to you about something to keep your mind occupied by other thoughts before you fall asleep

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Also big hc that yams is the biggest paranormal geek and he loves to tell tsukki about all the scary stories he hears and tsukki is secretly terrified of ghost and anything like that but won't tell hams because he loves to see him get so excited about stuff like that

And then one night Yams obviously invites him to sleepover so they can see all The Ring movies in a row and Tsukki’s so traumatized he actually gets paralyzed through the maraton. And that’s how Yamaguchi finds out he is a scaredy cat and that’s also how they both have to sleep in the same bed because no way Tsukishima’s gonna sleep on his own room after seeing that shit.

Glitching In ||Closed RP||

Elizabeth sat behind her laptop. One thing she did often on Saturdays. Horror movie after horror movie, and they always seemed the same. Guy shows up, kill somes dude, the romantic couple get split up, and back together. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“Maybe things will be different soon.” Zeke often talked to herself. “I’ll go out on Saturdays. Instead of watching shitty movies from online, and stupid horror edits on YouTube.”

Suddenly… she felt a cold chill that froze her blood, and instantly Elizabeth knew. She wasn’t alone.

(( @just-callmedaddy-septic I hope this a good starter for ya! ))


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Liam’s POV

Not to sound like a stalker or anything… But I may have followed the new girl out to the lacrosse field. I mean come on, she’s new and it’s Beacon Hills. I was thinking about her safety.

Which is why I’m strategically hidden in this position so she won’t see me- I mean so her potential attackers won’t see me. My being here has nothing to do with the short shorts she’s wearing. I mean come on, I didn’t even notice them, I mean she has on a banging pair of Nikes. Those Nikes were only noticed because she was kicking footballs, not because I was checking out her legs. Because I wasn’t.

She’s pretty small height wise so she’ll be a good addition. And her legs aren’t as skinny as the other girls so it’ll be harder for her to fall over. Not that I go around checking out girls’ legs or anything.

I watched her practise flawlessly for a while before she doubled over in pain, clutching her ankle. She either sprained it, broke it or just twisted it. Either way, it’s wicked painful I know this because I’ve had a broken ankle that didn’t heal instantly.

I decided that stopping her tears was more important than hiding, I left my hiding spot and walked over to her.

Your POV

So there you were, on the grass clutching your ankle as excruciating pain shot through it. I mean, you had no idea how the hell you were going to move from that spot, you kinda required your ankle to move and all.

Then all of a sudden, this freaking blonde-haired, blue-eyed freaking all- American high school movie cliche guy appears out of nowhere.

“Hey, relax,” he said taking your hands from your ankle.

“You try relaxing when the freaking hounds of hell have latched on to your leg.”

“Believe me, I’ve broken my ankle before. I know what you’re going through.”

“Gee, I suppose going to ankles anonymous will help the healing process but I really don’t need a support group. I need a couple shots of morphine.”

“I’m Liam,”

“I’m Y/N, the girl who’s in intense pain at the moment.”

“Right, I heard human contact helps pain,”

“Yea, I’m not sleeping with you. But good try,”

“No,” he chuckled before taking your arm.

“Gee, hand holding how- oh wow,” you gasped when you felt the pain subsiding.

“I’ll help you to the nurse, it’d be a shame if you missed try-outs.” he said helping you up and supporting your weight.

“Just so you know, as twisted as this is, I knew you were watching,”

I was not,”

“Please, you were practically burning a hole into my ass.”

“Gee, I’d hate to do that,” he smirked. “But I’d love to take you out sometime,”

“If I can walk by Saturday you can call it a date.”

“I guess we’re gonna go see that new horror movie on Saturday.”

“I’ve been dying to see that, it’s supposed to be even better than the original.”

“You’ve seen the original?” he asked sounding shocked.

I have the entire trilogy on blu-ray,” you smirked.

“Oh we’re definitely going out this Saturday,” Liam said knowing he’d found a keeper.

Gotta love Tony Todd. I believe that it will be necessary to watch Candyman again soon.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am thankful for all of the good horror movies that have desensitized me enough to the point that I can watch Walking Dead and Rob Zombie movies.